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Big Al
October 27, 2021
Take pride in what you are doing because we are making a difference in political information.
    Oct 27, 2021 27:59 PM

    I only mentioned XRP because I heard a rumor that the CIA was working with that crypto.
    (That would be a reason for me not to touch it with a barge-pole.)

    Oct 27, 2021 27:16 PM

    I am not heavily involved with cryptos, because I don’t need the risk at my age, which seems very dangerous to use long keys with my lack of sight.
    On the other hand, I believe the future of many currencies is with crypto-currencies.

    Probably the MOST USEFUL cryptos, at this point in time, are:
    Bitcoin, with first mover advantage.
    Ethereum, with the most applications.
    Theta, with the most patents granted. I believe Theta has the most promise for the future.
    The main uncertainty at this time is potential Government interference. It will be so tempting for governments to use cryptocurrencies for control.
    Chinese has introduced a cryptocurrency, which I believe it will use for social credit control.

      Oct 27, 2021 27:34 PM

      I too do not believe in the safety of cryptos.

        Oct 27, 2021 27:36 PM

        I also perfectlly happy and content without seeking additional capital.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:28 PM

    And so it was , in the begining
    It shall be in the end. ……………………. irishtony.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:33 PM

    re: $ 33 Trillion: While a lot of that is foreign-owned debt, that number is actually the total of known foreign investment in the U.S……Treasuries, bonds, stocks and land.

    I’m not actually concerned with foreign withdrawal of money, but the direction of investments.
    e.g. China owns much agricultural land and meat processing capabilities within the U.S. I believe they will redirect this away from America and feed Chinese instead. (I don’t think the U.S. Government will have the guts to stop it.)

    Similarly China has been buying resources in mass quantities and stockpiling.
    The U.S. typically looks to Brazil for agricultural products, but next year, I believe, most of Brazil exports will go to China. Much Canadian wheat is going to China.
    If you think we have inflation in food prices now; just wait till we have shortages next year.

      Oct 27, 2021 27:40 PM


    Oct 27, 2021 27:47 PM

    Re: Shipping. I am missing something here because all factors do not add up.

    While it depends on the commodity, the U.S. import volume is down slightly from 2019, so why do we have shipping delays ?(And ships waiting days outside Californian ports.) The news broadcasters seem to think it is lack of truck-drivers, and they may be correct, but I wonder if Chinese-owned ships might be slowing things down somehow deliberately. I don’t know. I just trust, but verify……and something smells fishy.

      Oct 27, 2021 27:45 PM

      ‘Fishy” is a good way to put it. Regarding the supply chain I know for a fact that I am buy some items that have been sitting in a warehouse for a long, long time. I bought a Gillette Razor that a few days ago that I have not seen on display for at least five year! How do you like them apples?

    Oct 27, 2021 27:21 PM

    While the rest of the world is cutting CO2 emissions, China is currently going on a buying spree for coal.

    You do know why ?

    1. Because the productivity of a country depends on energy availability. China knows this.
    2. Because CO2 is not the cause of climate change. That is the sun, causes climate change.
    3. China understands climate change. It is actually buying desert land in N. Africa. Why ?
    Because it understands real climate change and how rainfall will change after the coming grand solar minimum.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:42 PM

    You boys see this?

    If not you should and Mr. Big Al Korelin and Jimmy need to discuss this.

    ‘Cloak and dagger’ military-intelligence outfit at center of US digital vaccine passport push

    Described as “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE rakes in massive security state contracts to pioneer invasive spy tech. Now it’s at the heart of a campaign to implement digital vaccine passports.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:50 PM

    Eddy, please post the link correctly as I would like to read this materia.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:14 PM

    Look at this. You can bet the lamestream media won’t report that this was just a hoax. The squirters (vaxers) will stop at nothing.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:03 PM

    Dr. Eric Rubin: “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and that’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines.”

    Dr. Eric Rubin made this argument during the meeting. This is unconscionable!

    Oct 28, 2021 28:31 AM

    EBO>>>>> HAS POSTED ONE OF THE BEST articles….. concerning the association with the CIA…..
    THANKS EBO…………….

    BIG OWL…………….. you and JIMMY……. need to discuss this one…. for the SHEEPLE… 🙂

      Oct 28, 2021 28:34 AM

      19 hours ago
      Something happened with this new Web site format. It used to work the way I posted it. But you can try this

        Oct 28, 2021 28:40 AM

        that is “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE has developed some of the most invasive surveillance technology in use by US spy agencies today.

          Oct 28, 2021 28:41 AM

          MITRE’s own COVID-19 umbrella coalition includes In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Palantir, a scandal-stained private spying firm.

            Oct 28, 2021 28:45 AM

            In January 2021, several WEF partners, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and other mega-corporations announced a coalition to launch the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI), which aims to institute QR code-based vaccine passports across the US.

            Oct 28, 2021 28:48 AM

            In the US, some states are already deploying digital SMART Health Cards developed by the VCI. These SMART Health Cards have laid the basis for a de-facto national standard for vaccine credentials.

            A non-profit established by the Rockefeller Foundation and called The Commons Project is leading the lobbying push for digital SMART cards through the VCI it

            NOTICE to larry……………………. your favorite people…… ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION…….. 🙂

            Oct 28, 2021 28:57 AM

            Also in the late 1960’s, the US State Department contracted MITRE to guide a campaign of aerial cannabis eradication in Mexico. MITRE advised US agents to spray wide swaths of the Mexican countryside with a toxic herbicide called paraquat,

            NOW TODAY…………………” Paraguat.”…… LAWSUITS………… from the hebicide…. ..

            Oct 28, 2021 28:58 AM

            MITRE has designed “a prototype tool that can hack into smartwatches, fitness trackers and home thermometers for the purposes of homeland security

            Oct 28, 2021 28:02 AM

            Finally……..(well maybe)
            MITRE is also home to the ATT&CK Program, an cybersecurity module which the corporation describes as “a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and [intelligence] techniques

            Oct 28, 2021 28:26 AM

            OK Jerry…I get it…Rockefeller non-health non-care is an agency of managed health collapse, social control and profiteering…This newest knot does not surprise me at all…Years ago they required the mass media to sell you the wrong diet and habits to keep you sick…Now they just sell global non-demics to make you take a sickness/death jab…plus want to verify and track all the activity they promote and create….you will wear their registered dog tag and you will like it…medical cartel members are shining stars of anti-human activity..Very thorough stooges….I am impressed…glta

            Oct 28, 2021 28:04 AM


            I remember when that was happening.
            Alot of people got upset about it and were as vocal as they could be.
            We stopped buying grass from Mexico, Hawaii ,California became go to places.

            Other than poisoning people just for fun maybe that was their intention.

            Gotta luv that american gov.

      Oct 28, 2021 28:44 AM

      Thanks, Jerry. If that doesn’t wake up the sheeple what will?

        Oct 28, 2021 28:36 AM

        Sadly, the people are deeply asleep.

        Thanks for finding that article, Ebo, I knew in my gut the CIA/Deep State is pulling the puppet strings.

        Have you noticed that the politicians that are calling for de-funding the police are precisely some of the worst serial crooks ? Those that regularly break the law….
        Whether it is marrying your brother in order to get him into the country, or abusing “charities” for your own funding, or failing to file tax forms for years and never getting punishment. No wonder these professional crooks want fewer police.

        Oct 28, 2021 28:15 AM

        Ebo………. you are welcome…………………. HOPE ………OWL READS THE ARTICLE…..

    Oct 28, 2021 28:48 AM

    This is a page of the data base kept by the CIA for everyone.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:52 AM

    If you think the US can be persuaded to drop the concept of vaccine passports, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THE CIA WORKS.

      Oct 28, 2021 28:21 AM

      THE US (of A.)……………. was lost in 1871……
      CIA, FED…… CABAL…. people need to do their home work….

    Oct 28, 2021 28:59 AM

    It is even impossible to cut off funding for CIA projects. (Isn’t it, JFK )
    And even if you succeed partly, then drug money is used for funding, or dark funds that appear and disappear without accounting.

      Oct 28, 2021 28:18 AM

      That should tell you a lot……….. TRUMAN was an IDIOT…………

    Oct 28, 2021 28:16 AM

    I know, or suspect, many of you have seen indications that covid-19 was just a trial run.
    Is it possible that the real intention is, indeed, to kill off 4 or 5 Billion people?
    I would not dismiss this idea lightly.. To some warped minds of people in power this might be very appealing. Heck, it solves their “global warming” problem immediately.
    They just have to make sure it kills the “undesirables”, more than it kills friends.
    I wonder if to the Chinese, that might be black people, who just happen to have more ACE2 receptors.
    Or, maybe, covid-19 was just a trial run….

      Oct 28, 2021 28:11 AM

      Trial run…………. I think is 100% SPOT ON……….. Off course it is up to a few people to KEEP THE SHEEPLE INFORMED…….
      Seems the CIA, is behind most of the BS… NWO… Bushy, called out for everyone that was awake,….
      Sheeple better wake up…… 2050 is just around the cornner……. People who do not know the agenda,…
      they the cabal,NWO, Scum bag killers, tie it to the Devil, who cares what you call it,
      CIA, just a group of perverts, .killing everyone that does not play… ..
      Humm…….. Pentagon still missing $100 TRILLION….. hummm
      Humm…… Treasury….. lol……….. YOU ARE BROKE
      Humm…… FED….. MOB RULE…. insider traders…. they are loaning money to every central bank and buying everything…. what a JOKE…
      RANT OF THE WEEK……………………….. 🙂

      Oct 28, 2021 28:39 AM

      As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

      FROM THE ARTICLE………. lower right corner…………. 🙂

        Oct 28, 2021 28:40 AM

        BIG FREAKING CON JOB>…………….. 🙂

    Oct 28, 2021 28:45 AM

    job number one as a stooge in the medical cartel?…denial……that your patients are not suffering from the decades of disaster…it is the other guys suckers getting destroyed…true….glta

    Oct 28, 2021 28:22 AM

    The FDA advisory panel vote was 17-0 to vaccinate children. What a bunch of stooges, given how covid-19 rarely kills children,. (Less than vaccines OF ANY TYPE DO.)

    Luckily we have a few honest, intelligent M.D.s, prepared to speak out.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:57 AM

    Committee …………… Myron M. Levine, M.D., D.T.P.H. ……… person… notice the award $…..
    Bill and Melinda Gates
    Strengthening Typhoid Surveillance and
    Microbiological Lab Capacity in Samoa $1,499,999 6/18/18 to
    I just scanned one……. 🙂

      Oct 28, 2021 28:59 AM

      after scanning the ……….. grants to the members…….. a TON of MONEY…. lol

      Oct 28, 2021 28:33 PM

      I had better stop or people might not think this is UNbiased.
      So coming to you from the music capital of the USA, I will sign off for now, leaving one last thought:

    Oct 28, 2021 28:54 PM

    ” Politicans And Diapers Both Need To be Changed Often , And for the Same Reason ”
    Mark Twain.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:47 PM


    We have a serious drug problem………..WITH CHINA………..that has infiltrated the Mexican cartels.

    At about 36 mins the Federal agent talks about China providing chemicals to make meth.
    We know most fentanyl originates out of China and is smuggled in via Mexico.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:53 PM

    Is senile Joe trying to bribe illegals to vote for him WITH OUR MONEY ?


    Oct 28, 2021 28:05 PM
    Oct 28, 2021 28:12 PM

    And so it’s back to Brandon:

    Oct 28, 2021 28:33 PM

    I wonder what the rest of the world thinks.

      Oct 28, 2021 28:41 PM

      You can tell what the other world superpowers think of senile Joe and Climate change by this headline:

      Xi, Putin snub high-stakes U.N. climate summit

      (Police in Glasgow already setting up barricades…)

    Oct 28, 2021 28:46 PM

    meanwhile at a school board meeting……

    Oct 28, 2021 28:21 PM

    I guess I’m going to end up in jail, because I will not conform to US Tax Law, if Biden ignores other US Laws:

    Oct 28, 2021 28:10 PM

    Evergrande missed it’s bond payments yesterday.

    Not being heavily reported.

    But Durham investigation details are coming out:

    2 years to arrest the minnows, and then perhaps Hillary.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:19 PM
    Oct 28, 2021 28:48 PM

    On a lighter note::: Are the Atlanta Braves really brave? Or are they just a bunch of indian givers. Herschel Walker been there, done that. Let’s go , Brandon!!!

      Oct 29, 2021 29:14 AM

      This ludicrous insanity is estimated to cost at least a billion bucks. With millions of persons losing their jobs with the draconian vaccine mandates, rocketing inflation, and government provoked supply chain disruptions, Tucker wonders how long Americans are going to take this bullshit, and just not pay any more taxes. This could be the point of no return, the tipping point in beginning a new revolution.

        Oct 29, 2021 29:22 AM

        THE IDIOTS……………….have already GIVEN AWAY THE FARM…………………………..
        OUT OF CONTROL……….. This is just more insanity………….
        The cabal mob, has been getting away with crap for 100’s of years….. No change in sight…
        Just more INSANITY……….. Devil is in every detail…….. nothing good can happen here.
        with any MAN controlled with LUST for POWER….. BIden gone to the Pope on a Rope… lol…
        Philippians 3:20-21
        New International Version
        20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.

      Oct 29, 2021 29:29 AM

      I saw that Ed…insane is mild…But if people sheeple take that then ‘they’ know that the demoralization is complete…It is a gauge to measure the sheeple sentiment…imho… a beta test…pass this then you may pass totalitarianism….they will never make good on the payouts anyways…it will be pocketed away by the government staffers along the way…it is to gift loyalty from staff…that is all….liars are liars

        Oct 29, 2021 29:39 AM

        Ditto larry…………………..liars are liars…………….

          Oct 29, 2021 29:13 AM

          btw………………thanks for the articles on Wykoff Method…..

    Oct 29, 2021 29:22 AM

    A society that prohibits the capacity to speak in truth extinguishes the capacity to live in justice. The battle for Assange’s liberty has always been much more than the persecution of a publisher. It is the most important battle for press freedom of our era. And if we lose this battle, it will be devastating, not only for Assange and his family, but for us.

    Unfortunate more people didnt see this for what it is when they had the chance.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:44 AM

    the latest edition of The Lancet:
    documents how vaccinated can both get and transmit covid-19,
    and how quickly protection against hospitalization and death from the disease disappears over time.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:02 AM

    the loyal government stooges that took the jab….their judgement a bit clouded by mental illness…no doubt…this beats out lead poisoning of the ruling elite in Roman times causing psychotic decision making….who will write this history?….

    no wonder doc huber is otay w you deciding to jab yourself….

      Oct 29, 2021 29:42 AM

      this is worse than chaining up your pit bull…. sick little perverts….. fauci, who, and fda, cia..gates(more than one).

    Oct 29, 2021 29:20 AM

    HERE IS THE FOLLOW UP……….. on the FDA advisor panel………… THIS GUY DID NOT GO ALONG WITH IT>……………….
    But Dr. Michael Kurilla, an expert on infectious diseases and pathology who directs a division inside the National Institutes of Health, was the only one who didn’t support the recommendation.

    Kurilla told The Epoch Times in an email that he opposed the specific, binary wording of the question, which opens up the possibility that any child between 5 and 11 will be able to get the Pfizer vaccine. He was also concerned about the longest follow-up for the clinical trial involving the age group being only three months,

      Oct 29, 2021 29:22 AM

      NOTICE THE STUDY …………….was ………….. ONLY…………. THREE MONTHS……………….

      Oct 29, 2021 29:28 AM

      yep Jerry…I use the 99% stooge tool simpy conformist rule…but even in this small sample size of 17…the math….1 divided by 17 X100= 5% of the members sought rational truth while the others, the 95%, took the money and lied to the public and themselves…..

        Oct 29, 2021 29:34 AM

        It is TRULY TRAGIC………… that the sheeple are so trusting……….. and ignorant of all the facts…..

          Oct 29, 2021 29:44 AM

          it is ok Jerry….all those liars eventually expose the frauds that they are…like on ker, ultimately the conforming retail mainstream conventional guest docs reveal the shallow brainwashing that they live by and try to believe is real….through the conforming nice guy BS they know the fraud they are and perpetuate on the public…money

            Oct 29, 2021 29:51 AM

            larry……… and that is the truth…. 🙂

    Oct 29, 2021 29:39 AM
      Oct 29, 2021 29:44 AM

      WHY DON’T you label YOUR STUFF……………… 🙂 THANKS…….

        Oct 29, 2021 29:47 AM

        That is a REPOST………… I think EBO……….. already posted …..THAT ONE…..

    Oct 29, 2021 29:23 AM

    Thf Fool and Fake Doctor FAUCI lied about vaccinations..

    Ireland PROVES vaccinations are simply not very effective.

    However, the real tragedy is HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS have died needlessly, because the Left-wing MURDERERS have suppressed the cures for covid-19.
    All to gain more control.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:37 AM


    However, I never thought American companies would rubber stamp overt lies…..
    (You have to wonder the size of the bribes.)

      Oct 29, 2021 29:43 AM

      Where you been……. lol 🙂 Corrupt as hell…………..

      Evergrande and the Chinese …… just counting AIR SPACE…. no different that the FAKE FED…. lol

    Oct 29, 2021 29:44 AM

    Congressman Brad Sherman: Wall Street Has Been Underwriting Cayman Islands Shell Companies and Passing Them Off as the Real Chinese Companies
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 28, 2021 ~

    Brad Sherman
    Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA)

    Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) knows a thing or two about accounting and law. He has a law degree from Harvard, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has previously worked as a CPA and Certified Tax Law Specialist.

    Sherman chairs the House Subcommittee on Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets. At a Tuesday hearing on China’s myriad forms of market abuses, he made it crystal clear that investors are being hoodwinked when it comes to buying Chinese stocks.

    In his opening statement for the hearing, Sherman said this:

    “We see that China is able to pressure index funds to include Chinese companies but it’s not Chinese companies that are in the index funds. An index fund may choose to put the thousand biggest companies in the world in the index. But you can’t buy Alibaba. You buy Alibaba of the Cayman Islands.

    “Now Alibaba is one of the biggest companies in the world, but Alibaba Cayman Islands – the Cayman Islands isn’t even one of the biggest islands in the world. You’re investing in a shell company that invests in another shell company that has a contractual relationship with Alibaba. Does that belong in an index?

    “But we do see that China is able to pressure Morgan Stanley and others to include these questionable entities in indexes.”

    It would not surprise me that the Pretender and some of his democrat colleagues have been fleeced by bogus Chinese companies in the Caymans, because that is where a lot of corrupt politicians park their bribe money.

      Oct 29, 2021 29:49 AM

      If. he went to harvard……. already a sell out…. People pay way too much respect to a corrupt organization., like Harvard…… which is already known to have put unqualified chinese students in the enrollment… Pay to play….

        Oct 29, 2021 29:52 AM

        Not saying that ……… Wall Street… and the shell corporation do not exist….

    Oct 29, 2021 29:03 PM

    Many here are probably hoping Manchin or Sinema will stop the Pretendent from passing economy-killing high cost “infrastructure” bills.
    The current situation makes high drama politically, but I’m doubtful the spending will be stopped.
    The level of corruption in Washington is truly greater than one’s worst nightmare……….most of the time it is craftily covered up. That Mancin has a personal dislike for biden is easily explained:
    biden sought to find leverage by a less than subtle technique, but I believe by offering Manchin a well-paying sinecure of a political appointment, his vote can be bought.

      Oct 29, 2021 29:49 PM

      Good article on Manchin…….. concerning his corrupt coal company ….. I was wondering about this guy, when he was being questioned on his HUGE BOAT(lol)… more like an ocean liner… lol…

        Oct 29, 2021 29:52 PM

        More political FAVOR…….
        …. like I said several weeks ago……………..
        You would be LUCkY to find 10 politicians who are NOT corrupt….

          Oct 29, 2021 29:53 PM

          ONE BIG SHIT SHOW…………..

      Oct 29, 2021 29:12 PM

      Ever seen the video ……. SUPER SIZE ME…… concerning McD…..
      want to stay fat, just keep going to mcd…..

    Oct 29, 2021 29:43 PM

    Marriage made in heaven..The political accomplish nothing class assists the medical accomplish nothing class…..They make tons of green and produce no measurable benefits only measurable disasters…We the people tolerate all these highly educated experts…We have to, we live in a totalitarian regime that uses the experts against us like a prison guard uses his pit bull on prisoners…exact

    Oct 29, 2021 29:47 PM
    Oct 29, 2021 29:58 PM
    Oct 29, 2021 29:47 PM
    Ever since Israeli researchers found in that naturally acquired immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection is 13x more effective than Pfizer’s vaccine at stopping the Delta variant in nearly 800,000 patients, US officials have been absolutely silent on the topic of natural immunity when it comes to making policy.

      Oct 29, 2021 29:48 PM

      Light bulbs …………..should be shining on that info……

        Oct 29, 2021 29:51 PM

        NATURAL ACQUIRED…….. IMMUNITY…… no jab required….

    Oct 29, 2021 29:43 PM

    Jim Caviezal

    Oct 29, 2021 29:53 PM

    What if the entire “War on Terror” is a fraud?

    The Trump robots have bought into America’s “War on Terror” as much as Obama’s robots and Bush’s robots did. Bush was elected twice, largely on the basis of America’s “War on Terror.” Obama campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then expanded it during his two terms in office. Trump campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then immediately expanded it beyond what Obama had done. In fact, Trump is on a pace to expand the “War on Terror” beyond the combined military aggressions of both Bush and Obama.

    But who cares? Who even notices?

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    I like this guy, he thinks like I do, no dif between Biden, Trump Obama or whoever is promoted next.
    As long as people keep voting the game will continue.

    Its just a good read, wont change a thing.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:54 PM

    Hunter Biden should be investigated.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:01 PM

    Vaccine Passports are a control measure, which is simply not supported by science.

    Americans are passive; half asleep, half bought off by welfare.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:16 PM


    The Tennessee legislature enforcing states right legislation to destroy US vaccine mandate legislation today. This will probably be challenged up to SCOTUS.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:43 PM

    iIt will be interesting to see how the SCOTUS handles the new Tennessee law that enforces HIPAA law in stating that no one has the right to ask if a person is vaccinated.

    Oct 29, 2021 29:37 PM

    Ignore Activists. Wear Whatever Halloween Costume You Want
    Jason Rantz 13 hrs ago

    Oct 29, 2021 29:45 PM

    Vaccinated Americans will lose immune function by Christmas and grow cancer in 2022

    The elephant in the room with covid vaccines is not merely that they are erasing the immune systems of those who take the jabs, but that the destruction of immune function will lead to an unprecedented acceleration in cancer tumor growth that will overwhelm the medical system and kill tens of millions over the next decade.

    A wave of cancer represents the last phase of the medical looting of America… reaping obscene profits from chemotherapy and cancer surgeries while tens of millions of Americans are killed off by the depopulation vaccine weapon system.

    Today, we cover the coming vaccine-induced cancer wave which will accelerate through 2022 and kill off tens of millions through 2031.

    Sadly, this is already in place and cannot be stopped. The population is now ticking away like a countdown clock.
    Article at brighteon , today

    Oct 29, 2021 29:51 PM

    Hello MORON JOE……………
    Judge Blocks Biden Admin From Firing Unvaccinated Employees With Pending Religious Exemptions

    “The Biden administration has shown an unprecedented, cavalier attitude toward the rule of law and an utter ineptitude at basic constitutional contours,” the plaintiffs’ attorney Michael Yoder told the network after Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling.

    Describing this mandate as “dangerous to American liberty,” Yoder said that “our Constitution protects and secures the right to remain free from religious persecution and coercion.”

    Similarly, he praised Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling and said that “we are one step closer to putting the Biden administration back in its place by limiting government to its enumerated powers. It’s time citizens and courts said no to tyranny. The Constitution does not need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.”
    article from epictimes…..

    Oct 29, 2021 29:55 PM

    In the meanwhile this Godless hell hole blog is distracted by covid-19 and vaccines the CCP has armed the Mexican cartel to the teeth they are preparing to cross Texas and Arizona borders using children as shields. The national guard is going to be a joke they can’t defend the border there’s no match for this heavily militarily armed Mexican cartel that also is active in 50 other countries. These children that are paying thousands of dollars to cross the border are not getting it from selling lemonade coming from South America. Don’t expect our military defend our border because they’re all going to turn on each other half of them are traitors and the children will be used as shields to facilitate a complete invasion of Texas.

    Our Southern border is now compromised and already has been invaded when the land grab is on all hell is going to break loose the nation’s going to fall. Once the Mexican cartel crosses that border it’s over. They’re going to take over miles of territory don’t expect Biden to defend our borders.

    Oh, and you have the other blog that is soon becoming the boulevard of broken dreams and completely blindsided by everything.

    Haters of God and can’t get out of their own way. Still being arrogant belligerent going about in their pernicious ways. Never coming to the truth. There’s no in between either, if you’re not for God 100% (that includes reading God’s Word regularly and being a doer) you’re against God. Keep embracing this wicked world even though you know it’s evil and wicked. All God’s enemies.

    Psalm 9:17 KJV
    The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


    Romans chapter one

    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.


      Oct 30, 2021 30:05 AM

      Humm……… I think ALL the problems…….. are a direct result of the SINFUL MAN…….
      Covid……… or the Mexican cartel……. The US Cia, has been running drugs for years., and kill americanos for years… NO DIFF…………

        Oct 30, 2021 30:44 AM

        Proverbs 9:10
        “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

          Oct 30, 2021 30:46 AM

          Philippians 4:7
          King James Version
          7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

            Oct 30, 2021 30:49 AM

            Matthew 24:35-39
            King James Version
            35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

            36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

            37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

            38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

            39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Oct 30, 2021 30:55 AM

    Ephesians 6:10-12
    King James Version
    10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

    11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Oct 30, 2021 30:59 AM

    Amen, however no one’s listening. Americans forgot God and most of them never had God however we had faith in society that’s not there anymore. Very very few few exceptions. GOD LESS AMERICA
    Not only that we have all the abominable things taking place completely spitting in God’s face. This is a sick society that’s on their way to hellfire and there’s very few exceptions very very few.

    Regarding the southern border the Mexican cartel is so powerful they now run Mexico. THE MEXICAN MILITARY TAKES ORDERS FROM THEM. Thanks to the CCP who is supplying them with endless amounts of capital and military grade vehicles and weapons.

    There’s been a dramatic change taking place in the last year and they’re ready to invade the United States starting with Texas and then The United States will fall. It’s going to be a hard fall too there won’t be any stock exchanges open just major bloodshed everywhere. That’s just the beginning of sorrows.

    This agnostic hell hole won’t listen until it’s too late. Waking up in hell and there’s no turning back.

    There’s no words that can describe how foolish and stupid this society is it’s gone way past the point of no return. The worst part is they keep rejecting God and we have a nation of God haters and of course the world in general.

    Oct 30, 2021 30:48 AM

    Idiotic Trump supporters failed to recognize what a failure of the Trump presidency was. Trump signed into law and the bill completely seizing and halting finishing the border wall. There’s major unfinished wall between the wall that is finished. Talk about pork belly spending billions flush down the toilet. This is Trump.


    Not only that his new media firm was all financed by Chinese money.

    The root of all evil is money and Trump is part of the problem.

    Bank of China is in Trump Towers and Trump is being greased by China.

    CCP has their tentacles everywhere just wait until the perfect opportunity arises America will be turned completely upside down. The invasion starts and look out below.

    Most recently we’re now trying to start a war with Russia on the Ukraine border forcing Russia to vacate Crimea. It’ll never happen, America will burn first. It’s the only warm water port they have.

    However, there are those out there especially on the other blog that believe in the American dream who fail miserably to recognize the catastrophic immeasurable changes for the worse that are taking place. Self deceived, persistent, arrogant and continuing on the road to eternal destruction. Never coming to the truth.

    Oct 30, 2021 30:57 AM

    💣💥🔥The American Dream🔥💥💣 a monumental boneyard of those that reject God and refuse to come to the truth.

    Oct 30, 2021 30:38 PM

    A reminder 🤡TRUMP🤡 appointed the most corrupt crooked Federal Reserve Chairman in history “”J POW””. This guy has destroyed every layer and fabric of our financial system and when this collapse takes hold it will be financial Armageddon on steroids. You can’t print food and anything else for that matter. No matter what they do it’s an apocalypse that can’t be stopped the financial system is leveraged to the stratosphere it’s going to be catastrophic and major bloodshed event. Distribution credit lines are going to freeze and utilities will shut down and yes no more water. Our entire infrastructure will collapse. No more Banks and all the stores will shut down this will also be coupled with an invasion of our Southern border. This is a very high probability and I would have to almost represent this probability as a guaranteed event possibly before the end of the year.

    Ever Upward ?🚑🛌 👉Loco Crazy Talk 🙃🤣🙃🤣

    Oct 31, 2021 31:27 AM

    The crypto market is nothing more than those that are looking for a way to quick riches through hyper greed on steroids that will eventually collapse to they’re true value pick a number closest to zero.

    Just more mindless behavior from a completely foolish generation that will add even more catastrophic consequences to an already fragile leveraged financial system to the stratosphere that’s going to cause financial Armageddon there’s no doubt whatsoever this is a guaranteed event. This whole nation will be engulfed in flames and it’s going to be an event words could never describe how tragic this is. Major loss of life and depopulation. Very few survivors most likely less than 10% of the population left standing. Hyperinflation will turn into a deflationary nightmare where there’s no demand for anything including gold and silver and everything else you can imagine. An entire society and population that’s hellbound.


    Oct 31, 2021 31:38 AM

    agree on ………. Cryto Market…….

    Oct 31, 2021 31:39 AM

    Trumpsster was a great DISAPPOINTMENT………….
    married three times, what do we expect…. LOL

      Oct 31, 2021 31:17 AM

      I know many that supported Trump and they are now sorry because his true colors came out he’s just an egotistical man that’s just out for his own satisfaction and he’s not looking out for our interests at all he’s in bed with the Chinese. At least we know who Biden is. With Trump he’s a con artist that knows how to deceive. Fiscally reckless and irresponsible just a disgrace he started this inflationary nightmare he wanted J POW to lower interest rates to zero claiming there was no inflation we had a lot of inflation under Trump. The price of food started skyrocketing two years into his presidency.

      I said before Trump was elected it was going to be a big hoax because that’s what he is he’s a con artist and a deceiver. All his investors in his casinos lost all their money after he promised they were going to make fortunes.

      You have to watch people’s actions you can’t listen to it comes out of their mouth. 98% of the time what comes out of people’s mouths are just a bunch of fables and lies when it comes to enriching themselves.

      I agree with you on everything else and I’ll be back commenting further on those matters.

        Oct 31, 2021 31:25 AM

        If….you ever listened for the last 5 years…….a few here ,questioned what the heck he was doing
        in the cabinet choices…. treasury, … military…….
        Actions with the DOJ, … JFK tapes… on and on….
        Most of the time all we got was he was playing 5 D Chess…. lol…
        I would often write……….. still waiting, waiting and waiting…..
        GIving the benefit of any doubt… What a great showman…. 🙂

          Oct 31, 2021 31:28 AM

          Oh,……… and let’s not forget the good one….. “keep your enemies close”… lol…
          Still waiting on the “Q”……..
          Every date has been a miss q….. lol

            Oct 31, 2021 31:31 AM

            We even questioned the prayer group surrounding the PREZ….
            Paula White….. Hague, …. Ken Copeland crew….. lol…. what a joke….

            Oct 31, 2021 31:49 AM

            Completely absolutely indubitably correct. Keep your enemies close isn’t that the truth and I have discovered that with my circle of people and friends and acquaintances you can sniff it out.

            Paula White they’re all false teachers and Pharisees all of them Ken Copeland their God is money and if you don’t have any spiritual discernment people are going to be deceived and they’re on the road to eternal punishment no question about it. Happy to hear your wide awake and not falling for the lies that leads to eternal damnation because very few are going to find the narrow road it’s very narrow and everyone has sold their soul to the devil. It’s easy to do when God gets fed up and people keep denying Him He will blind their eyes and it’s almost impossible to wake them up. God blinds their eyes completely. I have walked away from God many times but not for long and I’ve never denied Him ever.

            Oct 31, 2021 31:04 PM

            Sometime you need to go around the block a couple of times… just to get your direction straight…. lol
            GOD, as you know, will let you get a little off course for at times… for the teaching lesson…
            And will give you a helping hand when needed……… GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD……
            and MAN JUST DOES NOT GET IT………..
            Thanks for today’s fellowship…..

            Oct 31, 2021 31:45 PM

            You’re hitting it out of the ballpark Buddy Ha Ha

            Couldn’t agree more with everything and all your commentary. This new platform gets a little confusing however you’re absolutely right man doesn’t get it. That’s because man loves darkness. Also, too much pride arrogance and belligerence to come to God in repentance. You know that scripture a righteous man falls down seven times but gets right back up. I certainly don’t take pleasure in unrighteousness or sin if it happens though and it does I get right back up dust myself off and return to God immediately get back into The Word. Prayer and supplication with a contrite sorrowful heart I’m telling God what a idiot I am and that I couldn’t be more sorry. Continuing my fellowship and relationship with the Lord Jesus God.

            Those that are in trouble continue to reject God and rebel against Him backslidden Christians not getting back up and returning to God staying in that sinful condition doing what they please. Unfortunately that’s about 99% of the population right now and it’s going to get a lot worse. All on their self-destruction pernicious ways hellbound. All haters of God.

            I came to the understanding I can’t do nothing without God because He supports and sustains life itself every heartbeat every drop of water and that’s what they don’t get and they don’t want it because they don’t want to come to righteousness and they’re too prideful.

            Anywho, I could fellowship for hours and days because there’s so much to discuss. This world is tragically deceived and or just arrogant belligerent to prideful they think they know better than God and He supplies everything every morsel of food everything good comes from God can’t do nothing without Him. He is the vine we are the branches you know that scripture.

            Unfortunately the majority of the population which is tragically probably over 99% is going to discover this when it’s too late.

            I accidentally burned myself several days ago in the kitchen extremely minor nothing really, however the pain for those few seconds I thought about it. That’s what you’re going to feel for eternity consistent pain in a new glorified body.

            However, the world says there’s no hell and everyone says they don’t believe in hell unfortunately they’re going to find out when they get there it’s really bad this world the blind leading the blind to eternal punishment. I acknowledge that several years ago and thought wow everyone is on the same path and the same destination.

            I could continue typing forever because this is so serious that people are taking this so lightly that there’s no concern whatsoever it’s just inconceivable how foolish everything is and I’m not part of that pack at all.

            I’m not in the world’s club. I have separated myself from it and God comes first in my life.

            Thanks for your fellowship and my only hope is that everyone comes to the love of the truth because after we take that last breath it’s over it’s too late it’s final it’s finished it’s over with.

            I’ll try and finish up with the rest of the comments however I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get to it all. If you’re willing to check back over the next few days I will accomplish returning all the replies.

            There’s a much more to discuss with everything including AI and the merger with humans etc there’s a lot of information I have it’s overwhelming. QUANTUM COMPUTERS ARE GOING TO SOLVE MEDICAL ISSUES CANCER YOU NAME IT GOING TO BE MIRACLES SATAN’S HEAVEN THAT’S WHAT HE’S CREATING HERE YOU CAN SEE IT EVERYWHERE AND IT’S ALL A BIG LIE AND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO END UP IN HELL WITH IT. Sorry for the caps I don’t know why I had that on. I don’t want to go back and retype it all.

            My apologies for breaking away today however all these discussions are very important. The Bible states the very elect will be deceived if it were possible very close to it. Something like that anyway the righteous are barely and scarcely saved and it’s a very very narrow road the masses are all entering the wide gates to the slaughterhouse.

            Catch up with you later and my apologies for breaking away like I said no choice but these discussions are very important there’s a lot coming to this extremely foolish generation and mindless society. Main reason for the virus and the jabs they’re preparing the public to be obedient and they’re going to merge them right into the computer accepting the mark of the beast to buy and sell and work it’s all here. Of course, professing Christians are blindsided and still not paying attention to anything the churches are gong yo recommend them take the mark and the jabs it’s all tied in they’re all the same people the churches and the god haters are all the same. The churches are raking in the money and living for the world and so are the followers. All deceived including the unbelievers.

            Nov 01, 2021 01:01 AM

            HG…….. thanks for the reply………
            No need to apologize , sometime life gets in the way… 🙂
            And ditto on your remarks….. SO TRUE….

            The churches with their 501 3b…….. do not want to cut off their income source, if, they told the truth
            Mega churches would not exist for the itching ears….
            So, called christians , that do not read the bible daily…. are LOST PERIOD…
            “draw closer to me, and I will draw closer to thee”.. James 4:8…..

          Oct 31, 2021 31:30 AM

          Great words of wisdom absolutely and it was all a big dog and pony show with Trump. You nailed it.

          Anyone that supports Trump in the future has to be a complete imbecile.

      Oct 31, 2021 31:27 AM

      Another reminder regarding Trump appointed Fauci and not only that encouraged everyone to take the jab that’s really an operating system full of parasites and it’s bad bad news.

      And we have the Patriots supporting Trump complete joke he’s for himself and his own interests with wealth creation for popularity stroking his egotistical desires on steroids.

      Trump is for Trump and it’s always been that way he stiffed so many people it’s unbelievable.

        Oct 31, 2021 31:36 AM

        Fauci…… is the lead whore…….. along with BILLY GATES, …….. people need to wake up….

          Oct 31, 2021 31:41 AM

          DOnald……….lost it on the JAB………. what a moron, wishy washy fake…

            Oct 31, 2021 31:44 AM

            Goes to show…….. he never had any wisdom…….. concerning any health matters……..
            Mc Donald burger lover…….. Super Size Him….

    Oct 31, 2021 31:41 AM

    OOTB Jerry
    8 hours ago
    uaawatchdog…… FItts………. good listen….

    OOTB Jerry
    8 hours ago
    Because America was set up with Biblical principles, it’s also a war on America. Fitts says, “You see this in the founding documents that an individual’s freedom is created by divine authority. So, in the founding documents, our governor is God. We are created by divine authority. Our freedom comes by divine authority, but we are individual sovereigns. We have the power to create sovereign governments and to end them if they stop serving us.

    UNLIKE CANADIANS…………. who bow to the Queenland…

    WE THE PEOPLE…………. have a CONSTITUTION……..

    Oct 31, 2021 31:46 AM

    Whores running the show………
    The churches are now speaking out……… Local radio……. is now informing the listeners…. here in the MIDWEST…. Bible Belt…. and further, even some mention of Soros… interesting….
    Was traveling last week, and I heard the same in Georgia, Ky, Tenn and Florida….
    Maybe a little wake up call……

    Oct 31, 2021 31:46 AM

    The crypto market is being infiltrated by a bunch of crooks the latest the Netflix crypto that was recently soaring in value the last few days the purchasers couldn’t sell for the values that were printed on the crypto exchanges they couldn’t get out. The bottom line, you’re being told that your positions are worth X number of dollars and you can’t sell it.

    The crooks found a way to find a lot of suckers and there’s going to be a lot of empty bag holders and that’s a guaranteed event with crooks running the crypto market. The corruption is setting in everywhere. It’s going to be a lot worse than the cannabis market shares. From peak to trough about a 95% collapse or more everyone was left empty bag holders except for the insiders that got out and they were in way before the crowd.

    The crowd now is in cryptos. What could go wrong ?

      Oct 31, 2021 31:50 AM

      Youth……… have not discovered they can lose money… with a market that is being bought by the FED….
      and has only gone up… …
      Plus a govt stimmy check for nothing.. … and low rates forever……

    Oct 31, 2021 31:00 PM

    Great discussion you’re on top of it. I have some obligations to take care of and I’ll be back later not sure exactly when but you’re definitely not deceived and I hopefully you haven’t sold your soul to the devil I tell you that’s what everyone’s done it’s just inconceivable was taking place in the society.

    It’s like this, just give me my money and stuff and I don’t want to hear about God. Or we have professing Christians that refuse to put God first and live just like the world. All on their way to Gehenna.

    I’ll catch up with you later don’t be deceived and God is my refuge and guide. By the way, Catherine Fitz always known her as a Christian and when she got started with Greg it was kind of uneasy they didn’t get along at first. They do now because Greg realized that she’s has a lot of important information to share.

    Still though, just to believe in God doesn’t do anything you have to follow God and do the first commandment and be obedient. Even the devil and his demons believe in God they know the Bible from the front cover to the rear. Everyone’s deceived and refused to read the Word of God they criticize it but yet they don’t even know what it says.


    Be back later have a great day and great discussion.

      Oct 31, 2021 31:07 PM

      DITTO…………. on the devil…
      Thanks catch ya later…………

        Oct 31, 2021 31:11 PM

        Thank you for your insightful commentary with a dash of good humor. I left you a real long message above lol don’t get upset with me I’m just trying to explain away all the deception taking place and the consequences. Haven’t had time to reply to all the other messages however I agree with everything it’s it’s a real riot sometimes the way you word everything. All very true though.
        Wholeheartedly agree with it all.

        No obligation on returning any messages I’m just representing the truth and what everyone wants to do with it is their business.

        It’s my reasonable service, that I learned from you. 👍x100.

        Then, every time I capitalize He or Him I think of Al. ( I can hear Al saying you better get it right boy. Ha Ha)

          Nov 01, 2021 01:12 AM

          No problem with the long paragraph…. as you said there is a lot to cover, which is currently happening, and many just do not get it, and never will… but, for those on the look out, need to keep aware of the blind spots, …. almost impossible to cover everything… the devil is working overtime,…. with more people on the planet, …he know his time is short….
          Be prepared to give an answer, …(reasonable service)… when asked.. (by saved and unsaved)

            Nov 01, 2021 01:15 AM

            Iron sharpening Iron………. 🙂
            thanks for the complement…. on reasonable service… 🙂

            Oh, and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK…
            Season with salt…
            Colossians 4:6-8
            King James Version
            6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
            I am working on that one…. 🙂

    Oct 31, 2021 31:56 PM

    Regarding Catherine Fitts, God’s always going to win of course and there’s always been a war on God. However, that doesn’t mean that the wicked and the unbelievers backslidden Christians 99% of the population isn’t on their way to Gehenna. This is bad news for her whole audience. God’s going to move forward with His judgments regardless. It’s going to be a fiery judgment. “”No one”” with very rare exceptions are turning from their wicked ways and seeking God’s face. Everyone has forgot God. The entire church is now run by modern day Pharisees. The sin is abundant everywhere and sodomy the populous have now embraced. Goes back to Romans chapter 1.

    Oct 31, 2021 31:39 PM

    God’s judgments include famine, pestilence and then a fiery judgment with the financial collapse as in book of Revelation with war. With weapons they have today going to be a lot of people waking up in Gehenna. I could very well be one of them. Those that are doing everything right the Bible says the righteous are scarcely and barely saved. The backslidden churches won’t tell you that though that are run by all the modern day Pharisees. The audience and the followers all have itchy ears. All refusing to endure sound doctrine. All offended by the truth as well. The churches will never preach on Romans chapter 1. Scares all their money away. It’s a big business the church and they would all be out of business. Most churches now have CEOs. Abominable !!! It’s all watered down to where everyone’s deceived completely without question. Christians refusing to read the Bible. Let God be true, and every man a liar. It’s in the Bible, God told us but yet they want to listen to man who just lies to them day in and day out. They’re paying a big price financially with donations and they’re on their way to hellfire with all the lies are being fed. The most foolish generation and a mindless godless society. They’re going to be enjoying their cryptos alright. It’s all going to zero and then hell follows. Along with everything else.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:54 AM

    Jerry, I will answer you here with a reply because the new platform is more difficult to view all the comments and it gets a little more time consuming trying to fill in all the blanks with the replies at least on my end. I’m completely new to this platform.

    Happy to hear though that you’re of sound mind your as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. I received some good laughs out of your comments the McDonald’s burger supersized etc. Mr wishy-washy lol. Married 3 times lol. There was several others I believe I don’t have the posts in front of me. Good wholesome humor though.

    I’m always working on myself too, so that’s part of the walk in the Christian Life. We never arrived and say we made it because that’s the day we start leaving the faith. I keep learning all the time. Definitely learned that I’m quite capable of leaving the faith in a New York second. I hear this all the time too, many very hardcore Christian followers in the faith including pastors ministers leave the faith all the time. They do a complete flip sometimes and they end up looking like they were never a Christian to start with just covered in tattoos and everything else.

    I actually stumbled very hard one time and I was wondering if I could ever get back in the faith. I was hooked and in bondage with this world with a stronghold that wouldn’t let me go. Rollin around in the mud with the world lost my interest in Christianity completely. The only thing that brought me back was the fact that I believed in eternal punishment and I turn my self around back to the faith. Lecturing myself how foolish you are I told myself complete idiot. How stupid can I be I’m going to suffer for eternity.

    We can get tired and weary in the faith sometimes however the key is not to leave the faith for any length of time make it as short as possible and don’t go back into the world rollin around in the mud.

    You bring up a lot of good points with a lot of things and appreciate the fellowship and many thanks for everything and all your comments and sharing.

    Stay strong in the Lord Jesus God is all we can do and stop listening to the lies. I don’t look for secular answers to a spiritual problem. Our future is in the kingdom of God.

      Nov 01, 2021 01:06 AM

      Ditto…….. It is a Daily Walk, minute by minute … ..

      I always wondered about the tattoos, signs , learned that 60 years ago…
      Leviticus 19:28
      “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”
      Yes, it is a wake up call, when you think….. humm eternity… now that is a long time..
      Faint Not…….
      Thank you for applying the good Book,…. and thanks for the putting up with me…
      and thanks for the fellowship , as I said before.
      Ditto on the future of the KINGDOM….

    Nov 01, 2021 01:32 AM

    Amen Amen Amen you’re on top of it bro. Again, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said and of course the scriptures. Darn straight is a daily walk. I could leave the faith just after I post this message.

    Putting up with you ? Are you kidding me this knucklehead. I’m very fortunate that I’m not burning in eternal flames right now. Again, thank you for your fellowship and thoughts and sharing everything that helps us maintain our spiritual strength. It’s desperately needed right now.

    Here’s that crypto I was talking about in the thread above on zero hedge today. I mentioned that the printed price no one could sell and apparently today the price went to $2,800 from practically nothing and again you couldn’t sell and now the price is down just above zero I think. Here’s the article. Stupid gets, what stupid does. Absolutely hilarious.

    Oh, I bet the Insiders got out with millions and millions of dollars and left the crowd holding the empty bag as usual.

      Nov 01, 2021 01:39 PM

      Lot of suckers out there in the crypto market… million, if not billions are going to be lost…

        Nov 01, 2021 01:50 PM

        You probably saw that on zero hedge today. It’s guaranteed event because all the suckers are in there now and the news is out so it’s not like it’s inside trading discovery of a new market. People are going to lose big time and it’s going to be waterfall event worse than the Cannabis share market. That was almost straight down. From peak to trough.

        That’s what happens people keep holding thinking it’s going to recover and it keeps going straight down and they lose everything. Deer staring into headlights saga. Before they know it their positions are down 80% plus.

          Nov 01, 2021 01:55 PM

          Saw that article …….. what a scam… on those cryptos…….

            Nov 01, 2021 01:03 PM

            That’s not all that’s a scam the whole financial system is a scam it’s going to come crashing down and society is going to be in complete shambles. There will be war right on American soil developing right now China’s becoming way far advanced along with Russia. The USA is going to become a laughing stock when the destruction comes. Our military might has been lowered many notches.

            Think of the Georgia guidestones.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:24 PM

    I like you said Jerry, Satan’s working overtime he knows his time is short my messages are all being purged. God bless and take good care.

      Nov 01, 2021 01:33 PM

      HG……… hang in there……. God bless you…

        Nov 01, 2021 01:34 PM

        My message was posted above so please ignore the oversight on my behalf shame on me. Apparently the message ended up in a separate folder for spam or approving the message who knows why and it does happen.

        I was just thinking maybe I said something was inappropriate and I couldn’t figure it out but that’s no longer the issue. Although, my messages are very direct to the point a lot of times and can be very hardcore. They’re definitely not cute little white bunny soft furry messages that are useless and have no meaning no one takes seriously.

        Moses was a tough sheep herder and he didn’t play games. It’s a spiritual battle and God’s people are warriors.

          Nov 01, 2021 01:45 PM

          This NEW BOARD…… takes a little time to get use to the format ….
          Sometimes, SHOCK AND Awe…. is the best method… lol… (referring to the hardcore)
          Now remember, … Moses did not get to go to the PROMISE LAND… 🙂
          Never hit those rocks to hard… lol .. sorry,

            Nov 01, 2021 01:59 PM

            You’re absolutely right but I kind of feel sorry for Moses because he did spend 40 years in the wilderness.

            I’m sure God made it up to him in the kingdom of God. Its the eternal treasures that are important.

            Don’t forget too, Moses got down on his knees and thanked God when he lost his family in the fire.

            We all have to prove our faith and our loyalship to God. I’m being tested all the time and I know why because I don’t belong in heaven if I don’t love God and I love everything else.
            Job was really tested he was broken down with his health financial even his wife told him to give up on God and Job stayed faithful to the end.

            Our love for God must be through thick and thin. That’s why so many Christians fail they received some of the blessings and then when the hardcore testing comes they forget about God. They never loved God to begin with. It was all about the blessings and that’s not love.

            Nov 01, 2021 01:53 PM

            HG……. all of the above are good examples……
            Always thought it interesting, How Paul was finally left by many, .. and kind of on his own at the very end.

            Nov 01, 2021 01:17 PM

            Sorry, my reply is below. I just got through reading the book of James isn’t that funny. Now that you mention it. I love the book of James.

            Ephesians is a really good book too because there’s a lot in there much spiritual nutrition. I think I’ll start on that book next because I need to do more meditating on some of the scriptures.

            My reply for the other message you have down below so need to stay in the scriptures and keeping God’s Word otherwise we’re not in the faith at all, just playing Church. Being as fake as cryptos. lol

            Nov 01, 2021 01:47 PM

            Paul had his hands full, with all the churches……..
            Ephesians … great book…
            Several years ago, I visited Ephesus …… Took a tour with a Group of Christians (or at least some)
            on a sailing ship out of Athens, on a … Tracing the Footsteps of Paul trip.
            Very enlightening…..

            Nov 01, 2021 01:05 PM

            Sounds very enlightening especially now I’m really growing spiritually and I could really enjoy a trip like that although with the conditions today and my age is just not worth it. I don’t even want to think of packing a bag lol. My regiment won’t allow it Ha Ha

            Those are great memories though and seeking the things of God. Building your treasures in heaven that’s what it’s all about thinking eternal.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:57 PM

    Nothing new, lol. YouTube hates my guts all my messages with fellowship are deleted. YouTube despises the truth.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:14 PM

    Joseph spent how many years in prison about 7 years never complained at all none whatsoever.
    He was totally innocent.

    Job and Joseph were blessed after that trial of faith. All of Jobs wealth and health was restored and Joseph was in charge of all of Egypt under the king. Joseph’s whole family wanted him out and destroyed.

    Joseph stayed faithful to God and he prevailed. Like the scripture says, if God is for you who can be against you because eventually we will prevail.

    Even Abraham gave his own son for a sacrifice.

    God’s looking for a true people that love Him and He’s not looking for artificial superficial love. I agree with God completely. Heaven should be populated with all of us that love each other and God we don’t need this in heaven.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:38 PM

    If the churches were doing some hardcore preaching and waking up people but they’re not doing it. All they’re doing is deceiving the flock with they’re cuddly furry kitty messages. They’re not hitting the rocks hard enough that’s why everyone’s deceived. Oh, don’t worry if you love Jesus you’re saved you can do anything you want. That’s what I was told in the church one time by the pastors. They got me loving the wrong Jesus who is the father of all lies Satan that’s who you’re following.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:06 PM

    Talking about hypocrites the same ones who accused me of being very materialistic in the past are the same ones who are in madly in love with money and material things today. Throw some desperate wannabes in there too. Ha, they never cared about money that’s so hypocritical.

    There’s many more examples of this it’s just goes to show you what people are made of.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:35 PM

    The apostle Paul was forsaken by everyone and then it was the same false brethren who martyred him because the apostle Paul didn’t want to be a Pharisee just in the Gospel to make a lot of money. The apostle Paul made with his bare hands and sold tents and he never asked for any money. He barely had any necessities.

    It’s no different today we have Pharisees everywhere and when mayhem breaks out Christians are going to have targets on their head true Christians. The false Christians and brethren the Bible even says in the last days they are going to want to kill the true Christians thinking they’re doing God a service.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:55 PM

    see note above…….
    James 1
    King James Version
    1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

    2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

    3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

    5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

      Nov 01, 2021 01:25 PM

      I saw your above post on …. reading James… that is funny…
      I was reading it yesterday….

        Nov 01, 2021 01:57 PM

        What a coincidence Ha Ha

        I keep telling myself I need to do a lot more reading and meditating on scriptures. I think being consistent is the best strategy instead of trying to burn yourself out and it’s been working out for me real well everyday. Rarely do I miss a day. I really enjoy it and it’s like anything else though you really don’t want to burn yourself out.

        Since I’m done with the book of James I would usually just keep going to the next book and I don’t know how many times I’ve read the book of James could never count them however like I said I’m going to go to the book of Ephesians next. That should be a really good read and spiritual nutrition.

          Nov 01, 2021 01:02 PM

          Meditate is good………..

            Nov 01, 2021 01:15 PM

            I take my time reading the scriptures although I’m not really slow however I want to understand everything and take it all in so I build my armor of faith. I’ve been through the School of hard knocks not reading the Bible and then wonder why I’m stumbling around in faith. There’s no way you can stay spiritually strong because you’re going to end up very weak and going to be deceived there’s no doubt about it.

            I don’t read the Bible to please God maybe somewhat because He’s a rewarder us seeking Him however it’s for me so I’m not deceived and end up on the wide path to eternal destruction. It’s working out very well for me even so the righteous are scarcely and barely saved so I have to work at our own salvation with fear and trembling. That I do.

            Nov 01, 2021 01:59 PM

            God is everything that’s what I started to realize instead of living in a fantasy world like this all happened by accident or I start blaming God I didn’t ask to be born I hear that so many times.

            God’s not going to be mocked He’s going to have the last say. We have our freedom now however age of grace is coming to an end looks very likely here very soon. We take our last breath and it’s all based on the book and what we did. Falling in the hands of the living God is a fearful thing the Bible says you’re not right with God whoa is them.

            Thanks for the link I’ll listen to it when I have a chance tonight. It’ll be on my spiritual nutrition list when I retire I’ll have the time tonight.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:11 PM

    Couldn’t agree more with you Jerry and that’s how it is when God comes first though. The rewards are great and like everything else in life we reap what we sow.

    I told the old school friend that one time not very long ago he told me he’s getting tired of reaping. lol he’s a real witty guy even so I made a lot of mistakes.

    Unfortunately made a lot of bad decisions and one of them is gambling. It’s not only a sin however it’s a bad habit that turns a lot of people into poverty.

    Apostle Paul is reaping the best treasures of all incorruptible no thieves are going to break in and steal. The wise man’s choice however the unfortunate part is mostly they’re all listening to the world’s lies. That’s the path everyone’s choosing for the most part I’m definitely not in that club I got to stay out of that club so help me God. Through prayer and supplication that’s God’s will asking for eternal things.

      Nov 01, 2021 01:18 PM

      Ditto on Paul………

    Nov 01, 2021 01:20 PM

    Repost……. for your answer
    Holy Grail
    9 hours ago
    That’s not all that’s a scam the whole financial system is a scam it’s going to come crashing down and society is going to be in complete shambles. There will be war right on American soil developing right now China’s becoming way far advanced along with Russia. The USA is going to become a laughing stock when the destruction comes. Our military might has been lowered many notches.

    Think of the Georgia guidestones.

    BIG DITTO ON THE ABOVE…………………………….

      Nov 01, 2021 01:26 PM

      Yep, it’s not looking good for those that love this world and the things of this world. The worst part about this is those that are not connected to God in a major way like we’re discussing are going to suffer for eternity pain beyond human imagination. This is a daily walk with God with His Word and fellowship with Him. It’s a very narrow road nobody wants to do it and they’re all thinking going to church is going to cut it. Much fables and wives tales out there and refusing to endure sound doctrine. Itchy ears. We have a whole populace and society that’s deceived with the unbelievers. Many though just don’t want it they don’t want righteousness and holiness they want to do it their way so not everyone’s deceived just arrogant belligerence and too prideful.

        Nov 01, 2021 01:32 PM

        Ditto again………

    Nov 01, 2021 01:10 PM

    Back in the day I would listen to that song by The Who. Not anymore because it’s not pleasing to God including many movies for that matter or rotten TV programs.

    That was kind of mentor that song.


    Everyone’s being fooled and deceived right now. Maintain my armor of faith everyday and I’m not swallowing any lies at all anymore, done with it. I have the Word of God and that’s the final authority guiding my life with philosophies etc I don’t get taken in by that either. I don’t want to hear it and quickly walk away. My shepherd is the Lord Jesus God. Standing on the Rock and don’t be led to quicksand by those that quote things by philosophers and all kinds of fables and wives tales.

    Nov 01, 2021 01:34 PM

    Oh ya, perfect choice Jerry and Gospel music the words are I would think are very pleasing to God. There’s Gospel music out there now that is demonic and it’s full of the Jezebel spirit. It’s not Holy Spirit filled at all. Full of demons.

    What’s remarkable and another coincidence “”Footprints In The Sand.”” In this song and link you provided. Amazing !!!

    For about 20 years I had that poem fixated on my private office door in my company office building.

    I also use it in all my prayers for people that are not doing so well at all and ask that the Lord Jesus God carry them. Footprints in the Sand. The Lord Jesus carried me. Had many divine interventions and miracles in the last 30 years.

    I’m going to listen to the rest of it. I was very motivated to let you know. I saw the footprints in the sand and decided to inform you it’s another coincidence unbelievable.

    Some of my office personnel we’re Christians and foot prints in the sand subject came up quite often. In today’s present world probably would not be well received at all. However, they love tattoos rebelling against God. Not once, did I ever consider having anything like that on my body.
    It’s a sin. I think you mentioned some scriptures regarding tattoos. Justin Bieber was apparently turning himself over to Christ becoming a Christian but yet he’s selling his own brand of cannabis now. Then you have the other guy forget his name real famous just now going through a divorce preaching the Gospel in churches and everything with his music. Married to Kardashian.

    Anyone with any spiritual discernment this guy is completely far from being a true Christian.

    Bieber selling pot gave himself over to satan.

    Their deeds are wicked. They need to repent and stop playing games with God. They won’t though, because their God is money and that’s what happens. Sold they’re soul to the devil

      Nov 02, 2021 02:17 AM

      Ha……. concerning the footprints………
      Originally , .. I was trying to post … just Patsy Cline,… and the one that got posted was with Willie, … so, I decide just to leave it, …. popped open all by it’s self…. funny…..
      I thought you might at first get offended, by Willie, but, I viewed it and decide there should not be any problem…. As far as the foot prints in the sand… that was a new one to me…. hummm…..
      Lord must knew you would like it…. 🙂

      Glad you liked it….

        Nov 02, 2021 02:45 AM

        Footprints in the Sand that was really a hit. Man, you hit it right out of the ballpark because that’s been a major earmark with my faith for decades.

        Thanks for the link and everything because this gospel music is very very pleasing to God.

        I saw the Willie Nelson part however I overlooked it because the most important part was the lyrics and everything and yes the Lord God is our strength. His Holy Word and everything it’s as precious as honey the Bible says.

        You’re as wise as a serpent with everything and really happy to see that because very few are going to make it. The Bible says many are called and few are chosen. I thank God everyday and grateful that I have His Holy Word and He’s leading me to green pastures. Staying very very humble and knowing who God is.

        Like Job told his wife, “” you don’t know who God is””. God’s business is serious this is not a game. There’s no fear of God in this society it’s not God fearing it’s mindless behavior.

          Nov 02, 2021 02:03 AM

          Correction :God’s word is as sweet as honey and precious too

    Nov 01, 2021 01:51 PM

    Oil in your lamp spiritually strong well studied a warrior and soldier in Christ. Having the full breastplate of armor on.

    Revelation 21:8

    8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars(A)—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.(B) This is the second death.”(C) HELL


    Matthew 25
    1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

    2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

    3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:

    4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

    5 While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

    6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

    7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

    8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

    9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

    10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

    11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

    12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

    13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

      Nov 02, 2021 02:21 AM

      Never…… know the hour…

        Nov 02, 2021 02:49 AM

        Its that thief in the night we need to be ready everyday. Can’t time it and we don’t want to hear these words

        “”I never knew you””

        How tragic words can’t even describe and everyone’s on the same destination it’s just horrible.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:32 AM

    “”Only”” the Lord Jesus God”” can rule irreplaceable for all of eternity. The King of King Lord of Lords Holiest of Holies. The Most High. All of mankind put together wouldn’t even compare. Be like a nano cell compared to who are Almighty God of the universe is. Our Great Father In Heaven. Our Great and Holy Savior Lord Jesus God who even went to the cross and suffered immeasurably and paid the price. Our Lord Jesus God is still providing even though we don’t deserve it. Gave us this creation to enjoy. We don’t appreciate anything. The Lord Jesus God has done everything can’t do anymore. What He has in store for those that love Him words could never describe. Our God is wonderful and precious beyond words.

    Man does not want Lord Jesus God to rule man believes he’s way is better. There’s no life anywhere with unrighteousness and unholiness. Man knows better though.

    Man rejects everything that’s good and are haters of God. The only goal that man has is to destroy our Great and Holy Savior Great Father in Heaven completely dethroned the only one that can sustain any kind of life who is irreplaceable for all of eternity.

    Everyone wants to do it their way. Continually rejecting God and even professing Christians are God haters.
    All enemies of God. They’re not going to be happy in heaven. They want it their way and they’ll be giving God orders including out to destroy God and dethrone Him.

    This is why there’s a place of eternal punishment forever for the wicked and those that are not for God 100%.

    It’s all wicked except for a small small remnant that love God through thick and thin. Who understand who God is righteous holy and good. A spectacular future for eternity. Who let God rule because He’s our protector and God knows what He’s doing. The remnant are those that understand that man knows nothing like he should know. Amen to that if man knew too much he would be capable of destroying God and dethroning Him. Because man’s deeds are wicked. Incapable of ruling.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:23 AM

    The Lord Jesus God has done everything can’t do anymore……… BIG DITTO ON THAT ONE>…….

      Nov 02, 2021 02:56 AM

      Yep, I tell God that everyday you can’t do anymore. He’s done everything and He deserves all the praise and worship glory honor and power.

      Man doesn’t want to give Him that. Even though God created everything and wouldn’t be anything here without Him. Man’s deeds are wicked they want to steal his creation like a thief and a robber and dethrone/destroy God. Man is only destroying himself because God knows what they’re trying to do.

        Nov 02, 2021 02:12 AM

        Amen……… and that is the truth….

          Nov 02, 2021 02:40 AM

          The truth is the truth. The truth will set us free although no one wants it. It’s much more convenient to believe in the lies. Because it takes courage and fortitude to acknowledge the truth and to live by the truth. The truth is a buzz killer. Man wants to believe he’s in control when it couldn’t be further from the truth God is in control of everything and all our destinies.

            Nov 02, 2021 02:51 AM

            Hard to believe, that more christians do not join in the conversation….. just sad, …

            Nov 02, 2021 02:56 AM

            It is to their shame…. man just to proud…. to humble themselves before the LORD, or even talk about, or say his name….
            Psalms 31:17 Let me not be ashamed, O LORD; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.

            Nov 02, 2021 02:10 PM

            Ya, it’s tragic however we’re in the great falling away like the Bible says in the last days. Playing Church and most likely enjoying all their tokens. Cryptos are now considered a US driven bubble it’s the Americans that are driving this worthless bubble.

            Wouldn’t you know it, it’s America with all the abominable things and promoting all the wickedness worldwide. The list is getting really long.

            That’s why the Bible says God’s judgments will be righteous and holy.

            The only ones that are worried or scared or whatever fear…with what’s coming are those that don’t love God.

            This nation is financially bankrupt and spiritually bankrupt. What could go wrong. Our enemies must be just licking their chops with our president falling asleep at the wheel as well. America’s already collapsing and it’s just waiting to burn. However, as a soldier and warrior in Christ, God did not give us the spirit of fear. Everything will work out perfect for those that love God. Inheriting the Kingdom of God it’s going to be absolutely spectacular beyond words could ever describe. WoW !!!

            Nov 02, 2021 02:15 PM

            Amen to the scriptures. Love it those are really great scriptures. Keep building our armor of faith. We are going to need it. Those that love this world are going to be empty bag holders. Punishment forever too.

            Nov 02, 2021 02:22 PM

            You nailed it……… Amen…….

    Nov 02, 2021 02:38 AM

    Amen Amen Amen

    1 Corinthians 8

    2 And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.

    3 But if any man love God, the same is known of him.


    God knows the beginning to the end He’s the Alpha and the Omega. God knows everything before it happens.


      Nov 02, 2021 02:52 AM

      Ditto… and a Big Amen….

        Nov 02, 2021 02:21 PM

        Amen Amen to your fellowship a real soldier and warrior in Christ. Cowardly faith will not be inheriting the Kingdom of God. Scriptures in Revelation. Like you said we need to humble ourselves humble ourselves before God and God hates pride. God provides Grace to those that are really humble and sincere with a sorrowful contrite heart.

        God does not hear the prayers of an unrighteous man. God completely resists the proud.

          Nov 02, 2021 02:36 PM

          Amen brother…… Where two or more are gathered….
          Romans 8:26
          King James Version
          26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

            Nov 02, 2021 02:47 PM

            Absolutely bro there’s a lot possible with God and there are many things that are not possible because of the things we do. God is sovereign. God cannot lie and he does keep His Word. It’s all about a sincere heart and being very humble pushing every morsel of pride aside.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:34 PM

    The apostle Paul was complaining about his pain in his side as you recall and I’m sure he was losing his patience with it at times. Apostle Paul asked God to take it away and God wanted apostle Paul to remain humble because Paul would get up on a high horse as Paul was so knowledgeable in the Gospel.

    God didn’t remove his pain in his side and God told him my grace is sufficient for you. That’s a beautiful thing. God’s grace is sufficient for us if we don’t act like a bunch of imbeciles.

    I’m actually very excited and anxious to meet all of God’s people in eternity there’s a lot to share and all the hardships and experiences. I’m a lightweight to compared to what others went through but I have some experiences to share. Divine interventions from God and how foolish I was not becoming a real soldier and warrior in Christ decades and decades ago I should have started out better however it’s how you end.

      Nov 02, 2021 02:40 PM

      I think of Paul ‘s pain often…….. and “God’s grace is sufficient.” ….

        Nov 02, 2021 02:52 PM

        The apostle Paul was a very obedient so God knew his heart and God’s grace was sufficient for him. Apostle Paul had a change of heart just like King David who was singing poems and praises to God all day. This is true repentance. Take off the corruptible and put on the incorruptible. We are new creatures in Christ. Reborn again. Crucifying the flesh.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:07 PM

    Like you said too and two or more gather together. We are the church. It’s not a once a week affair and playing social hour Church. Every time I went to church it wasn’t about the Lord Jesus God it was all about the world they bring the world into church. Drink your coffee and eat your donuts. Their stomach is their God.

    We have a new Church fellowship down here where it’s just all like a Starbucks with really comfortable decor sofas chairs and really great atmosphere everybody fellowships.
    I haven’t tried it out yet I won’t know anything until I start talking to others and it might be a real blessing. Just a new concept all together. You don’t have the pulpit and the auditorium and all that listening to a sermon that’s all watered down. This New concept is all about fellowship this covid-19 thing is a concern so I don’t know, I thought about it and you’re going to be in contact with a lot of people so I don’t want to be pulling out my disinfectant bottle spraying everything down. Of course, I’m not supposed to have any fear although we’re supposed to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

    I like the challenge and the fellowship idea because I’m a real debater. I would also learn from others probably receive many prayers from others too because I have a lot to learn I’m not laying hands on the sick yet or anything else. We will be learning for eternity
    Royal priesthood

    Nov 02, 2021 02:29 PM

    These so-called Church buildings built with man’s hands are loaded with wolves and tares. It’s really a meat market in a lot of ways. There was one pastor that actually tried to steal my friend’s wife. My buddy was really upset with that. Even if you’re with your spouse you’re being hit on. Happen to me many times.

    With two or more gathered together you’re still in church so the fellowship is adequate. The Bible says not to forsake gatherings which is really two or more. I’m active so I don’t have to worry about forsaking gatherings and fellowships.

    Fellowship you’re also building your treasures in Heaven. God does not forget the things we do.

      Nov 02, 2021 02:38 PM

      Thanks for the reply…… been gone , just got back…..

        Nov 02, 2021 02:07 PM

        Don’t ever be concerned about replies or if you’re gone it doesn’t matter. Not that you don’t matter because you do and the fellowship is great when two are gathered together that’s the church. Never any worries here so I’m not here to be anything more than a vessel for fellowship. The wretched man I am so I’m running this race and want to finish my course lol. I want to be like the apostle Paul. Endure to the end, easier said than done though.

        Take joy in the persecution the rewards are great in heaven. No problem. It’s a lot of fun because you know what’s going to be the end result and that brings joy even though they want to step on your head lol.

          Nov 03, 2021 03:07 AM

          Ditto…….. thanks……..

    Nov 02, 2021 02:40 PM

    2 Peter 3:8-10
    King James Version
    8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

      Nov 02, 2021 02:42 PM

      does not pertain to you…… “ignorant”…. you already got the blessings….
      I was just reading the other sections… and some could use the info…. 🙂

        Nov 02, 2021 02:51 PM

        Unfortunately bro they don’t want it. Everyone will continue in their pernicious ways until it’s too late and that’s the tragic part about this because it’ll be said done and over with it’s final and it’s finished. Fate of eternal punishment forever. I was telling b over on the other blog that the world burns with a fervent heat.

        Another coincidence and there it is above you copied the exact scripture, you keep hitting it out of the ballpark every time Ha Ha

          Nov 02, 2021 02:07 PM

          Got ya…… kind of like the Lot story….
          “The Lord said if I find fifty righteous people in the city I WILL SPARE ALL THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR SAKE” (Genesis 18: 26). Abraham continued to negotiate with God. He dropped the number of righteous people to forty, then to thirty, then to twenty. In Genesis 18:32, Abraham said to the Lord, “If I can find Ten righteous people In Sodom and Gomorrah will you spare the cities?” The Lord said He would not destroy it for the ten’s sake. Just think, ten righteous people could have saved the lives of thousands of people, not to mention all the buildings with the city. The very sad part of this story is not even the tiny number of ten righteous people could be found in these cities. The only righteous people to be found were Lot and his small family. T

            Nov 02, 2021 02:21 PM

            Man, I love that story. Lots wife looked back and she turned into a pillar salt.

            They came up with more evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah and there’s no doubt that God destroyed the city it’s set in stone that story.

            The Bible says in the last days will be like Sodom and Gomorrah. There’s a lot of tattoos back then you know. Be like the days of Noah they’re altering DNA now too.

            At one time I was trying to time everything with my soul on the line and came to the final conclusion that’s not possible you have to be ready every day so you never know when you’re going to take your last breath either. It’s absolutely impossible to time. God will not accept it anyway if it’s done at last minute He’s not a fool. At the least you’re taking a big chance and that’s what I thought, I thought there’s no way you have to be a fool to try and time anything you have to be ready every day with your faith and armor.

            A lot of people have stopped trying to time anything and they have fallen from the faith even so they were never with the faith to start with.

            Maybe so, because I was like that but still there’s no way you have to be ready every day. I guess it’s Russian roulette playing those games and eternity is on the line. Ha Ha you know what happens when people gamble. Eventually they lose that’s what happened to good buddy of mine he was winning for many years and then he lost everything and then some man he lost almost everything. He’s doing okay now his social security saved him. Without that I don’t know what he’d be doing right now pretty bad off.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:46 PM

    U ,might like this one……………
    There is a great story behind the song….

      Nov 02, 2021 02:50 PM

      here is the back ground…………

      Nov 02, 2021 02:45 PM

      Ha Ha another hit. Kris Khristopherson the lyrics how can I repay you Lord something like that, however I tell the Lord everyday and pray that I could never repay Him for what He’s done for me in a zillion years I’ll be thanking Him for eternity (if I make it, I tell Him lol.)This old wretched man. My righteousness is just filthy rags. The difference is I don’t take pleasure in rolling around in the mud with the world. Twice dead and twice plucked up. A worker of iniquity. And a righteous man may fall down seven times but he gets right back up doesn’t waste any time and gets right with God immediately. Keeping our garments clean. We have an advocate the Lord Jesus and if we ask for forgiveness He is faithful to cleanse us from all our sin. Do the first commandment and the beginning of wisdom and knock it off with the sin seriously lol. That bondage and strongholds and addictions terrible terrible life you can’t have relationship with God in those conditions. So ya, the righteous may fall down but they don’t stay down. I’ll find out when I take my last breath if I wake up in gehenna.

      I could hear those words:

      I never knew you.

      I’m working out my salvation with fear and trembling no doubt about it I need to be even more conscientious of what I’m doing all the time and in self-examination. I’m not hard enough on myself.

      Hey, according to everyone it’s easy, professing Christians think they’re saved rolling around in the mud with the world. No fear of God and the unbelievers same thing. They just don’t believe in God at all. How could you not. Evidence is everywhere.

      Loco🤡 pendejo

    Nov 02, 2021 02:11 PM

    God said, Jacob He loved and Esau He hated.

    Even though Esau repented and was even very sorrowful God never took him back.

    I believe that’s what happened and God is sovereign and when you get on the bad side of God very tragic situation.

    God gets fed up and He’s had enough.

    Turns people over to reprobate mind it’s in Romans. Never coming to the love of the truth. Belligerent, arrogant and very prideful attitudes. Completely rebellious and self-centered.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:53 PM

    Here’s what’s completely wicked in this society I can’t help but mention this. People will demonize you when you stand up for righteousness like there’s something wrong with you.

    Discussing the debauchery with the babies and selling them for financial gain with people and 90% of the time they don’t care at all and then you’ll get remarks what’s wrong with you what are you talking about are you crazy a general example I’m just paraphrasing the comments from people they demonize you for standing up against such an abominable atrocity. I had one guy that will never forget at Home Depot standing in line to make a return when we were discussing a few things he actually accused me of how do you know that they’re cutting up babies and selling the body parts how do you know that. I told him it’s documented and he says how do you know that. We kept going back and forth and this was a older gentleman that was a God-hater. The older generation I discovered is much worse they are real haters of God. The baby boomers are a sick bunch. Then you have people that are getting so old and don’t have much time left can barely move their limbs are still denying God. Hating God right up until they die. This is how bad it is.

    They kicked God out of all the schools and prayer you can’t even discuss the things of God with police officers because I’ve had them tell me they can’t make any comments at all. The government offices as well it’s just really pathetic and everyone’s wondering what’s wrong and why everything is getting so bad it’s completely godless and mindless this whole society.

    We don’t want nothing to do with God and God says that’s fine then if that’s what you want and then come the catastrophic consequences. However, according to everyone that’s not true and that’s a lie. When it’s unfolding right before they’re very eyes.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:31 PM

    Everyone’s selling out to China. Musk is licking the bootstraps of the CCP now.

    There’s some reports in Florida and in Arizona where landlords have doubled the price of rent. This is a development in the last few days.
    All verified,everything is soaring out of control.

    The new America where a small steak now cost $20 a pound at the store. Or more, just depends, could be much more, in a few days up limit double the price. Expect anything to happen.

    There’s a donut shop out here and they’re now charging $3.50 for a little donut. $30 for a dozen cheap donuts. You want a box for the donuts that’s an extra $10. Not really, but you never know it’s gone crazy out there

    It’s all going to end badly and we’re selling out to the CCP too.

    Nov 03, 2021 03:24 AM

    Everyone signed up for it, no one wanted to stand for what was right.
    Everyone just sat back and watched everything being taken over by complete corruption and fraud. The financial system “”will implode”” Everyone’s going to wonder why it happened. Complete mayhem’s going to break out. We don’t have free markets and we kicked God out of everything. It’s all fraud and corruption and nothing but criminals running everything. We’re in the final stages, then the biggest bust in the history of the world is unleashed. There will be few survivors. A massive invasion of America with Chinese coming over here by the millions Biden will help facilitate it all. Americans will lose their property rights being kicked to the curb. The national debt will be shoved under everyone’s nose. Americans are in deep trouble and don’t even know it. Even worse, war is a highly likely outcome on American soil. Our enemies aren’t going to let this opportunity pass them by with Biden in office. It’s like shooting ducks on a pond especially now with everything so disorganized. The odds really increase as things unravel. Our Southern border is really compromised too. They invade the border with military from the cartel in Mexico who is supported by all the CCP money. It’s not going to take much and we have a real powder keg on our hands Nationwide. It’s going to be a domino effect and the infrastructure will just collapse. Distribution credit lines will freeze with all commerce. Utilities will collapse. Everything will shut down, it’s financial Armageddon.

      Nov 03, 2021 03:21 AM

      Agree……….. America is in serious trouble…………

    Nov 03, 2021 03:15 AM

    The undisputed #1 global leader in medical rape, Warlord Fauci — who carries on the legacy of Genghis Khan in the modern age — finally got the highly-anticipated green light from a captured FDA panel to go after the kindergartners:

    “The benefits of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 outweigh its risks, according to an independent panel of vaccine experts* that advises the FDA.”

    DEATH AND DESTRUCTION…………………… via your healthcare system….
    Fbi, doj……… looking the other way…. idiots, and whore mongers……

      Nov 03, 2021 03:02 AM

      They’re all crooked agencies now. We have criminals everywhere this is not the America I was born in. It’s now very widespread and that’s because nobody’s doing anything about anything. Decades of corruption and now it’s really off the charts.

      Administering that toxic poison vaccine full of parasites now to children and the vaccine companies even admit it’s an operating system and it’s not a vaccine I’m sure you’re well aware of all that. Another reason why many people are walking off the jobs they want nothing to do with it. I’ll never take it now because it’s full of parasites and it’s not official yet what the long-term implications are inoculating poison parasites into your bloodstream. Good luck with it that’s all I can say, aren’t they mindless these people that took the jab and those that aren’t understand it’s demonic concoction of toxic poison that’s being inoculated into your bloodstream with parasites. I said a year ago or so that I was not going to take the vaccine until it was completely proven safe. It’s not safe, it’s just the opposite. We will know fairly soon I guess if it’s going to kill those that received the vaccine. If that’s true we have Armageddon on steroids coming right up. That’s what they want though, they want order out of chaos and Agenda 30 they want to depopulate the world. They have to inform the people it’s something that is required due to their bylaws and everything and, of course it’s probably has something to do with God I can’t put my finger on the exact protocols.
      I know in the past they are required to inform everyone as part of their bylaws haven’t done any research on it in a very very long time.

