Hour 2 – Politics and COVID-19

March 14, 2020
  • Segment 1 and 2 – Pandemic expert Dr. Steven Hatfill and Dr. Frieda begin a discussion of the Coronavirus
  • Segment 3 – Dr Frieda and Lt Col Retired McKinney discuss the realities of loneliness as it relates to self quarantine.
  • Segment 4 – We wrap up KER Politics with a discussion of the Coronavirus Press Conference.

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      Mar 14, 2020 14:12 AM

      Many thanks CFS, These are important numbers!

    Mar 14, 2020 14:59 AM

    The President’s Full Speech declaring a National Emergency:

      Mar 14, 2020 14:13 AM

      Thank you I would assume that most everyone on this site listened to the entire speech live.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:34 AM

    I hope there will be face masks available for everyone soon.

    To the best of my knowledge:
    People ARE capable of breathing out aerosolized particles of corona virus in increasing quantities for typically 4 days before they are symptomatic.
    These corona virus particles can travel in air up to 5 meters.

    Wearing masks can decrease the direct exhaling force and distance of travel of the virus.
    It appears that younger persons can spread the disease even while staying asymptomatic.
    Thus children can spread the disease !
    As far as I know the apparent immunity of young persons is not understood.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:16 AM

      Very interesting article, CFS, thank you

        Mar 14, 2020 14:59 AM

        For the mathematically-impaired the median age of a group of people of different ages is the age of the person in the middle of the spread there are as many older than the median as there are younger tan the median age.
        The mean age is the sum of all ages divided by the number of people. These median and the mean age do not necessarily have to be close, depending on the distribution.

        Bongino talks to a doctor:

    Mar 14, 2020 14:41 AM

    (Reuters) – Countries around the world on Saturday continued to close borders, impose strict entry and quarantine requirements and restrict large gatherings in efforts to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:18 AM

      An obvious trend throughout the world.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:45 AM
      Mar 14, 2020 14:22 AM

      It does appear to be substantially less deadly. Your opinion?

        Mar 14, 2020 14:12 AM

        If one is a healthy under 60 year-old, I would say this virus is trivial.
        If you’re over 60 and have high blood pressure, then get into good physical shape immunity=wise i.e. minimize stress, plenty of sleep, etc., still not a real problem.
        If you are over seventy with health problems, unless you don’t mind a 10% chance of dying, do evything to get into good immune shape AND try not to get the disease until the hospitals are empty and have lot of doctors with experience.
        The only way I know how to avoid getting the disease is self-isolation.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:32 PM

          Me too, Professor and I am kind of enjoying the self-isolation!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:30 AM

      I would be rather surprised if his presidency is actually over. I personally like the way the Administration has handled the situation to this point.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:30 AM

        I listen to Bloomberg radio stations, which are extremely left-leaning.
        I’m not sure that re-election of Trump is guaranteed.
        The economy is being destroyed.
        I am not sure the supply line will be rebuilt before the election, and do not know what effect a crashed economy will have on the election.
        I like Trump and his actions regarding the corona virus, and believe a crash was inevitable. I’m just not sure the general public will have a forgiving opinion.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:24 AM

          Why Bloomberg? Looking for raional.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:57 AM

          I think Trump should postpone the election for 2 years to save lives.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:28 AM

      RINOs have been writing DJT’s political obituary for 4 years – not surprised to see the same people on their last attempts to undermine him just to prove their anger driven point. Their flawed perceptions will once again be proven wrong – just because you don’t like his character doesn’t mean he will fail. How long can people hate? Four years is a long time, Eight years will be unbearable.


        Mar 14, 2020 14:28 AM

        “Just because, you don`t like his character…” is something that I can completely relate to!

          Mar 14, 2020 14:01 PM

          Trump’s character is sterling compared to Mitt, McCain, Biden, Bernie, Obama, and the Clintons. Things could be worse.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:18 PM

            What will happen if Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg is carried off by Wu flu and Trump nominates
            Rudy Giuliani to replace her? Will all hell break loose, or just a small piece of hell?

            Mar 14, 2020 14:39 PM

            Absolutely all hell, Bonzo!

            Mar 14, 2020 14:10 PM

            Generally speaking Bonzo, I agree one thousand percent with you!

    Mar 14, 2020 14:17 AM
      Mar 14, 2020 14:35 AM

      Kind of an interesting read which demonstrates the complete incompetence that exists out there!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:38 AM

      Bulwark raises a strawman and demolishes it.
      Does it realize how insane it is it to create Candace Owens as an expert, which she clearly is not, and then claim she is clearly is not an expert. That actually says nothing about the coronavirus.

      Dan Bongino interviews a real doctor.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:21 AM

        Thanks for the reply and I agree. I LIKE Dan B, by the way. I saw him recently on Fox.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:30 AM

    Trump Caught Google Off Guard With a Bogus Coronavirus Site Announcement

      Mar 14, 2020 14:36 AM

      Why would Trump say something really stupid like that?

        Mar 14, 2020 14:03 AM

        OWL………….I do not think AJ……..likes the Trumpster………..jmo

          Mar 14, 2020 14:06 AM

          I would agree with you Jerry!

            Mar 14, 2020 14:06 AM

            By the way, what is your opinion on how the administration is handling this situation?

            Mar 14, 2020 14:44 AM

            I thought he was PROACTIVE…….which is what he politically needed to do……
            to get reelected. Calming down the political morons……which now have been
            shuttered for awhile…….till they think of something else, to bitch about.
            I have a total different thought on the Virus, which if , you have been reading any of
            my post you will see………
            Starting with GATES FOUNDATION…….there are a series of events which have taken place, and it is not political……but, in the form of positioning for total control, which is what they have been doing for years………way out of the BOX for most, but, still the Overall picture has not changed for decades……..Just historical fact finding……. 🙂

            Mar 14, 2020 14:19 AM


            Mar 14, 2020 14:35 PM

            Sure Jerry, a precept of capitalism is to get as much market share or control as you possibly can. Just ask Henry Ford!

            Mar 14, 2020 14:24 AM

            Owl…….Here is the question… asked…..Before I WENT on a Rant…..
            this is yesterday
            On March 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm,
            OOTB Jerry says:
            Prices ……..of silver especially ………looks OUTSTANDING……..

            Anyone listen to the President………..Everything has just turned…….VIRUS is going bye, bye……..President has done a GREAT JOB , …on getting all companies to cooperate….
            CVS, Roche, Walmart, Target, ……Plan of attack, could never have been accomplished under OBAMA

            Reply to this comment

            Mar 14, 2020 14:29 PM



            Mar 14, 2020 14:28 AM

            This page will not be able to answer your question on “CONTROL”
            We will need a whole new page for that discussion…….
            I am not trying to avoid the question, ……matter of fact I welcome it…
            Since, we have been discussing the issue of control for YEARS…..we could start at the beginning…….

            Mar 14, 2020 14:16 PM

            Absolutely the only thing that I know about the Gates family, is that Bill is incredibly lucky and incredibly smart as was his former partner. He and his wife Melinda seem to be very kind and socially concerned people who, in some cases, I suppose I do not agree with.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:31 AM

            I can tell you have not gone and read my comments…….concerning the GATES FOUNDATION….involved in Haiti, Africa, and the virus……..
            Information……Gates did not invent anything…….he stole the idea from IBM….

            Mar 15, 2020 15:06 AM

            Let’s restate ………Gates used other people’s technology…..and claimed as his own…

    Mar 14, 2020 14:48 AM

    Covid-19, will change the way our society thinks. Our society is accustomed from getting information not from people but out of the visual. Staring at our phones, reading words from the screen of a computer, and underestimating the value of human contacts. Too much of our life is visual rather than oral. We need to go back to the future. If people work more from home that will also be good for the family. DT

      Mar 14, 2020 14:37 AM

      Your comment about work from home will be good for the family is interesting. Do you really believe that and, if so, please explain. Thanks

      Mar 14, 2020 14:32 AM

      I sincerely hope we go back to family, direct contact, and less media driven knowledge DT. Lets pray the electronic masters don’t have total control our young’s minds.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:56 AM

        Great comment Jim, we wont go there at the risk of being called an anti semitic.
        Thanks for the excerpt from the AA Prayer last week. Here is the full prayer.
        God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
        At times I have been a little short on the wisdom part, but lucky for me,their is the K.E Report.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:58 AM

          Now I just need to proof read what I type. There not their.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:17 AM

          Thank you John. As most of you have probably figured out, I do go to AA meetings. The members are some of the most interesting people who I have ever met. It is a great non secular group.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:27 AM

            No I didn’t figure that out. I have over 24 years sober. I thank God everyday.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:20 PM

            John, I am very confused at this point in my life as, I suppose , all alcoholics are! All I can say in all truthfulness is I love all my fellow man!

        Mar 14, 2020 14:23 AM

        You know that I am with you on this, Jim.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:15 AM

      Tony, we have a warring species, humans aren’t intelligent enough to realize you can’t keep building weapons of mass destruction and then allow them to proliferate throughout the planet. Whether that is nuclear or biological we are headed for our own demise. Life just isn’t about our earth. The dark side has always been in charge only now they can reduce our planet to dust. DT

        Mar 14, 2020 14:44 AM

        In charge or not, you are absolutely correct Mr. T!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:43 AM

      Zero Hedge is simply pointing out the level of ignorance that exists throughout the world. I am very surprised, Mr. Irish that this actually came out of The UK!

    Mar 14, 2020 14:23 AM

    Why are Govts. & the mainstream media , mainly in the west pumping out so much fear, What is their agenda ? ..For what its worth , ( and i am probably going to get hammered for saying it ) I dont think this thing is as bad as they are making it out to be.
    How many of those in Italy have got Corona , could not some of those cases be flu , or TB…Is there ANY proof that those who have died , did die from Corona.
    The same could be said for every other country.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:05 AM

      Italy current statistics:
      Confirmed cases 17,660
      Deaths 1,266
      Recovered 1,439
      To use your language, Irish, only a fecking idiot might think this is the flu.
      The kill rate currently stands at 7.2%, but should drop, if it wasn’t for the fact Italy has no more hospital beds and is running out of oxygen.
      If you are over sixty you are straight out of luck, they don’t even test you….you are left to your own devices. If you have a normal problem like a stroke or a mild heart attack, they don’t treat you….the hospital system is swamped.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:00 AM

          Many thanks Chris for this link. Everything okay with you and your family?

          Mar 14, 2020 14:09 PM

          Went to the store today and some of the shelves were getting low but the only thing sold out was toilet paper. Plenty of paper towels and kleenex and cold/flu medicines.

          So how come toilet paper sells out first? I’d think canned foods, rice, beans and similar items would sell out first.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:18 PM

            Brain dead sheeple, Covid Kid…of all the symptoms of this flu, I’ve never seen diarrhea anywhere prominent. If the media got the sheeple to believe they needed to stock up on marbles, there would be a run on them, too.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:09 PM

            That is so absolutely true, Mr. T!

            Mar 14, 2020 14:20 PM

            Take these same brain-dead masses and put them back in the depression of the 1930’s and they wouldn’t survive a day.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:09 PM

            I am not sure that I agree with that because eventually human nature takes over and the “brain dead” seem to come back to life.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:29 PM

            I had to go to another store today and the only things sold out were toilet paper and the Top Ramen noodles.

            I tell ya Chris, it’s sure a good thing that I don’t go to the bathroom…I explode after 60 years. 🙂

            Mar 14, 2020 14:41 PM

            Hi Covid,

            Stopped at Costco to get hearing aid cleaners and toilet paper. Wasted my time.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:56 AM

        A bit over a 7% mortality rate is pretty high!

          Mar 14, 2020 14:27 AM

          I think 7.2% should be taken as an upper limit…..if you’re old and can’t get medical help.

          Which is Italy’s situation. Hospitals swamped, with older population.

            Mar 14, 2020 14:17 PM

            I am old and I am trying to be very careful because I have “just begun to live”

        Mar 14, 2020 14:42 PM

        I am not a f ing idiot, and I think this is a bad form of the flu. The Italian issues relate to elderly patients in the Lombardi region, socialized medicine, poor health conditions and lack of respirators. This is killing people, but it is not the end of the world and no where near the problem the panic the media is inducing. Again, if you are in ill healthy, over 60, smoked or lived in a bad air quailty area, be very afraid and be smart. But the world is not going to end unless fools continue to preach fear and force shut downs. I have lived through war in very torn apart countries, with serious death tolls, people still survive, and eventually thrive.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:40 PM

          Jimmy……I like your comments…….more truth ….than some of the idiots running this flu into over drive……..itching ears………….

          Mar 14, 2020 14:41 PM

          Your common sense and intellect are why I have so much respect for you Jimmy!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:48 AM

      Many thanks for asking this question as I am sure that many of us have been wondering the same thing.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:30 AM

    Has anybody got any idea of how many people have died from the flu this season , or have those numbers being overtaking by the C virus ?

      Mar 14, 2020 14:10 PM

      Over 18000 in the US last I saw.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:05 AM

      Nice to have a simple summary similar to what this fellow provided. Thanks for the link.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:26 AM

        Sorry for the previous post. After reading your comments on this page to all postings, it seems to me you are somewhat downplaying the seriousness of the corona virus subject. Something you might concentrate on besides the death #s in comparison with the flu is the fact that now, it might be apparent that many of the ‘recovered’ have up to 30% less lung capacity. Chris Martenson mentions it on this update:

          Mar 14, 2020 14:24 PM




    Mar 14, 2020 14:18 AM

    I’m going to put this out there. Does anybody besides me question Tom Hanks and his wife being the “Hollywood” face for the C Virus? With all the rape and sexual abuse associated with Hollywood, how come “Good Guys” like Tom Hanks never said anything?

      Mar 14, 2020 14:31 AM

      I have often wondered that, John K!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:34 AM

      John……….Tom Hanks is a paid player…….
      This is could be covered by the……..CONTROL section….OWL…… “)

        Mar 14, 2020 14:54 AM

        Confirmation of “CONTROL”…………in Stefan Molyneus……..cfs post below….at 41 min mark……

        Mar 14, 2020 14:12 PM

        A “paid player”? No Jerry, a very talented paid actor! Nothing more and nothing less.

          Mar 15, 2020 15:18 AM

          Owl…….sorry to say, you are way behind the curve……..jmo

            Mar 15, 2020 15:19 AM

            No, disrespect intended……….

    Mar 14, 2020 14:37 AM

    Stefan Molyneux on Covid-19

    Mar 14, 2020 14:06 PM

    They can not bomb Pearl Harbor …..but, they can control your thinking….
    They can not Bomb the Twin Towers…….but, they can cover it up.
    They can import opium from Afgan………but, they can keep it a secret
    They can fraud, you with fake money…….but, most are to stupid to see it.
    They can introduce a virus……..via Gates Foundation but, no one will listen…
    They can control you mind………and have already…….now go back to sleep.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:31 PM

      they have control over this stupid computer, I am sure…. 🙂
      ok, recognizing my mistakes……
      they can not bomb Pearl Harbor …”again”……and the Towers “again”
      change…you to your….now go back to sleep….

        Mar 14, 2020 14:53 PM

        I like to think that my brain has control over my computer, but I do realize the fallacy of that belief!

      Mar 14, 2020 14:32 PM

      Yes, but can they balance their checkbook?

      Can they appreciate a sunset?

      Can they find stillness and connection to all life in the present moment?

        Mar 14, 2020 14:45 PM

        Ha, good ones………… 🙂

        Mar 14, 2020 14:51 PM

        Excelsior, your comment has made my day more positive. God bless you and thank you so very much!

          Mar 14, 2020 14:41 PM

          Cheers Big Al. Thank you sir for all you do, and we could all use a few more positive thoughts.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:42 PM

      I really would like to hear your logic behind the Gates Foundation. What am I missing?

        Mar 14, 2020 14:42 PM

        Go back to FED 22……over the weekend show……..there are a whole series of comments and webb articles……….I posted………

    Mar 14, 2020 14:10 PM

    Just found out why people are buying TP.
    1 hour ago

    The toilet paper is for making earplugs and a blindfold for watching CNN. /s

    from SandWyrm…at Zerohedge

      Mar 14, 2020 14:27 PM

      Ha! Good one!

        Mar 14, 2020 14:00 PM


      Mar 14, 2020 14:40 PM

      Good research, Mr. Irish.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:25 PM

    Bob Moriarty: The US Is A Paper Tiger At The End Of Its Empire

    by Ceo Technician (@Goldfinger) – March 14, 2020

    {The 2nd half gets into Bob M’s thoughts on Coronavirus and politics}

      Mar 14, 2020 14:07 PM

      I read Bob’s stuff from this post and found nothing new. I too am in a high risk category and I too, along with my wife, have self quarantined. I did go into Costco earlier for a brief time and now I REALLY REGRET IT!

        Mar 14, 2020 14:56 PM

        Be safe Big Al, and yeah, I’ve been avoiding the big box stores for the last few weeks. We had stocked up on all our groceries and supplies before this became such a panic, and my wife got the toilet paper covered back when the folks first started making such a big deal of it and before all the stores ran out, so I see little reason to venture out and fight the crowds and stand in long lines to find out nothing is there.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:47 PM

      Never heard of this one. So thanks for the link.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:49 PM

    Sneaky Nancy….Witch of the West……….
    Abortion more profitable than the virus………..Planned Parent Hood
    Killing of about 600,000 plus every year in operation…….talk about a profit center for Old Witch of the West……
    JUST A GOOD CATHOLIC CHILD., without any thought or brain….

      Mar 14, 2020 14:46 PM

      She is immoral and making me simply angrier by the minute.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:48 PM

        How Banning Abortion Will Transform America

        Interesting read on the experience of a nation that did ban abortion – Ceausescu’s Rumania

          Mar 14, 2020 14:46 PM

          Oh brother………..Promoting birth control………and killing by invitation for the body parts…….is another…….

          Mar 14, 2020 14:38 PM

          What a terribly complicated issue for some. We do not live in a perfect world and pregnancy is a normal part of it.

          In my opinion abortion is vastly different from contraception. Contraception allows normal sexual relations to occur and definitely not harm an innocent third party. I personally do not view contraception as being abnormal whatsoever. I say this and I am fully aware of the Catholic Church’s negative view on it. I disagree vehemently on the stance of the Church because nowhere have I found it to say in the Bible that “pulling out” or contraception is wrong.

          I would ask the question, “does contraception truly save human lives or does it destroy human lives”? It is very obvious to me that it saves innocent human lives in the end.

          I am adamantly against abortion because that action takes place during the actual life of a human being and contraception does not!

          Grow up world and simply use common sense which is synonymous with contraception.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:40 PM

    The Pup talks Covid and the markets and even interviews an epidemiologist and an ER doc on the Covid front lines.

    So pop open an ice cold Corona and have a listen

    Mar 14, 2020 14:58 PM

    Warning: The supply lines are breaking down……HAVE BROKEN DOWN.

    How long will it take before they come back ? I don’t know.
    I am not sure they will ever come back. The very FACT that China is TRYING TO SHIFT BLAME may mean they will not again export significant quantities of any products to the U.S.
    They have already banned all exports of drugs and even starting products for many things, pharmaceuticals included.
    Combine this with the U.S. stated desire not ever to be dependent on China again and you do not have an amicable environment in which agreements are made.
    Compounding this further will be the possible confiscation of U.S. factories in China.
    Will there possibly be war, between the two substantially wounded superpowers ?
    Is that not possible ?
    History has shown us again and again that when other good options seem to fail, countries go to war.
    Is China whipping up internal people’s support by pointing to the U.S. as the source of its tragedy ? I don’t know, but it looks like that to me.
    Will the U.S. retaliate and blame China for hundreds of thousands of U.S. deaths. I don’t know.
    These times are too interesting for me !

      Mar 14, 2020 14:00 PM

      If you are anything at all like me, I guarantee that “interesting” is the incorrect term and “unbelievable is the correct one.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:52 PM

        Remember the Chinese blessing: “May you live in interesting times”

    Mar 14, 2020 14:28 PM

    Classic George Carlin on germs (NOTE: Not for Snowflakes or for those buying the current Covid-19 propaganda hook, line and sinker)

      Mar 14, 2020 14:06 PM

      Chris…Thank you for that , it was priceless…..You made my day….( but there again i am easely pleased )…….Ha Ha.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:09 PM

        BTW….I agree with you…Regards propaganda.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:19 PM

          And i should also add , that until i see 50 million invected , & 10 million dead , i call Bullshit on this Covid Thingy…………

        Mar 14, 2020 14:10 PM

        Ditto……….that was funny…………another round……..nothing new under the sun…lol

      Mar 14, 2020 14:55 PM

      Chris, are you a virus sympathizer?

      The latest from the CDC.

      Mar 14, 2020 14:59 PM

      Gotta love those ZH commenters. Here’s one on the Corona virus by ToSoft4Truth.

      “It’s like Christmas Eve, instead of Santa, we’re waiting for the first to die on the block. Quietly hoping it’s not our house.”

        Mar 14, 2020 14:00 PM

        Always very colorful and can make you laugh.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:46 PM

    al why do you think the Donald can handel this mess. He cant stop insisting on shaking hands . This thing will become 10 or 20 thousand cases in USA and will have maybee at least 1000 dead in 3 months . If Dems handel this well they can also retake the US Senate. those who worship trump will deny knowing him in2 years pray for sane leadership

    Mar 14, 2020 14:27 PM
      Mar 14, 2020 14:38 PM

      They are just seeing how everyone reacts to control………..this is all a joke…..

        Mar 14, 2020 14:47 PM

        Donald knows this virus is a JOKE…..
        OUT with good news………THE TRUMPSTER IS FREE OF THE VIRUS…….zerohedge…..

        Mar 14, 2020 14:51 PM

        I tell you Jerry , this thing is a joke….I’m 69 the flu didt’ent get me this year , perhaps covid will…..But my bloody Govt. has done more damage to me , than these two combined.

          Mar 14, 2020 14:01 PM

          Irish………You have a strong mind…..and a stronger spirit…….You will be fine…and I agree with you……..the govts have done a real damage to all people everywhere…
          The govts around the world are a sick group, ….including the USof A…..

    Mar 14, 2020 14:45 PM

    24 minutes ago

    Herd mentality. Unthinking animals.
    22 minutes ago

    It’s because (((the TEEVEE))) told them to behave like that.


      Mar 14, 2020 14:28 PM

      To answer above question on influenza deaths this year,
      CDC web page: Flu in the US, from Oct 1 2019 to now – est. 36 to 55 Million infected,
      22,000 to 51,000 Deaths (in 6 months!)

      People are going INSANE over corona – and the left is pushing separations or YOU are the PROBLEM all over social media today!

      Maybe they can call the Nat Guard out to force people to wear masks, or drag them from their homes to containment camps? Maybe arrest you if you talk bad about the gov response. Wait, that’s China – or is it AOC/Bernie’s America?

    Mar 14, 2020 14:24 PM

    OWL>………Price Of Physical Gold Decouples From Paper Gold….Remember Bullion Star info I gave you…………Way before zerohedge……… 🙂
    Submitted by

    In the last month, from 14 February 2020 to 14 March 2020, we have seen a record number of orders, record order revenue and a record number of visits to our newly renovated and extended bullion centre at 45 New Bridge Road in Singapore.

    For the above-mentioned period, we have served 2,626 customers with a sales revenue of more than SGD 50 M, which is 477% higher compared to the same period last year.

    The last few days have been our busiest days of all time. Our staff members have been doing a fantastic job in going out of their way to serve as many customers as possible.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:48 PM

    More of the insanity in decisions made by people and businesses during a “crisis”.


    He has 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer and Nowhere To Sell Them:

    By Jack Nicas – March 14, 2020 – The NY Times

    “The next day, Amazon pulled his items and thousands of other listings for sanitizer, wipes and face masks. The company suspended some of the sellers behind the listings and warned many others that if they kept running up prices, they’d lose their accounts. EBay soon followed with even stricter measures, prohibiting any U.S. sales of masks or sanitizer.”

    “Now, while millions of people across the country search in vain for hand sanitizer to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus, Mr. Colvin is sitting on 17,700 bottles of the stuff with little idea where to sell them.”

      Mar 14, 2020 14:07 PM

      EX….If he has any buissness sense he would set up a stall outside his local Walmark store & sell them at $1 more than he paid for them he would make $17.700 profit , the secret is not to get too greedy.

        Mar 14, 2020 14:52 PM

        I completely agree IrishT. The fact that he was selling hand sanitizer for $8-$70 online is sinister and criminal, but at least he should get rid of the supplies he has to all the people that are desperately trying to find it. His greed is why he went around to all the community stores buying everything up in the first place. Shakin’ my head….

    Mar 14, 2020 14:54 PM

    It’s No Over ! You Wi-Fi will ?

    Mar 14, 2020 14:26 PM

    Mr. Big Al Korelin’s boat on Puget Sound…something to take your mind off Covid-19.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:02 PM

      this is wonderful – where I want to be

    Mar 14, 2020 14:51 PM

    I wish everybody here good health in the coming months. I am going to suspend posting for a while, since my posts are being drowned out by ignorant people that do not understand the math of exponential growth, do not understand the age-variation of Covid-19 mortality.
    There are stupid people profiteering, or attempt to, from what is going to be a tragedy for American people. Such profiteers are animals; sick scum.
    The supply chain is broken, and will remain so for months.
    Help your fellow man, if you can. Stay safe, stay well.

    Remember Government is usually not the solution, but the problem.
    Freedoms will be lost, in the name of “helping the people”.

    Mar 14, 2020 14:41 PM

    By the time the MSM are finished with this story. Trump will have talked with Zhi on the phone and transferred the virus thru the call to Zhi. Zhi then went to Wuhan and that is how it all started. The Communist Chinese virus will eventually be called the Trump Virus. Some really sick people we are watching in action. I don’t know how much longer the average American in the middle or right can put up with this. Russia never had a free press so folks are used to it. America just the last couple decades where it has really went off the rails and right straight to hell last 12 years.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:20 AM

      You mention Russia doesnt have a free press, does the U.S. has a free press?

      Proof that the News is Scripted

      We could ask Julian Assange if he believes we have a free press.

      I wonder how many people here signed the petition to free Assange.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:36 AM

    Germany tries to stop US from luring away firm seeking coronavirus vaccine

    Capitalism in action

      Mar 15, 2020 15:46 AM

      Great article……………informative as usual …..

    Mar 15, 2020 15:23 AM

    The fastest way to kill the coronavirus is to somehow convince Hillary it will testify against her.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:34 AM

      Good one. Also well done on the article post. Note James A Baker III Law firm, current Carlyle Group Adviser defending the Saudi’s against the families of 9/11 victims.
      Can you say Saudi Muslim Bitch?

        Mar 15, 2020 15:40 AM

        Yes, I can say Saudi Muslim Bitch. Brother John, with my education and experience and age I thought that I had all the answers. Now, I am lucky that I “am aware of the things that I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference”. To know what you don’t know is critical. Best to you and everyone.

          Mar 15, 2020 15:06 PM

          Thanks Big Al.
          Best to you and yours.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:30 AM

    I found it odd how much Donald Trump looks like Angela Merkel. Trump’s father emigrated to The US from Bavaria when he was 16. Europeans especially Germans lived isolated from much of the rest of the world prior to WW1. I’m glad he doesn’t think like her.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:44 AM

      They both die their hair blonde. LOL! DT

        Mar 15, 2020 15:49 AM

        I think Merkel looks a lot more like Hillary, another fat, frumpy, blond globalist.

          Mar 15, 2020 15:47 AM

          Fake blonde.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:45 AM

    After failing to find any toilet paper or Comet at Walmart yesterday I got to Whole Foods early today to be the 1st one in the door at 7am. I did cartwheels down the aisle when I found some TP. Now I know how they felt when they found gold at Sutter’s Mill. The shelves were pretty bare. No apples, eggs, bread, etc, but they had plenty of organic tortillas, carrots, and garlic. And Nocciolata was on sale! Beware the Ides of March…

      Mar 15, 2020 15:46 AM

      I am sure Beto O’Dorke has plenty of toilet paper…of course he needs every sheet he can get…

      Mar 15, 2020 15:46 AM

      ‘Merca is going on a diet…

    Mar 15, 2020 15:59 AM

    Proclamation on the National Day of Prayer for all Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and for our National Response Efforts

    Issued on: March 14, 2020

    In our times of greatest need, Americans have always turned to prayer to help guide us through trials and periods of uncertainty. As we continue to face the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are unable to gather in their churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship. But in this time we must not cease asking God for added wisdom, comfort, and strength, and we must especially pray for those who have suffered harm or who have lost loved ones. I ask you to join me in a day of prayer for all people who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and to pray for God’s healing hand to be placed on the people of our Nation.

    As your President, I ask you to pray for the health and well-being of your fellow Americans and to remember that no problem is too big for God to handle. We should all take to heart the holy words found in 1 Peter 5:7: “Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you.” Let us pray that all those affected by the virus will feel the presence of our Lord’s protection and love during this time. With God’s help, we will overcome this threat.

    On Friday, I declared a national emergency and took other bold actions to help deploy the full power of the Federal Government to assist with efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. I now encourage all Americans to pray for those on the front lines of the response, especially our Nation’s outstanding medical professionals and public health officials who are working tirelessly to protect all of us from the coronavirus and treat patients who are infected; all of our courageous first responders, National Guard, and dedicated individuals who are working to ensure the health and safety of our communities; and our Federal, State, and local leaders. We are confident that He will provide them with the wisdom they need to make difficult decisions and take decisive actions to protect Americans all across the country. As we come to our Father in prayer, we remember the words found in Psalm 91: “He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”

    As we unite in prayer, we are reminded that there is no burden too heavy for God to lift or for this country to bear with His help. Luke 1:37 promises that “For with God nothing shall be impossible,” and those words are just as true today as they have ever been. As one Nation under God, we are greater than the hardships we face, and through prayer and acts of compassion and love, we will rise to this challenge and emerge stronger and more united than ever before. May God bless each of you, and may God bless the United States of America.

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 15, 2020, as a National Day of Prayer for All Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and for our National Response Efforts. I urge Americans of all faiths and religious traditions and backgrounds to offer prayers for all those affected, including people who have suffered harm or lost loved ones.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fourth.


      Mar 15, 2020 15:54 AM

      AMEN……………. we are reminded that there is no burden too heavy for God to lift ….
      As one Nation under God,……that no problem is too big for God to handle.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:56 AM

      Matthew 7:16-20 King James Version (KJV)
      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      Mar 15, 2020 15:52 AM

      Now I know why you are such an important person in my life Mr. Irish. Thank you for your friendship.

        Mar 15, 2020 15:31 PM

        Hi , AL was that comment meant for someone else & you put my name in by misstake ?
        You look after yourself & Kathy & your family in these dark times . Remember the sun WILL shine again.

