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Big Al
September 30, 2021
    Sep 30, 2021 30:26 PM

    Isn’t it wunnerfull having a senile ass in the White House?

    What an evil person, hell bent on destroying us.

      Sep 30, 2021 30:46 PM

      ” Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him , better take a closer look at the American Indian ”

      Henry Ford.

      Sep 30, 2021 30:07 PM

      CFS…I think most normal people would agree that Trump was striving desperately for improving america and its future and that he had a huge depth of management skills…He over trusted the old guard deep state and ultimately they betrayed him in many ways…But even abnormal thinking irrational liberals should begin to notice that they do not wish to live in a totalitarian gulag……

    Sep 30, 2021 30:48 PM

    The difference between the influenza corona virus family and covid-19 is the addition of a rather complex spike protein. The long term effects of the spike protein are unknown and potentially rather scary. It has a cleavage sight that enables the spike protein to free itself from the corona part and travel freely in the blood……eventually attaching itself to a blood vessel wall and causing irreparable inflammation and scarring.
    This is thought to be the cause of myocarditis, pericarditis and reported infertility.
    What will be the long-term effect on a baby, infected when young, on reaching maturity about a dozen years later? No one knows.
    Could we be facing massive infertility ? No one knows. (Maybe China does.) They, after all have already tried limiting population to one child per family.

    Sep 30, 2021 30:18 PM

    I wonder if giving a few firefighters rifles, loaded with hollow point rounds and carte blanche to kill snipers, might be more cost-effective.

    Sep 30, 2021 30:21 PM

    It’s also powell on the take………………….
    Fed Chair Powell Had 4 Private Phone Calls with BlackRock’s CEO Since March as BlackRock Manages Upwards of $25 Million of Powell’s Personal Money and Lands 3 No-Bid Deals with the Fed
    End The Fed

    Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, had an upward range of $11.6 million invested with the investment management firm, BlackRock, and its iShares Exchange Traded Funds, according to Powell’s 2019 financial disclosure form.

    Powell’s 2020 financial disclosure form is now available. It was signed by Powell on May 15, 2020 and it shows that Powell’s holdings in BlackRock investments have reached an upward range of $24.95 million – an increase of $13.35 million over the prior year’s upward range. (See Editor’s note below.)

    The date that Powell signed his latest financial disclosure, May 15, is noteworthy. It means that more than 45 days after the New York Fed had hired BlackRock to manage its commercial mortgage-backed securities program and its $750 billion primary and secondary purchases of corporate bonds and ETFs in no-bid contracts, Fed Chairman Powell saw no reason to avoid the conflict of interest of allowing BlackRock to continue managing upwards of $25 million of his own personal money.

    According to a statement released by the New York Fed, BlackRock was retained on March 24 to manage the $750 billion corporate bond buying programs for the Fed. The commercial mortgage-backed securities contract was entered into with BlackRock on March 25. The contract includes this language:

    “…the Manager is hereby appointed as the FRBNY’s [Federal Reserve Bank of New York] agent in fact, and it shall have full power and authority to act on behalf of the Account with respect to the purchase, sale, exchange, conversion, or other transactions in any and all stocks, bonds, other securities, or cash held for investment subject to the Agreement…

    “The Manager shall initially meet at least weekly with the FRBNY and any other investment managers participating in this FOMC directive to discuss strategy. Absent agreement from the FRBNY, these meetings should be attended only by individuals at the Manager who are behind the ethical wall established by the Manager…

    “The Manager acknowledges that all information and material that comes into the possession or knowledge of the Manager on or after March 22, 2020…including the identity and amount of the assets held in the Account…shall be considered to be confidential and proprietary…providing the FRBNY, at the expense of the FRBNY, with all reasonable assistance in resisting or limiting disclosure.”

    The ethical wall between the New York Fed and BlackRock would have no reason to include the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. Despite that, Powell has conducted four confidential phone calls with BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, since March, lasting a total of 90 minutes. The first call on March 19 lasted 30 minutes; there were two calls in April, one on April 3 and one on April 9, both lasting 15 minutes. May is the last month of Powell’s calendar that is currently available. It shows a call between Powell and Fink on May 13 lasting 30 minutes.

    Powell was asked about three of these phone calls by New York Times reporter Jeanna Smialek at his press conference on July 29. The exchange went as follows:

    Jeanna Smialek: “Hi, Chair Powell, thank you for taking my question. You talked to Larry Fink at BlackRock in March, April and May according to your public calendars. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about what you talked about? And if the topic of those conversations was the corporate credit facilities, how did you handle potential conflicts of interest during those conversations?”

