Demographics – Maybe Having A Younger Population Is Not A Good Thing

February 27, 2019

Nicholas Pardini, Founder of the Davos Investment Group joins me to share a different take on the theory that younger demographics are critical for countries and economies. There is a lot to consider in a discussion around how demographics impact economies. We touch on how technology is changing the way people work and economies grow plus the fact that housing costs and other asset costs are so high now it is hard for the younger generation to free up capital to spend.

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    Feb 27, 2019 27:50 PM

    So why does Seyhun’s model now predict a drop for the market in the coming year? According to the model, insiders – those who by definition have the most insight into the future performance of their own stocks – sold more of their company’s stock in the first half of February relative to buying, than they have in a decade. Five of every six companies for which there were recent insider transactions have experienced net selling.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:51 PM

    Specifically, he pays attention to the buying and selling of corporate officers and directors and overlooks transactions by a company’s largest shareholders. Obviously, insiders and directors have more insight as to the health and sentiment of a company than “outsiders” like large shareholders. This can sometimes be a difficult way to perform analysis as, based simply on a size basis, large shareholders transact far more stock than insiders, which can be difficult to ignore.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:52 PM

    Owl…….you might want to read this……if, you are planning on buying some more stocks.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:59 PM

    Have wondered for some time: As industry finds ways to make more and more products and services with fewer and fewer people, where will people get jobs to earn money to buy these products and services?

    Feb 27, 2019 27:13 PM

    Of course it is fallacious that it is desirable *always* to have a pyramid shaped demographic structure.

    It depends on populatioin vs the resource base, as well as the economic system. Sure a pyramid shaped demographic structure is a good thing for a small population in a manual labor intensive frontier economy. Not so for a large population that is already heavily exploiting its available natural resource base.

    Maybe the hand wringers over low birth rates and the hand-wringers over the problems posed by automation and artificial intelligence ought to compare notes sometime.

    The last thing highly-developed countries need is rapidly growing populations. The issues related to an aging population can be resolved without resorting to cultural suicide through mass immigration from incompatible cultures (and all the new problems that brings).

    China, India, Holland, the Philippines, etc. need pyramid shaped demographics like they need a hole in the head. Africa, with its extreme population growth, will probably show us famine and death like the world has never seen in a few generations. Russia, on the other hand, could probably benefit from a high-growth phase.

    Fundamentally, a finite physical world cannot perpetually support the exponential population growth that pyramid shaped demographics imply.

    A potentially rich country can breed itself into perpetual poverty. Colombia and Bolivia may have roughly similar resource bases, but Colombia has 5x as many people to provide for from that base. But Bolivia will likely join Colombia in that situation in a few generations.

    All the hand-wringing over the aging population looks like a disingenuous pretext for ever more immigration from Asia, Africa, and Latin America into Europe and Europe-derived societies.

    Once your country’s ethnic mix resembles the global ethnic mix, there’s no longer much point in resisting the plans of the one-world-government scum.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:19 PM

    “Once your country’s ethnic mix resembles the global ethnic mix, there’s no longer much point in resisting the plans of the one-world-government scum.”

    Well, it’s still worth resisting, but a highly diverse ‘multi-culture’ confuses the issue, and it fractures society politically, so the aspiring Global Rulers anticipate it will aid their cause.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:11 PM

    A classic on the topic:

    My views have evolved a lot in the 20 years since I’ve read it, so it will be interesting to give it another look.

    At that time I took a few classes with Herman Daly, of ecological economics fame. I think ecological economics could be summarized thusly: the economy is a subset of the natural world; standard economic models notwithstanding, infinite economic growth in a finite world is not possible, and trying to achieve it will only cause problems.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:19 PM

    The TRUTH About Trump’s BORDER “EMERGENCY” with G. Edward Griffin
    Griffin isn’t fooled by Trump.

      Feb 28, 2019 28:31 AM

      Great video.

      Somehow I doubt the Trumpster true believers have an answer to it.

      The most important part, it only takes a few %, organized, to turn things around.

      Of course, this is why the Zionist propaganda swine scream bloody murder at the slightest sign of resistance and create all of their hate hoaxes–to preempt the emergence of that organized few %.

        Feb 28, 2019 28:35 AM

        Griffin wears his 87 years extremely well!

      Feb 28, 2019 28:00 AM

      Yes……..great tape………appreciate……….Truth seekers…..

    Feb 28, 2019 28:28 AM

    Good video with Edward Griffin.

    He’s right about the ulterior motive of the border emergency. It gave him the funds to build the wall. It puts the lefties and the RINOs in a box to hang them selves. And it secures the border from the invasion.

    Griffin: “we have to wait and see for a few months how it’s going to play out, because right now, I don’t know”.

      Feb 28, 2019 28:48 AM

      Did we watch the same video?

    Feb 28, 2019 28:54 AM
      Feb 28, 2019 28:04 AM

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        Feb 28, 2019 28:12 AM

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        Feb 28, 2019 28:31 AM

        The push for electric cars is really about the further centralization of power. The things aren’t just electric, they’re computers that require updates and are much easier for third parties to control.
        Today you might get banned from social media for going against the Marxists, tomorrow, you might get banned from your car. Sure it sounds far-fetched but who would have thought that the left would have become as insane as it is now?
        Of course there are many other reason the “authorities” might cut you off from your car and it would be very easy to do remotely.

          Feb 28, 2019 28:38 AM

          ON STAR……….. 🙂

            Feb 28, 2019 28:53 AM

            Very well said Matthew…….

    Feb 28, 2019 28:21 AM

    PM of Israel Satanyahoo indicted today.