Company Updates From Management – Tue 31 Aug, 2021

GMG – General update on the THERMAL-XR and a Webinar upcoming on Thursday

Craig Nichol, Founder and President of Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) (TSX.V:GMG) joins me to recap the recant news highlighting independent testing of the THERMAL-XR division and a financing for around $11million. We also provide a preview for the Webinar upcoming on Thursday, September 2, at 2pm PT (5pm ET). Please send me all your questions whether you are able to attend or not. My email is

Click here to sign up for the GMG Webinar on Thursday.

  1. On August 31, 2021 at 11:29 am,
    Terry Huebert says:

    This is an interesting company. Thank you for following GMG.