Hour 2 – Politics – Trying To Make A Difference With Less Complaining

September 1, 2018

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  • Segment 5: Michael Stumo CEO of The Coalition for a Prosperous American discusses the potential new Mexican Trade Agreement.
  • Segment 6: We discuss Lumen Student News a difference making movement with Tudor Dixon.
  • Segment 7: We continue our discussion with Tudor Dixon and how she is making a difference with Lumen  Student News.
  • Segment 8: Big Al and Chris Temple of The National Investor discuss the upcoming November elections.

Segment 5

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Segment 6

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Segment 7

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Segment 8

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    Sep 01, 2018 01:55 AM

    The President is making some good speeches, which meet with approval:

    The MSM is a major problem.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:07 AM

    With regards to McCain, the problem and his life should be discussed in total context.
    I will not praise him for fighting for his country.
    I will not criticize him for fighting for his country.

    I will, however, discuss his actions, his opinions, and the consequences.
    It is my opinion that he did little other than place John McCain and his self-interest above everything else. (and I am prepared to endlessly back that up with facts.)
    You may call this criticism, if you wish. I would prefer to call it education.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:21 AM

    Often education is very simply going to the basics, feww of comment and criticism…..just the basics facts……

    Is anything more eloquent?

      Sep 01, 2018 01:16 AM

      Very eloquent, but, unfortunately not always true today, Professor.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:23 AM

    Free of Comment and criticism…..just the basics, facts….

    Sep 01, 2018 01:19 AM

    Mr McCain caused a lot of suffering and lived through a lot of personal suffering. Like all warmongers his vision was small and damaging to society. Maybe he has found peace now RIP.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:12 AM

      RDF, I believe that it all depends on The Final Judgement.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:22 AM

    I never ceased to be amazed at what I hear on “progressive Radio”.

    e.g. KKSF

    Real Heart Radio out of San Francisco.

    They are currently spewing out lies and deception.
    e.g. the advantages of dropping the retirement age from 67 to 60.
    Claiming it would free up a lot of jobs, etc.

    It does not surprise me that people vote for Democrats and that they need an ill-educated electorate; hence the desire for no borders and allowing illegals to vote.

    The pure venom that is spewed every few minutes about President Trump is likewise incredible.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:11 AM

      My only comment, Professor, is that I find the Progressive philosophy to be absolutely unbelievable.

        Sep 01, 2018 01:46 AM

        “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

        Saul Bellow

          Sep 02, 2018 02:21 AM

          Interesting comment by the author.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:04 AM

    John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

    Bob had this @ 321.

    His father covered up the uss Liberty, doesnt this stuff show what kind of people are running the U.S.?

    What % of americans literally keep their eyes closed? its gotta be intentional.

    We have a situation in Syria…again….where these Mcain types are threatening the world with the 3rd war……. again.
    Are any news stations covering it? I havnt seen any but I dont make a point of watching.

    Funny, so many people think Mccain was a hero, the masses really are easily led.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:09 AM

      b, I will say one thing about Bob Moriarty and that is he puts some of his money where his mouth is as he moved from Grand Cayman to Switzerland because of his feelings about living in America.

        Sep 01, 2018 01:51 AM

        Or was RM’s move for security?

        I would be bored to death living in the Caymans, not that California is that much better.

          Sep 02, 2018 02:22 AM

          i have no idea what his motivation was and is.

        Sep 01, 2018 01:29 PM

        imo americans are boiling frogs, so are others in the west of course.
        Its a police state and it will get more so as time passes.

        The expats are the smart ones imo.

        Its a step by step thing, if trump doesnt “win” in the next 6 yrs? who continues the effort?
        All the deep state has to do is wait him out.

        Trump could be part of the deep state as it is, I just watched a vid following step by step Trumps connection to the Rothchilds.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:51 PM

      Knowing Bob for lot of years, I can state that my impression of what he says and his recent action prov that he definitely does not support men like McCain and he definitely does not support many of the actions of our country.

      He is certainly free to express his opinion and live where he and his wife desire because both of these actions are supported by the law of America.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:05 AM

    The media stinks. They are praising McCain more than they did Ike when he died. 3 days of funeral coverage all day and night is ludicrous. Fortunately we have the KEREPORT to tell us that Johnny “Wet Start” McCain was a treasonous narcissistic rat bastard, and a lousy, careless pilot who killed 134 mates on the Forrestal and burned 161 more. Hope he enjoys his chats with LBJ, Fidel, Ted Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson down below.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:54 AM

      It’s all about selling ad space, Bonzo, and very little about credible coverage. But then again, simply complaining accomplishes absolutely nothing and you have to respect that many people consider John McCain to be a great man. As I have said, on the record, I did not agree with his politics, but who cares we all have our opinions and that is what makes America a great country.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:14 AM

      The media stinks. They are praising McCain more than they did Ike when he died.

      Hah, tell me about it. Today I installed a new TV. I hardly ever watch TV and have an old boat anchor (crt) TV. The tuner went out on it a couple weeks ago and about a year ago I got a new LED TV for free but never got around to setting it up.

      So today I set it up and could only get two stations and they were both broadcasting McCain! First, Bushie was speaking than Bammy. Anyway, it looks like I need to get a more powerful antenna. Don’t even know if it is worth the money since I hardly watch TV.

        Sep 02, 2018 02:24 AM

        In all fairness the media today has much greater reach than it did when President Eisenhower died.

          Sep 02, 2018 02:02 AM

          I did buy a more powerful antenna and now receive many more stations.

          However, nothing’s changed since several years ago when I last checked.

          Same garbage.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:20 AM

    This non-stop coverage is about more than just the bitter sociopathic and war-mongering McCain and the requiem that the Deep State/Empire is sending him off with. It’s about the Deep State itself. Empire. And the kept Establishment media’s unanimity in its full-throated and slavish praise of one mere man who best epitomized the obscene expenditure of money and blood it feeds on. That’s why McCain is being so lionized.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:52 AM

      I, unfortunately, have to completely agree with you Mr. T!

      Sep 01, 2018 01:59 AM

      I wish to express sympathy to John McCain’s mother.
      No parent should suffer the pain of knowing of their offspring’s death.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:20 AM

      Ah, come on Chris. Don’t you know that “John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.”

      Just ask the idiot socialist Ocasio-Cortez.

      But dang, Chris what you said…I couldn’t have said it better.

      When you have everyone from Bush to Bammy saying the same thing that idiot Ocasio said, it shows just how phony , thoroughly corrupt and morally bankrupt the politicians are.

        Sep 01, 2018 01:24 AM

        And all the gooberment officials saying the same thing and same goes for the media, it is so obvious that you would think the American people have to see through it.

        Sep 01, 2018 01:51 AM

        A lot of Americans feel that way, Eddy. Thank God for free speech.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:44 AM
    Sep 01, 2018 01:46 AM

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      Sep 01, 2018 01:25 AM

      I’m still waiting for Santa to leave a chocolate coated bit coin in my stocking. 🙂

        Sep 01, 2018 01:52 AM

        Probably don’t want to hold your breath, Eddy!

        Sep 01, 2018 01:05 PM

        Big Al, why would you say something like that? They just went into stage 2 presale. There are a total of 4 stages. You are talking about 3600 FREE COINS given to 1 Million people.

        Try giving it a few months. They are not even on an exchange. yet.

          Sep 01, 2018 01:39 PM

          Fair enough Markedto Future

    Sep 01, 2018 01:42 PM

    They said John McCain went out on his own terms. Perhaps that’s true. Did he really have brain cancer, or was that black eye from a 40 MPH fist? Why did he have a boot on both angles at different times? Did the tracking device cause discomfort? And, how did Q-Anon know his time of death 30 days before?
    Did It end the way it began, “songbird…?
    Hopefully he made a deal saving legacy. I doubt it ends that well for some other war pigs..

    Day of judgement, God is calling….
    On their knees the war pigs crawling ….🎧

      Sep 01, 2018 01:06 PM

      …to add…why would Meagan McCain use her father’s funeral to take shots at President Trump? Whichever way one looks at this – looks very ugly and reveals some of humanity’s darkness in the soul.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:29 AM

      Kind of hard to agree with you comment, Chartster.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:37 PM

    Shut up spoiled brat.
    Trumps son in law , kushner will stab him in the back , he is part of the clan.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:59 PM

    Senator Murphy , (d ) from Connecticut , wants to shut you site down for giving a platform to free speech , & the thruth.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:30 AM

      Mr. Irish,

      The truth is often simply a matter of opinion.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:05 PM

    In life you must make your own way, whatever happens you must decide. My grandfather was drafted into The German Army in 1909, the conditions of discipline and discrimination were so harsh that he decided to go AWOL, and defect. He purchased a ticket on a Canadian freighter leaving out of the port of Le Havre and hid his civilian clothes in a predetermined spot near The German French border. When out on a patrol in 1910 he left Germany for good. He landed in Montreal and applied for Canadian citizenship. He was accepted and spent the next 30 plus years working for Canadian National Railways. If he had stayed in Germany he probably would have died during The First World War. If he had survived World War 1, Hitler would have put him in a concentration camp. I believe he was Jewish but because of the circumstances and consequences surrounding his departure, I will never know. He was not allowed to fight on The Allied side in The First World War because he was viewed as a bloody German at the time. In life you just never know. DT

      Sep 01, 2018 01:08 PM

      Sounds like a great person Mr. Tracy. Kind of like you appear to be!

    Sep 01, 2018 01:59 PM

    The TSHTF in October, by the looks of it prior to the elections:

    My best guess is that McCain is dead and chose quasi-involuntary suicide as his best option.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:09 PM

      You never know ,CFS. The “Death with Dignity” movement is pretty strong.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:36 AM

      Kind of sad when this is the first positive thing that I have heard today. But then again, I decided not to watch the various news shows.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:10 PM

    This is a must watch for this weekend.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:26 PM

    For Accuracy I ought to correct one item in the above SGT Report post.

    Hillary Clinton’s emails were not hacked by the Russians, I believe, but by the Chinese who placed a hidden bcc in her email server that automatically forwarded ALL her emails to a Chinese-owned front company. These emails were then shared with the Russians. Whether or not HRC knew of this is not yet proven. I suspect that she may have knowingly given access for the bcc coding, so that she could later claim innocence.

      Sep 01, 2018 01:10 PM

      She has proven to be very cunning, CFS. And at the same time very angry.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:37 AM

      I can’t believe that she is that stupid, CFS. She is very driven, but not stupid!

        Sep 02, 2018 02:13 AM

        HRC is not stupid; just greedy beyond all normal morality.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:48 PM

    Judge Jeanine: Jeff Sessions needs to do one of two things

    Sep 01, 2018 01:01 PM

    Sessions is taking the heat while Huber and several hundred attorneys are doing a great job of indicting all the FCI and DOJ corrupt leadership and more.
    The fact that Rosenstein and others have not been fired has lulled them into feeling safe, while their military trials are being prepared. The large amount of criminal activity and number of criminals means it takes time, but don’t worry.
    (Judge Jeanine does not know what is really happening…..She is looking at the news media, but the MSM is out of the loop.)

        Sep 01, 2018 01:18 PM

        I listened but he is just an informed amateur.
        I looked at some of the wordpress stuff too,

        Someone said when the banking collapse comes, gold and silver will shoot up in price.
        By what mechanism can people use fiat after a banking collapse to drive up the “price” of gold and silver, assuming banks are closed and all fiat currency is bailed in?
        People are not thinking clearly.
        The purchasing power of Gold and silver may increase, but more problematical is availability of goods. In a total monetary collapse, goods will be bartered and most people will not be looking to buy or use gold and silver, but food. Eventually when stabilization is achieved, wealth (total purchasing power) may have been preserved by gold and silver.
        It will be a much changed world, however.
        How bad it gets is an unknown and depends on government preparedness for the crisis.
        Perhaps the transition will be smooth, but I doubt it. Martial Law (rule by might/power) is never pleasant.

          Sep 01, 2018 01:52 PM

          Yeah, I disagreed with much of what he said but it is interesting to see diverse groups coming together in opposition to the Fed. And I loved that old church.

          Sep 01, 2018 01:23 PM
            Sep 02, 2018 02:41 AM

            Gentlemen, I would prefer to not discuss our respective ages within this forum.

            Sep 02, 2018 02:05 AM

            Youngster, I’m proud to have reached my age, against long odds.

            Sep 02, 2018 02:26 AM

            Like Jerry Lee Lewis, and Jack Benny, I am 39 and holding.

            Sep 02, 2018 02:57 AM

            answering my own question


            I bet it could be much more than $21 trillion. That is just HUD and a part of the Pentagon.

            Mr. Big Al Korelin, will you interview anyone regarding the missing $21 trillion? How about Professor Mark Skidmore, Austin-Fitts, etc.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:39 AM

      I personally don’t have time to follow everyone and that includes Mr. Henderson.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:28 PM

    Bubba being Bubba…He never gave up his old ways…no matter how much trouble they get him into…and Ariana Grande??? I thought that was a side dish at Taco Bell.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:12 PM

    Side dish at Taco Bell? That is great Eddy!

      Sep 01, 2018 01:23 PM

      If I can make anyone here laugh then I have done my job. 🙂

        Sep 03, 2018 03:47 AM

        Gone from our culture is the good ole horse laugh at things like candle light vigils, gay weddings, 55 year old men dressed like Goldie Locks, global warming and other vain imaginations.

    Sep 01, 2018 01:13 PM

    Side dish at Taco Bell?. That is great Eddy!

    Sep 02, 2018 02:16 PM

    Mr. Big Al Korelin and all you boys, you ready for drag queen story hour? Take a look at this and the pictures…and be on the lookout for roving transvestites at a library near you.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:17 PM

      NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Once upon a time, in 2015, a writer in San Francisco named Michelle Tea got the idea for “Drag Queen Story Hour”: men in full drag reading children’s books to kids and parents in programs aimed at providing “positive and unabashedly queer role models.”

      Since then, Drag Queen Story Hours have been held at libraries or book stores in big cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and costume-loving New Orleans — where over-the-top hair, makeup and gowns and stories about gender fluidity aren’t exactly new.

        Sep 02, 2018 02:25 PM

        This guy’s comments sum it up:

        William Ripskull 5 hours ago
        And of course if I think that drag queens reading children books in drag is not entirely normal, or I don’t want my kid to think that is “normal”, I’m a hate-monger and a string of other “ists” and “isms”. I’ll bet if I tried to go to California and read children books on conservative values and free market capitalism, I’d be physically attacked and called an extremist.

      Sep 02, 2018 02:22 PM

      And you better not use the term vagina any more, Mr. Big Al Korelin.

      If you must refer to that part of the anatomy you better use the term “font-hole”


      If you don’t the back-holes will accuse you of hate speech.

        Sep 02, 2018 02:23 PM

        I don’t think you’ll find many “front-holes” reading to the kiddies at drag queen story hour…but you will find plenty of back-holes.