No comments for Big Al? My feelings are really hurt!

Big Al
July 24, 2021
Should I bid you all Au revoir ?

After working my fingers to the bone and putting together a great Show, there are zero comments for me! How quickly they all forget! Well, at least I know where I stand!

    Jul 24, 2021 24:57 PM

    Separation of ship and state… You need to get the orphans back on main stream…
    digging for nuggets is one thing, the the entire thing is ONE BIG PROJECT…. 🙂

      Jul 24, 2021 24:00 PM

      Boy am I confused. So what did I do wrong?
      Back in the morning, after finishing at least reading all of these comments and commenting on most.

    Jul 24, 2021 24:08 PM

    OWL………. You posted on COry’s site……… and got transferred to the ORPHAN SECTION…. What a HOOT….

    Jul 24, 2021 24:09 PM


      Jul 24, 2021 24:03 PM

      I will do my best to get back to where we were in the not too distant past.

    Jul 24, 2021 24:21 PM

    It’s hard to comment on topics that are already known.

    People are tired of living in talk. They are starting to realize, it’s time to walk the walk. Talk is just, talk.

    No conversation about the fraudulent election, and how to expose it best, Is “no content”.

    I’ve suggested this a few times (to crickets), to get someone like KrisAnne Hall on your show to teach the constitution. Which all of you could use. (because I read comments from people that are clueless to it).

    Rick Ackerman is alway a good listen.
    You Al, are always a good listen.
    Thought provoking content = thought provoking comment.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:22 PM

      KrisAnne Hall is an absolute must. Needs to be a regular on the podcasts.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:06 PM

      You’re absolutely right about some of the discussions. I am definitely off my game right now. Time for the second or third inning!

    Jul 24, 2021 24:21 PM

    Sorry Big Al,I listened to your piece and there really wasn’t much politics, so I decided to go spend the day in the countryside and sun……..building up vitamin D to high levels to cope with the more infectious delta mutant.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:08 PM

      Back this week to more politics for sure.

    Jul 24, 2021 24:38 PM

    The really sad thing is not Chinese espionage by CCP in the U.S., but the incredible weakness displayed by our senile pretendent.
    You KNOW this will be interpreted by the CCP as freedom to take Taiwan.
    And thus will start WWIII.
    The scum in the CCP have already threatened to Nuke Japan back into the stone age.
    Indeed a takeover of Taiwan by the CCP, TO WHICH THEY HAVE NO RIGHT, would possibly set American civilization by several decades, since we rely on Taiwan for so much semiconductor device fabrication.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:12 PM

      I thought that we had discussed Taiwan and Mainland China into the ground already. I am going to be taking tomorrow and the next couple of days off to get my head screwed on straighter.

      Give me some ideas for improvement!

    Jul 24, 2021 24:50 PM

    You know the CRT crap stirred up, in one of the least racist countries in the world, by the democrat scum party could lead the a South Africa style insurrection. The only difference being is that blacks are still a minority in the U.S. and the White population WILL REMAIN ARMED despite all attempts to take away Constitutional rights.
    Goad the MAJORITY too much and you will see another Revolution.
    The Pretendent is not King.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:14 PM

      Now you are talking my language, CFS.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:20 PM

      That is an interesting story published by Natural News. I would like to ask CFS specifically what he thinks about it.

      Okay CFS, do you have a comment?

      Jul 24, 2021 24:31 PM

      Interesting, we have gotten to the point where pillow manufacturers, vitamin and natural supplement sales people are now considered to be experts and are getting very effectively into this game.

      What does this say about “the game”? By the way, I am not demeaning either Mike L or The Naturopathic Ranger. They are two very good marketers and smart cookies.

      But I go back to my question, what is happening to the political arena? It seems to be turning into an arena with supposedly serious and sophisticated opinions being voiced by albeit bright people with expertise that I don’t understand where it is coming from.

        Jul 25, 2021 25:16 AM

        We are lacking a fourth estate in which politics is reported accurately, so there is a vacuum into which opinionated people have stepped.
        It is hard to argue against truth, but when the media consists of lies and propaganda, citizens will not accept these lies.
        The Silicon Valley left is doing its best to suppress objections to propaganda, and, since they are money-rich beyond beyond all logic, they will succeed for a while, but not forever. They will find eventually that reasonable people will not tolerate immoral Silicon Valley behavior.

        Jul 25, 2021 25:22 AM

        because people understand that the data behind rockefeller medical anti-health cartel is pure failure w a negative expectancy rate…that is why the health freedom movement and associated prevention methodology is so popular among intelligent informed humans…brainwashing is difficult to overcome alone…lmao…you cannot demean truth….doc page is a pure fake hypocrite tool stooge, he needs to heal from his slavish allegiance to the corrupt lying medical cartel and practice what g-d wants…freedom… freedom….resist buying the poisons the medical cartel sells….they are a road to personal hell….

        one of hundreds posted…but a dull mind never is sharp

    Jul 24, 2021 24:04 PM

    The point is, despite clueless suppression of therapeutic treatments, many now know their politicians are on a power trip; not doing what is best for their citizens.

    How will herd immunity ever be achieved by the current political maneuvers.

      Jul 24, 2021 24:35 PM

      Great comment CFS. I will take your point one step further when I say that, “it is already assumed that the immunizations are a plot to wipe out a huge amount of the American population”. Does anyone consider that there might be some value there and that some doctors are looking out for America’s best interest. Is that even remotely possible?

        Jul 25, 2021 25:28 AM

        I personally believe America would be a more pleasant place in which to live if the population were less.
        However, who, any person or group of people, have the moral right to impose a reduction?
        I suppose it could be argued that a government has such a right, but in any form of democracy it does not have a unilateral right to impose population reduction without open discussion in Congress or Parliament.

    Jul 24, 2021 24:06 PM

    There, Big Al, did I stir the hornet’s nest up enough to start comments streaming in tomorrow?

      Jul 24, 2021 24:37 PM

      Well, you certainly did stir an interesting comment out of me, CFS! (Interesting at least in my mind!)

      Jul 24, 2021 24:39 PM

      The article was wiped out before I could read it by a pop-up strongly supporting Trump for something or another!

      What is going on?

        Jul 25, 2021 25:33 AM

        I find pop-ups most annoying.
        The Brave browser does a fairly good job of stopping them, and I have an app on Chrome browsers that stops. So, sorry, if I post a link which causes problems.

    Jul 24, 2021 24:13 PM

    Of course they.

    It only really a question of whether the FBI or the NSA acted illegally, AND WHETHER ORDERS MIGHT HAVE COME FROM SENILE JOE.
    We do know the Pretendent has been setting the IRS illegally on his adversaries.
    (The Traitor Obama did that too.)

      Jul 24, 2021 24:41 PM



    Jul 24, 2021 24:24 PM

    Mr. Big Al Korelin, if you get a chance see the comments on the other page…the one with the interviews you did…

    Jul 24, 2021 24:32 PM
    Jul 24, 2021 24:30 PM
      Jul 24, 2021 24:46 PM

      Before I could read the article a Trump ad for something or another took over the screen.

      Jul 25, 2021 25:38 AM

      Pure evil…you and your ilk…if the “vaccine” is really safe and effective why would you care if someone else doesn’t get shot with it.

      Jul 25, 2021 25:39 AM

      And that article was by the evil piece of shit neocon Frummer boy…you know… the piece of shit pushing all those neocon wars…you are pure evil.

      Jul 25, 2021 25:43 AM

      I have had enough of you…demanding I get poison injected into me…go ahead and try…and see what happens

        Jul 25, 2021 25:55 PM

        Ditto Ebo……..

          Jul 25, 2021 25:48 PM

          If people like that have their way you and I will be strapped down by goobement thugs and have a needle jammed into our arms…or if we manage to escape that fate we will be blocked from the necessities needed to live.

            Jul 25, 2021 25:49 PM

            Pure evil and pure tyranny…no other way to put it.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:01 AM

    Hello … I would advise everyone to take an hour of their time , to watch this video.
    Michelle Holiday, interviewing Chris Duane… From Silver Shield… It ties in nicely , with what is going on at Wallstsilver-reditt….. Chris has a plan to crush the bankers. There is a lot of information in this interview. ……. Take A Look.

      Jul 25, 2021 25:24 AM

      who could say that better..tanks🔆

    Jul 25, 2021 25:55 AM
    Jul 25, 2021 25:07 AM

    An updated RAINS list came out in England on Friday, only to be taken down immediately.

      Jul 25, 2021 25:07 PM

      hi Ebo…. Another fake sitting in a chair , whats missing are the wrist straps & electric cables.

        Jul 25, 2021 25:24 PM

        Hah! Great one…that Fraudci should be tarred and feathered…and “let them eat inflation” our rulers will say about us..doing all they can to destroy us…with Biden they have the perfect Dumb and Dumber as Martin Armstrong said…

          Jul 25, 2021 25:25 PM

          And Hunter with his half-million dollar paintings…gee, no corruption there…nothing to see…just move along, now.

        Jul 25, 2021 25:37 PM

        Are they forcing the kill shots there like France?

        As you can see by AJ’s article above the evil want to force it here. Good chance the shtf here this fall.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:42 PM

    I spent time in London yesterday , doing my bit , as i have done for months.
    It’s no good complaining while sitting at home.
    Watch all the vids showing here. This is happening every week all accros Europe , but the media wont report on it …. but RT news doe’s.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:07 PM

    “STRANGE” …. In 2018 & the years before that, we had the flu virus.
    2019 the flu virus , dissapears , to be replaced by the Corona virus
    Part way tru 2020 the Corona virus dissapears , to be replaced by the Covid virus .
    2021 the Covid virus dissapears , to be replaced by the Delta virus.
    What is wrong with this picture ?.. What’s next ? .. The BULLSHIT virus !!!!!!

      Jul 25, 2021 25:27 PM

      Exactly…the politicians, bureaucrats and all the other gooberment criminals along with big pharma have NO liability…the liability is ENTIRELY on the idiot getting jabbed!

      If that isn’t stupid and dangerous I don’t know what is….but really, IT’S EVIL.

      Yet, our buddy AJ and his buddy Frum and of course countless neocons and Demorats want them to force inject us with this poison.

      Ain’t that nice?

    Jul 25, 2021 25:57 PM

    It is hardly a secret that the democrats are going to sneak amnesty for illegal aliens into the infrastructure bill.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:02 PM

    The scum democrats don’t give a damn about the U.S.A., as long as they can acquire permanent power.
    The stupid citizens of the U.S. can just take it.

    I remember the arrogance of the aristocracy in the French revolution. They lost their heads to Madame La Guillotine, are democrats today less arrogant?

    Jul 25, 2021 25:08 PM

    I have also heard rumors that since the courts will reject compulsory vaccination, democrats are considering requiring regular covid-19 testing for infection, AT PATIENTS OWN COST, for unvaccinated people. (As a way of “forcing” unvaccinated to take the jab.)

    Jul 25, 2021 25:41 PM
      Jul 25, 2021 25:13 PM

      cfs … Corruption at the hightest levels of government , the same all over the world.
      The shame is perhaps , 75% of the worlds population, dont see it . The people are F**ked, & dont even know it. ….

    Jul 25, 2021 25:19 PM

    Very interesting…..

    Today, I heard Fauci on the radio pushing his vaccines, claiming that vaccines are very effective at stopping further infections from covid-19 and mutations of the disease, including the delta variation.

    What, however, I also read from Reuters was…..
    In Singapore about 75% of the population is now vaccinated.
    However reports from hospitals are that of newly infected people, 75% are claiming that they have been vaccinated.
    I know this is not an exact scientific study, but I do have a masters degree in Math, and even my simple mind can do a quick calculation.

    To a first approximation, vaccination in Singapore gives NO PROTECTION against further infection.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:25 PM

    Now you might want to watch the latest report from Clif High.

    (Clif High was the FIRST PERSON in the US to suggest chaga mushrooms, rich in vitamin D, as a defense against covid-19 back in early 2019.)

    Are we already in WWIII without knowing it?

    Jul 25, 2021 25:06 PM

    The most interesting bits on Clif High’s bitchute start after about the 17 minute mark.

    Jul 25, 2021 25:48 PM

    Are we in WWIII, fought in a non-hot way?

    Jul 25, 2021 25:58 PM
    Jul 25, 2021 25:13 PM

    TRUE COLORS on display?
    and senile Joe supports these idiots?

    Jul 25, 2021 25:17 PM

    I hate to give the implication of this on vaccine effectiveness.
    (negative numbers implied)

    Jul 25, 2021 25:26 PM

    Every once in a while some internet article is so far off the mark, you have to laugh:

    AOC’s comments say more about her knowledge than her “college education”

    Are teaching “life skills” more a parental responsibility than that of schools?
    Is society so fractured from historical duties that we must depend on government-run establishments for everything?
    (I know the democrats are tending in that direction,but….)

    Jul 25, 2021 25:46 PM

    If you get a chance watch Barnes here. Amazing government corruption and the weaponizing of the inJustice Dept….

    Jul 25, 2021 25:51 PM

    Big Al, are your feelings soothed yet?

    It being Sunday, I thought I should hit at least one religious note.

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter… Who acquit the guilty for a bribe, and deprive the innocent of justice.”

    Isaiah 5:20-23

    Watch out Joe. We’re watching you.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:30 AM

      Now that is great and good timing for OLD JOE…..and the Elite establishment… WORLD WIDE….. I think Martin Armstrong HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK….. at usawatchdog…..

      NOTE TO IRISH………. watch Martin Armstrong… great comments, concerning Europe, and the WHO, and Clause ….. People in European ONE govt, …. People in Europe , ELECT NO ONE…. the SYSTEM IS BROKEN…
      In American, we still think we elect people,….. humm not so, it seems….

    Jul 25, 2021 25:28 PM

    How Australia sees biden…..

      Jul 26, 2021 26:34 AM

      Note made above…. I watched , this at usawatchdog, ….Martin made some great comments….
      I said there would be PUSH BACK, and it is happening… world wide…..It , will happen here, with the next LOCK DOWN…. the Political stupid , have crossed the line…..
      Far RIGHT, small majority, will pick up fight……. with or without the SELL OUT GOP…..

    Jul 25, 2021 25:22 PM

    In this
    usawatchdog video, Clif High at about 45 minutes said the CCP and other politicos are worried about a French revolution style problem due to hyperinflation.
    I am very concerned about great shortages happening soon. Trade is slowly coming to a halt. I do not understand exactly the cause, but there are horrendous numbers of shipping at anchor.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:38 AM

      The Davos crowd……. should be very worried….. now the sheeple are starting to wake up
      TRILLIONS going to the CONNECTED…… is not going to cut the mustard…jmo

    Jul 25, 2021 25:26 PM
    Jul 26, 2021 26:28 AM

    I just read should you say adios.
    Thats a personal thing, maybe you figure its time to enjoy your millions.

    I have appreciated your site.
    Over all its been great.

    Lately, the constant “the medical community is going to kill us all’ “its all corrupt dont ya know” for weeks on end is a tad drole, invigorating really, cant see how anyone would not want to scroll thru endless links.

    Providing a thread to keep that stuff away from the investment info was a good idea, I would keep this thread going to protect the main reason for the site.

    That stuff would destroy your site completely should it ever mix imo.

    For that reason I think you should keep this thread going.

    So, no, I wouldnt like to see you say hasta la vista.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:08 AM

      The site survives ,,,,,,because of the info. outside of the mining section……
      main issues have changed with the TIMES….. for the last 18 years… people have
      been able to post… politics which effects the PM section… Covid stupidity is current and
      also, effects the economic out look, and there fore the PM section….

        Jul 26, 2021 26:23 AM

        Because the difficulty or gymnastics which are required to open……The “ORPHAN SECTION”( as I call it )has been made separate on the Bill Board,… the political and religious section has not attracted the number of new people, basically, because it is harder to locate and open up, ….you can go back and see the number of people who, did not know how to OPEN THE POLITICAL Section, …..and did not know it even existed, this has been true since the change.
        More difficult the operation , the less views, the less views, the less comments… really, not that hard to understand…..Make it difficult, and people will not participate.
        Loyal Customers are hard to find.

          Jul 26, 2021 26:38 AM

          Jerry, yes covid affected the economics, thing is, its all been said ad nauseum..

          There are how many here 6?

          The site competes with other sites, most of those sites change every day, they are interesting.
          This site? ummm already saying the same stuff today as has been said for the last how many weeks?

          Now, its Als site, if his goal is 6 regular posters, and it could be, maybe thats all he needs to attract advertising dollars, I dont know.

          Otherwise, whats interesting here? , its the same thing as yesterday, vaccine bad, medical community wants you dead, ooooky doky then.

          People have a choice where to spend their time on the net.

          You might want to post about all the riots concerning vaccine passports etc today, there are some big ones happening.

            Jul 26, 2021 26:17 PM

            As I explained……… people have a hard time getting to the ORPHAN SECTION…..
            Topics are not discovered at first on the MAIN PAGE….
            The 6 count, might be a little higher…..
            And there is more than COVID talk……just saying

            Most sheeple are lost anyway…. so…

            Jul 27, 2021 27:00 AM

            I dont think you can blame a lack of interest on a challenge to find the thread.
            At one time this thread was thriving.

            I gotta go with total lack of interest due to the constant repetition(we all gonna die/dont trust doctors) and endless links.

            The site might be wiser to focus on the loss of free speech and tyranny.
            “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

            Free speech, Its gone, you would make a more convincing argument covid is the “slaughter” than doctors are evil.

            Jul 28, 2021 28:19 AM

            b…….. I think……. if, you have been going through the comments….you would notice. there are other topics which are covered, beside Covid…. and good doctor,vs bad doctor.

            Jul 28, 2021 28:39 PM

            You really expect someone to go thru 100 links to find something of interest?

            This thread has been dominated with vaccine bad, gonna kill everyone, medical is corrupt, doctors bad, for weeks

            Not really a big deal Jerry, its Als site, if thats what he wants

            What might help is Al starting a new thread daily.
            Its just not logical anyone going thru this.

            Jul 28, 2021 28:20 PM

            On July 28, 2021 at 3:17 pm,
            OOTB Jerry says:
            Notice……… NO ONE RESPONDED to the SECTION at the very beginning……

      Jul 26, 2021 26:48 AM

      because the 99% conform to the failed “METHOD” eg Rockefeller medical to make a living…Corrupt because all but the most brainwashed, very few any longer, of the 99% conformers are unaware of the extent of the failure of the method…It is an insiders job…Against your health ….It is a straight face lie by 99% conformers for money…the 1% that tell truth on shows like health ranger are objected to by AL and his stooge conventional retail medical fool guests…fool…when 99% of the players lie to your face w a failed non-health method, THAT DEFINES CORRUPTION…💩🍔💩🍔💩🍔💩🍔💩🍔💩🍔💩📡📡…6 drop for simple 3rd grade reasoning you are incapable of

    Jul 26, 2021 26:13 AM

    ker is the one parading the corrupt docs out as paradigms of knowledge and virtue…people should be free to reject that false premise…and back that w data to prove it…this site is locked in a circa 1950’s delusion regarding docs….drop the docs the responses get dropped…that simple…you do not live in a cause and effect reason state…you ramble…the consistency is responding to the fake lying conventional retail docs rolled out here week after week

    Jul 26, 2021 26:19 AM

    your lying conforming retail conventional md/doc system stooge tool depicted correctly by this highly awarded health journalist…as lying sociopath….the 99% are loyal to one thing…that being the lucrative status quo…sell their soul for money on every case they use the systems method/ poisons ….you are their case…you are their sucker buying the confidence game back by a method w negative expectancy thus ensuring your health to shrivel and collapse per the data…health ranger et al bring on guests, the 1%, that explain this lie…Al thinks that is funny and cute and dribble and fake..lmao….

    Jul 26, 2021 26:23 AM

    Dang…you boys see this? I’ve never seen a more obnoxious guest. See if you can guess who that is….If any significant number of Demorats are like this then this country is headed for civil war.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:29 AM

    Al shares in common the tone deafness of his conventional retail 99% conventional system stooge tool docs…WHY?…now behold they admit that the very testing pumping the false numbers of their false method was all fake…but except for AL and his docs…we all knew that for years….all fake all the time all the 99%ers……lmao…glta….the system will not save you…they have saved no one from anything since Rockefeller non-health care was instituted against you over 100 years ago..lmao …the nations health has collapsed and the children have never been sicker…..per previous articles Al is tone deaf to…..

    Jul 26, 2021 26:41 AM

    This was probably referred to Fauci, who, of course, said “No Problem”.


    Jul 26, 2021 26:03 AM
    Jul 26, 2021 26:32 AM

    this is the first jab reversal protocol i have seen so far…..from the health community naturally…lmao…the system sees no problems w killing and maiming the public…status quo as such……..Al save this you may need it …your doc will deny the jab is causing you health issues…lmao

      Jul 26, 2021 26:09 AM

      Chris Hedges: The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan will be one more signpost of the end of the American empire

      He is 100% correct, once a person understands this, covid is kinda put in perspective.

      He discusses what is going to happen/is happening in the U.S. right now.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:45 AM

    Good catch Larry! Everyone who got the death shot needs to read that.

    And your speedy recovery from the spiked proteins was amazing!

    Does this mean you are immune to all the COVIDs???

    I tell you, Larry is King of the Emoticons and King of COVID.

    I am proclaiming this King Larry Day in this here KER blog…and you can tell your wife that, Larry…and everyone else’s wife…

    Almost forgot…Larry, King of the Alley Cats…enjoy the celebration…

    And I like your shades there… 🙂

      Jul 26, 2021 26:11 AM

      I got both “death shots” saw my corrupt doctor the other day too.

      I’m still alive, will let you know if I die.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:54 AM

      ok…i back off…i do not take it all that serious…but medicine is snake oil fake sales…that is why the results have a negative expectancy for the patients…the vaccine troubles should be assumed 100% by such a business model…look at history

        Jul 26, 2021 26:15 PM

        Now’s no time to back off.

        “Modern Medicine” is a giant fraud. It hasn’t cured any disease in generations despite blowing through trillions of our dollars. So many of the drugs it peddles are worse than useless.

        And these people telling us what we must do now are nothing but modern day witch doctors.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:07 AM

    good question ED….I think i got sick from the moderna non-vax…because a friend of mine i see almost daily had gotten that…i begged w them not to….it was a travel thing i suppose….anyways, i was exposed to the non-vaccine spike proteins via viral shedding that way….so, i suppose i am now immune to that non-vax, not necessarily the original covid-19 or variants…but the non-vaccine…strange right….i assure you one thing…it was all pointless…why, i believe in my natural immunity not man-made fake stuff….

    since taking the supps plus ivermectin paste i feel fine…..the paste literally reversed the initial acute real sick feeling win about 2 hours…this miracle was suppressed and blocked by the loving 99% that Al parades on his show…because their marching orders are shoot!..lmao🔊🕶

    Jul 26, 2021 26:32 AM

    The obnoxious democrat lawyer is a lying ass. He claims the election was legitimate……REAL PROBLEMS with that claim.
    He claims the “Insurrection” was organized by Republicans and violent….good democrat lying talking points. But there is increasing evidence it was FBI organized.
    And it failed, because the crowd was not violent

      Jul 26, 2021 26:39 PM

      he is not a fake exception…he is the 99%…works for them…represents them…..he IS the ker type doc………the cartel is fake per the results achieved…health care easily beats their results of collapsing the human global health

    Jul 26, 2021 26:25 PM

    Why do people not understand biden is an amoral corrupt marxist?

    Jul 26, 2021 26:30 PM

    David Icke speech – London Protest 24 July 2021

    The anti vaxers “were all gonna die” people now have the reputable Mr Icke representing them.

    You know, the guy thats certain the Lizard men are ruling the world.

    Thats bound to add credibility.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:01 PM

      bobby said suzy did it!..lmao

      Jul 26, 2021 26:10 PM

      So if you’re against forced “vaccination” with an unapproved, experimental drug (emergency use authorization only) whose long term effects no one has any idea and whose makers have absolutely no iability then you must believe in Icke’s lizard people. Got it!

        Jul 26, 2021 26:28 PM

        not how i see it.
        i see it as the people against the vaccine include those people that beleive in the lizard people controlling the planet.

        Watch davids u tube.

          Jul 26, 2021 26:25 PM

          Well, Frum is all for the “vaccine” and not just that but forcing everyone to be injected. Frum is to this day a big proponent of the Empire’s wars that killed millions. Does that add credibility to your arguments for the vaccine? Maybe now you can understand that whatever Icke has to say about lizard people is irrelevant to arguments against the “vaccine.”

            Jul 26, 2021 26:47 PM

            Eb, icke is a pro vaxer, says it all I think. 😉

            Actually, all will be obvious in a few years.
            If 50% of the population drops dead all you un vaxed people should be able to buy land cheap.

            Could be a labor shortage tho.

            Jul 27, 2021 27:49 AM

            ooops, icke is an ANTI vax person. or lizard.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:40 PM

      Facts are…these potions are unapproved, experimental drugs (emergency use authorization only) whose long term effects no one has any idea and whose makers have absolutely no liability…and people are getting harmed and even dying from them…I know several myself…but somehow…all this becomes irrelevant if Ick is against the “vaccines” because he talked about Lizard People…Got it!

    Jul 26, 2021 26:49 PM

    The Commentator in the following piece is wrong, but the problem is real.

    The cause is central control is morally wrong and made mistakes of assuming citizens would value male and females equally in a labor intensive society.
    On the other hand the pollution in China was making many areas barely habitable and food was limited, so a population growth reduction was appropriate; just the method was wrong.
    The lesson to be learned, however, is that most Marxist societies consider the population equivalent to cattle.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:04 PM

    Time to evict the pompous idiot from Downing Street, but who do the conservatives have?

    Jul 26, 2021 26:21 PM
    Jul 26, 2021 26:59 PM

    two close friends recently deceased…..they both really like their docs(true)….they both bought into the confidence game and thought it was real and substantive…lmao…lmao…

    1) IBD-treatment a pill..that pill caused him aggressive melanoma, and so says the flyer…my friend died at 62 yo of aggressive melanoma….wife said they killed him of chem w a price tag over half million…the full reversal /elimination of IBD is the typical outcome of correctly applied healthcare rather than Rockefeller not-health not-care….the wife said the psycho docs strut around like they are self important heroes working like angles(of Satan)…lmao

    2) friend dead of slow growing non-invasive non-malignant massive brain tumor….how? why?…because they only treated his symptom of tinnitus w a pill…..they let the tumor, easily removed w early DX, to expand to a pointless size…..because they sell pills for symptoms…over 12 million per year vastly under-reported cases of wrong diagnosis..failure to diagnose….misdiagnosis….fools get away w this because it is a self serving monopoly in a cartel business model…..

      Jul 26, 2021 26:12 PM

      Don’t forget to pay your over price health insurance….

    Jul 26, 2021 26:30 PM

    Personal Message from Sidney

    Dear Patriots,

    According to our Constitution, everyone is entitled to a defense when all the power and might of the United States is brought to bear against an individual. It’s a fundamental right to counsel long recognized by the Supreme Court.

    Defending the Republic is stepping up to assist as much as we can with coordination, resources, and consultation with the lawyers who are defending those still accused and those still incarcerated—and in many cases, likely wrongly accused of any offense regarding their presence at, near or in the Capitol Building on January 6.

    First, I must note bald-faced lies spread about me. I had nothing to do with the events at the Capitol that day. I was not in Washington. I encouraged anyone who would listen—and many who did not—to leave Washington, to stay out of Washington, and not participate in any way.

    January 6 was too late for people to show their disgust, in Washington DC, with the obvious fraud in the past election. I fully expected a “false flag” operation created by someone on the left. It was a trap for Trump supporters.

    I have never encouraged violence. I abhor it. Anyone who accuses me with “having blood on my hands” or otherwise having any role in January 6 is lying and defaming me.

    Second, those who actually broke into the Capitol, who destroyed property or stole property, who attacked an officer, should be held accountable. That said—so should all who burned buildings, looted, rioted, assaulted police, and took over parts of cities, beat people and committed countless other atrocities much of the last year of the Trump administration.

    Unfortunately, with the help of Kamala Harris and other now-obvious communists, most of those who destroyed our cities and hundreds of millions of dollars of property and livelihoods of others, were released upon booking.

    Ironically, Mr. Biden trespassed on the Capitol when he was 21. He was arrested and released. Even more ironically, I can remember being able to walk freely in and out of the Capitol and to watch important votes and proceedings from the gallery. After all, it is the “people’s house.”

    Now, at least 80 people are still in custody in DC. They and more than 400 others were hunted down by massive displays of “law enforcement”, and arrested at gunpoint in front of their families, and jailed for whatever the government says they did at the Capitol.

    Of the hundreds now who have been arrested, many were held for days without being allowed to shower, speak to a lawyer or anyone, and many more have been held in solitary confinement for days, weeks, and now months.

    They are our fellow citizens entitled to a defense and humane treatment, yet they have been treated worse than international terrorists and illegal aliens.

    Previously, the ACLU and the UN have said solitary confinement is torture. It can drive a sane man insane in twenty-four hours. Yet this is how our government is now treating people who succumbed to an operation we now know was created, incited and staffed by our FBI.

    The January 6 defendants have been abused to shut them up, to “teach everyone a lesson,” to demonstrate the consolidation of the evil and power now apparent in our government. Those still in custody are being held and abused to coerce them into pleading guilty to crimes they may not have committed and to avoid the exposure the government has of its own misconduct in creating and inciting the event.

    I just learned last week that now those held are not being allowed to shave, get a haircut or clip their finger or toe nails unless they submit to the Covid vaccine which—by the CDC’s own numbers—has killed tens of thousands of people and caused hundreds of thousands of others to develop numerous problems.

    That is not constitutional in the country I grew up in. It is not constitutional now.

    Americans are facing the unprecedented consolidation of power in the hands of totalitarian globalists – corrupt dictators – throughout our government institutions.

    This Republic was divined by God. We have unalienable individual rights endowed by Him. The government is lying to us at every turn, and it’s using the media to push its lies. God loves truth, and He hates deceit. We must return to God and work to restore truth, justice, and righteousness with all that we do. We must stand together, make our voices heard civilly, and advocate for all that we know is right.

    There is nothing right about the way our fellow citizens – even some who overstepped their bounds – are being treated in federal confinement in Washington DC.

    Defending the Republic will work to correct this injustice on behalf of all of us.

    Hold Fast,


    Sidney Powell………….July 26, 2021

    Jul 26, 2021 26:34 PM

    Demorats…can’t avoid the consequences of their policies…even former Demorat memebers of the Imperial Senate:

      Jul 26, 2021 26:38 PM

      Maybe…one of you boys can answer this question from one of the commentes…

      Since they attacked a former Senator…aren’t they insurrections? Just asking for a friend.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:41 PM

        Well…she’s a boxer…she shoulda bunched the thug…

          Jul 26, 2021 26:32 PM

          Well …….. D. Boxer……… humm…… what did you expect, from all the BS, let go all these years….. getting some of your LIB TARD medicine…… me thing… 🙂

            Jul 26, 2021 26:35 PM

            change… D… to B…. sorry….

            Jul 26, 2021 26:37 PM

            change D to B…… sorry

        Jul 26, 2021 26:45 PM

        Barb, it’s called “redistribution”.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:47 PM

        17 minutes ago

        pushed her, stole her cell phone

        the mugger was disappointed to discover it was one of those elder-phones with big number buttons and no touchscreen
        11 minutes ago

        With the Chinese CIA logo on it

        Jul 26, 2021 26:48 PM

        19 minutes ago

        The mugging comes weeks after a NBC Bay Area news crew was held up by two armed men who demanded their equipment, only to leave without stealing any equipment after a “good guy with a gun” – the news crew’s security guard – ordered the would-be robbers to leave

        There needs to be legislation barring the MSM’s use of security guards by making it a felony offense.

        They should be compelled to travel with a social worker and an intersectional feminist speaker for protection. The MSM’s use of armed security hypocritically perpetuates the systemic racism that they have been reporting on the past 5 years.

        Let’s make this a law for current members of congress as well. If you believe there is systemic racism present in the USA at this time, you get only a social worker and a feminist.

        Let’s get Mr. Paul on the line and I will forward a completed bill for him to hand-walk up to the congressional hopper.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:52 PM

        5 minutes ago

        What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

        Jul 26, 2021 26:54 PM

        17 minutes ago

        She musta felt good being among her peeps!
        15 minutes ago

        I’d be curious to see the people in her cell phone directory.

        Maybe it was a counter-measure by a rogue element of the CIA to get that list.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:56 PM

        6 minutes ago

        Talk about white privilege – she didn’t even take a knee to show she supports BLM.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:57 PM

        36 minutes ago

        How’d you like paying those reparations Barb?

        Jul 26, 2021 26:58 PM

        12 minutes ago

        Sounds like she had an outdated phone and needed a replacement.

        Reframe relevance: Kind of like someone stole your guns….

        Jul 26, 2021 26:59 PM

        24 minutes ago

        As a boxer, she should’ve slipped it and countered with a 4-6 combo

        Jul 26, 2021 26:00 PM

        That would have needed to be a national holiday! July muggineenth!

        Jul 26, 2021 26:02 PM

        She’s kin to Hillary Clinton (her robber has no idea of his impending suicide).

          Jul 26, 2021 26:10 PM

          Dang…commenter was right…Tony Rodha

          Personal life and death
          At a party in East Hampton, New York, following the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Rodham met Nicole Boxer, daughter of the U.S. Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, and the two began dating.[33] On May 28, 1994, Rodham and Boxer were married in a ceremony at the White House attended by 250 guests

          Now point in going further…you know the drill…typical Clinton ending…

            Jul 26, 2021 26:56 PM

            The robbers…….. are DOA……. if this is true, ,that Boxer and Clinton are related…
            who would have thunk…. lol……

    Jul 26, 2021 26:06 PM

    Cuomo should be driven straight to jail for manslaughter of thousands of elderly:

    Jul 26, 2021 26:15 PM

    How would like this guy managing your money?? And what a name Qhawe Shithole…

    CEO Bust at Roadblock for ‘Looting’ to Explain His Version of Events

    Jul 26, 2021 26:50 PM

    Here’s how it happens…Ford told you back in 1989…get ready for the Kamal…

      Jul 26, 2021 26:52 PM
      Jul 26, 2021 26:51 PM

      Look out , that is very possible…. Biden is not with it…. Ford, predicted it, and it is very possible at this time in history…… Elites will love it…. jmo

      Jul 27, 2021 27:37 AM

      Well, for starters, he’s dyslexic, and has trouble working with numbers. Other than that, he’s an idiot.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:56 PM

    Watch from 18 minute mark, then tell me we are not in a unilateral war.
    Sun Tzu is laughing in his grave.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:13 PM

    THANKS FOR ALL THE ABOVE COMMENTS……….. From the Basic Crew… lol….
    Steady as she goes… Rough waters ahead…. 🙂
    Stay strong, even with only 6 oar men

    Jul 27, 2021 27:46 AM

    I listen to what is going on in Congress, and I see the damage of censored MSM.
    For decades we have had some belief in limited government, now that appears to be leaving all politicians’ vocabularies. If Republicans agree to any (ANY) kind of infrastructure bill, you know Democrats will use reconciliation to drive the bill up to $4Trillion. What immoral THEFT from our children and grandchildren. Further if democrats can get away with spending $ 4 trillion this year, can you imagine what they will try for next year? End of Empire, indeed, but everyone seems to want a gimme now, despite the repercussions. Greed seems to know no limit.

      Jul 27, 2021 27:35 AM

      “Greed is good.” — Gordon Gekko

      Jul 27, 2021 27:32 AM

      GOP……. has already SOLD OUT…… leaders going for the JAB………
      Herd um up, and fleece the heck out of the sheeple…..
      The GOP, is just as guilty….. All the BIG MONEY WENT TO THEIR FRIENDS…….
      BLACKROCK…….totally SOLD OUT……

    Jul 27, 2021 27:59 AM

    What is it about politics that causes so many politicians to lose moral values?
    To choose to do what they can get away with, not the right or moral thing.
    And why are teachers behaving more like amoral politicians in this day and age?

    Jul 27, 2021 27:09 AM

    A new President Harris may be the democrats best bet for not being totally annihilated in the 2022 election.
    She can’t be in office too long, or people will realize how unprepared she is for office……
    so perhaps biden leaves office july, August or Sept of 2022 ?

    Jul 27, 2021 27:04 AM

    Is this ” Alice In Wonderland ” , explaining the FED & how it works. Its very entertaining .
    She is a very pretty & inteligent girl……. Man i so want to marry her ……… LOL
    So take 23 minutes of your time , & give this a watch.

    Jul 27, 2021 27:21 AM

    Some more truth coming out, about the lying NHS in the UK . Re Covid.

    Jul 27, 2021 27:03 AM
    Jul 27, 2021 27:33 AM

    supposed vaccines only may be jabbed under the direct supervision of a monopoly cartel stooge doc… approve this result…they get paid to…lmao

      Jul 27, 2021 27:01 AM

      Power corrupts: the CDC is a fine example of abuse of power.

      Jul 27, 2021 27:10 PM

      VAERS data recently released by the CDC showed a total of 491,218 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 11,405 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.
      Wonder , if, this is why we have only 6 people on the COMMENT SECTION…. everyone else is DOA…. hummmmmm

    Jul 27, 2021 27:37 AM

    what da?…the genius docs go along w this…they get paid to…the 99%ers like ker docs….?…really

      Jul 27, 2021 27:07 PM

      Hello…… Wake up call…… 🙂
      Fully vaccinated people are 65% more likely to be hospitalised & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to latest Public Health England data

    Jul 27, 2021 27:00 AM

    Geneticist Professor Chris Mason has written a book that depicts a future where we will swap this planet for others, and change our DNA to withstand the different conditions. Here he tells RT of his startling vision for humanity.

    Maybe this is why the covid, you guys mention something about the vaccine changing dna.
    Ya never know, but if are moving to other planets it would make sense.

    Shouldnt be too long until we have finished killing this one.

      Jul 27, 2021 27:01 AM
        Jul 27, 2021 27:22 AM

        Interesting Sci Fi, but actually goes against known facts about Mars.
        The best guess is that Mars was much more like earth, abundant water and more atmosphere. However it lost much water and atmosphere when subject to a solar nova or large CME directed at it many years ago.

          Jul 28, 2021 28:59 AM

          Actually cfs, C. Sagan had a method of creating an atmosphere on Mars decades ago.
          Mr Musk has plans for populating Mars now.
          Thats a goal of his.

          Sci fi has a way of becoming reality more often than people might think.

          I have no idea if the covid vaccine is to change our dna so we can live on other planets but if things keep going the way they are its not going to be too long and we will need another one, this one will be pretty much dead.
          Meaning, it wont be able to support life the way it has been.

      Jul 27, 2021 27:15 AM


      Actually a fine example of French thinking.
      I remember very well how the French simply laid down their arms when Germany walked into Belgium close to the beginning of WWII, forcing Britain to give up much of its armor behind near Dunkirk as ordinary British people rescued their soldiers, abandoned by France in June 1940, with a thousand small boats.
      Although the British Empire was beginning to fail, the cost of fighting WWII finally ended the Empire. Charles De Gaulle, fighting from England, at cost to Britain, was an ungrateful sod.

    Jul 27, 2021 27:53 AM

    wow…what da…who knew…not the docs….cash flow baby…..lmao

      Jul 27, 2021 27:30 PM


        Jul 28, 2021 28:13 AM

        my wife was in the autism helping industry…think about that actually(that sickness industry is created unnecessarily by the medical industry)…..just like the post sequela covid jab industry beginning to emerge…..99% of docs still, after decades of data,deny the shot they gave for vaccination is related to the autistic or sequela spectral reaction…total cognitive dissonance , denial…tools giving shots because they are told to…no intellect at all…trained in programs like dogs…your doc sells pills like an auto parts jobber sells parts…broken gasket needs gasket 101…wheezing needs squirt tube 101….lifted right from a parts book…in medical called the PDR…physician desk reference…theater false profits confidence game fraud…..the nation cannot survive such liars and corruption

    Jul 27, 2021 27:10 PM

    this doc is clearly in the 1%…listen to the quality of discussion and compare this to the ker 99% docs non-topics ….clearly this doc is a non-stooge non-tool non-compliant puzy

      Jul 27, 2021 27:16 PM

      Dang…….. only 1%……… reporting is a JOKE….
      US govt … and the GOP…. saying it is OK to get the shot….
      Franklin Graham said it is ok to get the jab…
      Truly, in the DARK SIDE NOW……

        Jul 27, 2021 27:35 PM

        right…99% of md’s are conforming stooges, like on ker…the 1% tell the truth like dr popper

          Jul 27, 2021 27:20 PM

          Good interview…… on Alex Jones..with the Dr calling out the JAB.. , I have not listened to Jones for several months…

    Jul 27, 2021 27:59 PM

    RINO scum on Nancy’s payroll, by the looks of things.

    Jul 27, 2021 27:08 PM

    Interestingly absent from the January 6th hearings today was
    Lt. michael-leroy-byrd.

    They would be frightened of him being asked to explain the MURDER of Ashli Babbitt, would they?

    Jul 27, 2021 27:41 PM

    People missing or dead….surrounding… Mr. Fauci ….

      Jul 27, 2021 27:01 PM

      Lot of moving parts in the agreement…..

      Jul 27, 2021 27:03 PM

      yes that is wow….wow…..thank you Chartster…..but it is equally impressive that the word gets out to hospital clinic chiefs etc to avoid anything to do with Ivermectin…and then they all follow the order and squelch rumors from being leaked per this repressive deal w a pharma corp that is only seeking profit…what about the Hippocratic oath sworn on behalf of sick patients…GONE…it demonstrates how effectively repressive the medical cartel actually is regarding md’s, nurses, staff,etc….people fall in line to the marching orders without question…except for my 1% with some balls…..the 99% of conventional retail docs are squealing little pigs…killing the public for their salary and 401k…that simple that stark that medieval….a new low for even the medical non-health non-care business

    Jul 27, 2021 27:04 PM

    LIZ TART………….
    THis should be interesting for the GOP….. RINO…….Division….

    Jul 27, 2021 27:30 PM
      Jul 27, 2021 27:33 PM

      and they do not make em like that anymore🎶🔊💥📡

    Jul 27, 2021 27:37 PM

    9:28 minute…explains the possible ivermectin action mechanism in preventing viral replication….

    Jul 27, 2021 27:44 PM

    1:35 minute another clear explanation of how ivermectin is thought to block viral replication in your cells…

    Jul 27, 2021 27:45 PM

    What do you think of biden’s pretendency?

    Jul 27, 2021 27:59 PM

    traitor, covered up by traitors

    Jul 27, 2021 27:33 PM
    Jul 28, 2021 28:17 AM

    BOYS! Vitamin D and the COVIDs…very important.

      Jul 28, 2021 28:11 AM

      The very first clues about Vitamin D came from Chinese use of chaga mushrooms combined with HCQ as therapeutic treatment for covid-19 in November/December of 2019.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:59 AM


    Jul 28, 2021 28:20 AM

    The story now goes:
    Well, the vaccine won’t stop re-infection but it will decrease hospitalizations and WILL STOP DEATH.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:26 AM

    Addled-Brain Nancy is planning on oxygen-starving the brains of the rest of Representatives:

      Jul 28, 2021 28:00 AM

      An example of time-honored words to live by in America: “If more is better, then too much (protection?) is just right. “We have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.”

        Jul 28, 2021 28:34 AM

        It will be a gigantic mistake for republicans to agree to ANY bills unless house and senate bills are IDENTICAL, because democrats will use their simple majorities to get WHATEVER they choose via reconciliation.

          Jul 28, 2021 28:44 AM

          GOP……….has lost it………. going along with the Jab…..

    Jul 28, 2021 28:13 AM

    remember everyone, this all is Psyops…..the ‘new’ delta variant cannot yet be discriminated from spike non-vaccine shot reactions and deaths…due to the corruption of the case determinations and the faulty PCR non-test…another day in the non-health cartel non-care corrupt world…odds are that the new non-isloated non-proven covid variants are simply narratives concealing the secondary illness and death due to the original jab, is what i am saying…this con job is required to justify selling the non-booster jabs to further kill the public…the masking up again is the cult conditioning tool previously discussed to trigger the social fear to submit to the future jabs and non-care….it all works on about half the frightened public….

      Jul 28, 2021 28:37 AM

      I doubt your last statement, Larry, since the genomic variation for the delta variant is published.
      (If I remember correctly, it involved 4 amino acid changes.)

      Jul 28, 2021 28:04 AM

      Hey larry………. “masking up …… and ..cult conditioning”…… was exactly what Clive was pointing out in his article at 321gold… ( I think Clive is reading us here in Orphan Land)… lol

        Jul 28, 2021 28:06 AM

        Clives quote………. from the article….
        On the subject of masks. They are of course a fraud and offer no protection, and so the number of people who wear them without question is a testament to how many gullible and stupid people there are in the world. The masks are a submission ritual, designed to condition people to accept orders, however ridiculous,

        Jul 28, 2021 28:12 AM

        I will read that…just playing catch up to your prescient incites Jerry….It is a flim flam game on a global scale , no doubt..

    Jul 28, 2021 28:41 AM

    Hey ……larry………. gave you a note over in the other mining section……
    from an article at 321gold…….. Clive article….. talking about what we have been talking about for months……… good read….

      Jul 28, 2021 28:08 AM

      from the article……..
      So is it a waste of time writing these essays? I don’t think so – if I persuade even a few of you to avoid submitting to the experimental mRNA gene therapies and also to make the kind of survival preparations recommended by Mike Adams at Natural News, it will have been worth it. It is worth listening to at least some of Mike Adams’ daily reports at this time, even though they tend to be long, while he is still on the air, as with Cyber Polygon now in the rearview mirror, the internet could get taken down at any time.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:05 AM

    even more applicable to a variant , obviously….this has been known for years…not one intact virus is isolated…AI simply configures the most likely sequence from fluid milieu which does not prove existence…glta

    Jul 28, 2021 28:35 AM

    Seems to me the charity is in danger of liability for KNOWINGLY aiding the transmission of an infectious disease.
    If one of their knowingly infected residents transmits the disease to someone who has to be hospitalized, just what percentage of liability for the hospital costs might the charity bear?
    There is precedent for liability for knowingly transmitting a disease.
    A most extreme example is a person who knows they have aids, having consensual sex, but failing to inform the other person, not only creates tortuous liability,but criminal liability.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:42 AM
      Jul 28, 2021 28:14 PM


    Jul 28, 2021 28:31 PM

    You really expect someone to go thru 100 links to find something of interest?

    This thread has been dominated with vaccine bad, gonna kill everyone, medical is corrupt, doctors bad, for weeks

    Not really a big deal Jerry, its Als site, if thats what he wants .

