Company Updates From Management – Tue 14 Sep, 2021

Lakewood Exploration – A new silver exploration play holding 3 past producing mines in Idaho and Nevada

Morgan Lekstrom, President of Lakewood Exploration (CSE:LWD – OTC:LWDEF) joins us to provide a comprehensive overview of the Company and its focus on silver exploration in Idaho and Nevada. The Company holds the Silver Strand Mine in Idaho and just acquired 2 more silver projects, Eliza and the Silverton Silver Mine, in Nevada. In total the Company holds 3 past producing silver mines.

We focus on the 3 Projects and the upcoming exploration programs at each, including drilling at the Silver Strand Mine starting shortly. One other note is the Company name change that is in the AGM material. The new Company name will be Silver Hammer Mining.

Please email us any questions you have for Morgan regarding Lakewood Mining. Our email addresses are and

Click here to visit the Lakewood Exploration website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

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