Hour 2 – Politics

March 28, 2020
Full Second hour
  • Segment 1 – Alan Gottlieb Second Amendment Expert discusses gun control.
  • Segment 2 – Big Al discusses the stimulus package with Jeff Deist President of The Mises Institute.
  • Segment 3 – Jeff Deist opines on solutions to America’s economic crisis.
  • Segment 4 – Catching up with Joshua Phillip senior investigative reporter of The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads.

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      Mar 28, 2020 28:46 AM

      Thank you very much for this video, Covid. It is certainly a different slant on the situation. I did comment on this topic on another part of our blog. Right now we seem to be very fearful about something that we are told is very dangerous. It is possible that it could be simply another strain of the flu. It could be a strain that seems to be very dangerous if you consider only the aged and those with serious preexisting conditions

      Mar 28, 2020 28:53 AM

      Allegri is a total IGNORAMUS. (His statement is merely outrageous to draw attention.)

      HE DESERVES WHAT HE GETS. Mankind will survive this plague, even if society is changed forever.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:02 AM

    Great Jeff Deist interview!

    That’s $2 trillion down the toilet! Just utterly autrocious.

    How can anyone doubt that we are ruled by incompetents and criminals?

      Mar 28, 2020 28:21 AM

      ‘”Great Jeff Deist interview!”

      Except the give everyone $13,000. How about get rid of the income tax and half the gooberment bureaucracies?

        Mar 28, 2020 28:34 AM

        That actually makes way to much sense Eddie!

      Mar 28, 2020 28:33 AM

      To a large extent, you are absolutely correct Covid. I certainly did enjoy chatting with Jeff yesterday. He is definitely one of my brightest friends!

        Mar 28, 2020 28:00 AM

        Politicians do what they do.
        They exploit situations to gain votes, if possible. Sad that they cannot work together for the betterment of the country.

        It is tragic that we are not concentrating efforts on testing various pharmaceuticals in combination for a cure. This SHOULD HAVE STARTED MONTHS AGO.
        If I , old retired person, could have known 6 weeks ago enough to start building a stockpile of food to last me months without need to leave my property for months, why on earth did our intelligence people and government advisers not also know ?
        What the hell are they being paid for ?
        Why is there no mandate for mask wearing, the primary mode for slowing the spread ?

          Mar 28, 2020 28:12 AM

          They knew, and they wanted to see how you would react…….

            Mar 28, 2020 28:14 AM

            This has been pre planned …….they just forget to send you the memo… 🙂

            Mar 28, 2020 28:24 AM

            Your a smart guy Jerry, but sometimes I can’t believe what you post.
            What next? Terrorists with box cutters?

            Mar 28, 2020 28:38 AM

            The Government is never preemptive. They are always reactive. Why should this time be any different.
            The outside actors are usually responsible for the dirty deeds.

            Mar 28, 2020 28:00 PM

            The govt is a tool for the extra elites, cabal, illuminati, cianatz , rothchilde….those in control that you do not even know their names.,,,,,,

          Mar 28, 2020 28:20 PM

          Sorry, no masks where I live…except left over Halloween masks…didn’t see any gloves in the stores, either…can get hand sanitizer now, though…

            Mar 28, 2020 28:37 PM

            Get a hankie and wrap some charcoal in it…………

            Mar 28, 2020 28:24 PM

            I gotta scary Halloween mask…scares away Covids and muggers. 🙂

            Mar 28, 2020 28:36 PM

            Jerry, we ought to find out in the next week or two if this Covid is everything the Martensens and Townsends says it is…just watch NYC…

            Mar 28, 2020 28:39 PM

            …if it is…in NYC…you will see a huge spike in deaths, hospitals inundated and morgue’s overflowing…they will have to evacuate patients…and no end in sight. But if not…Martensen and Townsend are wrong…

            Mar 28, 2020 28:49 PM

            DANG! JERRY, look at the video…politicians gone wild…the idiots in Congress scare me way more than any damn virus…I gotta put on that Halloween mask.


            Mar 28, 2020 28:03 PM

            The NY Mayor will have the deaths on his hands…….for hiding the virus info from the 500,000 poor people who live in Hud housing, provide and ran by the city….most of which is in decay……just like Baltimore………

            Mar 28, 2020 28:05 PM

            HERE IS THE TAPE…….
            ly to this comment
            On March 28, 2020 at 5:58 am,
            OOTB Jerry says:
            SAD FACT about NYC………

            Mar 28, 2020 28:02 PM

            Zero sanitizer up here Eddie

    Mar 28, 2020 28:09 AM

    Don’t fret CFS.
    Our Commerce Secretary has slippers in his office and gets to take a nap.
    The whole thing is like a bad episode of Kabuki theater.
    Those who no longer question the people that have been running our Country and continue to wave the flag for the continued genocide on the Brown peoples of the world need to take a hard look at them selves when they are in the front row of the Church clutching their Bibles.
    I ask you what part of Thou Shalt Not Kill do you not understand?

      Mar 28, 2020 28:22 PM

      And we got Munchkin and his high-maitenance “trophy” wife…along with Jared Kushner…getting right on this….what could possibly go wrong?

    Mar 28, 2020 28:22 AM
      Mar 28, 2020 28:55 AM

      You get $1200 and they get $500,000

    Mar 28, 2020 28:26 AM

    To those in control.
    Out side of humans, this bioweapon can only last a few weeks.
    The novel Corona Virus II has ONLY HUMANS AS ITS RESERVOIR. Eliminate the reservoir and you eliminate the disease, covid-19.
    Now, of course, I’m not suggesting eliminating humans, but we can reduce the spread of disease to humans, from humans, thereby eventually eliminating eventually the disease.

    We can work on humans giving it. wear a mask. THIS SHOULD BE MANDATORY.

    We can work on humans getting it. WASH YOUR HANDS. DON’T GO OUT AND CONTACT OTHER HUMANS, unless a matter of life or death.


    And this whole crisis could be over in a few weeks. But, of course, no politician would take such extreme measures, so this disease will be with us until a vaccine or a cure is found.

    GIVEN THAT, WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE DO ? Again simple logic, dictates, BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY:
    LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C. Vitamin D and Zinc. Elderberry extract, juice etc. Olive leaf extract. (Both are long-used anti-virals,)
    A healthy diet and sufficient SLEEP.

      Mar 28, 2020 28:43 AM

      Started the mega-vitamin route (especially C) in the mid-’80’s after getting tired of sinus and ear infections that I couldn’t get rid of without seeing a doctor. Last full prescription I had was 10 days of antibiotics for swimmer’s ear, in 2001.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:33 AM

    Frieda Frieda Frieda ??? AL ! You’r Home will be you’r Prison ? How you make i Eden of you’r Home ??? Frieda !

    Mar 28, 2020 28:36 AM

    The governor of Texas ruled that gun stores are essential and may remain open, but they are almost sold out of guns and ammo. I’ve got plenty of both.

      Mar 28, 2020 28:47 AM

      I’m with you Bonzo.
      Even though I emphasize thou shalt not kill, I do have a loaded shotgun in the closet.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:41 AM

    Jeff D is not the first to express those opinions.

    I agree with him, but the people dont have a lobby group so too bad for logical thinking

    Thats our system, we have been told over and over how it works, people dont bother themselves with it which is why it has to completely implode to fix it.

    I think it will, I just hope the psychopaths dont start a nuclear war to defend it.

    Otherwise, bring it on.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:50 AM

    Now for some good news:

    Nitric and Nitrous oxide levels are halved in Italy because driving is way down.
    Satellite images show atmospheric pollution levels are down at least 10% worldwide.
    Swans and dolphins have been seen in the canals of Venice.
    Oil is in such supply more than needed, storage space is running out, so gasoline prices are dropping.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:54 AM

    Hello everybody.
    I thought this would be a good time to post something inspirationl. The folowing video is 16 minutes long , & IMO worth listening to . Some may wish to ignore the uniform , as its the message thats important. This is a very positive message , something we all need right now , with all the scaremongering from our Govts , & the MSM.
    Admiral Mc Raven.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:23 PM

    Most recent Crossroads.
    6,000 urns in one crematorium.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:29 PM

    China did report to the WHO 55 more infections and 3 more deaths overnight.

    Italy total deaths now reported at 10,023 first to 5 digits.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:33 PM

    Coronavirus: A visual guide to the pandemic

    Mar 28, 2020 28:36 PM

    Trump wants to quarantine New York, but the idiot demon Cuomo is objecting.

      Mar 28, 2020 28:46 PM

      Whats diss Big AL ! cfs what will Frieda think of diss ???

    Mar 28, 2020 28:48 PM

    Yesterday’s Joshua Philipp

    Mar 28, 2020 28:50 PM
    Mar 28, 2020 28:53 PM


    Mar 28, 2020 28:00 PM

    From Russia With Love……………..Doing things the EU.should have done. Watch the videos & read the comments below.

      Mar 28, 2020 28:25 PM

      Russia has reported only 1,264 infected cases and 4 deaths.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:13 PM

    I am told that the very first symptoms of covid-19 are a thickening of the mucous at the back of the throat.
    An infected person is most CAPABLE OF TRANSMITTING the disease at the start of the disease because that is when the concentration of the virus is highest in saliva.
    An elevated temperature first shows at the 3rd or 4th day of infection, by which time this is the most infective time, although a person is capable of spreading the disease continuous at varying levels until cured.
    There is evidence of reinfection possible, although a person cured of the ordinary SARS virus retains immunity typically for at least 6 months.

    Clif High has explained reinfection based on the genomic structure of this engineered bioweapon, using assumptions about the spatial separation of the HIV and other additions to the ordinary SARS virus.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:19 PM

    Typical disinfectant used in China is chlorine dioxide, which in heavily infected areas was sprayed up to 40 feet high.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:37 PM


    Iran………………….2,378 …………….2,517
    UK……………………. 761……………….1,020

      Mar 28, 2020 28:49 PM

      CFS, we are now 2 months into this event in the US, since the first known case in Everett WA.

      There have been 1800 deaths attributed to Covid 19 related pneumonia – with no idea the ratio to population that has been infected. Numbers will grow, but…

      In the same period, there have been approx. 7,000 deaths attributed to flu related pneumonia, affecting similar demographics, averaging out to 25,000 to 55,000 this season alone.

      There have been at least on average 5,000 opioid related deaths, over 60K last year.

      There have been on average over 4,000 suicides per month, nearly 50K annually and rising.

      But you don’t see these charts on every cable news channel, just COVID. People are infected with fear, much more than the disease. Media and politics are driving panic.

      There is no data to prove or disprove theories on impact to populations – no one can claim otherwise, until research has been conducted to see how many have anti-bodies and been infected.

      What we do know is we have to keep on living, working, enjoying life, and protecting our selves and what little freedoms that remain.

      So what is fear doing for us? It’s giving us authoritarianism, and debt. Open that door, welcome the devil into your house.

    Mar 28, 2020 28:11 PM

    The Corona virus cure costs $20.00 to get rid of it.

    Rudy Giuliani Common Sense –

      Mar 28, 2020 28:39 PM

      I simply don’t understand Markedtofuture why this is much more well known.

        Mar 28, 2020 28:47 PM

        AL…Its quite simple, there is NO MONEY in it for BIG PHARMA , & NO KICKBACKS for corrupt Govt Parasites…..See its quite simple.

          Mar 28, 2020 28:48 PM

          BTW..Did you watch that video i posted above.

        Mar 28, 2020 28:35 PM


        Make Jimmy and Frieda watch it! Doc and Temple, too!

      Mar 28, 2020 28:31 PM


        Mar 28, 2020 28:47 PM

        hi , ebo…are you refering to the one that markedtofuture posted ? if so i agree with you.

          Mar 28, 2020 28:53 PM

          Yes, that’s the one.

    Mar 29, 2020 29:09 AM

    Do you know who bought the building in Florida after Riacin was sent to it after 9/11 when the push was on to pass the Homeland Security. I’ll tell you. It was Rudy Guiliani’s company that bought the building.
    Who was in the security business and stood to profit after 9/11? Rudy G’s “bunker” was in building 7.
    Just this last week Dr Leroy Hulsey of Architects and Engineers published his 3 year study saying that building 7 could not have been brought down by “Office Fires”
    Rudy G wanted to be a part of the Trump train, but he was to toxic.
    I posted here that when I saw Rudy G trying to get next to the President I knew that D Trump had been compromised.
    Go back and look at Rudy dressed in Drag. Open your damn eyes.

      Mar 29, 2020 29:14 AM

      Do your self a favor, turn off U-tube and read a book.
      Look in a mirror and repeat.
      Fragile Braindead Mental Snowflake.

      Mar 29, 2020 29:08 PM

      Ha, good one on Rudy………..Playing mr. nice guy…….I knew there was a part missing on Rudy…..Can not be in NYC and not be a little dirty……

        Mar 29, 2020 29:13 PM

        BAR LAW……..straw man……….Act of 1871…….Chartster was a great contributor on that , so do not knock him to bad…….We are all putting the pieces together….some are miles ahead and need to drag up some that have not been informed, or to busy with life.

        Mar 29, 2020 29:22 PM

        Got an opinion on Rudy? I was a little disappointed on how he handled Russian doctor discussing the virus. I personally like Rudy G