Maple Gold Mines – A Look Ahead For The Next Couple Months

January 30, 2018

At the recent Cambridge House show I heard a couple people mention Maple Gold Mines. There is a lot of news coming in the next couple months so I wanted to chat with Matthew Hornor, President and CEO of Maple Gold Mines. We discuss the updated resource, the large drill program planned for this year, and assay results soon to come.

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Please note that I am a shareholder of the Company and they are sponsors on our site. Please comment or email me with any questions for Matthew and his team.


    Jan 30, 2018 30:53 PM

    Hi Cory,last March 4th the then”Aurvista Gold” came on the show and I believe it was Jean Lafleur(the acting CEO ) said they had a resource of 4.4 million ounces.Any Idea where he came up with that number?

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

    Jan 31, 2018 31:12 PM

    Thanks Cory