          Mar 15, 2020 15:30 PM

          No Irish the comment was for you
          You posted some ver heart warming links from , I believe, The Irish Post or The Irish Times
          Frieda, Jim and I are going to discuss them in a couple of hours as they were really great.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:50 PM

            Hello again AL…The clip from the irish post was taking from the sitcom , Yes Minster which was on UK TV some years ago…It was a comedy series that took the P**S out of the British Govt……I’m sure if you search the internet you will find it , it’s worth watching…..That clip mirrors what our Govt in the Uk is doing today……The bloody bunch of clowns.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:39 PM

    Lock up the old…Latest plan from the UK Govt…I dont know what to say !!!

      Mar 15, 2020 15:44 PM

      Thanks, I will figure it out.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:36 PM

    Armstrong- I do not like to contribute to conspiracy theories. They are more often just wrong. I have mentioned that there was massive liquidation last week, but it is not over. The largest hedge fund run by Ray Dalio who said “cash is trash” and his #1 guy pronounced that the central banks had defeated the Business Cycle, is facing huge losses at Bridgewater Associates. The firm’s macro fund is down roughly 20% through this past Thursday. Their view has been anti-dollar, bullish gold, and thought that the rise of cryptocurrencies was a structural change that ended declines like this. The drop in the fund, Pure Alpha Fund II, comes nearly two months after Dalio told CNBC “cash is trash” in an interview held during the World Economic Forum.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:11 PM

    COVID-19 TESTS–California

    8,316 tests to date, 335 positive cases – 6 deaths to date
    Testing at rate of 1,200 per day currently (capable > 2500, if needed)

      Mar 15, 2020 15:32 PM

      Hi cfs…It’s just kicked into second gear , at the rate it’s going it wont be long before it’s in fifth……..You take care.

        Mar 15, 2020 15:05 PM

        Irish…where are you??? What’s the situation like?

          Mar 15, 2020 15:19 PM

          Hello ..EBO…I live in Hastings East Sussex…(1066 country ) Which is the South East of England……I am posting this link for you to look at….You take care.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:42 PM

            Stay safe. I’m staying the hell away from everyone…but that’s easy for me…my nature is to be a hermit.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:43 PM

            I tell you…I get the feeling this will NOT be a rip your face off bear market…it will be a rip your head off bear market.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:13 PM

            I AGREE……….this is not looking good for those that have been asleep for years…

    Mar 15, 2020 15:41 PM

    CDC Policy summary:

    Mar 15, 2020 15:51 PM


    Trump comments and siscusses covid-19

      Mar 15, 2020 15:55 PM


        Mar 15, 2020 15:57 PM


      Mar 15, 2020 15:55 PM

      They will drown us in funny money and it won’t be funny.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:54 PM

    All bars in Illinois Required to closed………………..

      Mar 15, 2020 15:57 PM

      Well, if we won’t be able to get drinks maybe OWL will take us out on his boat so we can forget our troubles…

        Mar 15, 2020 15:58 PM

        Owl……..better stick to flying at nite……… 🙂

          Mar 15, 2020 15:00 PM

          Amazing, though.

            Mar 15, 2020 15:02 PM

            The boat…and OWL flying, too. 🙂

      Mar 15, 2020 15:58 PM

      close………..for get the d…………

    Mar 15, 2020 15:11 PM

    Dang……….spike up……….in gold……$41…….

      Mar 15, 2020 15:12 PM

      Zero interest is not going to cut the mustard with a FAKE FED , Fiat mess……..

      Mar 15, 2020 15:26 PM

      Hi Jerry…Don’t get too excited, chances are London will wack it down in the morning , at the open……..You take care of yourself.

        Mar 15, 2020 15:30 PM

        WOW…As i was typing the above it dropped $20…I need to stop typing…HaHa

          Mar 15, 2020 15:44 PM

          Thanks you take care also……….

    Mar 15, 2020 15:40 PM

    Futures not impressed with Fedsters…Dow, Stalingrad and Poorski 500 and NASDAQ all down over 4.5%

      Mar 15, 2020 15:04 PM

      Next will be negative rates…………LOL…….FRAUD BANKING……Bunch of JACKASSES…….

        Mar 15, 2020 15:27 PM

        Bunch of BASTARDS…..There fixit for you ..Jerry.

    Mar 15, 2020 15:12 PM

    I don’t know how many were watching, but Biden seemed to put himself back in the race and did not sound so senile.
    I don’t know how many votes he got by guaranteeing a female veep.