Weekend Show Segment 6 – Rick Ackerman

August 16, 2021

Here is Segment 6 from this last weekend’s show. Big Al and Rick Ackerman continue their discussion on US politics and Covid.

    Aug 16, 2021 16:27 PM

    The Republicans are spineless, or led by spinelesss McConnell.
    They are gutless. They don’t even have the courage to throw out the RINOs that often vote with the democrats.
    The critical problem is the dollar and the debt, not the stock market.
    Stock markets go up and down and that usually will not bring down a country.
    BUT when a country prints money to cover the cost of carrying its debt, the currency goes down, and e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y that destroys the banking system, all the savings and pension funds and then society.

    Aug 16, 2021 16:35 PM

    Hi AL…. Thanks for having Mr Ackerman back on ( its been quite awhile ) I like listening to Him, He say’s it as it is. He is one guy i would like to sit down with , & have a drink & chat with. Bring Rick back on more often.

    Aug 16, 2021 16:35 PM

    .AAA……. Afgan, Ackerman and American Terrors…. What do they all have in common…
    Give up…. none of them like Uncle Joe…. lol……. What a World.
    Send the wrecker in and pick up the pieces of an administration gone MAD…..
    Telly Band…… Afgan…. Willy Wonka…..
    Joe’s Press Sect. is a moron… with freckles……

    Aug 16, 2021 16:23 PM
    Aug 16, 2021 16:36 PM

    one of the cycles in play probably….not lookin good, for sure……

      Aug 16, 2021 16:44 PM

      Circling around the maul berry tree…. lol…… 🙂
      Bear territory for sure, mauling your way to success…. lol..
      Uncle Wally…1988

    Aug 16, 2021 16:51 PM

    I wonder how many Afghan terrorists are about to cross our southern border.

    Aug 16, 2021 16:17 PM

    What a pathetic waste of breath….

    The Taliban must be laughing heir heads off in celebration.

      Aug 16, 2021 16:23 PM

      agreed..what da heck is he babbling about…….he should feel shame for this way of lying… first……. a 6X clown chit award…🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩

        Aug 16, 2021 16:45 PM

        Styx sticks: Build Back Better refers to the bird nest atop our Commander in Chief’s head. Chief? Shouldn’t the PC crowd change that name to:: parrot
        This post dedicated with all due respect to honor THE WALL

    Aug 16, 2021 16:59 PM

    discussing the steal…around 9 minutes…’yes people can be this evil.’

    Aug 17, 2021 17:53 AM

    Who made biden God?
    Authorized spending comes from the House of Representatives.

    Impeach the bastard.

    Aug 17, 2021 17:59 AM

    Remember when…..
    It was probably one of the worst trades in history, even worse than Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi or Kobe Bryant for Vlade Divac.
    Back in 2014, the traitor Obama traded five Taliban commanders for one American who, we were led to believe, had been captured by the Taliban. Obama did all he could to make the swap seem noble: He said at the time that the recovery of Sgt. Bergdahl was “a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield,”(Yeh,right) and the five Taliban jihadis were sent to Qatar, where they would supposedly to be kept out of trouble.
    Seven years later, Bergdahl is known as a deserter, not a hero: In 2017, he pleaded guilty to desertion and was given a dishonorable discharge. And now Khairullah Khairkhwa, one of the jihadis Obama traded for Bergdahl, is among the Taliban leadership that just took Kabul.

      Aug 17, 2021 17:10 AM

      Sent to Qatar, I posted an email that Assange exposed that showed (proof) Saudi and Qatar support these evil “terrorists”, and geez, Hilly and Billy knew all about it.

      Is anyone gonna figure out the americans,Israelis etc support isis etc,

      Anyone figure out why they want Assange dead?

        Aug 17, 2021 17:21 AM

        It is certain, the sheeple have not figured it out……

    Aug 17, 2021 17:59 AM

    Russian Christian TV Offers Sodomites 1-Way Tickets to California – Many Eagerly Apply (Video)
    Western media heavily criticized the channel’s offer to sexual deviants

      Aug 17, 2021 17:38 AM

      “In the future it will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he is over 60-65 years of age, man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly. Then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the stupid ones.

      Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we cannot execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe it is for their own good. Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive.

      Thinking of a RETIREMENT VILLAGE….. lol……. DOA…. Shots required… duh

        Aug 17, 2021 17:06 AM

        I read that, anyone think they might escape?

        Will there be enuff people to bury the dead?

        If you follow it thru, this thinking is talking about the extinction of our species.

        Well, dropping to 500 million anyway according to the guidestones.
        Close enuff.

          Aug 17, 2021 17:39 AM

          Dropping 500 million what? Are you referring to people or dollars.

          Regarding the extinction of our species, please elaborate as soo as you can. Thanks B!

            Aug 17, 2021 17:17 PM

            Georgia Guidestones

            Monument in Georgia
            The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1979 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

            These stones state the population of the planet needs to drop to 500 million.

            Last time I checked noone was sure where these stones came from, or who put them there.
            Maybe is new info I dont know tho.

      Aug 17, 2021 17:10 AM

      Strange, they torture Assange to death for exposing 1 nations war crimes, but a person exposing the extinction of the entire species is permitted to spread the news.

      Thats gotta make ya go hmmmm.

        Aug 17, 2021 17:37 AM

        I agree and I will be curious to see what you think of The Daily Editorial and all of its content which I will be recording with Jim in twenty minutes.

    Aug 17, 2021 17:54 AM


    I find this goal hard to believe in……what do i know though….

    Aug 17, 2021 17:39 AM

    Clif High with the down low: