What’s Next After The Goverment Shutdown?

January 22, 2018

Chris Temple is with me today to shares his thoughts on what we can all look forward to after the government shutdown is over. We also take a step back and distinguish what exactly is helping economies grow around the world on the back of the IMF recent comment about better global growth.

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      Jan 22, 2018 22:35 AM

      And so, the government will now reopen for another two and a half weeks, when we go through the same farce on February 8.

        Jan 22, 2018 22:06 AM

        The panda cam is back on!

          Jan 22, 2018 22:33 AM

          I bet that it is!

      Jan 22, 2018 22:37 AM

      Chuck Schumer: “After several discussions, offers and counteroffers, the Republican leader and I have come to an arrangement. We will vote today to reopen the government to continue negotiating a global agreement.”

    Jan 22, 2018 22:37 AM

    The sidewalks of DC are saying, they might discover that we don’t need all these government jobs. Trump should create the layoff ministry of silly jobs, and pare down the civil service by 50%. DT

      Jan 22, 2018 22:39 AM

      The high school drop outs, could do the job for 50% less……

        Jan 22, 2018 22:40 AM

        Maybe the dreamers could do a work release program…….

    Jan 22, 2018 22:54 AM
      Jan 22, 2018 22:55 AM

      E*Trade’s online trading platform being down for its millions of retail traders…

        Jan 22, 2018 22:56 AM

        What a hoot…… week it is TD…..this week it is Et

          Jan 22, 2018 22:11 AM

          Yup, cyber wars happening, online is risky.
          Imagine your stock tanking, which they will, and you cant get access.

            Jan 22, 2018 22:30 AM

            That might save you from selling in a panic and be a blessing.

            Jan 22, 2018 22:35 AM

            CEDE and Co…..wonder if they are spoofing the market today, with the help of ET…. 🙂

            Jan 22, 2018 22:36 AM

            Rothchilds and company one step of everyone…… 🙂

            Jan 22, 2018 22:37 AM

            one step in front of everyone……(even this computer of mine)

    Jan 22, 2018 22:00 AM

    South Korea…….got the message from Washington………tax the heck out of cryptos…..

      Jan 22, 2018 22:02 PM

      A very thought provoking article as waas the accompanying video, OOTB

    Jan 22, 2018 22:58 AM

    potshares did well last week, acb topped at about 14.30 tanked to about 9.50 and are back to around 14.30 again.
    wonderful for a trader.

    still waiting for pms.

      Jan 22, 2018 22:40 PM

      Try the base metals instead. 😉…….still think pots need more of a consolidation than they had recently but the herd mentality is a strong force

        Jan 22, 2018 22:09 PM

        RKS was up today. Exposure to a bevy of crypto and pot stocks all under one umbrella.

        Wolfster – Thanks again for pointing it out.

    Jan 22, 2018 22:32 PM


    Jan 22, 2018 22:51 PM

    Uranium veteran expects price stalemate to crack in 2019

    Yashaswini Swamynathan

    “Uranium producers’ deliberate cuts to production should finally begin to prop up prices next year as reserves of the rare metal dwindle and nuclear power generators rush to lock-in long-term contracts, according to sector veteran John Borshoff.”

    “Shares in uranium producers briefly rose late last year after the world’s biggest listed producer Cameco Corp and Kazakhstan’s state-run Kazatomprom laid out plans to reduce production to help end a period of low prices dating back to Japan’s Fukushima meltdown in 2011.”

    “But prices of the metal have remained stubbornly glued to around $23 a pound and the rally in share prices has also been short-lived, leaving producers unable to invest in more production and worried about their financial futures.”

    Jan 23, 2018 23:55 AM

    (KTN) (KOOYF) Kootenay announces drill results at La Cigarra Silver deposit, Mexico – highlights include 8 meters of 107.12 gpt Silver within 31 meters of 45.75 gpt Silver

      Jan 23, 2018 23:56 AM

      “Lowlights” seems more like it. That hit is equivalent to just a little more than half a gram per ton gold. Note that I said “seems” more like it. That’s because I don’t know the details of the drilling and property.

      Based on the charts, it does look like a good buy at .21-.22 (C$)

        Jan 25, 2018 25:36 PM

        They are longer intercepts though. You’ll see 31 meters of the 45 g/t and 8 meters of 107 so that is still economic to mine.

        Some companies have grade, and others have larger lower grade bulk mineable deposits.