Dr. Harlan Ullman completely understands!

Big Al
November 14, 2017

ANATOMY of FAILURE: Why America Loses Every War It Starts” by Dr. Harlan K. Ullman is perhaps the best book on American Foreign Policy written in recent years.

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    Nov 14, 2017 14:21 AM


    I’ll bet you haven’t read The Art of Peace. It is a great book on American Foreign Policy and you owe it to yourself to read.

    The US started 82% of all the wars fought since 1945.

    April Gilespie started the 1st Iraq war by telling SH that the US had no position on the internal affairs of Iraq. It was a war we didn’t need to fight, we caused it. You can’t possible say that we won a war that need not have ever fought in the first place.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:30 PM

      Actually I purchased it from Amazon and did read it.

    Nov 14, 2017 14:24 AM

    Love the Bob M. He’s always on point

      Nov 14, 2017 14:30 PM

      Sell, sell and sell!

    Nov 14, 2017 14:27 AM

    2 thumbs up I need to get this book!

      Nov 14, 2017 14:32 PM

      You really do need to read it, Jason. I purchased both the Kindle version and I received a hard copy form Harlan.

    Nov 14, 2017 14:38 AM


      Nov 14, 2017 14:30 PM

      Barbary States, 1801, China’s Qing Dynasty, 1856, Italy 1941, Croatia 1941,Thailand 1942, Panama 1989 and of course that minor skirmish with Japan and Germany. 1941.

      Had to google that one, interesting tho. “WHAT USA HAD WAS AN AGGRESSION TOWARD MANKIND.” I gotta agree with.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:33 PM

        Call it what you want it is usually wrong, to quote Ullman.

        Nov 15, 2017 15:32 PM

        Good information, b!

      Nov 14, 2017 14:39 PM

      Bulhus……Nail, Hammer, Head.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:32 PM

      You are pretty much quoting the author Bulhus.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:42 PM

      You need to read “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates”

    Nov 14, 2017 14:10 PM

    Our country has been hijacked by a foreign entity, that has a luciferian agenda.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:56 PM


      Nov 14, 2017 14:34 PM

      One could say that, Poppie!

    Nov 14, 2017 14:39 PM

    Not only have we wasted a couple hundred thousand of our young people, we’ve maimed likely three times that. This is in addition to 6-7 trillion in expenditures. What has it bought except an entrenched weapons industry and a world wide reputation not to die for.
    Has anyone else noticed our lack of concern for the suffering victims in the recent earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border. It’s barely mentioned in the media; let alone anyone sending rescue teams, etc. Great chance for our supposed ‘Christian ways’ to shine through but as of yet doesn’t look like anyone needs special glasses to view the efforts.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:41 PM

      Christians are not running the military……..I would bet on that one……..

        Nov 14, 2017 14:58 PM

        OOTB……& so would i…to be sure.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:35 PM

        Jerry, have your daughter read you this book before you go to sleep at night!

      Nov 14, 2017 14:47 PM

      But we gained control of the poppy fields of Afghanistan, a major source of funds for the CIA. That’s why we went in there.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:49 PM

        Thank Poppa Bush…..and baby bush

          Nov 14, 2017 14:56 PM

          “Poppy” Bush

            Nov 14, 2017 14:03 PM

            ha,ha …good one…. 🙂

          Nov 14, 2017 14:36 PM

          Poppa Bush and Afghanistan? Well, okay I guess, but I don’t think so.

          Nov 15, 2017 15:27 AM

          Can anyone say…….Ollie North………

      Nov 14, 2017 14:53 PM

      Part of the plan coming together………..the Top 1%……Own the world…..

      Nov 14, 2017 14:35 PM

      Silverdollar, trust me you need to read this book.

    Nov 14, 2017 14:57 PM

    The greatest scams carried out against the American public, (& the rest of the world).By the Us Govt. on the orders of those who “REALLY” rule America.Since world war two.
    The Russion Bogyman.
    The fake moonlanding.
    The murder of JFK.
    The vietnam war
    Weapons of mass destruction…IRAQ
    The Russions…Did it.
    Prior to WW2…..The two biggest scams.
    All these things have a common link….Begins with “Z” , & ends with TS.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:04 PM

      By George……..I think you got it……..

      Nov 14, 2017 14:20 PM

      Yup, u got it tony, but ur list falls far short of whats happened.
      Im sure ur aware.

      Thing is, people really dont care.

      Consider N Korea, does he know what we are capable of?
      is he really crazy to have nukes?

