John Rubino over at Dollar Collapse – Tue 19 Jan, 2021

What the upcoming political policies and Fed policies mean for Commodities

John Rubino, Editor of the Dollar Collapse website joins me to share his thoughts on how upcoming policies in the US will impact commodity prices. We also look at the US markets valuation compared to precious metals.

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  1. On January 19, 2021 at 11:22 am,
    b says:

    ‘Lather, rinse, repeat’: US Fed will crash the stock market like in 1987, strategist tells Boom Bust

    Michel Pento and Octavio Morenzi.
    Sounds like they have it figured out. A good guess in any case.

    A drop like 1987 should bring gold down with it, this might not be a good year to be in gold stocks, a drop right after the doldrums doesnt sound like fun.

    We seem to be hung up at about $1840, I wonder what the chances are of a spike up or are we waiting for a bigger drop to $1700?

  2. On January 19, 2021 at 4:57 pm,
    Nigel says:

    The Michel Pento and Octavio Morenzi interview is interesting. My big worry is the same, that gold stocks remain in the doldrums and then get taken down hard in a general stock market crash and therefore it might not be worth holding them right now. Thanks for the link b

  3. On January 19, 2021 at 5:58 pm,
    Excelsior says:

    I’ve been reviewing the current crop of Uranium companies, and have these basic notes. Are there any companies on here (or not on here) that investors here are liking?


    > U Producers:

    1) Energy Fuels (EFR) (UUUU) – own it; premier US based producer of both Insitu and hardrock with White Mesa mill, also will start processing/producing Rare Earths soon
    2) Ur-Energy (URE) (URG) – own it, Smaller Insitu producer, most frugal and why they have survived the tough U sector, more ability to expand that most realize
    3) Peninsula Energy (PEN.AX) (PENMF) – don’t own, not much newsflow, but may become more followed as sector rebounds
    4) Cameco (CCO) (CCJ) – don’t own it, but large industry player and really the only publicly traded Sr Producer (as Uranium One is private, and Paladin is down)
    5) Paladin (PDN) (PALAF) – African U mines on care & maintenance, some are speculating they’ll rise again from the ashes, but they’ve had cost and operational issues in past

    >> U Developers:

    6) Denison Mines (DML) (DNN) – own it, ISR developer & Hardrock assets, partial ownership of McClean mill that processes Cigar Lake ore for Cameco, custodians of U.TO Uranium Participation fund
    7) Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) – own it, widely touted, loved & hated, Amir Adnani US insitu developer
    8) Azarga Uranium (AZZ) (PWURF) – own it, up and coming US insitu developer
    9) NexGen Energy (NXE) – own it; premier deposit in the Athabasca Basin Canada, also owns 51% of Iso Energy
    10) Fission Uranium (FCU) (FCUUF) – don’t own it, management team has checkered reputation, have a huge water hurtle to overcome and massive capital outlay
    11) Encore Energy (EU) (ENCUF) – don’t own it but solid management team (bought prior deposits of value in US), getting investor traction at present, a bit inflated
    12) Global Atomic (GLO) (GLATF) – don’t own it but big investor interest on their U development project in Niger, Africa. Also Zinc tailings operation in Turkey. inflated.
    13) Boss Resources (BOE.AX) (BQSSF) – about to put the Honeymoon deposit back into production in Western Australia
    14) Bannerman Resources (BMN.AX) (BNNLF) – don’t own it, advanced development project in Australia, Brandon is quite knowledgeable on the whole sector
    15) Laramide Resources (LAM) (LMRXF) – don’t own it, good development resources in US that they picked off from the old Uranium Resources, not as widely covered, may not do much until the price recovers
    16) Western Uranium (WUC) (WSTRF) – don’t own it, and likely would pass on this one, George Glassier is an icon, but they have too many impediments to move forward
    17) GoviEx (GXU) (GVXXF) – don’t own it, developing lower grade but large deposits in Africa, a reasonable following from investors, but many haters as well
    18) Deep Yellow (DYL.AX) (DYLLF) – Similar to GoviEx, developing lower grade large deposits in Africa, ex Paladin guys, Rick Rule has promoted.
    19) Plateau Energy Metals (PLU) (PLUUF) – don’t own it, developing Uranium and Lithium projects in Peru (I’m not sure U mining will ever fly in Peru, so I’m dubious on this one).

    >>> U Explorers:

    20) IsoEnergy (ISO) – has the NexGen crew behind them, and made the best discovery as of late, surging
    21) Purepoint Uranium (PTU) (PUMGF) – don’t own it, prospective project on trend with NexGen & Fission in Athabasca
    22) Standard Uranium (STND) (STTDF) – own it, newer explorer in Athabasca, also on trend with NexGen & Fission
    23) UEX Corp (UEX) – don’t own it, explorer in Athabasca with many good JV partners
    24) ALX Uranium (AL) – don’t own it, explorer in Athabasca with many good JV partners
    25) U308 Corp (UWE-H) – don’t own it, explorer with some investor interest
    26) Canalaska (CVV) – don’t own it, too unfocused in the past, but been around a while and much more investor interest again lately
    27) Azincourt Uranium (AAZ) – don’t own it, but explorer in Athabasca with growing investor interest and work being done
    28) Skyharbour Resources ( SYH) (SYHBF) – don’t own it, but Justin is a good CEO, they are a prospect generator for U properties (similar to UEX).

    There are more companies, but I see the rest as too speculative or or dead in the water. That hasn’t stopped folks from speculating in the zombie companies recently though.

  4. On January 19, 2021 at 6:38 pm,
    Excelsior says:

    (LAC) Lithium Americas to offer shares as Thacker Pass wins final federal approval
    Jan. 19, 2021