As the melt up continues don’t ignore the issues in Hong Kong

November 15, 2019

Chris joins me to wrap up the week that again saw money flow into risk on assets and push US markets to all time highs. More optimum around trade and the Fed put, as Powell outlined in front of Congress continues to be the main support for these moves. However don’t forget about the issues in Hong Kong and how China’s potential actions could impact the entire financial system.

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    Nov 15, 2019 15:32 PM

    Mr. Temple has it absolutely correct.

    China cannot let freedom reign in Hong Kong without the potential of losing control of it mainland population. It will not give up the power to steal intellectual property.

    It will be interesting to watch development in the future, while China recognizes the best economy is driven by capitalism, but that the freedom required for capitalism is at odds with Central Dictatorial control.

      Nov 15, 2019 15:21 PM

      It’s Chris — and thank you, CFS.

      This is going to be an interesting struggle along the way. It’s amazing how much the Deep State and Wall Street are so at odds on China, and with Trump in the middle.

    Nov 15, 2019 15:04 PM
    rOGER sTONE being found guilty on all counts was surprising, since it partly depended on a belief that the DNC server was hacked.
    I believe, and Assange has admitted, the DNC server was not hacked, but Hillary’s emails stolen by insiders (Rich brothers)
    It is fairly clear Mifsud, Manifort et al were not Russian collaborators but quasi-operatives set up by Obama/HRC minions.

      Nov 15, 2019 15:13 PM

      Trump will pardon Roger Stone and a few others before he leaves office.

        Nov 15, 2019 15:22 PM

        To REALLY get the left and others afflicted with T.D.S. acting even goofier, he should pardon the most worthy before next year’s election, starting with Gen. Flynn.

          Nov 15, 2019 15:27 PM

          Temple…Spot on…& what about Assange – Snowden – Manning….feel free to add more names.

            Nov 15, 2019 15:32 PM

            OOOPS..Forgot to mention the No1 who they murdered . The one who opened the huge can of worms………………….SETH RICH…………………

        Nov 15, 2019 15:23 PM

        DT….Do you mean the poor sods , will have to wait for another 5 years.

    Nov 15, 2019 15:44 PM

    We did a piece with Josh Phillips, EPOCH Times today on China – but this is the most important issue for the future of mankind – well worth the time to watch:

    Nov 15, 2019 15:28 PM

    Never forget that while one entity takes out a loan, another is lending an asset.
    When the loan is not paid, the “asset” disappears, and money, the lubricant of all economies, ceases to lubricate the system.
    Meanwhile countries inject more and more fiat praying that kicking the can down the road will work. That is why lower and lower interest rates have worked so far, decreasing the carrying cost.