      Do the Russian.Iranians and Chinese know what were capable of?

      Is there anyone left in the world that accepts our “word” about anything?

      The Russians believe we are setting up for a nuclear first strike, what I cant figure out is why they dont just nuke us now?

      Maybe they read the story of saving a city for a couple good people.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:29 PM

        b…I know my list was short , but i also know that everybody who visits the KER could fill in all the blanks that i left , because everyone here knows the thruth.

          Nov 14, 2017 14:31 PM

          Ker Kare Klub………….KKK……..

            Nov 14, 2017 14:32 PM

            I just posted that to see it Owl was on the ball…….. 🙂

          Nov 14, 2017 14:48 PM

          true tony, about most stuff anyway.

            Nov 14, 2017 14:45 PM

            Ever since Owl devotes his time to only politics, trust me OOTB, he is “on the ball”

            Nov 15, 2017 15:24 AM

            You will have a thousand sleepless nights if you only read politics…….. Owl…. 🙂

      Nov 15, 2017 15:56 AM

      CHAOS is their SEED
      WAR is their HARVEST

        Nov 15, 2017 15:34 PM

        Jerry, I knew that going into this deal, so I read a lot of quality fiction and, of course, my Bible!

    Nov 14, 2017 14:07 PM

    Big Al, This subject again shows the wisdom of the founders, which we have not followed for many years and that is not to engage in entangling alliances and to stay defensive in nature, not involving ourselves in foreign conflicts. Only when we are attacked or endangered directly should the president ask congress for a declaration of war. The waters have become very murky on this over the years and we find presidents getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations without an official declaration and permission of congress and when it is not prudent or expedient.

    Not being guilty of the first offense and acting only in defense happens to be the direction the Lord has given as well. ( They were “to defend themselves against their enemies, even to the shedding of blood if it were necessary; yea, and they were also taught never to give offense, yea, and never to raise the sword except it were against an enemy, except it were to preserve their lives.”) The direction of the Lord may not be considered as relevant by some, but it is to me. I believe the Lord’s counsel on this is the ay we as a nation should approach war in general.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:12 PM

      I agree…..pardu…….good comments……..

      Nov 14, 2017 14:47 PM

      How could any sane person think differently, Pardu?

    Nov 14, 2017 14:17 PM

    When you want to dominate you Corporate ! You’re Children !!!!!

      Nov 14, 2017 14:58 PM

      Franky, another interesting video that is actually quite pertinent to our blog.

      By the way, when you see me on Skype please give me a call.

    Nov 14, 2017 14:30 PM

    Al it seems like the tone of your book review was focused on winning wars instead of avoiding them altogether. none of the wars we have engaged in during my 62 year life were even remotely just. Also we need to start counting the total casualties of war not just those of Americans. The people we invade and kill have dignity too my friend.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:40 PM

      mark….A yank solder with a gun has no dignity.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:02 PM

      You need to read the book Mark. That is part of the important point that Harlan is making.

      By the way, I was just organizing my library (which is getting pretty interesting) and I ran across “The Montana Vigilantes” with an inscription inside. I assume that book was from you. If it was, I will send you a copy of “Anatomy of Failure”

    Nov 14, 2017 14:09 PM

    You can’t invade a foreign country and expect the citizens to accept you. This has been tried time and time again. Initially they may see you as a liberator but soon you will become the enemy. No matter how bad things get for the people who are being oppressed, they will never accept the foreign influence. Rome, Russia, Britain, The French under Napoleon, and many others from the beginning of time all tried it and they all failed.

    Human beings are terribly flawed when they think they can right a wrong through violence, our species is only one step ahead of the dinosaurs we left behind but are sure to join as a more advanced intelligence whether artificial or not takes over.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:58 PM

      Technology that we have created is replacing us as a species, we are not indispensable like a lot of people believe until they lose their jobs. Homo sapiens will be studied in the future as a link in the chain of evolution. Our civilization can’t settle disputes amongst themselves because we still can’t learn to love one another.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:13 PM

        When Nixon was President, he was extremely upset by John Lennon and he instructed The State Department to find a way to revoke Lennon’s visas into The US. This was during The Vietnam War when Lennon advocated peace and many politicians were worried that he might get his way. Well we all know he didn’t stand a chance. DT

      Nov 14, 2017 14:03 PM

      Dick, trust me with your intellect you must read this book. If nothing else order it for Kindle.

    Nov 14, 2017 14:20 PM

    I too, still wonder what it is that Mr. Ullman stands FOR. Is it for fighting our wars more effectively, or is it for not fighting wars of aggression altogether?

