In the past both Obama and Biden supported strong borders.

Big Al
September 26, 2021
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As long as we are Constitutionally Able to Opine we will!
    Sep 26, 2021 26:38 PM

    Here is the latest LAW on the subject of the southern border.

    A PDF for actual text is available.
    I can find no law passed that supersedes this Act.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:58 PM

      Law…. humm…. does that still exist…. could have fooled me… 🙂

        Sep 26, 2021 26:47 PM

        I hope that it does and that true American Politicians and will make sure that the mistakes being made by the untrue American Politicians are corrected.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:46 PM

      Pretty plain and simply and it has not changed. Thank ou CFS

    Sep 26, 2021 26:41 PM

    biden and his minions simply flout the actual law every day.
    I simply do not understand how they are not impeached for dereliction of duty and in jail.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:48 PM

      If you every figure it out please let us know.

        Sep 26, 2021 26:08 PM

        I assume most people respect power.

        Most of my life I have respected only intellect and knowledge.
        My disrespect of stupid people even if they have power has tended to get me in trouble.
        I honor the presidency, but am utterly disgusted by its occupant.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:54 PM

    Contrary to many expert commentators, I believe the CCP will bail out (or at least partially bail out with nationalization.)
    Considering the amount of money involved and the existing level of Chinese debt, this will be extraordinarily difficult.
    I suspect pure monetization of debt will be necessary. This would be interesting because it would cause the RMB to drop, making Chinese exports cheaper……probably much cheaper.
    (It does not mean export volume would necessarily increase, because China appears to be raw material limited.)
    (Long term, however, it would lead to price inflation in China because of raw material and food import price rises. This, at least, would stop China’s export of deflation.)

      Sep 26, 2021 26:50 PM

      Huge number and I am curious to see just how much economic impact that huge number will ultimately have!

      Sep 26, 2021 26:51 PM

      You heard it there and you, obviously, also heard it here from Mr. Morgan!

    Sep 26, 2021 26:06 PM

    Have you considered to possibility that if Republicans ever grow a spine,and a majority in both Houses, biden and those who stole the election, take bribes, and are generally corrupt politicians, could spend the rest of their lives in jail.
    Thus they might believe getting enough votes is a life and death issue.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:53 PM

      Already pretty close to a life and death issue for them when you stop and think about it.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:28 PM
      Sep 26, 2021 26:00 PM

      Problem with Judicial Watch…. they just Watch, no action … DOA…. 🙂
      Day late and a dollar short….. for years….

        Sep 26, 2021 26:55 PM

        We are doing all that we can, as I am sure they are, to let information be our weapon of choice.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:30 PM
      Sep 26, 2021 26:00 PM

      I, personally, would like to see that specific audit happen. That should put the qestion to bed once and for all.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:07 PM

      Pretty careful with his answers, but realistically pretty truthful.

      Thank you for all of your informmative links, CFS.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:11 PM

    Disgraceful lack of CDC action.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:08 PM

      I have not heard good things about this person.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:03 PM

    Freaking Sad…. FOR WHAT…..

      Sep 26, 2021 26:17 PM

      Arlington National Cemetery ….

      Sep 26, 2021 26:22 PM

      Just went through that ceremony recently as you know. The daughter may have been truthful, but she did disrespect her Dad.

    Sep 26, 2021 26:04 PM

    covid=19 is a bioengineered weaponized flu with a twist. The vaccines don’t prevent covid-19, but they might kill you, so play Russian roulette Pfizer-style.

      Sep 26, 2021 26:29 PM

      gerald goes ballistic… lol… listened to that last night….

    Sep 26, 2021 26:52 PM
      Sep 26, 2021 26:02 PM

      Ditto…….. “stay on top of the trend”… or “you are going to lose”…. GC…

        Sep 26, 2021 26:23 PM

        Mr. Celente is an interesting man!

      Sep 26, 2021 26:27 PM

      Probably not, but if he is breaking laws, he does need or his puppetier needs to pay!

      Sep 26, 2021 26:29 PM

      61 years of age, sick, etc and charged with assulting a police officer?

      Sep 26, 2021 26:31 PM

      “From Holacust Survivors we have become lab rats”? Oh well!

    Sep 27, 2021 27:05 PM


    1. The vaccines are NOT vaccines under normal definition of a vaccine.
    2. They do not prevent the disease.
    3. They may, in fact, increase spread of the disease, since the viral load of an infected vaccinated person has been measured many times that of unvaccinated infect persons.
    4. biden is stretching the application of OSHA.

    Sep 27, 2021 27:38 PM

    the smell of napalm in the morning… it or leave it!……war on civilians is the new norm now globally…we used to just pick on Vietnamese, Korean’s, Iraqi, afghans, …etc…….welcome to the club

    Sep 27, 2021 27:10 PM

    Folks. Be carefull what you post over on the other page , it would appear , that some pigs are more equal than others. …. I F***ing hate censoreship.

      Sep 27, 2021 27:15 PM

      Hey Tony,…… Hope you are OK, …
      The heated exchanges are sometimes, what we need to express our thoughts and feelings , in this messed up world….Better than using a gun… 🙂
      Frustrating times for sure, …
      JMO……. a good Rant , now and then clears the mind…. LOL… Best

        Sep 27, 2021 27:32 PM

        All, is being clarified,…. You should be getting an email…(from the establishment)

    Sep 27, 2021 27:25 PM

    It has come to my attention that there is a pompous arrogant twat , posting comments on the KER blog. But we are not allowed to call him out , due to the fact that he corosponds with the moderator , by email to gain sympaty….. sad

      Sep 27, 2021 27:36 PM


      Sep 27, 2021 27:59 PM

      I have not been frequenting the regular Kereport blog much recently, so who is the “arrogant twat”. I’ll be happy to take him on, if I disagree with his comments……as someone who does not care if banned.

        Sep 28, 2021 28:08 AM

        Hi cfs….. Thanks. But you would be wasting your time with the person. Hint , go over to the other page , you will work out in a minute , who it is.

    Sep 27, 2021 27:40 PM

    RAT # 2 Jumps Ship ………………. The Candy Jar Boys & Girls Club.

      Sep 27, 2021 27:08 PM

      Just saw that one….. Rats running for cover…..

    Sep 27, 2021 27:52 PM

    David Ryder, head of U.S. Mint got one week’s notice from Yellen on Friday.

    Yellen is replacing him with a female puppet, so there must have been some kind of blow up at the mint, I’m guessing.

    Sep 27, 2021 27:18 PM
    Sep 27, 2021 27:22 PM
    Sep 27, 2021 27:26 PM

    In that case, you lying piece of scum, why do you need the debt ceiling raised ?

    Sep 27, 2021 27:33 PM

    Since when has planting trees, as infrastructure expenditure, been a FEDERAL NECESSITY ?

    Answer: Because Democrat-run big cities are bankrupt.
    The Federal Democrats are funneling money in to bail them out, without it looking like a bail-out.
    The Democrats are lying, AS USUAL.
    The Democrats have no control on spending, as usual.
    And most Republicans are spineless, as usual.

    Sep 27, 2021 27:36 PM

    I guess planting trees in big cities might give something to hide behind when the bullets fly:

    But I’d rather put the criminals in jail.

    Sep 27, 2021 27:39 PM
      Sep 27, 2021 27:29 PM

      The world has gone MAD….. Police arresting the wrong people….

    Sep 27, 2021 27:24 PM

    Federal Contractors Must Show Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination by Dec. 8
    Companies doing business with the federal government must name a person to coordinate implementation and compliance with the vaccine mandate for covered employees.

    I don’t believe that will pass SCOTUS scrutiny

    Sep 28, 2021 28:30 AM

    Insanity may result when simple cures are withheld…..

    Sep 28, 2021 28:48 AM

    I pity the ignorance of U.S. leadership.

    But that’s what may happen when an election is stolen.

    Sep 28, 2021 28:53 AM

    We get even the most eloquent people supporting masks.

    It really is a pity they are so ignorant and speak in blacks and whites…

    Even I, who thought I was highly informed, thought masks, while not stopping spread of covid, migh reduce spread……….In face of hard data, this might be wrong.

    Sep 28, 2021 28:26 AM

    At 321 Bob posts another vaccine kills all doctors want you dead article.

    I skimmed thru it.

    2 points I noticed then stopped, first it says hospitals have not been overwhelmed, well, here in alberta children requiring life saving surgerys havnt been able to get them due to beds full of unvaccinated covid patients.
    Transfers between provinces have had to be done.
    For our american freinds, most provinces are much larger than most states.
    Transfers are not “across the street”.

    Last I read 88% of covid patients are unvaccinated.

    2nd point, beyond ridiculous, masks dont work, really?
    Not coughing on other people does not reduce the spread of germs, hmmm, why the heck do surgeons wear them during surgery?
    Heck, why wash their hands? silly surgeons.

    With statements like that I have to wonder if the rest of the article is worth even considering.

    I have no doubt anti vaxers will find nothing but fault with my logic, germs so small they go thru masks for example, except they travel in spit which is not too small to go thru masks but who cares when a good conspiracy can be had?

    On the other hand, if we look at covid as a bio weapon meant to kill large percentages of the population, why the heck should we defend ourselves?

    How many times have we heard here thats exactly what it is? A bio weapon, or have we changed our thinking?

    I guess I am completely ignorant, o well.

    Vaccinated and still alive, the extra ear comes in handy too. 😉

      Sep 28, 2021 28:41 AM

      “88% of all covid patients are unvaccinated” IS AN UNTRUE STATEMENT.

      To be precise, it is time and location dependent.
      To disprove the statement, just look at Israel stats….where most people are vaccinated, the vast majority of covid patients, and most deaths are concurring in vaccinated people.

      Further, since vaccinated persons have been shown to have a much higher viral load when needing hospitalization, vaccination itself might be contributing to the spread.

      It appears that, in the short term, vaccination leads to a reduction in death rate for older people.
      However, it may also be that natural immunity is significant in achieving herd immunity…….as may be seen from results in Sweden.

        Sep 28, 2021 28:47 AM

        Home | Israel News
        Israel’s 20% Unvaccinated Now Account for Half of All Serious COVID-19 Cases
        While serious cases among a minority of Israelis who are not vaccinated against COVID are steadily rising, among vaccinated people they seem to have plateaued

          Sep 28, 2021 28:53 AM

          Home | Israel News
          These Israeli COVID-19 Graphs Prove Pfizer Vaccine Works
          Unvaccinated Israeli elderly are eight times more likely to experience a severe case of COVID-19 than their immunized counterparts, according to Health Ministry data

          Not sure why people insist on referring to Israel with incorrect info.
          There is much more to dispute your inaccuracies but whats the point?

          As I said cfs, anti vaxers will attack, seems to be 2 camps vax/antvax.

          So, why defend against a bioweapons and why do surgeons wear masks that dont work?

        Sep 28, 2021 28:02 AM

        The strong majority of new cases and severe hospitalization are among those who haven’t received a shot. More than 88 per cent of those in ICU are unvaccinated, as are close to 74 per cent of those in hospital.

        Notice that? 88%

        Just an idea, stop reading hype, stop believing all the doctors in the world have been conspiring to kill everyone, 12 years medical school and it was all a secret plan to murder the population of the earth. Their all in on it.

        Thats the truth of bohemian grove obviously.

          Sep 28, 2021 28:34 AM

          I know what I have read and won’t waste time digging up latest stats, but this one is a month and a half old:

          and the situation is that now an even greater percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are vaccinated rather than unvaccinated.

          I do not know why……It is even possible that many unvaccinated have died already.

            Sep 28, 2021 28:44 AM

            Could it have something to do with the delta varient?

            The only thing I have read, and I doubt I have read everything, is that sputinik v can with slight adjustment deal with it.
            I havnt read the same thing coming from maderna, feyezzer or astra zenica.

            In Russia tho, there is no push to vaccinate people, its entirely up to the individuals, the result of course is big covid numbers.
            Last was 21,731 new covid cases in the last 7 days.

            Sep 28, 2021 28:46 AM

            Different countries have developed their covid pandemics at different rates, as have different states.
            It roughly correlates with density of population, but that’s very approximate.
            e.g. India started out slowly compared to expectations.
            I would expect correlations with greetings; touching faces or kissing.
            I would expect correlations with climate.

            Sep 28, 2021 28:13 AM

            1 thing about the vaccines, they dont prevent covid 100%, what they do is reduce the effects of covid. Reduce the severity of it.

            So, when a vaccinated person is admitted to hospital for covid it does not say their severity has been lessened.

            The stats do not say a vaccinated person was admitted to hospital and the vaccine helped to save the life.

    Sep 28, 2021 28:26 AM

    The end stages of Empire ?

    More receivers of benefits than tax-payers.
    Loss of faith……in country….in God……in moral values.