    Jerome Powell: “So BlackRock is just our agent. You know, we make the policy decisions in conjunction with our colleagues. And they just execute our plans. I actually don’t remember exactly what I would have been talking with him about. But you know, he’s the head of a major service provider. He generally checks in to find out whether we’re okay with the quality of the service that BlackRock is providing. I don’t have the daily face-to-face interaction with anybody else at BlackRock or, as you can see, three phone calls in the course of a few months. It wasn’t very many. So I think, you know, their conflicts are managed extremely carefully in the contractual arrangements we have with them. And again, I would have — I can’t recall exactly what those conversations were, but they would have been about what he is seeing in the markets and things like that to generally exchanging information. And he’s typically trying to make sure that we are getting good service from the company that he founded and leads. I’d say that’s his main objective when we talk.”

    The most dangerous section of Powell’s explanation is the phrase “exchanging information.” The Chairman of the Federal Reserve sits on a pile of market-moving information and is expressly forbidden from “exchanging information” with a Wall Street investment manager if it is inside information. That’s why any phone calls of this nature are problematic and raise serious red flags.

    In addition, BlackRock is not Powell’s agent for the emergency loan facilities. The contracts that BlackRock has signed say specifically that BlackRock is the agent for the New York Fed, which has been delegated by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, where Powell sits as its Chair, to oversee these bailout loan facilities.

    As we have been reporting since last September when the Fed opened the money spigots to Wall Street’s trading houses while refusing to provide the names of the firms receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in loans weekly, Fed Chairman Powell keeps promising transparency to the American people and then failing miserably to provide it.
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    Log I

      Sep 30, 2021 30:31 PM

      As I recall Jerome Powell was a nominee of the traitor, Barack Obama.
      I wonder if Obama gets a kickback via investment advice from Powell at dinner parties?
      Would not surprise me.

      Oct 02, 2021 02:54 AM

      History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme:

      “Another, as things turned out, was the mayorship of New York City. And in November 1905, quite astonishingly, he apparently won that as well, snatching the race from the grim sachems of Tammany Hall and genuinely winning the thing. He really would have been mayor of the town. Were it not for the thousands of ballots that went straight into the river.”

      The treatment of this election in the PBS documentary series American Experience pointed out other tactics in this election that were hauntingly echoed in the 2020 national election.

    Sep 30, 2021 30:40 PM

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is surveilling America by launching a “Funded Surveillance” program called “Firearm Injury Surveillance Through Emergency Rooms (FASTER).”

    Many tens of millions allocated to what I thought was a state function. (Not federal)
    But, of course, I realize the feds will be coming after guns, until only crooks and government have guns.

    Sep 30, 2021 30:52 PM

    At least native Americans have set up health camps for tribe members with covid_19,
    which is more than the federal government has done:,2843

    Sep 30, 2021 30:01 PM
    Sep 30, 2021 30:33 PM

    Big Al, this should interest you…

    Sep 30, 2021 30:28 PM
    Sep 30, 2021 30:15 PM

    There’s no reason biden’s administration is caught by surprise. The administration consists of self-serving LIARS.
    Are the media commentators that stupid? THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

    Oct 01, 2021 01:20 AM
      Oct 01, 2021 01:03 AM

      I thought that was a good article…..

    Oct 01, 2021 01:19 AM

    The problem with the article was that it was hindsight history.
    It is easy to be right in hindsight and I could equally as well produce the text of speeches by Gates and others foretelling calamity.
    The biggest mistake with Trump was in believing his advisers, who were part of the Deep State; some of whom even appear to have wanted general world depopulation.
    What a gigantic mistake it was in not firing Fauci; a total incompetent, getting rich off the disease. With Fauci fired we probably would be working on therapies and prophylactics, instead of vaccines which work partly at reducing the severity of the disease, but are ineffectual at stopping its spread and mutation.

