Ronald-Peter Stoferle – Why he has some of the highest forecasts for gold

September 30, 2016

This is the extended version of segment 8 on tomorrow’s weekend show. When chatting with Ronni we reference the top charts from his firm’s Gold Report. You can see these slides below.

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    Sep 30, 2016 30:08 AM

    At least with London closed now there is no immediate reason to attack PMs for a while.

    And with silver not being hit as badly as gold is further indication London is short of physical silver.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:21 AM

    Just to be transparent here I think it should be noted that Mr Stoferle’s “article” was sponsored by gold and silver companies as well as Tocqueville in NYC. Although there might be some sound analysis here, it should be cited as an advertisement, no?

      Sep 30, 2016 30:34 AM

      The partners are disclosed boldly on page 3 of the 50 page presentation. I don’t need any more transparency than that.

        Sep 30, 2016 30:39 AM

        I just had hoped that they would have disclosed this in the interview. Maybe I missed it?

          Sep 30, 2016 30:40 AM

          Oh, I see.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:36 AM

    Sorry that it’s an ad for Riverside, but it’s worth watching/listening.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:53 AM

    More pumping here.

    This type of crap should not be on this blog.

    Cory, you need to filter this garbage out.

    He said too many things that need to be corrected but I don’t have all day.

    Don’t take this road

      Sep 30, 2016 30:01 AM

      It would be far more constructive if you would show us where the report is wrong. I welcome such info since I know I can consider it without being hypnotized.

      It is not “garbage” at all, Cory.

        Sep 30, 2016 30:36 AM

        I agree,Matthew

          Sep 30, 2016 30:05 PM

          So do I.

            Sep 30, 2016 30:45 PM

            Add me to the list as well. I looked over most of the slides and most of what I saw as far as the charts, and historical events were on target and well-documented. The quotes interspersed were great thoughts and had no pump, except pumping wisdom.

            I liked slide #41 best.

            Sep 30, 2016 30:03 PM

            In Ronald-Peter-Stoferle’s audio, I also like his target of Silver at $42 longer term. I can dig it.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:24 AM

      Thank you James,for not having all day to bring all of your usual noise.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:35 AM

      Why shouldnt it be on the blog?

      If kitco started saying gold mining is unnecessary and bad for the environment, how long would the kitco site stay in business?
      Course alot of people wouldnt care, but still, kitco could lose advertisers.

      Pumping or not, interviews like this is a big source of info for investors.

      The public participation phaze, maybe,…. I dont know anyone interested in PMs.
      Bitcoin is getting play on msm now, the young generation prefers technology I think.

        Sep 30, 2016 30:59 PM

        They like those big college debt/loans too.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:24 AM

    Thanks Cory for the info

    Sep 30, 2016 30:46 AM

    It could be many weeks before the silver-gold ratio makes a new high (or the gold-silver ratio makes a new low):

    Sep 30, 2016 30:26 AM

    the ratio of gold to silver is irrelevant

      Sep 30, 2016 30:46 AM

      James, it appears that all facts are irrelevant to you, but you should know by now that the miners do best (by far) when the silver-gold ratio is rising and are at their worst when it is falling. Haven’t you noticed that SLV:GLD has had its best move in years while the miners have had one of their best moves in decades?

      See for yourself:

        Sep 30, 2016 30:06 PM

        Where are the Hunt brothers when we need them?

          Sep 30, 2016 30:25 PM

          They’re out there. The U.S. had only 13 billionaires in 1982 and, according to Forbes, there was 140 in the world in 1987. Today, there are 2,473 globally.

          The prospects for silver could not be better but it is always hardest to believe such things when it’s most profitable to do so — before the price confirms it.

            Sep 30, 2016 30:28 PM

            Great last statement there Matthew.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:14 PM

    Nelson Bunker Hunt is as dead as silver.

    Now JP Morgan has the market covered and they will keep it down, no matter how many ounces they have.

    Nelson had a fine thoroughbred operation he had to sell off after silver bankrupted him.


    Another silver loser bites the dust.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:18 PM

    Auto type a/b cornered not covered and beat not best.

    Although nobody can BEST silver either

    Silver the worlds worst investment

    I wonder what Nelson would say now

      Sep 30, 2016 30:28 PM

      James, the things you say are so bizarre that I sometimes wonder if you’re just playing with us.

        Sep 30, 2016 30:51 PM

        Filling a vacuum, maybe?

        The ‘opinionated to informed’ ratio is rocketing, I’m just not sure how to play it. 😉

          Sep 30, 2016 30:30 PM

          Well, when the opinionated give silver an “F” you should probably max out your heloc and borrow from friends and neighbors to buy as much silver as you can. 😉

            Sep 30, 2016 30:37 PM


            Sep 30, 2016 30:30 PM

            You guys are great. GH this line made me smile too:

            “The ‘opinionated to informed’ ratio is rocketing, I’m just not sure how to play it.”

        Sep 30, 2016 30:17 PM

        Yes, indeed maybe bizarre, but I enjoy reading.
        Anyhow, if silver can hold say $16, don’t have chart in front of me and haven’t studied it in awhile, then I would say it remains positive.
        Metals are in correction and I see Large Specs just added 32,000 gold contracts long, after Small Specs added last week and it appears they sold to the large specs. Good luck. Still in correction and with the SPX back up to the highs, I don’t see much fear in the system

          Sep 30, 2016 30:35 PM

          Richard I agree with your comment about not seeing much fear in the system. This is why the VIX is bottom dwelling, and most investors are on auto-pilot assuming things will just stay like this forever, and that the general markets will not really correct again in a meaningful way. It is this kind of complacency that breeds an extreme move in prices to the surprise of the talking heads in the media and the retail crowd. It is likely that initially it would be a “sell everything” event, but the metals and miners would likely recover faster, and suddenly be seen as a way to diversify some money out of the general markets and Wall Street casino.

            Sep 30, 2016 30:38 PM

            We saw that same thing play out in 2008/2009. Initially it was a sell everything event, but the metals/miners/ and some commodities moved up early on and led the charge.

            Sep 30, 2016 30:37 PM

            Excelsior, Cannot disagree at all with that.
            One more on general market, the retail guy is NOT there to hold the bag. So when leverage unwinds, it is going to unwind against itself, i.e. hedge fund to hedge fund, HFT or whatever.
            Mutual funds are back in with 3.2% cash in August vs. 3.3% in July, down from 5+% in January.
            I don’t know what to say about the VIX. Today 12 tomorrow 17, the next 11??? To me this proves a lack of liquidity and a missing retail trader.
            I was actually bearish the USD several months ago, but with this consolidation, I must allow the bullishness to work itself off. Looking for test of the January highs. A failure here or below here may result in a bearish trend and the beginning of the next bull leg in the metals.
            I agree, the FEDs and US want a weaker USD. They need it. Oil and gold have both indicated a potential weaker USD in the future.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:25 PM

    I thought you were busy,James ,(buying NUGT and holding it for decades)

    Sep 30, 2016 30:34 PM

    Pete, lol…I won’t hold it for decades, but if gold goes up so should Nugt, regardless of the vehicle.

    Yes it’s easy to say sell stop, but i didn’t need a sell stop to sell if I wanted to.

    Gold was ready to go, and they slammed it again.

    It’s not really about sell stops

    Sep 30, 2016 30:54 PM

    Ok,James, don´t let “they”and the the dark forces get you 😉

    Sep 30, 2016 30:07 PM

    Another look at commodities vs gold:

    If my info isn’t out of date, GCC is modeled after the old CCI index, which was less heavily weighted to oil.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:43 PM

    I guess gold is immmune to corruption fraud and abuse.

    You might want to get up to speed on your current events.

    Sep 30, 2016 30:49 PM

    You heard of obamazombies

    I am glad I got to coin the phrase matthewzombies

    Pete you are the first member

      Sep 30, 2016 30:49 PM

      That’s an idiotic thing to say, James. You really should attempt to make coherent and rational arguments instead of just making a fool of yourself (over and over and over again).

      Oct 01, 2016 01:20 AM

      Wow,first member,thank you James 😉

    Sep 30, 2016 30:57 PM

    Nelson bunker hunt is dead – nothing bizarre about that
    As silver – silver is struggle to hold on to $19, it’s like 60% below it high after 5 1/2 years
    Hardly hitting the ball out of the park, nothing so bizzarre about that
    JP Morgan has cornered the silver market – nothing bizarre about that
    First they were short, they covered, now they are buying silver supposedly, hardly a bizarre statement
    Me.som had a fine thoroughbred operation – very true, had some fine runners and won an eclipse award, nothing bizzarre about that
    Had to sell it after silver bankrupted him Another true statement nothing bozzarre there
    He was better off sticking to horses, again true statement, he was very successful in the thoroughbred breeding business
    Another silver loser bites the dust very true
    He lost big on silver and is in the dust another factual statement

    So just what is it that’s so bizarre?

    Pete, since you are a Matthewzombie do you want to answer for him?

      Sep 30, 2016 30:19 PM

      I think you bring up interesting comments. That is why I said, bizarre maybe. You bring up points that others are not thinking about. That may be, for lack of better words, where bizarre enters.
      Your points are true, and I realize your ratings structure since you clarified it several posts back. I enjoy your posts.
      Back to silver, I will lower my rating if it falls below $16. Right now, obvious correction, whether it will resume higher, undetermined. My upside objective is $25 before years end.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:05 PM

      James, your negativity on every little pullback is what’s completely bizarre. Silver is doing extremely well this year at +40% and I have zero concern about it continuing to do well once this correction is over. There is simply nothing technically or fundamentally that warrants assigning silver an F.

      To be so emotional (irrational) should be embarrassing to you.

        Sep 30, 2016 30:19 PM

        I give an “F” grade to JTL’S grammar.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:11 PM

      It is also bizarre that you feel like calling Nelson Bunker a silver loser for being bankrupted by the Fed arbitrarily changing the rules on every silver bull like a bunch of five-year-olds.

      Stick with horses if you can’t take responsibility for your investment decisions. Like I said days ago, you get the F, not silver.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:22 PM

      Here’s another bizarre one, James. I said that the Dow remained unremarkable and you said: “as does gold and silver, only worse, much worse.”

      What planet are you on?

    Sep 30, 2016 30:53 PM

    I hear sideways to down, but my juniors are hanging tough

      Sep 30, 2016 30:03 PM

      Same here, mine finished almost 5% higher today.

      Sep 30, 2016 30:05 PM

      I just checked the full lists of Silver miners, Gold Mid Tier producers, Gold Small producers, Gold Development, and Gold Explorers and they were very evenly dispersed between loser and gainers (about 50/50 actually). Overall though, many miners have pulled back across the board from their July or early August highs. However they’ve trended sideways in a consolidation pattern the last two weeks and have been rather resilient.

      It will be interested if we get the next leg up out of this sideways whipsaw, or if the metals and miners do break down. I’d prefer another leg higher, but if we get a breakdown, I’ll add to my favorite positions.

      What is interesting to me is how many pundits, and interviews, and investors said that they were hoping for a good pullback, and then when we start getting a pullback people throw in the towel and say the bull move is over. In my opinion, it is just getting started and will last for years, not just months, so weakness should be capitalized on.

    Oct 01, 2016 01:28 AM

    I found these slides fascinating actually. Certainly worth reading…
    Very interesting to see Gold’s annualised gain of 10% since 2001.