Jim McKinney and Al opine on the status of the upcoming elections

Big Al
August 3, 2020
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For anyone who has not seen the police body camera pictures of the situation with George Floyd go to

      Aug 03, 2020 03:29 PM

      pretty interesting CFS

      Did you happen to watch the video

        Aug 03, 2020 03:46 PM

        If you are talking about the George Floyd video, I posted the Daily Mail released version earlier today in you Sunday Politics section at the end.

        I never cease to be amazed that the press always FAILS to mention he had (according to BOTH autopsies) 4 times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood….so he was a dead man walking temporarily Regardless of anything the police did.

          Aug 03, 2020 03:13 PM

          Thanks for posting it earlier. He may have been a “dead man walking” but he should not have been killed.

            Aug 03, 2020 03:24 PM

            I know a knee to the throat looks bad, but it happens to be one of several standard police procedures.(As I posted from official Minneapolis police procedure and from memory Toronto maunuals.
            There were two autopsies. The official autopsy stated he did NOT DIE OF ASPHYXIATION.
            A private one claimed he may have died of asphyxiation.

            If I had to bet money, I believe the police did not kill him….he O.D.’d on fentanyl while
            being arrested.

            Aug 03, 2020 03:45 PM

            Here’s total speculation…..

            We know George Floyd was a low life low income habitual drug taker….spent more time in jail as an adult than free.
            He had just tried to pass a badly-forged $20 bill.
            A common form of fentanyl is pill-form disguised to look like vicodin…..sold on street in small quantities. Supposed he had just bought say 10 pills before being stopped by police, and he had the drugs on him at time of stopping. He is slow to respond to police in opening his (tinted window) door.
            Knowing that if caught with drugs he was going to go to jail, aupposed he swallowed the evidence, before the police could get him out of the car….
            That’s my probable scenario.

      Aug 03, 2020 03:31 PM

      Pretty interesting comment, CFS. I can understand why someone might say that.

        Aug 03, 2020 03:51 PM

        Social distance and masks may help in reducing rate of spread, However it is very difficult to believe effectiveness within a household…..indeed, repeated proximity is proven a problem. You just have to look at spread in clinical settings, where professionals are doing everything they can not to get infected.

          Aug 03, 2020 03:14 PM

          Thanks for the comment which is loaded with common sense.

    Aug 03, 2020 03:23 PM
      Aug 03, 2020 03:33 PM

      Common knowledge around here, CFS. That is the main reason that I am so adamantly against Durkin and Inslee.

    Aug 03, 2020 03:24 PM

    Let the DemokkkRats burn each other down.

      Aug 03, 2020 03:33 PM

      The smart ones will not do that only the really stupid ones!

    Aug 03, 2020 03:36 PM

    No, We are headed for a very unpleasant civil war, in which there will be not be so much overt fighting, but assassinations and snipings.
    You just have to look at what happened in Europe over the centuries when Central Government chooses not to (or is incapable of) maintain control of law and order.

      Aug 03, 2020 03:18 PM

      Not only a tenured physics professor, but also a student of history!

      I am truly amazed at the total lack of law enforcement in my home state. “Truly amazed” is actually the wrong way to put it!

    Aug 03, 2020 03:16 PM

    George Floyd youtube direct access.

    Aug 03, 2020 03:34 PM
      Aug 15, 2020 15:41 PM

      More spam in my mail. No thanks.

    Aug 03, 2020 03:39 PM

    [02August2020] #01 The Globalists/Cabal Plan & the Patriots CounterAttack

    Aug 03, 2020 03:33 PM

    YouTube moderators, with no medical background to even determine if what is being said true, are censoring doctors who contradict the WHO and Bill Gates.

    Aug 04, 2020 04:28 AM

    If this fellas 6 steps of civilization decline are correct…Well, we are right at that critical moment in america, here…..It is more serious than we actually can imagine…Overnight collapse is how it can happen….

    Aug 04, 2020 04:59 AM

    forgot to mention the point of above posting…if Biden wins I see no way back from this fellas analysis…sorry, but that is how critical the moment here is……glta

      Aug 04, 2020 04:39 AM

      Our only hope will be troops of baboons armed with chainsaws.

        Aug 04, 2020 04:29 AM

        I think you can bet on that!…lol

          Aug 04, 2020 04:46 AM

          Baboons have been seen with chainsaws in England. The arm strength of the average baboon is 8 times stronger than the arm strength of the strongest human. So I think baboons could be quite effective with chainsaws. All we have to do is point them in the direction of Pelosi!

        Aug 04, 2020 04:53 AM

        I often speak with baboons…not too bad

    Aug 04, 2020 04:39 AM
    Aug 04, 2020 04:38 AM

    We’ll be here to help.

      Aug 04, 2020 04:08 AM

      There’s many a slip between cup and lip.
      I believe things when I actually see them.

      But right now the Clinton Crook and the Traitor Obama still appear very much to be enjoying the fruits of their misdeeds.

    Aug 04, 2020 04:10 AM

    You guys see this??

    oyce Karam
    BREAKING: Explosions in Beirut #Lebanon

    • 2 explosions in last 15 min
    • One at Port, one inside Beirut
    • Reports it’s near ex PM Hariri residence in city center
    • Second very loud, shook city, houses
    • This week is International Tribunal verdict into killing of Rafik Hariri

      Aug 04, 2020 04:34 AM

      I’m sure our good friends the Israelis had nothing to do with this.

      Aug 04, 2020 04:32 AM

      There was a time when Lebanon was described as “the Switzerland of the Middle East”

      When it was a safe place to visit, and invest.
      Where Christians and Muslims mixed and interacted peacefully, and had no thought of killing each other.

    Aug 04, 2020 04:46 AM

    Republicans say that they are pro small business even while they are destroying over half of the small business this year. How will they explain to their grandchildren that while they were in power over half of the economy was destroyed and at the same time 98% of the churches closed even on Easter Sunday. Your lame excuse is a virus that is no worse that the seasonal flu and has a cure that is over 200 years old and only cost 29 dollars.
    Republicans are incapable of an independent thought. they are only interested in pleasing your Global corporate masters. They are too lazy to do 5 minutes research. They are not able to even do simple math. Total death rate this year is no worse than last year do the math stupid. Unemployment is 50%.

      Aug 04, 2020 04:11 AM

      Independent thought? Or NYT, CNN and Mad Cow talking points?

      Who is closing businesses Ron, Republicans? How about Democratic governors and local governments? Republican states are opening up – with the exception of the leftist media driven fearmongering in Florida and Texas.

      Democrat leaders are encouraging protests that spread the virus, then shut down because of the spread, de-funding the police, allowing large swaths of business and property to be destroyed.

      Dems are using COVID as a political weapon, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.

      The most amazing thing – in our Federal system – states have the authorities – and local political leaders will pay for their failures. Let’s see how this deception blame game turns out in Nov.

      Aug 04, 2020 04:57 PM

      What?? It has been the power-hungry Democrat Governors and Democrat Mayors that are behind and enforcing the extreme and unreasonable shutdowns that hurt the economy so bad. Get the facts straight.