A look ahead to key price drivers for commodities

August 20, 2021

Craig Hemke, Founder of TF Metals Report joins us to discuss the broad based drop in commodity prices. In the past couple weeks everything from base metals to energy to battery metals has been dropping. We look ahead to what upcoming events will be key catalysts for the commodity sector broadly.

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    Aug 20, 2021 20:37 PM

    Gold Update Undercut Right On Cue

    Smart Money Tracker – Gary Savage – Aug 18, 2021

    Aug 20, 2021 20:45 PM

    Market participants analyze FOMC minutes and await the start of the Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole Wyoming next week

    Gary Wagner – The Gold Forecast – 08/19/2021

      Aug 20, 2021 20:05 PM

      Fed Chair Powell To Speak On ‘Economic Outlook’ Next Week

      August 20, 2021 – by Ann Saphir Editing by Chris Reese and Sam Holmes

      “Minutes of the Fed’s July meeting suggest policymakers are coalescing around beginning to taper their $120 billion in monthly asset purchases before the end of the year.”

      “Some analysts expect Powell to lay out a clearer roadmap next week, particularly if he wants to keep the door open to an earlier start to tapering as favored by some Fed policymakers worried by recent high readings on inflation. Powell himself has argued that those readings are likely temporary.”

    Aug 20, 2021 20:06 PM

    Musk the Martian is building a Tesla Bot to takeover mundane operations from humans, however; technology is much more sinister than the vaccine. The Bots are coming to replace you. Humans will soon be an extinct species.

      Aug 20, 2021 20:26 PM

      DT – That is unless the humans merge with the robots….

      Transhumanism is well underway. Just look at the kids glued to their devices. Soon they’ll just embed the devices into the people, so they can always be “plugged in.”

        Aug 20, 2021 20:31 PM

        Then of course, there is the school of thought in Posthumanism:

        “In her book ‘How We Became Posthuman,’ N. Katherine Hayles, writes about the struggle between different versions of the posthuman as it continually co-evolves alongside intelligent machines.”

        “Such coevolution, according to some strands of the posthuman discourse, allows one to extend their subjective understandings of real experiences beyond the boundaries of embodied existence. According to Hayles’s view of posthuman, often referred to as technological posthumanism, visual perception and digital representations thus paradoxically become ever more salient. Even as one seeks to extend knowledge by deconstructing perceived boundaries, it is these same boundaries that make knowledge acquisition possible. The use of technology in a contemporary society is thought to complicate this relationship.”

        “Hayles discusses the translation of human bodies into information (as suggested by Hans Moravec) in order to illuminate how the boundaries of our embodied reality have been compromised in the current age and how narrow definitions of humanness no longer apply. Because of this, according to Hayles, posthumanism is characterized by a loss of subjectivity based on bodily boundaries. This strand of posthumanism, including the changing notion of subjectivity and the disruption of ideas concerning what it means to be human, is often associated with Donna Haraway’s concept of the cyborg.”

        “However, Haraway has distanced herself from posthumanistic discourse due to other theorists’ use of the term to promote utopian views of technological innovation to extend the human biological capacity (even though these notions would more correctly fall into the realm of transhumanism).

          Aug 20, 2021 20:35 PM

          So you see DT, it’s all going to be OK. Soon the globalist elites will rule via Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet Of Things, and will encase the planet in Technocratic rule. If we leave the planet then we’ll just take these ideas with us to other ones, just like people fleeing the failed policies of marxist nanny states are taking their terrible philosophies with them to the more appealing tax environments and business climates in the more conservative states, so they can ruin them too. 🙂

          So no need to panic, the puppet master elites have a plan, although each individuals part to play is becoming more entrained with technological pulse of the day.

          Oh…. and have a relaxing weekend 😉

          Aug 20, 2021 20:55 PM

          Ex, surely you don’t think they will stop with Transhumanism or Posthumanism: They may tell you what you want to hear but reality is much different. Technology waits for no species. We will be preserved when they want to clone us for a zoo visit. Humans do not have the intelligence to stop their demise.

            Aug 20, 2021 20:46 PM

            Don’t worry DT. They aren’t telling me anything that I want to hear, and I agree with your point about the force of technology on all species it interacts with.

            As for the human zoon, we’re pretty much already there. Can you imagine other sentient beings rolling up on planet Earth and watching the what we’ve been up to the the last few thousand years, up through this week? When the robots and AI start analyzing things, it will be a big “Does Not Compute” error code, and we’ll be culled for the greater good. Sure they’ll keep a few carbon-based lifeforms around for the nostalgia look back, and doubt we were their creators. (just like in the book I Robot). Cheers!

            Aug 20, 2021 20:07 PM

            I, Robot (2004) Trailer


    Aug 20, 2021 20:03 PM

    Don’t discount the Power of Krell Money — Just add another Zero !!

      Aug 20, 2021 20:08 PM
        Aug 20, 2021 20:47 PM

        Good one BDC. Forbidden Planet – a classic!

          Aug 20, 2021 20:09 PM

          Don’t forget Kurt Vonnegut–Slaughterhouse Five. Billy Pilgrim and Hollywood starlet Montana Wildhack are whisked away to distant planet Tralfalmador where the Tralfalmadorians display them beneath a transparent dome. Can’t recall Billy Pilgrim’s actor but Valerie Perrine’s Montana Wildhack had any red blooded American male watching begging to be taken.

            Aug 21, 2021 21:19 AM

            Valerie Perrine, the first woman to show a full upper body frontal on TV in the 1970’s.

            Aug 21, 2021 21:00 AM

            Yes, Slaughterhouse Five – another classic from the great writer Kurt Vonnegut. His The Sirens of Titan, about the whole planet of machines comes to mind as well. Another great story from Vonnegut was Cats Cradle and featured the ultimate commodity trend – Ice Nine.

    Aug 20, 2021 20:10 PM

    86% of new covid cases in Israel fully vaccinated…