Industry Reports – Fri 12 May, 2017

Falco Resources research reports and interview on BNN

Falco Resources has been getting some serious attention recently. The stock has done very well during the recent downturn in the metals price which is due to a recent site visit and the continued move toward production.

Desjardins and Haywood have initiated coverage on Falco over the last 2 weeks. We are not able to post these reports but if you would like to see them please email me directly and I will make sure you get these reports. I have read over both of these reports and if you are a shareholder or are just watching Falco they are worth your time.

The President and CEO, Luc Lessard was also recently on BNN. Here is the interview…

Again if you want to read the reports from Desjardins and Haywood be sure to email me, Fleck[at]

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    Off Topic:

    English healthcare system under cyber-attack:

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    Proof that socialism really works:

    … not.

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    Another Democrat bites the dust:

    When will Hillary be indicted?

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    Larry Reaugh discusses cobalt: