Dolly Varden Update – 4 New Discoveries In 2017 and The Plans For This Year

February 2, 2018

Dolly Varden Silver received a lot of attention last week at the resource conferences in Vancouver. The Company was recommended by a handful or newsletter writers and analysts that I respect so I figured it was a good time to have Gary Cope, President and CEO, back on the show. We recap the exploration that was completed last year which resulted in 4 new discoveries. We also look ahead to the exploration plans this year and how Gary and his team continue to make this Company more of a takeout target.

If you have any additional questions for Gary and his team please email at or comment below.

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    Feb 02, 2018 02:16 AM

    Off Topic:
    My ?inside? information out of London bankers is that there is concern over dwindling phtsical gold/silver supply. The COMEX has been transferring physical orders to London, which has now started to cause problems. There is speculation of a possible FTD fault.
    (And I’m not talking about flowers, Failure To Deliver gold)

      Feb 02, 2018 02:42 AM

      When it happens……then I will believe it………..just saying…..
      Someone else , said that this week or last, on one of the other sites, I can not remember who,
      Bill Holter, was that in the interview with Greg?

        Feb 02, 2018 02:48 AM

        It is often said ….Harvey Organ, Rickards, others in the actual Gold business.

        This came from my cousin in banking, in London.

        We have had defaults on the COMEX in the past, but they have been covered and people have been paid off to keep quiet. This time may be different.
        But then it may not be.
        Historically, physical supply has always been made up after a delay; but this time apparently Asian buying is a problem.

          Feb 02, 2018 02:50 AM

          Like I said…..”when it happens…..then I will believe it”
          But, thanks for the info….appreciate………OOTB

    Feb 02, 2018 02:21 AM
    Feb 02, 2018 02:42 AM

    Ron Paul:

    Is the good doctor going deaf? He certainly does not seem to have taken in what Trump actually said, about leveraging up the infrastructure spending.

    Feb 02, 2018 02:48 AM
    Feb 02, 2018 02:01 AM
      Feb 02, 2018 02:44 AM

      CFS>>>>>>>>>>>>>you got any comment on this one……..
      is it new, old,..or what……………thanks

      Feb 02, 2018 02:16 AM

      Memo and NFL……fun and games……..bread and circus…….

    Feb 02, 2018 02:08 AM
    Feb 02, 2018 02:14 AM

    Cory – Thanks for having Gary C. on to give us all an update on (DV) Dolly Varden.

    I agree that they are a prime takeover target for 2018. Cheers!

      Feb 02, 2018 02:16 AM

      Thanks for the comment Ex. I have been very impressed with what his team has accomplished in just over a year.

      Have a great weekend buddy!

        Feb 02, 2018 02:37 AM

        You too Cory and thanks for bringing us so many different company overviews, great speakers, economists, newsletter writers, pundits, and insightful guest here on the KER.

        BTW – I also like what Gary Cope is doing over at (REX) (ORMNF) Orex Minerals.
        He’s a solid leader to have behind the helm.