A look at some micro cap resource stocks

November 27, 2020

Eric Wetterling joins me to share some stocks he is looking at that are true micro-cap companies. Simply weighing the risk/reward Erik thinks these could be worth the risk. The stocks mentioned are Genesis Metals, White Rock Minerals, and Tectonic Metals.

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    Nov 29, 2020 29:24 AM

    Genesis Metals looks bullish to me but is the type of company that tends to do best near the end of a move (the last third?). In my experience, most gold deposits in Quebec have some unique challenges and I bet Cory knows some people that could talk about them sometime. Lawrence Roulston or even Eric Coffin come to mind.

    Nov 29, 2020 29:38 AM

    Tectonic Metals is indeed highly speculative but not very scary at the current price (to me, anyway). Most of the weakness is obviously attributable to the long correction we’ve been in but I’m sure this stock suffered extra selling with the arrival of winter in Alaska. Still, I bet it will rise before work can pick up again after the thaw.

      Nov 29, 2020 29:22 PM

      Thanks for the insight and charting Matthew! I’m close to being tempted on this one.

    Nov 29, 2020 29:51 AM

    Stockcharts doesn’t support White Rock Minerals but I like it at the current price. It offers a lot for the money and appears to have very good exploration potential. Management would be smart to list in Toronto.

      Nov 29, 2020 29:27 PM

      This is what I am really hoping for Matthew. With the JV partner’s commitment exceeding the current Enterprise value of WRM, in order to get 70% of Mt Carrington, the valuation for WRM as a whole (all three assets) is pretty absurd.

      All the best,

    Nov 29, 2020 29:37 PM

    Erik, what’s going on with Novo, specifically the price drop from $3.50s to $2.20s? Just pm correction fallout?