“It’s Supposed to be Difficult says Tucker and Jon Voight on Fox.

Big Al
July 17, 2021
    Jul 17, 2021 17:55 PM

    thanks for posting.. … I enjoyed it….

    Jul 17, 2021 17:25 PM

    worshkip god or man . The scripture says only god not man should be worshiped. This weeks news believe Trump or Gen Milley . milleys comments ensure Trump will not be nominee of REPUB party but i dont expect Biden will be renominated either Both are too old . but the attemps to say Biden is senile are not working. by the way TRUMPS ORLANDO RALLY TICKET SALES ARE ONLY 35% and same for other areas people will come to free rallys but not to pay rallys hes supposed to be a billionare why does he need money ?? rsh

      Jul 17, 2021 17:43 PM

      Capital G ……… little gods…. do not make it….

        Jul 17, 2021 17:49 PM

        Please explain so I can correct it.

          Jul 17, 2021 17:59 PM

          Hello Owl…… If, you are referring to my comment…. there is nothing to correct, and I was just correcting …rh…. GOD is due a little more respect, than “little g”

      Jul 17, 2021 17:58 PM

      RSH, You do know Mark Milley was the leader of the attempted coup, that TRIED TO REMOVE President Trump.
      Not exactly a trustworthy military Leader.
      He, Milley, did not even graduate West Point.
      He should have been fired by Trump. Big Mistake by Trump.

        Jul 17, 2021 17:13 PM

        Milley and his pals have the will to destroy western civilization. And, all this thread can do is to imply that we have something to learn from someone else’s faith statements. Now, that is PITIFIUL. Our enemies shape reality and soft-handed, uninspiring boomers say ‘wow listen to that dude’s faith statements’. I predict that Christianity will be a little remnant religion in less than a century. Trump was a christian in name only who used Cambridge Analytica to find talking points that could sucker his target demographic into voting for him. Live by the popularity contest, die by the popularity contest.

          Jul 24, 2021 24:03 PM

          Humm….. I think that is called sharing……. you never know who the message is for…or for who’s benefit……. People who are lost, can not receive, until they have a little faith..and believe..
          Way to simple, …… Faith Plus Nothing…

            Jul 24, 2021 24:06 PM

            My above statement……..has nothing to do with Trumpster…. Period….
            Trumpster, was like George Bush…… on his faith and con job….
            But, then again we only know what they say, and George renounced his faith…

            Jul 24, 2021 24:09 PM

            I might add….. Trumpster….. fell short of his duty, which he ran on….
            Pence fell short, and the GOP is falling short now on the JAB….

    Jul 23, 2021 23:27 AM

    Hi party leaders still defend Trump and tie the future of party to him . he is a tax cheat just like hillary and bernie said he was before 2016 election . Hillary was a bad candidate , but Trump is a extreme social parisite . Trmember he smash the face of his 5th grade teacher and had to be put into a military school rather than reform school where he belonged. He weaves fantasy with reallity and is a liar who is an ally of PUTIN AND LITTLE KIM . IF THIS IS THE FUTURE OF REPUB PARTY VOMIT WOULD BE NICER . RSH