    Oct 01, 2021 01:47 AM

    You don’t seriously think there will be a fair and free election again in the US, if the Democrats have their way……
    Democrats Block TESTING Illegal Aliens Before Release to Our Communities Even as Border Patrol Forced to Get Vaxxed. Significant resignations.
    (Or how to reduce border protection even more)

    Oct 01, 2021 01:47 AM

    i enjoyed this discussion about medical tyranny as a tool for social control and conversion to totalitarianism….

    organized push back by peoples soon…

    Oct 01, 2021 01:54 AM

    One company – which is already a bank and is certain to have a substantial advantage over its peers when the new regulation is implemented – will be Silvergate Capital, a bank which as Morgan Stanley dubbed earlier this week when it initiated coverage dubbed “a crypto bank like no other.” Furthermore, the fact that Silvergate will be the issuer of Facebook’s upcoming stablecoin, Diem – and one can be absolutely certain that once cleared, Facebook will seek to not only capitalize the ongoing shift to digital currencies but monopolize as much of it as it can – only assures that when the administration does move on with its treatment of stablecoins, SI will be one of the biggest winners. And, with a market cap of just $3 billion, we fully expect the company to be acquired by either its JV partner Facebook or some other major bank at multiples of its current market value.

      Oct 01, 2021 01:36 AM

      That would be a HOOT… if Old JOE,…. took a Blow from his home state…. LOL….

    Oct 01, 2021 01:09 PM

    There is propaganda about Russia and Putin in this but what they do have right is the number of covid cases.
    What they dont say is that Putin/Russia has left the vaccine up to the individual to decide.

    What its correct in showing is what happens when people dont get vaccinated.

    The last I read was 27 thousand deaths in 1 week.

      Oct 01, 2021 01:11 PM

      Is the covid death rate in Russia due to vaccines or therapeutic treatment using hcq?

      I don’t know…..just asking. (I do know they use hcq and zinc.)

        Oct 01, 2021 01:29 PM

        The death rate is exactly as the vid shows, it is due to people NOT being vaccinated.

        So no, the death rate is NOT due to vaccines, it is UNvaccinated people dying.

        As in alberta, our system is stretched to the limits from unvaccinated people.

        Thank goodness other provinces and military have help to send, our staff is exhausted.

        We just had a nurse die that was crying before every shift from the stress.

        A covid death is a horrible death.

          Oct 01, 2021 01:07 PM

          you know nothing…hospitals were vacant in the phony plandemic….your bla blah blogging is backed by nothing….you are the sheeple that the jab has targeted…sorry b…

            Oct 01, 2021 01:28 PM


            Maybe stick to predicting the direction of the gold price, that way you at least have a 50/50 chance of being correct.

          Oct 02, 2021 02:30 AM

          the protypical sheeple roaring in favor of endorsing the social control that the jab represents……lmao…Even after proof that therapeutics Canada will not script for you are more beneficial and less life threatening at the same moment…..But that will never register…Keep CNN MSM PBS on loud to bend what is left to the total left…lmao

    Oct 01, 2021 01:05 PM

    If people report deaths relative to vaccination status, that is interesting.

    So why don’t they report deaths relative to vitamin D level?

    An early compilation study of about 30,000 infected patients showed that NONE having a vitamin D serum concentration above 65 ng/mL died.
    That appears to me better than the success rate of vaccines…..ESPECIALLY when the long term effects of experimental vaccines are unknown.
    But then I’m a libertarian not being bribed by big Pharma.

    Oct 01, 2021 01:02 PM

    Cyptos and Covid…… 1 to 1…..
    I think there should be a ratio of some sort for monitoring the economy going forward based on cyptos and covid… money making schemes for sure…. … 🙂

      Oct 01, 2021 01:04 PM

      Yes, a NEW RATIO…… $46,000 to 1 million cases….. Today both are Up…. lol … 🙂

    Oct 01, 2021 01:08 PM

    Rand Paul cites study with 2.5 million people….

    Vaccinated people actually many times more likely to get covid than unvaccinated:

    Oct 01, 2021 01:39 PM

    Supply chain economics

    I think we have high price increases in food items about to hit.
    China had a wet summer. They are the elephant in the room that few are watching.
    They have been spreading their sourcing, but corn imports to China are up over 220%.
    Soy imports are only up 30%, but that is deceptive, because soy is used for animal feed, and China has been killing off animals. Next year they will have significant shortfalls in meat. China own much of American farm land and the American meat industry….Do you think supplies might go to China and not stay in the US….EVEN IF WE NEED THEM.

    Oct 01, 2021 01:35 PM
    Oct 01, 2021 01:24 PM

    Tucker on Australian Fascism

    Oct 01, 2021 01:30 PM

    The totalitarian governments apparently ignore, totally ignore,
    natural immunity.