    I guess I’ll have to read the book.

    But again, his high praise for Poppy Bush the other day is pretty much a deal breaker, Al.

    I figure you and I must have a different idea of the facts and history, because I doubt we differ that much in principles. When you look at the role 4 or 5 generations of Bushes have played in the US, and it’s part in the overall decline of the US over the past century, they can only be seen as a very high-level crime family. Likewise the CIA, which Poppy Bush headed.

    I figure you’ve never really dug into the dark side of the Bushes or the CIA. Or skull and bones, for that matter. Professing admiration for George Herbert Walker Bush is like praising Hillary Clinton, David Rockefeller, John McCain, or George Soros.

    I can understand your not being aware of the dark side, Al. But there’s no way a man in Ullman’s position should be unaware of it.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:23 PM
        Nov 14, 2017 14:23 PM

        Linked to the infamous Franklin Coverup.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:28 PM

      When you start reading about the Bush family history and their connections, it’s a Who’s Who of the avaricious, megalomaniacal, psychopathic scumbags who have trashed the ‘American Dream’.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:46 PM

      If you pay attention to the scandalous behavior of the CIA, it’s an endless litany of horrors.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:15 PM

        I printed out the article you referenced GH and will read it shortly. I did notice that at the end it said “to be continued”

      Nov 14, 2017 14:05 PM

      GH, as you know I have a lot of time for you.

      Here is a deal: recommend a book for me on the dark side of the CIA and Bush’s role in that and I will buy and read it. The other side of the deal is for you to read “Anatomy of Failure”

      Best, my friend.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:16 PM

        Deal, Al.

        I’ll have to do a little checking, to pick the book…his role at the CIA is shadowy. When did he first begin to work for them in reality?

        In this case, guilt by association, and by the fruits the Bushes have borne, is more than enough for me. But I will check into exactly what can be substantiated.

      Nov 14, 2017 14:24 PM


      GWB is the only person of his age group who cannot say where he was went JFK was shot. I was 16 and I know exactly where I was as does every other person of my age that I know of.

        Nov 14, 2017 14:13 PM

        Yes, I was coming up the stairs at Eglington Subway station in Toronto around 4:00 pm. when I saw a newspaper with the headlines saying that JFK was murdered. I will never forget it. DT

        Nov 15, 2017 15:56 AM

        That really says it all, doesn’t it Robert.

        I remember years ago digging into this topic a bit. My conclusion was that from his WW2 days as an intelligence analyst, GHW went into the spook world. But the evidence isn’t iron-clad.

        Looking too much into the Bushes, as with the Clintons, seems likely to be hazardous to ones’ health.

        Mike Lombardi, a conceptual artist, made charts like this one based wholly on publicly available info, and appears to have been suicided for his efforts. Of course, it could have been anyone exposed by his diagrams, which also included the Clintons. But the Bushes were a special focus of his.

          Nov 15, 2017 15:13 AM

          oops— MARK Lombardi

          Nov 15, 2017 15:12 AM


          The Clintons and the Bushs are both crime families. As to GHW Bush, he maintains he doesn’t remember where he was when he learned of JFKs murder and he’s a flipping liar.

            Nov 15, 2017 15:26 PM

            Ditto Bob…….exactly………

            Nov 16, 2017 16:38 AM

            100% agreed, Bob

      Nov 15, 2017 15:39 AM

      Dang that is a good one……….King James….
      The Bush family’s rapacious greed and depravity can trace its lineage to New England’s Pierce family. Both George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife Barbara Pierce (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith), as was President Franklin Pierce, are descended from this same family. Originally the powerful Percy family, they changed their name to Pierce and quickly emigrated to America when Thomas Percy’s involvement in the Gun Powder Plot to assassinate King James I was revealed.[*]

        Nov 15, 2017 15:41 AM

        ……no wonder we have a bunch of evil ones running to destroy truth.

    Nov 15, 2017 15:51 AM

    The American chapter of the German Order was founded in 1833 at Yale University, established by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft—father of President and U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Taft. It was during the Taft presidency that the bills which forever altered the Constitution were passed into law. These included the 17th Amendment, calling for the direct election of senators, guaranteeing that elections could be purchased by big money interests; and the Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act (16th Amendment). The Act was quietly pushed through Congress by Senator Nelson Aldridge—maternal grandfather of Trilateral Commission founder David Rockefeller—in the days immediately before Christmas, assuring that most lawmakers, who were home for the holidays, would not be available to vote.[*]

      Nov 15, 2017 15:52 AM

      THis is what we should be talking about………. Stop the funding , stop the wars…..

        Nov 15, 2017 15:55 AM

        Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act (16th

        Nov 15, 2017 15:08 AM

        “THis is what we should be talking about”

        Exactly, OOTB. We all need to be casting a critical eye back on our history, and evaluating key figures and families in light of what we KNOW about who the real enemies are — e.g. the Federal Reserve, the MIICC (Military/Intelligence Industrial Congressional Complex), the mass media, etc.

        Until and unless we can pry the archives open, it’s going to be hard to get conclusive evidence on criminals with their hands on the steering wheel of Federal Intelligence and law enforcement.

          Nov 15, 2017 15:17 AM

          Since history to the masses has been covered up…..through the DEPT OF EDUCATION, outside studies is about all is available for the truth.
          Btw…….thanks for the article……..appreciate it very much….It is amazing, the more you dig the messier it gets.

            Nov 15, 2017 15:31 AM

            I was going to bring up the Dept of Education as well, Jerry, as that’s the other half of the brainwashing propaganda puzzle, after the Jewish Zionist Mass Media.

            Charlotte Iserbyt has very valuable commentary from first hand experience high up at the DOEducation in its early years. She also comes from a Skull and Bones family, and is worth a listen on that topic.


            Nov 15, 2017 15:34 AM


            Once one understands the broad sweep of the last century+ of US history, the scoundrels stand out like a sore thumb, even when there is no iron-clad smoking gun evidence, as Lombardi’s work demonstrates.

            Nov 15, 2017 15:22 AM

            Doing work for A&E for 9/11 truth,I never realized how many Muslims are in the Universty System as Instructors in the field of Structural Engineering. It was an eye opener.

            Nov 15, 2017 15:02 AM

            Unfortunately, ……most just gloss over the important information…….

    Nov 15, 2017 15:32 AM
      Nov 15, 2017 15:46 AM

      yep……for sure

      Nov 15, 2017 15:01 PM

      No question about it.

      Nov 15, 2017 15:40 PM

      JohnK, your comments are interesting to say the least. Could you perhaps be reading a bit more into it than actually is there?

    Nov 15, 2017 15:51 AM

    Spence who was incredibly influential at the time,arranged for at least four midnight tours of the White House in the 1980’s. When the scandal broke,Spence committed suicide.
    Dead men don’t talk.
    Hiding in Plain Sight. The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed.

      Nov 15, 2017 15:47 PM

      Pedophilia is a SERIOUS SICKNESS AND PROBLEM. There is absolutely no question about that.

      I don’t know very much about the allegations concerning the Clintons, but I would guess the are probably not correct. I certainly can’t say the same about the Hollywood activities.

      There are a lot of very sick people in our world an have been for a long time!

    Nov 15, 2017 15:53 AM

    Unbiased publisher: Naval Institute Press.

      Nov 15, 2017 15:42 PM

      Interesting comment BDC, but I don’t agree with where I think that you are going. I strongly suggest that you read the book before you jump to conclusions.

        Nov 16, 2017 16:51 AM

        Does Ullman highlight the mainly Jewish supremacist neocon domination of American politics, and particularly of the ‘military industrial complex’?

          Nov 16, 2017 16:39 AM

          Any useful leads in this direction would be appreciated, BDC.

          We know who owns/controls the mass media. I’d like to see more info on ownership/control of the biggest MIC corporations.

            Nov 16, 2017 16:51 PM

            Such information for publicly traded MIC companies – boards of directors etc. – is freely available. Note their affiliations; what they research and promote. Their business is War.

    Nov 15, 2017 15:35 AM

    To paraphrase Alexis de Tocqueville:
    When America ceases evil warring, she may become good again.
    True greatness, though, is a test of time.

    Nov 15, 2017 15:54 PM

    Yes, true greatness is a test of time” BDC!

    Nov 22, 2017 22:03 AM

    Hi Al,

    So back to our agreement on my reading Ullman’s book, and your reading on one George HW Bush.

    Honestly, I have never read a book on any Bush. My view of them has been formed by observing them, reading many articles over the past 25 years, and reading books and articles on related themes, like Desert Storm, or the CIA.

    But I decided to scan the books available at Amazon, to see what is available.

    To cut to the chase, I’m currently reading Webster Tarpley’s ‘George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography’, and would recommend this one to you. Aside from the Bushes, it is a great tour of many of the most significant events of 20th century American history.

    Now, to get more long-winded.

    Many consider the Bushes to be a high-level crime family.

    Such suspicions can’t be refuted simply by saying ‘Put up or shut up–where’s the evidence?’ When one is talking about the crimes of oligarchs, and ones at the heart of the national security apparatus at that, obviously the justice system will be challenged. How are we to gather evidence, when they can control investigations, threaten or bribe officials at any level, etc.?

    But simply by stepping back and getting a clear picture of the Bush family, where they come from, who they associate with, and the activities in which they have engaged, we can get a good idea of the class of people they are.

    Yale. Skull and Bones. War profiteering. Financing the Nazis. CIA. JFK. S&L scandal. Iran-Contra affair. The War on Drugs. Desert Storm. The Carlyle Group. 9/11 and the Afghan and Iraq wars. This is just a start of the list of events with which the last few generations of Bushes have been intimately associated.

    I suppose we need to define our terms. What is your interest in politics? What is the ‘good’ that is going on in the US now? The ‘problematic’? What are the root causes of the problems?

    I think I’ve made my views on the problematic quite clear:

    -The corrupt monetary system
    -The military industrial intelligence complex and endless wars of aggression
    -The propaganda system (mass media and public education)
    -The surveillance system
    -A broken electoral/political system designed to transfer the wealth and power of the masses to a small handful of oligarchs.

    Of course, one can come up with endless examples of problems caused by the privileged parasites of our society–the rotten legal system, the murderous pharmaceutical industry, etc. But we need to get to the root of these problems, not focus on all their ramifications.

    On the other hand, Al, it’s not at all clear to me what it is that YOU consider to be the root problems facing the USA. If you don’t think the scheming of groups like the Bushes and their cronies get near the heart of the problems in the US, then what does?

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but again:

    How do you define the problems facing the US, and what do you think is to be done about them?

    Finally, a list of books that I think would be of use in understanding the Bushes:

    First, a couple more overviews of the family:

    Amazon: Immaculate-Deception-Crime-Family-Exposed/dp/0922356807/
    Amazon: Family-Secrets-Dynasty-Powerful-Influence/dp/1596915579/

    Anthony Sutton’s book likely sheds more light on the connections between the Bushes, their cronies, and the Nazis:

    Amazon: Wall-Street-Hitler-Antony-Sutton/dp/0945001533/

    These connections extended to bringing many Nazis to the US and putting them to work in the CIA, via Operation Paperclip (it wasn’t just scientists, as many think):

    Amazon: Americas-Nazi-Secret-Insiders-History/dp/1936296047/

    As closely as GHW Bush has been associated with the CIA, understanding more about that organization is key to understanding more about him:

    Amazon: Search-Enemies-John-Stockwell/dp/0393057054/
    Amazon: Devils-Chessboard-Dulles-Americas-Government/dp/0062276166/
    Amazon: CIA-Organized-Crime-Illegal-Operations/dp/0997287012/
    Amazon: Mafia-CIA-George-Bush/dp/1561712035/

    Given the large amount of evidence linking Skull & Bones and the CIA to drug trafficking, this is another angle that may shed a lot more light on the real GHW Bush:

    Amazon: Barry-Boys-Americas-Secret-History/dp/0970659172/
    Amazon: Dark-Alliance-Tie-Contras-Explosion/dp/1609806212/
    Amazon: Lost-History-Contras-Cocaine-Project/dp/1893517004/
    Amazon: Cocaine-Politics-Central-America-Updated/dp/0520214498/
    Amazon: Whiteout-Drugs-Press-Alexander-Cockburn/dp/1859842585/
    Amazon: Politics-Heroin-Complicity-Global-Trade/dp/1556524838/

    It wouldn’t do to leave out the pedophilia / sex trafficking angle:

    Amazon: Franklin-Cover-up-Satanism-Murder-Nebraska/dp/0963215809/

    And to wrap it up a more contemporary look at the fruits the Bush Dynasty has borne for America:

    Amazon: Bush-Cheney-Ruined-America-World/dp/1566560616/

      Nov 22, 2017 22:15 AM

      Sutton’s book can be found as a free pdf online with a simple search.

      Many of these authors have interviews available on Youtube that convey they key ideas of their work in a faster and cheaper format. Loftus, e.g., author of America’s Nazi Secret.

    Nov 22, 2017 22:13 AM

    I use Amazon to research products, but as previously mentioned, I prefer not to give them my business any longer. A good

    alternative may be: