NorthWest Copper – A dive into the high grade copper Resource Estimate from the Stardust Property in BC

May 27, 2021

Peter Bell, President and CEO of NorthWest Copper (TSX.V:NWST) joins me for a closer look at the Resource Estimate at the Stardust Property that was released on May 17th. The resource came in just under 8million tonnes total at 2.59% CuEq (in the indicated category) and 1.88% CuEq (in the inferred category). We also discuss the overall strategy of combining ore from the Stardust and Kwanika Properties as both projects continue to be moved forward.

If you have any follow up questions for Peter regarding anything going on at either project please email me at

Click here to visit the NorthWest Copper website and read over the full news release highlighting the new resource at Stardust.

    May 27, 2021 27:36 PM

    The combination of the copper assets from Stardust and Kwanika, via the merger of Sunmetals and Serengeti made a lot of sense, and it is easy to see how the blended ore from both projects will make a more solid overall mega-project if both deposits, which are somewhat adjacent to one another, are thought of as one combined asset under the NorthWest Copper umbrella.

    It is similar to the synergies seen by combining Treasury Metals Goliath deposit with First Mining’s Goldlund project to combine those adjacent projects into another mega-project.

    We’ve seen that recently as well with Scottie Resources takeover of Aux Resources to combine their assets, or last year when Wallbridge took over Balmoral combining their extensive detour lake land package and deposits. Hopefully we’ll see more of this kind of common sense merging of assets from 2 or 3 companies to consolidate down areas into a project that is large enough to have good economics and be of interest to a larger producer to acquire.

      May 27, 2021 27:04 PM

      There was a PR on Sokoman joining with Benton to purchase Grey River. Interesting also.

        May 27, 2021 27:17 PM

        That is interesting. I’ve never heard of Benton before.

        Yes, these business combinations of adjacent projects to form larger, more cohesive projects, with better economics or potential development strategies make a great deal of sense, and it would be nice to see more of that in the mining sector.

        Eventually the Urban/Barry/Windfall Lake area will be consolidated with Bonterra & Osisko Mining (likely by Kirkland Lake).

        The Golden Triangle, Red Lake, Timmins, or Newfoundland area plays are ripe for consolidation of adjacent projects, and so on…

          May 27, 2021 27:27 PM

          Nevada has a bunch of projects that could be consolidated as well. I had just opined a week or two back that Corvus, Coeur, and Anglogold Ashanti are all working feverishly to drill out projects on adjoining land packages. Initially I was thinking that Coeur may make a move on Corvus, to consolidate their projects. I was in Northern Empire a few years back when CDE took over their Sterling project, and this very close to Corvus’s Lynnda Strip & Bullfrog projects next door, so it seemed like a good union. However, then Anglogold Ashanti started drilling on the other side of Corvus and hitting paydirt, and now they’ve taken the traditional 19.9% strategic stake in Corvus, with a 90 day clause preventing KOR from doing any other major transaction, which has tipped their hand that they are likely going to takeout Corvus (and I’m guessing in the next 3 months).

          Then it begs the question of whether Coeur will keep developing Sterling as a stand-alone project, or flip it to AngloGold. The point being consolidation of projects makes a great deal of sense for the larger producers to ensure they have the mine life and scalability to make these projects worth the candle for them.

            May 27, 2021 27:32 PM

            Personally, I’d like to see Corvus run on good drilling for a while longer before AngloGold Ashanti makes a run at them, but if they pull the trigger over the next few months, then I’ll take the easy 40%-60% on a takeover offer, and rotate those funds into the next development story. Rinse and repeat.


            (KOR) Corvus Gold Secures USD $20M Loan from (AU) AngloGold Ashanti North America Inc. to Fund North Bullfrog Permitting and Pre-Development Work

            by @nasdaq on 6 May 2021

            “AngloGold is granted an exclusivity period of 90 days where Corvus will abstain from all discussions or actions related to material transactions involving Company assets or change in share structure.”