Exclusive Company Introduction – Tue 14 Nov, 2017

Aequus Pharmaceuticals – Focused In Canada and Building Revenues

Aequus Pharmaceuticals (TSX-V: AQS, OTCQB: AQSZF) was introduced to me a couple weeks back. After looking into the business I decided to introduce the Company to you all. Aequus is based in Canada and focused on the Canadian pharmaceutical market. The Company has two main division, a commercial division and development division. The commercial division brings drugs that are being used in other parts of the world (usually US and Europe) into Canada and is currently generating small revenues but are expected to grow. The development division is more of the blue sky potential where Aequus is developing new drugs and new delivery methods for already used medicine.

Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder Doug Jansen joins me today to provide more details on the goals and current operations of the Company.

Please comment or email me directly with any questions you have for Doug and his team – Fleck@kereport.com.

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