Actively managing your portfolio is crucial in these markets

November 7, 2016

A new guest to the show Jeffery Small, President of Arbor Financial shares his insights on how investors can growth their wealth in uncertain markets. There are a number of commentators saying the election and upcoming Fed meeting could drive markets appreciably lower. The fact is if you manage your money by finding individual stocks that are on a growth path you will do much better then simply investing in an general sector or ETF.

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    Nov 07, 2016 07:47 AM

    I basically lost all of the gains in my hedging strategy of buying HVU.TO with the rally this morning.

    I am stil a shareholder of Golden Band Resources, which still has not emerged from reorganization. I have to be one of the top 50 dhareholders in the company, because the shares are still listed in my account. I have to be in the top 50 because of legal requirements the company has to face could only have had no more than 50 shareholders to alow the company to voluntarily delist and voluntarily surrender reporting status.

    So in the meanwhile I had decided to focus on a hedging strategy, which was buying volatility. Last week was the highest volume since inception of HVU.TO. If the volatility index analysis is correct, then HVU.TO should see a bounce if volatility remains elevated.

    I resorted to the weekly chart because there gas never been a moving average crossover of the 13-week EMA and the 34-week EMA, as the ETF has grossly underperformed the index.

    Nov 07, 2016 07:28 AM

    funny you should mention golden band. I have some shares in my acct .also bought years ago because of ron netolitsky, involvement. they really pumped this one. what do you think will happen in the future to this one?

      Nov 07, 2016 07:54 AM

      I’m thinking that if you hold’only a few shares’ that you would have had your shares cancelled by now. they would be held in your account as GBRIF.

      They should emerge from re-organization in the near future, once gold prices rally strongly enough, but this emergence might not occur until January.(I have no way of really knowing)

      No amount of pumping the stock would suffice to get a bid under the stock, so they opted for a debt defeasance as a method of raising capital, using gold dug out of the EP Mine as an asset, and the Sprott Physical Gold ETF as a gold buyer.(I believe 1.2 million oz.)

      Very likely half the shares are to be retracted and cancelled as per their plan under the BIA. They are reorganizing under article 186 of the SBCA, and apperently their default is closed as of Aug 10,2016, according to the BCSC.

      You can fill yourself in through the link library here: