Politics and Religion – Weekend Posting

August 7, 2021

I’m really sorry but Al could not get the show done this week. He said the tail end of his week backed up and he would be sure to get a show done for next week.

We hope you all have a great weekend!

    Aug 07, 2021 07:03 AM

    biden has lots of creative marxists laying out his agenda…lmao

    Aug 07, 2021 07:30 AM

    May Big Al be healthy.

      Aug 07, 2021 07:51 AM

      +1 Wishing Big Al health and prosperity.

    Aug 07, 2021 07:19 PM

    Let’s pray that Al does not get a booster shot.

      Aug 07, 2021 07:38 PM

      Hi bonzo … I would like to think , that the Big Fella , is wide awake now. No i dont believe for one minute , that he would take the booster.

    Aug 08, 2021 08:02 AM

    when Al and Jim McKinney aren’t on i really do miss them….


    Aug 08, 2021 08:18 AM

    THE most loyal vaccination nation……in the corporate studies for money…lmao ….screwed the pooch…..irreversible…’hospitals full of vaccinated people’…in three weeks…’we believe the jab is causing/responsible for these new ill patients’…sadsadsad….

    Aug 08, 2021 08:41 AM

    i am from Michigan originally…so TED Nugent is a hero a hero of mine….. I instantly loved his music as an adolescent…….He still thinks like a winner…Self taught maestro playing incredible guitar riffs at an extreme young age…gifted🎻🎹🎶

      Aug 08, 2021 08:01 AM

      Anarchy runs in the family blood of the Irish. RJN

    Aug 08, 2021 08:22 PM

    # FAKE POO’s……. Victora has covid …. They scamed the Aussies !!!!

    Aug 08, 2021 08:28 PM

    The Obama ” FAKE ” variant ….From the ” FAKE ” President… The SCUMMY LIER.

    Aug 08, 2021 08:25 PM
    Aug 08, 2021 08:54 PM

    Defund police

    You’re crazy….Bring back the Death Penalty.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:15 AM

    we should have fought medical tyranny 80 years ago…before americas health was destroyed and converted into a chronic illness profiteering annuity stream…just as simple cures and treatments for Covid have been shelved by the docs ,so was done over the decades for cancer cure, heart disease cure diabetes cure etc……this the business model of rockefeller medical non-health non-care…glta

    Aug 09, 2021 09:30 AM

    ” HAPPY OBOZO ” …… The stuff of nightmares !!!!!

    Aug 09, 2021 09:21 AM

    over the decades you submitted to the medical cartel propaganda…you bowed to retail conventional docs selling you the latest miracle pill/potion sold to them by reps….they reaped nice commissions….you knew it was the other guy that would be crushed by the radiation chemo toxic pills… knew your doc was the real thing… knew nothing….americas health collapsed under this non-care….this failed method is anti-human because it fails to meet human parameters that produce health…you wade through life in an inflamed premature health decline and luv it….now you take the jab for the cue de grau miracle given to you by the medical cartel propaganda and its docs middlemen…glta

      Aug 09, 2021 09:20 AM

      Like I said……. one big HOAX…….

        Aug 09, 2021 09:23 AM

        good to hear from you…yes you did and i repeat, i did think you were daff and under-informed…lmao wrong

        pretty quiet here jerry?

          Aug 09, 2021 09:27 AM

          Not much to say……… all the news….. the well informed, are just getting more confirmation daily, we knew what we were talking about… 🙂
          Glad , you stayed , providing a lot of good backed up info…

            Aug 09, 2021 09:30 AM

            it helps me to speak ones truth against a world of distorted psychotic non-realities…thanx jerry…📡💥🔊

            Aug 09, 2021 09:30 AM
            Aug 09, 2021 09:36 AM

            Are we close to saying bitcoin is not a bitcon yet?

            Aug 09, 2021 09:56 PM

            still a con any way you look at it… backed by what….. wasted electricity…. lol…

            Aug 09, 2021 09:14 PM

            Thats understandable Jerry, thing is, people choose their currency.
            A couple governments are using it now to get away from the american dollar and american sanctions.
            More businesses every day are accepting it as payment.

            Aug 09, 2021 09:54 PM

            On August 9, 2021 at 4:08 pm,
            irishtony says:
            ” CRISIS AT THE IMF ” I have never seen Lynette Zang so angery . This is a much watch , IMO ….41 minutes . …. Do you own PHY. gold & Silver ?.

          Aug 09, 2021 09:33 AM

          Dumb ass govt… going to rob everyone blind…. keep everyone stupid(well, almost everyone)

            Aug 09, 2021 09:22 PM

            I don’t think the government is going for bitcoin. I think it is going for control.
            Once it has worked out control via bitcoin, it will dump bitcoin and introduce its own USfedcoin.

            Aug 10, 2021 10:09 AM

            the govt, already has the control….. the govt. meaning the elites with the corporations, Davos crowd…….. everyone is at it’s mercy……… WE THE PEOPLE…when will
            we/ they ever wake up… really sad.,

      Aug 09, 2021 09:29 PM

      B.S. The CDC couldn’t find its ass in broad daylight.Larry.

      Covid-19 is, was and always will be a bioweapon leaked from Wuhan virology Institute.

      If the CDC couldn’t isolate it does not NEGATE the creation of a bioweapon.
      The Chinese did publish the genomic structure. The Indians isolated it also.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:00 PM

    i wonder when/if this realization becomes fully realized and mainstream…soon i think….🔆💥🔊

      Aug 09, 2021 09:32 PM

      Where did the data come from….hmm! We don’t trust the CDC to isolate the virus, but we do trust them to identify thousand of people dying from it.

        Aug 09, 2021 09:35 PM

        Does vaccination and then death imply vaccination kills?

        Or does it imply high risk people got vaccinated with a fairly useless non-vaccine, and then died.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:49 PM

    The saga of the vaccine that doesn’t seem to work.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:53 PM

    So what Infowars.

    Kerry is known to be rich and a liar.

    So he uses a private jet….BECAUSE HE CAN.
    and he lies about …….BECAUSE HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT USUALLY.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:57 PM

    So the biden political scum gained power by stealing the election.

    Of course they are hiding exculpatory evidence OR THEY WOULD HAVE RELEASED ALL THE VIDEO TAPES.
    scum behaving in character, of which they have little.

    Aug 09, 2021 09:01 PM
    Aug 09, 2021 09:06 PM

    I guess the Joint Chiefs are either ignorant about international law or don’t give a damn.

    Read the Nuremberg agreement on use of experimental medical procedures.


    Aug 09, 2021 09:40 PM

    no covid-19 can be isolated…it is computer simulated from a body fluid milieu…lmao

    phony for real psyops

    Aug 09, 2021 09:39 PM

    Right about now: heartbeat city got us here. Kapernick has cause to celebrate PIGS on ankles. Bye the way, when’s TIGER due back on tour?

    Aug 10, 2021 10:45 AM

    full explanation full linked experts not stooge tool md docs….PROOF provided …the entire thang has been a real psyops and a fake non-demic…lmao…destroyed the economy using the medical non-health cartel as a willing agent of social control….evil genius, anyone?…if you want to have fear if you want to panic it is regarding the non-vaccine rather than the non- pandemic….🤡💩

      Aug 10, 2021 10:04 AM

      Agenda 21, 2030,2050………..

    Aug 10, 2021 10:13 AM

    Covid vaccines have now killed more people than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

    When the US government dropped an atomic bomb on a mostly civilian population of women and children in World War II, it proved that the United States government is willing to commit mass killings of targeted ethnic groups to achieve its strategic goals.

    The internment of Japanese Americans in U.S.-based concentration camps is yet another crime against people of Japanese descent, and it proves again that the United States government is ready and willing to throw its own citizens into concentration camps in order to achieve its own strategic aims………………….
    from brighteon…. today……

      Aug 10, 2021 10:14 AM

      Wonder why they called it TRUMAN WORLD…. lol…….. think about it… 🙂

      Aug 10, 2021 10:08 AM

      Had the U.S. invaded Japan in 1945, there were estimates of 10 to 20 million Japanese citizens committing suicide. Based on what happened on Okinawa. The mass atrocities and killing of targeted Chinese starting in 1937 was the start of how the U.S. got involved in WWII.

        Aug 10, 2021 10:31 AM

        We were involved for the profit……… and elimination of people…… Watson, IBM….
        America was conned, just like it is being conned today…..
        10-20 million will most likely be committing suicide by the JAB…. think about it.
        THink about the elimination of just how many christians were eliminated in those cities…
        Selective targeting….. always more to the story, than just the USA IS GREAT…

          Aug 10, 2021 10:38 AM

          I think the Japanese were already defeated by the time of “Little Boy and Fat Man.”..

            Aug 10, 2021 10:35 AM

            Hirohito was the swing vote in the war council for surrender. That didn’t stop 1000 troops from storming the Imperial Palace to assassinate him. He and an aide barely escaped through a secret tunnel. They took with them the recording of the surrender speech that was broadcast on radio to the Japanese people a few days later.

            Aug 10, 2021 10:38 AM

            Like I said…… always more to the story….. interesting…. 🙂

    Aug 10, 2021 10:15 AM

    based on the graphene oxide effect alone from the non-vaccine …sorry, but eventually the institutions should get this and sell…imho…volatility and chop is elevated today….i suspect profit taking distribution at some point will eclipse the liquidity effort…..i do expect a large gap down on say spy one morning…just when?

    Aug 10, 2021 10:50 AM

    actually read this…profound truth of the destruction caused by modern rockefeller anti-human non-health non-care….profound

      Aug 10, 2021 10:29 AM

      The Rockefeller agenda is as bad as you’ve shown and the evidence proves it. It also goes way beyond just the medical industry but most will push back at the facts no matter what is presented.

        Aug 10, 2021 10:38 AM

        i appreciate your integrity on this important topic Matthew….

    Aug 10, 2021 10:24 AM

    Here Are The 19 RINO traitors Who Voted In Favor Of The Infrastructure Legislation:

    Roy Blunt of Missouri
    Richard Burr of North Carolina
    Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
    Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
    Susan Collins of Maine
    Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
    Mike Crapo of Idaho
    Deb Fischer of Nebraska
    Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    Chuck Grassley of Iowa
    John Hoeven of North Dakota
    Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
    Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
    Rob Portman of Ohio
    Jim Risch of Idaho
    Mitt Romney of Utah
    Dan Sullivan of Alaska
    Thom Tillis of North Carolina
    Roger Wicker of Mississippi

    SCUM every one.

    Aug 10, 2021 10:26 AM

    Why do people re-elect these traitors who are likely to vote like a democrat

    Aug 10, 2021 10:28 AM

    Why do Republicans not dump McConnell as party leader?

    Aug 10, 2021 10:33 AM

    How many counts of manslaughter was he guilty of?

    Just another sleazy politician.

    Aug 10, 2021 10:24 PM

    Read the Elite Covid-19 Passport very carefully. Then watch the short vidio at the bottom of page.

    Aug 10, 2021 10:37 PM
    Aug 10, 2021 10:48 PM

    Are any of you Americans on here , aware of this. What the hell is going on in your country. There was a time when the rest of the world looked up to America , now people around the world, laugh at America…. How the MIGHTY fall …. SAD.

      Aug 10, 2021 10:36 PM

      this systemic institutionalized organized liberal marxist revolution is very hard on me…..😥😥🤔❓..i am looking for a safe space…lmao……they have a good full deck right now…things could change rapidly but it seems remote…no idea…i have trouble accepting they are winning…my2 Irish…..

        Aug 10, 2021 10:54 PM

        Hi larry. What happened ? it would appear that some time ago , people stoped looking, listening , & speaking out. … I call it The Brass Monkey Syndrome.

          Aug 10, 2021 10:49 PM

          just trying to cover my sorrow w humor…not doing so great….Irish maybe you could,over time, explain why Ireland is doing better resisting the global marxist take down? thanx

    Aug 10, 2021 10:05 PM

    The Oregon bill has nothing to do with “helping students of color”.
    The liberal West coast states are beholden to teachers unions for getting democrats elected. The teachers, as a whole, do a lousy job. The current effort is to LOWER graduation standards so not as many students fail.
    Fewer students failing gets less bad publicity……less criticism.
    We need to abolish tenure.
    We need to encourage more minority teachers…i.e. MEN.
    But, overall we need to bring teaching into the twenty-first century.
    Teaching techniques currently are hundreds of years out-of-date in utilizing modern technology.
    Too few STEM related courses are emphasized.

      Aug 10, 2021 10:30 PM

      Hi CFS… I agree 100% with what you just wrote. You must be so dissgusted with what’s going on with education today, having spent most of your working live , trying to give your students the best education you could, leading to a better future for them.

    Aug 10, 2021 10:23 PM

    If your born with a D**K, you’re not a chick.
    Watch this video , read the article, then read the comment section below.
    Who do you think was right , the chick with the d**k , or the shop owner. ?

    Aug 10, 2021 10:58 PM


    Aug 10, 2021 10:42 PM
    Aug 11, 2021 11:00 AM

    Red Alert: Covid internment camps announced in America

    On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due process or respect for civil rights. Individuals can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

    Aug 11, 2021 11:46 AM

    psych and psychiatry will always be enemies of humanity…historically and going forward…totalitarian states use the industry for malevolent social control…all legal since they are licensed professionals…glta🤡💩

    Aug 11, 2021 11:28 AM

    The real enemy of my country is the despicable biden pretendency, that is deliberately trying to destroy my country.
    Just like a four-year childish imbecile, “If I can’t legitimately rule over your country, I’m going to destroy it.”

    Aug 11, 2021 11:22 AM

    I do not know if Rand Paul said so, as intro portrays…..

    Aug 11, 2021 11:51 AM

    I published the PDF site for Tennessee Exec. Order 83 above. Read the text…….I do not see CDC internment camps in the order.

    I am NOT JAPANESE, and if the U.S. thinks it can intern Full Blooded Americans without a fight, I am prepared to die over the issue. They have bigger guns, so they will win, but not without casualties of innocent fools following “unconstitutional orders.”

      Aug 11, 2021 11:17 PM

      I did not see it either………
      I posted the NOTICE…. for a heads up… reported by brighteon…….so, there ya go…

        Aug 11, 2021 11:22 PM

        are the guys who published the brighteon …… DEMS…. lol……..
        might have to recheck some of their works…..
        always a snake in the grass in the edges of the swamp…..Uncle Wally 1988

    Aug 11, 2021 11:02 PM

    Cliffy time drip, drip, here comes the age of Aquarius….

    Aug 11, 2021 11:04 PM

    The streets of Philadelphia—-The sad decay continues.
    This scene is repeated in almost every major city accross the US. What a shame , such a Proud Nation going to pot……. All by design , IMO.

      Aug 11, 2021 11:14 PM

      ditto………sad…….and by design……… middle is history……

    Aug 11, 2021 11:06 PM

    Or is Cliffy just High ?

    Aug 11, 2021 11:13 PM


    using gold tp purchase food in Venezuela.

    18.25 mins.

      Aug 11, 2021 11:13 PM

      Venny still does not have it’s 31 tons of gold back from London…

    Aug 11, 2021 11:04 PM

    Arnie, go back to Austria, no RINOs wanted here, and….

    Don’t come Baack.

    Aug 11, 2021 11:39 PM

    Hillary is a crook, was a crook, and probably always will be a crook until the jail door is slammed.

    Aug 11, 2021 11:43 PM

    The Clinton Foundation always was a Clinton slush fund.

    Billy and Hilly MUST GO TO JAIL as a warning to future scum.

    Trump failed badly, not to lock them up.

      Aug 11, 2021 11:42 PM

      ditto………. really bad….. failed campaign promise….

    Aug 11, 2021 11:48 PM

    Of course senile Joe doesn’t remember.
    He can’t even remember where the door to the White House is.

      Aug 11, 2021 11:30 PM

      Salute the Marines!

    Aug 11, 2021 11:20 PM

    Remember the election that Trump won……*0 million to biden’s 68 million.

    China was dirty… enemy…..machines manipulated.

    The truth is coming….

    Aug 11, 2021 11:24 PM

    Remember the election that Trump really won 80 million votes to biden’s 68 million votes.

    The truth is coming…..just wait. NOT MY PRESIDENT.

    Aug 11, 2021 11:27 PM

    China was dirty in rigging some of the machine votes and lying, cheating scum democrats did the rest.

    Aug 11, 2021 11:35 PM

    Poor old joe……
    he really does not realize it’s so long past his sell-by date.

    Aug 11, 2021 11:04 PM
    Aug 12, 2021 12:02 AM

    The senile pretender does not get it.
    He works for the people…..they have a right to know.

    Aug 12, 2021 12:12 AM{%22search%22:[%224980%22]}&s=2&r=2

    Unbelievable and in violation of the Nuremberg Treaty.

    Aug 12, 2021 12:45 AM

    It is about time Maricopa County election official were charged. How about TREASON?

      Aug 12, 2021 12:33 AM

      The DOJ’s opinion, which noted that some have questioned the legality of such mandates, concluded that federal law concerning the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorizations on COVID-19 vaccines do not “prohibit public or private entities from imposing vaccine requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those authorized under EUAs.”

        Aug 12, 2021 12:36 AM

        Sounds like BS….. DOJ….. off it’s rocker…. jmo
        The initiative echoes a mandate from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which implemented the policy soon after the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel determined in late July that it was legal for private businesses and public agencies to require COVID-19 vaccines.

          Aug 12, 2021 12:45 AM

          trick is when will the “emergency use” end….. humm….. for the flu….

    Aug 12, 2021 12:51 AM

    Cliff should be a KER guest…if he is half correct it is beyond heavy…it is biblical

      Aug 12, 2021 12:16 PM

      I thought I heard him say FDA approval for these potions isn’t coming…I think he couldn’t be more wrong on that. Full approval is coming and you can take that to the bank. I would be stunned if the approval wasn’t granted by fall.

        Aug 12, 2021 12:00 PM

        It cannot be approve under historic guidelines for another 3+ years, but the scum can always change rules.

          Aug 12, 2021 12:04 PM

          This is what Cliff Pie said:

          There are legal prohibitions with an Emergency Use Authorization product. This is not approved by the FDA. As much as they are talking about it, I don’t think it will ever be approved by the FDA.

          He couldn’t be more wrong. These potions are going to be approved, most likely next month, certainly before the end of October. Once it’s approved the gooberment will start firing gooberment employees who refuse. Same will happen in the private sector. And that’s just the start.

    Aug 12, 2021 12:32 AM

    Well boys, it’s Saigon 1975 all over again…remember that one?

    20 years and well over a trillion dollars plus thousands of Amerocons killed and tens of thousands of Amerocons wounded…and God only knows how many locals.

    Your tax dollars at work…and not one person in the goooberment ever held responsible….and the Neoturds who helped make it all possible keep right on going.

    And goooberment grand?

      Aug 12, 2021 12:33 AM

      Grand theft…and murder…that is…will the sheeple ever realize gooberment is nothing but a criminal enterprise…

      Aug 12, 2021 12:14 PM

      It it seems like just yesterday Bushie was telling us “Freedumb is on the march” there…but that was nearly 20 years ago…now Bushie like Hunter Biden makes paintings….

      Aug 12, 2021 12:17 PM

      Hah! Here’s what that criminal retard Bush said in 2005…and Communist News Network dutifully spread this drivel…how you boys like those “remarkable developments?” To bad the criminal retard didn’t stick to finger painting instead of becoming Emperor.

      Bush: Freedom on the march

      Saturday, March 5, 2005 Posted: 1:21 PM EST (1821 GMT)

      WASHINGTON (CNN) — Noting the “remarkable developments” spreading from Cairo to Kabul, President Bush said Saturday that “the trend is clear: In the Middle East and throughout the world, freedom is on the march.”

      Aug 12, 2021 12:05 PM

      Who gives a damn.
      Afghanistan is useless hilly country, with minimal resources…..the Brits, the Ruskies and now the Yanks have failed there…..who cares, except maybe some illiterate peasants.
      And some stupid news guys.

        Aug 12, 2021 12:32 PM

        I give a damn enough to want the trillion plus dollars back! And if that can’t happen how about stringing up the criminal b@stards responsible! But when you live in a country run by criminals that’s not going to happen either.

          Aug 13, 2021 13:41 AM

          aaaah, we shouldnt hold a grudge, the mic needs big profit.
          Honustly I dont understand why tax dollars dont go directly to the mic, heck we could invade every small defenseless country on the planet. Well, at least bomb the heck out of them all.

    Aug 12, 2021 12:18 PM

    smart teachers and parents…well said regarding the political correctness garbage…🤡🤡🤡..

    Aug 12, 2021 12:41 PM

    Remember U.S. exit from Vietnam…….well here comes a repeat from Kabul.

    What an ass sits in the White House.

      Aug 13, 2021 13:53 AM

      they are all asses……. retards … money hungry sobs…….

    Aug 13, 2021 13:11 AM
    Aug 13, 2021 13:00 AM

    Yup, 50% of the worlds population should die off in about 18 months.
    Better focus on the ol bucket list pretty quick.

    The other 50% get to die real slow from the fires and major droughts.

    Siberia fires are now larger than all the rest of the planets fires combined, the smoke has hit Nunavut and Greenland.

    Aug 13, 2021 13:44 AM

    Email from podesta to clinton

    Governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia provide financial and logistical support to isil and radical sunni groups

    Aug 13, 2021 13:10 PM

    Anyone care about this??? Over $2.2 trillion it cost you…what did Bush tell the Hurricane Katrina FEMA guy…Brownie…you’re doin’ a heckuva job…Well Bushie and the neoturds did one heckuva job…on the Ameroconned tax serfs…

      Aug 13, 2021 13:11 PM

      But it’s not over…your criminal government has plans to give “aid” (your money) to the Taliban…is that bat sh*t crazy or what?

    Aug 13, 2021 13:15 PM

    Par for the course Eb,
    follow what they do on southfront if you want to see just how psychopathic the U.S. government is.
    Most of what they do is not reported by msm.