C3 Metals – Introducing the exploration strategy for high grade copper at the Jasperoide Project

May 28, 2021

Kevin Tomlinson, President and CEO of C3 Metals (TSX.V:CCCM) joins me introduce this copper exploration Company and it’s flagship Jasperoide Project, in Peru. On May 25th the Company released the initial 7 holes of the 10,000 meter drill program which intercepted high grade copper.

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Click here to visit the C3 Metals website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

    May 28, 2021 28:04 AM

    I wonder if we will be allowed to close with Au above $1900 and Ag above $28.

      May 28, 2021 28:08 PM

      It looks like Gold did clear $1900 to close the week/month at $1905, and Silver closed the week/month at $28.01. Overall good prices in the metals, and 2 good months in a row for the PMs in April & May. It wouldn’t surprise me if the PMs took part of June to consolidate some of the recent moves.

      Regardless, it has been nice to see the uptrend in Gold coming out of that March double-bottom at $1673 and $1674 and have ratcheted back higher to over the $1900 mark in just 2 months.

      $1900 Gold (or really even $1700-$1800 prices) and $24-$28 Silver are very attractive for the producers to generate good cashflows, and for the development projects to have incredibly attractive valuations (higher than where they currently are).

    May 28, 2021 28:13 PM

    What a crazy World. The only thing that makes sense anymore is the Price Of Gold. In the past The Federal Reserve Board feared inflation, now they want it. Is Business in danger, no there is no business just government hand outs. Industrial health doesn’t matter because factories are no longer important. Are commodity prices holding to reasonable levels. Look at the stocks that are the leaders, no threat of overproduction from Amazon, Google, Facebook. and Tesla’s owner the incomparable Musk does most of his business in China and promotes Dogeecoin at home. Where do you look to see the storm signals as all the old barometers are dead. This must be a new era. It is the era of BS, the era of The Bull Market that can survive on Government handouts. It is all so easy these days. LOL! DT