      Jul 28, 2021 28:40 PM

      You like 321gold…… Clive has a good one out there….. you should read it…

      Jul 28, 2021 28:56 PM

      it is AL’s site… is his total right to continually guest host retail conventional compliant 99% docs…(the problem)…..until AL blocks the responses, it is bloggers here opposing that warped biased reality and off reality presentations…That is all that is happening…..bbbbb

      Jul 28, 2021 28:17 PM

      Notice……… NO ONE RESPONDED to the SECTION at the very beginning……

        Jul 28, 2021 28:34 PM

        b…….. the above was for you….. I also, responded above……
        If, you do not want to open up any of the other 100 files…
        Just scroll on by…………

          Jul 28, 2021 28:37 PM

          concerning 6 kerites on the site……, you only need 6 to volunteer for Pallbearers….. lol….. 🙂

          Jul 28, 2021 28:10 PM

          thats what i do jerry, i havnt time for dozens & dozens of links.

          Its not an issue, it just is what it is.

            Jul 28, 2021 28:22 PM

            Research……. making sure people have the correct answers……
            I have piece of mind when I get my own answers…..
            Trust but verify…. 🙂

    Jul 28, 2021 28:08 PM

    Is biden so senile he thinks he has the power to silence judges?

    Or are judges so left-wing they don’t care?

    Jul 28, 2021 28:39 PM

    Fauci is now saying the viral load in the nasal passages of a post-vaccination infected person IS THE REASON VACCINATED PEOPLE MUST WEAR MASKS.
    Does Fauci realize that statement is tantamount to saying VACCINES DON’T WORK.


    He can’t have it both ways.

      Jul 28, 2021 28:09 PM

      Fauci….. is a NAZI holdover…..

    Jul 28, 2021 28:05 PM

    Want To Find Vote Fraud? Look No Further Than Nursing …
    Search domain maciverinstitute.com
    Systemic vote fraud in nursing homes is likely rampant not only in Wisconsin, but across the country. “It is absolutely an epidemic,” explained the operator of an assisted living facility in Dane County, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Wisconsin with 70,000 in nursing homes had 260,000 absentee ballots.

    biden’s Theft margin 15,000. (in real life could be 175,000 loss)

      Jul 28, 2021 28:11 PM

      Nothing would surprise me coming out of nursing home……

    Jul 28, 2021 28:23 PM
    Ted Cruz…….. proposal ANTI VAC…PASSPORT………Just in…..

    Jul 28, 2021 28:16 PM

    Today, although most people did not notice, was the day the GOP committed suicide.
    when the representatives agreed to $1.2 trillion spending, including the biggest waste ever thought of on passenger rail.
    This will be followed by $3.5 trillion on Marxist programs later in the year forced upon us by “reconciliation”. Next year the democrats will try to spend $6 trillion and crash the system.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:19 PM

    BiPartisan “Peace in our time”.

    The spending will kill all savings via hyperinflation, even though only for a relatively short time period.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:35 PM

    Jerry…I calmly quietly read the Clive Maud 321 paper…..I remember reading him quickly by chance over the years…I did not fully appreciate the guy…He wrote the best summary statement connecting covid, NWO,Gold, Economy,Euthanasia, etc….

    I have to agree 2021 is the biggest test by man…period… we die slaves or fight to die free……..……..there is but one path, we must kill them all…

      Jul 28, 2021 28:40 PM

      larry…….. I thought you might like it…. since, it comes close to what we have been discussing…..

        Jul 28, 2021 28:41 PM

        When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only freedom a slave knows. That’s why he’s not afraid of it. That’s why we’ll win.


    Jul 28, 2021 28:59 PM

    COMEX option expiration on Tuesday, the 27th…….

    Now gold and silver can rise for a while…….until the next manipulation.

      Jul 28, 2021 28:19 PM

      Gold looking good after hours….. China dams breaking…. the country is being flooded…

    Jul 28, 2021 28:36 PM

    It wouldn’t be the first time the DoJ was wrong, and it probably won’t be the last.

    Read International Law, you Ass-H—, specifically Nuremberg Convention.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:47 PM

    The US leadership is completely corrupt, power-hungry scum.
    I look forward to the coming revolution.

    Impeachment for malfeasance is not enough.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:08 AM

      Mandatory “vaccines” are an act of war against America
      This is not an accident. This is Joe Biden taking orders from Barack Obama and the CCP, both of whom want America to be taken down and dismantled. Attacking the people who run America through a scripted, engineered biological weapons injection scheme is a wartime tactic to achieve that goal.

    Jul 28, 2021 28:43 PM

    Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)
    Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
    Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)
    Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
    Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND)
    Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
    Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND)
    Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
    Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)
    Sen. James Risch (R-ID)
    Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)
    Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)
    Sen. Todd Young (R-IN)

      Jul 29, 2021 29:49 AM

      WHAT A GROUP………… lol………. GOP has lost their minds……

    Jul 28, 2021 28:04 PM

    Slaves to Christ unite with apostle Paul!!! Nobody wants to rape AOC with her skunk face & communist body odor. Senator Lindsay Graham has been snacking on too many crackers.Trump’s last Minute Man, for the time being, ain’t going nowhere

    Jul 29, 2021 29:11 AM

    Why doesn’t the CDC recommend closing the Southern border?
    Because the CDC has always been part of the Administration…..NOT AN INDEPENDENT body (as advertised)

    Jul 29, 2021 29:16 AM


      Jul 29, 2021 29:52 AM

      IMPEACH,IMPEACH, IMPEACH……. says Waters…….. oh, wrong guy…. lol…

    Jul 29, 2021 29:17 AM

    The reason the biden administration admires Cuba is the desire to have total control of citizens, as in Cuba.

    Jul 29, 2021 29:22 AM

    Three Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died, Replaced by Pro-Vaxxers

      Jul 29, 2021 29:48 AM

      I thought you had enough of the COVID POSTING>……….. LOL……..

        Jul 29, 2021 29:48 AM

        Absolutely, but I knew you guys would enjoy it.

          Jul 29, 2021 29:52 AM

          🙂 Absolutely….. 🙂

    Jul 29, 2021 29:24 AM


    At what point do very tolerant Citizens of the U.S. say enough is enough and DEMAND biden change?

    Jul 29, 2021 29:07 AM

    DID YOU KNOW? Last week the rest of the world celebrated
    World Ivermectin Day.

    Because of the success of Ivermectin in treating covid-19
    Such was the success of MSM in suppressing news about therapeutics for covid.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:45 AM

      Thanks…………… SUPPRESSING……. the MICC is hard at work on the sheeple….

    Jul 29, 2021 29:30 AM

    normal for the medical cartel…the mechanism they claim treatments for say as example depression,heart disease, cancer, diabetes are not the reason behind the disease…just derivative findings which allow a drug creation to change a number on a page print out which they call success and well managed….all sales fraud….as you die and rot…same logic behind covid non-treatment and health failure…same over and over..wake up…

      Jul 29, 2021 29:47 AM

      WAKE UP is right…………….

    Jul 29, 2021 29:10 AM

    Come on, man. Just how stupid does the Fed think we are?

    You will not taper. PERIOD.

    The moronic biden administration is hell bent on spending money we don’t have.
    That means the Fed will print more and more until the system breaks.
    You know it. I know it.
    The only thing we don’t know is the breaking point date.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:33 AM

      The Fed knows just about everyone is stupid and afraid…

    Jul 29, 2021 29:39 AM

    another science angle from Boston Mass. billionaire bio-chemist-engineering, geneticist….running for senate against the corrupt system of medical non-health….

    Jul 29, 2021 29:18 AM


    the clear obvious answer…THE ANSWER…HERE ON KER>>>TRUTH
    the answer from the MRNA inventor..TOP dog…not the 99% order followers…those will kill you as they do for a living….take heed b

      Jul 29, 2021 29:32 PM

      oops……. looks like the Jab…. is not so good…. 🙂
      43 million govt workers at risk… I think that is the number….
      Mail carriers are in opposition to the Jab…..
      Biden is a real sweetheart….. Ding Dong JOE…

    Jul 29, 2021 29:54 AM

    Nancy talking about Congress Reps for not wearing masks….

    Article I, Section 6, Clause 1:

    The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:34 PM

      Do any of the 535 Members of Congress………KNOW THE CONSTITUTION…..

        Jul 29, 2021 29:47 PM

        Very few of the 335 million Americans know the constitution. However, the reason why the states will be audited for election fraud is because of people that understand the constitution. It’s not the legislature, nor is it the courts forcing the audit. It’s we the people, and the people that understand their rights under the constitution. And the people are frowning in numbers quickly. There are group in each state taking massive action.

        The 3%’ers are in full beast mode!!
        If your doing nothing, thank them!
        The 3%’ers are going to save the world, yet again!

          Jul 29, 2021 29:49 PM

          Frowning = growing (of course)

          Jul 30, 2021 30:47 AM

          The 3%…….need a leader…..

    Jul 29, 2021 29:03 AM

    Warning: This anecdotal from a very pro-Trump site.

      Jul 30, 2021 30:49 AM

      DId not open the site,…………but,……..Trumpster said ok to get the shot…. hummm

    Jul 29, 2021 29:49 AM

    Covid data from Israel, very strange:

    Significant drop off in vaccine protection as time passes:

    Israel,on average currently after 2 doses, protection against getting:
    Infected, 39% (down from 90%)
    Symptomatic infection, 41%
    Very sick, 8.8%
    Hospitalised, 9.1%

    Israel, protection against infection, 39%

    Those vaccinated in January, 16% protection
    Those vaccinated in February, 44% protection
    Those vaccinated in March, 67% protection
    Those vaccinated in April, 75% protection

    Israel, protection against symptomatic disease, 41%
    Those vaccinated in January, 16% protection
    Those vaccinated in February, 44% protection
    Those vaccinated in March, 69% protection
    Those vaccinated in April, 79% protection

    Israel, protection against hospitalisation, 88%
    Those vaccinated in January, 82% protection
    Those vaccinated in February, 91% protection
    Those vaccinated in March, 89% protection
    Those vaccinated in April, 88% protection

    Israel, protection against severe disease, 91%
    Those vaccinated in January, 86% protection
    Those vaccinated in February, 91% protection
    Those vaccinated in March, 94% protection
    Those vaccinated in April, 84% protection

      Jul 29, 2021 29:55 AM

      strange?..i think that shows infections come in waves…so if measuring happens to begin during a lull it shows up strange or means the vaccine is worthless?..lmao…no idea

    Jul 29, 2021 29:30 PM
    Jul 29, 2021 29:38 PM
    Jul 29, 2021 29:32 PM
    Jul 29, 2021 29:04 PM

    Anyone arrested by Capitol Police for not wearing a mask is actually being arrested under:
    “Unlawful Entry, D.C. Code §22-3302.”

    Jul 29, 2021 29:16 PM

    Please note this is official CDC advice……read it…..and here is my translation:

    The civid-19 vaccines don’t work as well as Fauci promissed, so mask up.
    The masks won’t help you much either, but that the best we’ve got as ideas.
    P.S. We won’t mention anything about vaccines causing blood clots, until there are so many deaths, we don’t have a choice.

    Jul 29, 2021 29:01 PM
    Jul 29, 2021 29:38 PM

    Tell it like it is….

    Elementary, dear Watson.

    Jul 29, 2021 29:25 PM

    difficult for the medical anti-health sociopaths to admit…but ya know….the press is not totally owned yet…lmao💩💩💩🔊📡🤡

    Jul 29, 2021 29:01 PM

    what da?..this attorney thinks the medical non-health scam is crooked and corrupt…that is insulting…lmao

    Jul 29, 2021 29:26 PM

    The Senile pretender:

    (He didn’t win, Judge Janine)

    Jul 30, 2021 30:58 AM

    LMAO…garbage control…CDC steps in to bail out the 99% compliant stooge tool docs from 💩personal patient lawsuits💩…..they must help their stooges or the entire confidence in the system collapses and then doc earns less or nothing…lmao..sue the CDC..lmao…good luck w that..lmao🤡💩😜

    Jul 30, 2021 30:25 AM

    NEW SUBJECT…………………… 🙂

      Jul 30, 2021 30:26 AM

      If America somehow managed to educate millions of college students without burdening them with $2 trillion in debt in 1993, why is it now “impossible” to do so, even as America’s wealth and gross national product (GDP) have both rocketed higher over the past 27 years?

        Jul 30, 2021 30:27 AM

        America is now a moral cesspool, and student loans prove it. Note that the $1.728 trillion isn’t the entire load of debt crushing students; that’s only the securitized student loans. Wily sharpsters have found all sorts of private-debt niches which they sell as “student loans” but which are actually consumer loans. Then there’s the credit card debt from card issuers giving students “student-only cards.” Add it all up and the total likely exceeds $2 trillion.

          Jul 30, 2021 30:30 AM

          THIS REPORTER IS REALLY SLOW…………Been saying it for years….. 🙂
          Journalist Matt Taibbi lays waste to one slice of the student loan racket in The Trillion-Dollar Lie (courtesy of correspondent Joel W.), the legal foundation of the entire parasitic swindle: “students can’t escape student loans in bankruptcy court.” But suppose the legal edifice were to recognize that universities are not “non-profits” but are instead a racketeering cartel?

    Jul 30, 2021 30:01 AM

    I don’t see any safe way out of the financial mess the country is in.

    Theoretically, economists think it is possible to inflate the way out of government overspending. I don’t have a Ph.D. in Economics, but I can do math. I can follow logic.
    The U.S. is messed up in so many ways by politicians’ corrupt stupidity. (Mostly aimed at buying votes or receiving kickbacks.)
    The Main Stream Media is equally culpable, for total failure to report truth.

    When has the media looked in depth recently at the moratorium on mortgage payments and delinquencies. Chatting to senior bankers, it appears multiple eviction suits are being prepared for September.
    We have seen gross distortions in the housing market, caused by covid-19, but anything extant will pale in comparison with what will happen once the mortgage moratorium is lifted. The housing market will undergo substantial change; as might also banking.

    The biden administration seems asleep to future problems.

    Jul 30, 2021 30:02 AM

    LMAO…4:30 minute PFIZER past employee spilling the beans…LMAO….you could not write this stuff as an author…the corruption slime balls and fake quacks know no limits in this culture of the fast buck…she is describing a man made extinction event administered to you by your loving 99% stooge tool docs…lmao…and you pay for it w insurance premiums…feel that……lmao…sad culture sad medical business sad outcome….hurry up everyone and become enlightened would you!📡🔊💥📡🔊💥

    Jul 30, 2021 30:09 AM

    It will be interesting how quickly courts can handle hundreds of thousands of evictions.

    Jul 30, 2021 30:18 AM

    Accurate data is hard to come by, but it appears 3.5% of U.S. mortgages are currently more than 90 days delinquent.
    That translates into about 1.5 million properties.

    The moratorium expires tomorrow

      Jul 30, 2021 30:01 AM

      That is not bad………… just one year supply…..

    Jul 30, 2021 30:20 AM

    We are very close to the biggest banking/housing crisis in history…….
    and the world snoozes.

      Jul 30, 2021 30:04 AM

      The real estate crisis has been going on for years…..
      No way to get out of this one….. Demographics and income….

        Jul 30, 2021 30:07 AM

        Wait till the Jag gets full effect….. 43 million govt workers….. DOA…
        add that to your 1.5 million ,90 days behind ….

    Jul 30, 2021 30:26 AM

    You may think we will have inflation….
    Certainly there are supply chain problems….
    But money supply is the lubricant of inflation,
    and despite government throwing money at the problem, this graph is hard to boost:

    Jul 30, 2021 30:07 AM

    Conspiracy theory?

    Maybe NOT.

    Jul 30, 2021 30:08 AM

    What a farce….Jan 6th hearings.

    Jul 30, 2021 30:53 PM

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test on July 21. The test will be discontinued on December 31, 2021. The organization is now recommending that labs “implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.”

    The PCR test is picking up influenza instead of covid-19

    Jul 30, 2021 30:59 PM
    Jul 30, 2021 30:02 PM

    There is anecdotal evidence coming out of hospital ataff, seeing that vaccinated people are suffering from covid-19, the staff ARE REFUSING TO BE VACCINATED.