Erik Wetterling - The Hedgeless Horseman – Thu 30 Jul, 2020

The risk/reward of silver stocks and a few gold explorers that should play catch up

Erik Wetterling joins me today with an initial comment on the silver sector. After silver’s strong run in the past couple weeks does this mean that silver stocks provide a attractive value proposition?

Erik also shares some of the metals stocks he thinks are lagging the sector and due to play catch up.

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  1. On July 30, 2020 at 11:23 am,
    Excelsior says:

    Always nice to get perspectives on mining stocks from The Hedgeless Horseman.


    • On July 30, 2020 at 4:42 pm,
      Excelsior says:

      $100 Silver on Its Way

      by Chris Vermeulen @TheTechnicalTraders – 30 Jul 2020 #VIDEO

      “Chris Vermeulen and Kerry Lutz talk Gold and Silver in today‚Äôs video podcast of Financial Survival Network. Listen to Chris and Kerry talk about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Oil. Silver is on its way to $100 once it passes resistance at $44.”

      • On July 31, 2020 at 6:26 am,
        Excelsior says:
        • On July 31, 2020 at 6:29 am,
          Excelsior says:

          “the silver market is currently on pace to surpass gold’s performance for the year. With its latest rally, silver prices are up 26% year to date. Meanwhile, gold prices are up 21% for the year. Silver’s outpacing of gold looks likely to continue.”

          “Though, on a technical basis, silver was a rocket ship waiting to take off, the catalyst that launched it was the US Federal Reserve’s continued commitment to keep fixed income yields near all-time lows for the foreseeable future. Additionally, cheap money continues to debase the value of the dollar.”

  2. On July 30, 2020 at 11:39 am,
    Matthew says:

    A bullish divergence today with SILJ up versus SLV/silver (down less versus the dollar). SILJ typically offers 2 or 3 or more leverage to silver’s performance, up AND down, so today’s action is a good sign, though no surprise.

    • On July 31, 2020 at 12:13 pm,
      Matthew says:

      The above chart is now showing a negative divergence with SILJ up less than SLV today.

  3. On July 30, 2020 at 11:43 am,
    Matthew says:

    Speed line resistance stopped the HUI the other day but only for the short term…

  4. On July 30, 2020 at 11:46 am,
    Matthew says:

    Priced in real money proxy, GLD, the HUI is still 20% away from its 2016 high:

  5. On July 30, 2020 at 5:46 pm,
    cmc says:

    EVRIM up yesterday and today.

  6. On July 30, 2020 at 7:15 pm,
    Wolfster says:

    Cartier resources might still be undervalued HH but it also ran from .08 low back in march so for some its up huge already

    • On July 31, 2020 at 5:52 am,
      Excelsior says:

      Agreed. One could make the case that plenty of miners are still undervalued compared to their underlying assets in this high priced Gold environment, but Cartier has run straight up for the last 4 months and has outperformed many other stocks, so it isn’t exactly dirt cheap either.

      • On July 31, 2020 at 6:05 am,
        Excelsior says:

        The low in Cartier (ECR) was $.07 in March and now it is trading above $.305 for over a 4-bagger in 4 months. Ironically, that is more than many of the silver stocks that were mentioned that were supposedly move over-valued, so no Cartier isn’t cheap here compared to many stocks that are only up 100-200% in that same time frame.

        > ECR chart showing the solid run higher the last 4 months without a pause.

    • On July 31, 2020 at 12:07 pm,
      The Hedgeless Horseman says:

      Yes, I would say that is true for majority of companies. I just try to keep in mind that maybe it went from 80% undervalued to 40% etc. It’s a big rerating but might still be money on the table.

      All the best,

  7. On July 30, 2020 at 10:56 pm,
    Orc says:

    GIS.V is a gift down here

  8. On July 31, 2020 at 11:45 am,
    russell hamilton says:

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