An update on Brexit and the gold market

June 17, 2016

Managing Partner at RBC Wealth Management, George Gero joins us today to discuss the drivers behind the volatility in the gold market. With the Fed meeting over with and Brexit less than a week away investors are all over the place figuring out their investing allocation. George also updates us on the growing open interest going hand in hand with large money managers taking a shine to gold.

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    Jun 17, 2016 17:53 AM

    Volatility in gold prices is suggesting a high volatility event in the next week, should the trend in volatility indicated by the technical indicators be correct. The outcome should be that whatever uncertainty and consternation due to politics in the UK may be resolved finally, and that this will be an excuse for a higher British pound.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:20 PM

    Should the Brexit vote be made on the basis of economics or the culture of a society?
    Politicians have been mostly making comments based on mostly unpredidictable economics.
    Is that not what one might expect from a class of people who have benefitted their life from mostly being leeches on society?
    Some (many educators) have been favoring remain on the desire for multiculturalism.
    Others (Often called xenophobes by the BBC) have been favoring a leave vote based on a desire not to adulterate the British culture more than it has already been modified by the immigration of the last century. It is certainly apparent that recent mass immigration has no it been assimilated but is increasingly segregating.
    (If you want to witness this….go for a walk in Bradford in the evening with a college-age female…..if you can find one brave enough to do so).)
    And although will be a large transient in the economy; whichever way the vote goes, DOES IT REALLY MAYYER?
    Do you seriously believe the EU can be held together?
    Do the high work ethic citizens of Austro-German-Hungarian origins really want to subsidize the laid-back siesta life-style of the Spaniards or southern Italians?
    Are the socialist/communists of France compatible with the gypsies, beggars,rogues and thieves of certain parts of Eastern Europe?
    And does the EU really want to expand to include increasingly misogynistic Islamic Turkey?
    Is culture important, or should a majority average always have to be accepted?
    Can’t we all just get along?

    I don’t think the disparate cultures and economies of the EU can be sufficiently homogenized so that it will not ultimately break apart. The only question for me is “when”.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:37 PM

    MAYYER should be MATTER
    No it was IPad corrected from not…..I mistyped noit

    Jun 17, 2016 17:10 PM

    This out today. “Switzerland has formally withdrawn her long-standing application to join the European Union (EU), as only “a few lunatics” now want to be involved with the bloc.”

    I wonder if the Swiss are trying to send a message to UK voters?

      Jun 17, 2016 17:31 PM

      JAG has broken out and is on its way – gained 11% today…

        Jun 17, 2016 17:32 PM

        Sorry, that was not meant to be a response to the above post.

        Jun 17, 2016 17:35 PM
          Jun 17, 2016 17:37 PM
            Jun 17, 2016 17:41 PM

            Yes, I’ve been happy with the action in Jaguar Mining lately. The real action and re-rating of this stock is just starting, with much more room to run to catch up to it’s peers.

        Jun 17, 2016 17:28 PM

        Impressive volume.

        Jun 17, 2016 17:06 PM

        Thanks for turning me on to that diddy.

      Jun 17, 2016 17:43 PM

      If they are, I hope they get it.

      Jun 17, 2016 17:26 PM

      I hope the Brits are smart enough to emulate Swiss attitudes.

      Jun 17, 2016 17:02 PM

      I don’t see it as being the European Union but rather a large German run state financed by Germany’s technological and economic prowess. Once again Germany has become dominant but this time by financial means. A duck is a duck is a duck. DT

    Jun 17, 2016 17:25 PM

    Gold, silver, and miners taking hits this week but MMMMMYYYYYYY ASM position is still UP! despite the attacks on metals and miners!! Strength!

    Jun 17, 2016 17:24 PM

    What hits?

    Gold is at $1300
    Silver is at $12.47

    Where’s the hits?

      Jun 17, 2016 17:36 PM

      Give me all the silver you got at $12.47.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:29 PM

    OFF TOPIC. Orlando shooting…….
    Ex HSA WHISTLEBLOWER, blowing his whistle about Obama’s interference with tracking terrorists.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:29 PM

    Yesterday’s attack on gold was not profit taking.
    It was not an overbought condition.

    It was a takedown used to defend the all important $1300 level.

    They used the Jo Cox murder as an excuse.

    Anyone who thInks otherwise is sorely mistaken.

    The only question that now remains is if Thomas Mair is Oswald who will be Jack Ruby?

      Jun 17, 2016 17:39 PM

      It was another bull trap.

      Its like red wedding, no one leaves.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:45 PM

    Hhmmmm… George needs a bit of education here.
    Jo Cox was a newly elected first-time young politician. She was not spearheading anything.
    She was murdered in the street by a nutter.
    True, she was was pro mass immigration to the UK… like others.
    BUT, it’s not an event that should move any markets.

    On Brexit: Tony Blair, several years ago, eased the rights of anyone with a purple passport to freely enter the UK… practically Indefinitely, without any prerequisite to integrate or even speak English. IT’S BEEN A DISASTER.
    We are over-run with people that can’t even communicate with us.
    The current government have been ineffectual in renegotiating our position in the EU.
    So, now it’s time to leave. Period.

    If I walk out of my house and take the same route I have taken for 15 years the breakdown out of 10 groups of people I pass on route is:
    5 are east European (usually drinking tins of beer in track-suits at 10am)
    2 are afghan
    2 are Somalian
    1 may be British…

    People are travelling here to beg on the streets.
    There is no integration.
    Hijabs and Burkas cover creatures that will never learn English whatever sex they may be under that black sheet. We have no idea. It’s absolutely nuts.
    A large percentage of shops are geared to other nations and their languages.… in other languages… we cant even shop there! we are creating ghettos here. It’s a small country.

    The ‘city’ will continue to be the centre of financial transactions in this part of the world regardless of the immigration issue, and any scaremongering to push the opposing view is pure BS.

    This is going to lead to another general Election because certain people have staked their political future on an outcome, that hopefully, will not transpire.

    Life will go on.. And it will be better.

      Jun 17, 2016 17:56 PM

      I watched half of this again, and had already watched it when someone else posted it a few weeks back. A very thought provoking and eye-opening documentary.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:42 PM

    Americans need to think of the values that have defined their society in order to understand how they want to decide what direction their country should take. This is very important in an election year. DT

      Jun 17, 2016 17:00 PM

      For instance Americans have feared the effects upon themselves and American culture of mass production and the machine, but they are loosing themselves in a civilization dominated by electronics.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:14 PM

    DT, Americans NEED to watch the Brexit movie and understand how bureaucratic top-down regulation can impede economic growth, and thus how the Obama administration has really damaged the US economy. I hope Trump watches it too, because he is an economic illiterate, being pro-tariffs.

    Jun 17, 2016 17:31 PM

    For those who can view a monthly chart, I can’t imagine a better one than this:

    Jun 17, 2016 17:40 PM

    I often look at things and see where they can go to the point of absurdity. But what I’ve found is that the point of absurdity sometimes becomes the reality.

    Last year in October (I think it was) I posted on my blog that the GOP would disavow their candidate and throw their support behind Hillary. I was so shocked to find out I was right.

    So, my next prediction to the the point of absurdity is that there will be massive voter fraud during the BREXIT voting resulting in the UK staying in the EU. But the people will revolt and turn the country upside down. The people for the BREXIT will win in the end. They will win because Leftists are cowards.