Appropriate Education?

Big Al
October 21, 2021
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    Oct 21, 2021 21:12 PM

    Is the ferry system run by “governmebt employees”, subject to a vaccine mandate ?

    CRT is blatant racism…, anti-white racism. taught by MORONS.

      Oct 22, 2021 22:32 AM

      I beleieve that the ferry workers are employed by The Washington State Ferry System so you are correct. I agree with you regarding CRT. Thanks for the coomments!

    Oct 21, 2021 21:16 PM

    With regard to inflation….You ain’t seen nothing yet. It is clear the FED WANTS INFLATION, or they will be out of business.
    Since the Fed controls inflation, I can guarantee you will get it.

      Oct 21, 2021 21:34 PM

      FOR A WHILE THE FED was a public corporation in which one could own shares…….but then they mandated privatization, and shareholders had to give up their shares. Now we will have Deep State control. The Fed will CONTROL a new U.S. Digital currency.

        Oct 22, 2021 22:41 AM

        When did the Federal Reserve become private?
        By December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, it stood as a classic example of compromise—a decentralized central bank that balanced the competing interests of private banks and populist sentiment.

      Oct 22, 2021 22:42 AM

      The inflation of the seventies was solved as this terrible one will also be!

    Oct 21, 2021 21:20 PM

    Big Al, I do have some good news for you…..Biden IS NOT RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

    Of course, there is bad news…..The country is being run by totalitarian CORRUPT Deep State MARXISTS.

      Oct 22, 2021 22:44 AM

      Do you happen to remember Krushchev’s speech in the mid 50’s. He is now proven correct.

    Oct 21, 2021 21:45 PM

    The world is changing as freedom is lost to compulsion:
    The new “Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill of 2021” just passed in Queensland, Australia. The law authorizes doctors to kill terminally ill patients who ask to die. That’s bad enough. But it also requires conscientious objectors to become complicit in homicide by finding another doctor known to be willing to kill.

    The euthanasia legalization law in Ontario, Canada similarly requires doctors to kill-or-refer patients who are legally qualified for euthanasia—which includes people with disabilities and soon will encompass the mentally ill and dementia patients.

    When Catholic and other conscientiously opposed doctors sued to be exempted because the referral requirement violated their Charter rights to “freedom of religion and conscience,” a court ruled that their morality must take a back seat to the patient’s right to access legal medical treatments. If doctors don’t like it, the judge sniffed, they can get out of medicine.
    WOW, I never realized assisted “suicide” was a legal right.
    We are losing our Constitution to corrupt leaders and a Judicial system that no longer recognizes
    normal historic Human Rights.

      Oct 22, 2021 22:51 AM

      Quill) and Washington (Washington v. Glucksberg) statutes that made physician-assisted suicide a felony violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In a unanimous vote, the Court held that there was no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide and upheld state bans on assisted suicide.

      Oct 22, 2021 22:15 AM

      Believe it or not, CNN actually fact-checked some of Biden’s lies last night from this town hall in Baltimore.

      We posted last night on Biden’s answer when asked about the border, claiming he hasn’t had time to go see it but he’s been there before and knows it well. He also claimed he’d send his wife to the border in his place.

      Here’s CNN’s fact check on his answer:

      CNN could not immediately find any evidence that Biden has previously visited the southern border, and the White House has not specified when this visit supposedly occurred. Also, it’s worth noting that Jill Biden’s last visit to the border was in December 2019, during the presidential campaign, not as first lady.

      CNN couldn’t find any news stories about Biden visiting the border at any time his his political career and the White House isn’t talking. He claims he’s been there, that he knows it well, but there’s no evidence of this anywhere.

      And to make matters worse, the phony doctor Jill Biden has not been to the border this year at all. The last time she went was two years ago, when Trump was president, just like most other Democrats.

      Biden simply can’t open his mouth without lying and he’ll get away with it too.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:00 AM


    First natural immunity is NOT RECOGNIZED by the idiots in government. This is WRONG.
    Secondly, natural immunity is superior to “vaccine immunity”
    Third, the vaccine is now shown to impede getting natural immunity.
    Forth, post vaccination viral load is high, causing greater spread of covid-19.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:50 AM
    Oct 22, 2021 22:45 AM

    A LOCAL V.A. doctor just said that over 40% of medical staff in his hospital that were tested for SARS2 antibodies actually had antibodies. i.e. had survived exposure to the disease.
    He saw no reason why these staff members should be vaccinated. But because of government contracts they faced being suspended if they refused the vaccine.
    I did not catch which hospital to which he was referring.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:24 PM

    We dont need no ( fake ) education,
    We dont need no thought control,
    We dont need no fake bullshit in our classrooms,
    Hey…..( Fake ) teachers LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:13 PM

    Re. the so-called Jab 6th insurrection.
    It turns out the FBI had people implanted in the crowd:

    I believe, it will turn out FBI agents actually instigated the break-in to the Capitol.

    I watched much of the coverage live on the day, and the crowd was peacefully protesting.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:11 PM