Judy Shelton has some good ideas for the Fed but her confirmation hearing is not going smoothly

February 13, 2020

Chris Temple joins me to update us on the confirmation hearing for Judy Shelton and Chris Waller. As Chris points out Judy has some good ideas for how the Fed can actually help out the middle class however she is getting the run around from both the Democrats and Republicans. We also discuss her comments in the past regarding a gold standard and cryptocurrencies.

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    Feb 13, 2020 13:19 AM

    It is disgusting that politicians are so polarized and corrupt that they place politics and their personal desires above working for the betterment of their country.
    Unbelievable they stress their own political self-interest.

      Feb 13, 2020 13:38 AM

      cfs…Thats very true.
      It has gotten to the point , that we work for them , instead of them working for us.

    Feb 13, 2020 13:48 AM

    ” The voters are the new plantation workers “………….irishtony.

      Feb 13, 2020 13:34 AM

      You are 100% spot on IRISH………zero hedge had a great article on this one…..I am not going to repost……waste of time…….

      Feb 13, 2020 13:04 PM

      Nope 100% wrong Irish ” voters are the new plantation workers” people been plantation workers for a long time.

      But face it, most people are happy with it.

        Feb 13, 2020 13:11 PM

        Act of 1871……….yep…… got it……….

    Feb 13, 2020 13:48 AM

    Yes, Trump’s latest Fed pick is that bad. Here’s why

    Seems the obvious new Fed chair a Trump re-election

      Feb 13, 2020 13:56 PM

      I would read the article ….if, it was’t a BEZO owned and paid for BS…

        Feb 13, 2020 13:59 PM

        Fake Fed , anything about a corrupt central bank…….shows no one gets it…….

          Feb 13, 2020 13:13 PM

          “I don’t claim to be in the mainstream of economists,” Shelton told lawmakers during her Thursday confirmation hearing.

          Shelton has spent decades advocating for tying the U.S. dollar to the value of gold in some capacity, an idea widely dismissed by policymakers and economists. She has also reversed her past criticism of low Fed interest rates and called for the central bank to weaken the dollar in response to foreign exchange rates, mirroring the switch made by Trump after he took office in 2017. -The Hill