      Then you have the Georgia guide stones.

      We have a draconian system that is completely against humanity with criminals everywhere now. They act like they care however that’s far from the truth. Everyone has big smiles as they’re lying to you that’s how Satan works. Just look at Pelosi she has a great big smile on her face every time she’s speaking. It’s about the same with all of them.

        Nov 03, 2021 03:29 AM

        globalist have told ya,…. what they want…… on the GA. Stones….

          Nov 03, 2021 03:49 AM

          So its bye bye American pie that’s about it, it’s over it couldn’t be any more confirmed with everything just wait till the real chaos breaks out. The elite will be hiding in the dens of the rocks.

            Nov 03, 2021 03:56 AM

            USof A……… gone a long time ago………. I stated many times people need to look into the
            ACT OF 1871…….. the US.. and USof A .. totally different.. the Pres. is the Pres of a corporation.
            VOting means NOTHING…… on the big screen. …. THERE IS ONLY >>>> ONE PARTY…
            all the members are part of the board… lol….. wonder why they stay around so long… lol

            Nov 03, 2021 03:02 AM

            You’re absolutely right it’s been going on a long time. I understand the communists started taking over this nation for over a hundred years or more. We’re in the last inning. Nixon really put a big nail in our coffin taking us off the gold standard. There’s been no price stability whatsoever for the last 50 years. It’s the Roman empire collapsing no doubt about it.

            So yes, America’s gone and we’re just waiting for the last act and that will be war and complete destruction loss of life

    Nov 03, 2021 03:18 AM

    Dr. Elizabeth Eads is on Greg Hunter interview just out today. I’m sure you know. These vaccines are going to kill those that eventually took them, so I don’t know.
    There’s going to be war in the streets if that’s the case all hell is going to break loose in this country will shut down and that will be it, we will be in Armageddon no doubt about it. It’s coming anyway the southern border is very compromised right now they break through it’s going to be a domino, it’s over.

      Nov 03, 2021 03:35 AM

      I commented and posted some of her statements on the other pod or other sections…….
      Just more confirmation , that is what I have been talking about since Oct Nov Dec. 2019
      Was in full swing… of the info.. From George Webb since FEB 22, 2020…. all was reported
      Matter of fact , was just listening to George’s new site , which he is covering more background on the
      COvid SCAM HOAX,…. which started under BUSH, and Rumsfeld… back in 2005…. with setting up
      LABS across the world…. THE USof A govt (should do a research of the ACT 0f 1871, been a scam
      since that time…

        Nov 03, 2021 03:57 AM

        You’re the go-to guy on vaccines. This dates way back now according to you and I believe it. This corruption and criminal activity has been going on for decades. Thanks for the invaluable information you’ve done a lot of due diligence and you’re on top of your game. I would have to say with mostly everything now.

        Knowing who God is is the most important part about everything. Especially right now and of course at any time we don’t know when we’re going to take our last breath. We can know everything else, however if we don’t know who God is, we are just a bunch of rich or educated fools.

        I like what Job told his wife, you don’t know who God is b****. lol

          Nov 03, 2021 03:12 AM

          Know GOD and Jesus Christs……. will allow one’s thinking to become clear as to… TODAY’s mess
          Give all the credit to GOD and Jesus….
          I just think he provides everything…. wanting No One to perish…. but… you know the rest…

            Nov 03, 2021 03:39 AM

            Yep, I agree. Providing everything and it’s not being received. Very few exceptions. In addition to this, many are called and few are chosen. Told a couple last night I ran into some friends and they were hardcore Christians and it’s only the remnant of the remnant that’s going to be saved the church is in complete apostasy. They have lots of friends that they let go because God comes first and what does light have in common with darkness. Nothing.

            I was thinking it’s too bad I didn’t have more friends like this because they read their Bibles everyday and they don’t swallow any lies at all. Not only that they’re very loving kind and walking the talk doing God’s Will.

    Nov 03, 2021 03:46 AM

    This couple brought up that word wishy-washy ( Christians) and I was telling them I had a conversation on the internet with a guy that was telling me Trump I think you said was wishy-washy we just started laughing.

      Nov 03, 2021 03:05 PM

      Dang ….. that is funny…..

        Nov 03, 2021 03:47 PM

        It was a fun conversation and some great fellowship.

        Anyway, I’ll post this… one more message for good luck. I thought for sure you gave up on this thread.

        You’re too loyal lol. ☺️

        👍👍This is your bad side, what’s your good side look like.

          Nov 03, 2021 03:51 PM

          LOL…….. that is a good one… best… 🙂

            Nov 03, 2021 03:52 PM

            Hoping for a break through…. lol…….

            Nov 03, 2021 03:06 PM

            How do you break through when you’re already top gun and wise as a serpent bustin out big time. 👊

            They do say though when you’re on the very top there’s nowhere else to go but down. lol Still, you’re too wise for that.

            Nov 03, 2021 03:16 PM

            And that is the truth…… when you are on top…. they are all shooting at you…on earthly that is…
            We can never be on top..(pride and a fall).. want to make sure God is NO 1, remembering the Tower of Babel. and the Devil in beginning… ….
            and God knows we all need a lot of work… 🙂

          Nov 04, 2021 04:26 PM

          My apologies bro I checked the numbers on the comments and they didn’t change and I thought I’ll go back and see what’s going on in here lol.

          Great words of wisdom there and I couldn’t agree with you more I mean a thousand percent over, how’s that. x infinity

          I hope you see these comments because I was always checking the numbers I never changed and I guess that happens on these blogs I don’t know what to expect I guess who knows they didn’t change though.

          Ha Ha it’s probably me 🙃🙃

          Like I said, great words of wisdom you have a very sound mind you are really really hitting it out of the ballpark I’m extremely happy that you’re on this road. Words can’t describe how serious everything is. Again, my apologies for not seeing your comments the numbers just didn’t change though on those comments. Glad I checked it out. This old wretched man I am lol.

          Makes me furious though that the comments numbers never changed and now I’m seeing that you posted oh well hells bells.🤣

            Nov 04, 2021 04:01 PM

            HG………. no problem…. I usually go back and check… just making sure I do not forget someone or something important….. This board is a little harder to check out the comments.
            Thanks for the kind words… and you keep up the great work, .. you have a gift, … not enough people walking the walk… 🙂

            Nov 04, 2021 04:17 PM

            There’s a lot more I wanted to say however fellowship is very important and is strengthens each other especially in these days that we’re living in we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow it’s getting to be very high risk. We don’t know when going to take our last breath either.

            There’s very few that want to walk the talk like I think you said above and like that couple I had a conversation with that’s very few and far between.

            Keep fighting the good fight bro. Quite frankly, there’s no one out there that cares if you end up in Gehenna or not.

            Not a one brother is leading me the green pastures at all. Extremely rare exceptions. In fact, it’s just the opposite they want to lead me to destruction. Like the Bible says they bless thee and then they curse thee.

            Catch up with you later on the other blogs. Thanks for your comments and fellowship. And yes, I pride goes just as we fall. God literally despises pride. It’s a ticket to Gehenna. The lust and the pride of life and the cares of this world are sending everyone to eternal punishment

            Nov 04, 2021 04:38 PM

            Thanks …….for the follow up….. appreciate ….
            and ditto on ……… we never know when, …
            and we want to make sure GOD finds us doing what we should be doing… … 🙂

            Nov 04, 2021 04:45 PM

            It’s just my reasonable service ☺️

            Thank you for your sound mind and wisdom.

            X Infinity regarding your comments. That’s key, like you said needs to find us doing what we should be doing we can’t time it. Need to be ready everyday. Amen Amen to your wisdom of wealth in your comments. AAA++++ nothing higher. 🏆

            Nov 05, 2021 05:22 AM

            Thank you……. for reminding us…….. it is daily…… IRON SHARPENING IRON……
            We learn from each other…….
            Good example would be …. from yesterday…. note on slavery…..
            Allowed me time to rethink the term, and get a little deeper into the meanings …. THEN AND NOW…
            This morning ……….. I DID A HIGH LITE…. after your were able to read the subject matter last night.
            I left you a note, … … concerning your research,, … of
            the “slaves , then were happy”……. Happy for a reason, … “slavery” … meaning was different., that today.

            Nov 05, 2021 05:11 AM

            You certainly went through a lot of trouble bro and a labor of love. Like I said, many many thanks and you’re a real warrior and soldier. So ya, I completely agree with you a 1,000%. Good luck with b by the way. I’m not going to interfere with your conversation with him on the other blog. My patience is exhausted. It’s been going on for years. Regardless, I don’t want to demoralize him or anything it’s just the way it is. If that message was addressed to me I would just ignore it at this time because I’ve been through a lot on the other blog recently with him. From there b can think what he wants.

            We are on the same page with mostly everything I believe. Taking a day at a time though. Even so it’s okay to disagree. Hoping it’s not one of those disagreements with people where their judgment is just completely misplaced about everything. Looney tunes on steroids type situations. Anyhoo, I don’t know why I threw that in there. Catch you on the rebound on the other blogs. I’m probably going to take some time off from the blogs because I’m investing considerable amount of time. That’s okay I just have to pace myself and I’m happy with everything. It’s all great. This is the path I’m on and I don’t plan on changing anything anytime soon God Willing. Ha Ha keep my hands on the plow. Thanks again for your wisdom and fellowship.

            Nov 05, 2021 05:31 AM

            HG…….. thanks for the additional reply…….
            Thanks for the support…….
            Some people’s ears and eyes are closed….
            Can not help, if, they do not receive the info. .. Not my problem.
            BUt, be prepared to give an answer ..
            I forgot to mention…. My son translated the New Testament , for his collect class,…from the Greek and Latin…
            HIs major was GREEK AND LATIN…. with a German minor… and taught Latin at the
            University of Florida, while working on his masters… … 🙂
            When I get stumped , I consult with him… 🙂

            Nov 05, 2021 05:48 AM

            should say college class…

            Nov 05, 2021 05:54 AM

            Happy to hear that Jerry you have a father and son duo in the Gospel. Today, families are turning on each other. You’re very blessed. Everyone is walking with The Lord disorderly if they have any interest at all these days.

            Like the Bible says Jerry, don’t trust every spirit, test the spirits.

            I stopped swallowing the lies a long time ago.
            Many people know the truth Jerry they just don’t want it and they don’t want to receive it. Doesn’t matter what you do in that case because even if you force them it must come from the heart. God won’t accept it.

            It’s great fellowship brother and happy to hear about your son. You must be encouraging him to keep running the race and finish his course. Be strong in the Lord always keep fighting the good fight of faith. Amen and love your participation with the slavery issue because it brings out some good points that I otherwise could never accomplish on my own. The different opinions and voices and research if it’s done thoroughly helps bring a really good message to the forefront. Helping people decide because the hour could be late. Today, is the day of salvation. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow could be too late.

            Salute to you and your courage and faith, thank you.👊

            Nov 05, 2021 05:14 PM

            and THANK YOU……..
            And yes the kids are a blessing….

    Nov 05, 2021 05:35 AM

    I saw your responses to b. Very well stated you’ve been very cordial and directly to the point without wasting a lot of time. It’s been going on for years like you told him but like I said I would have just ignored the whole thing and let the comments expire worthless. I’ve done that several times with b in the past.

    I see you’ve done a lot of investing in time with comments don’t worry about a reply here at all we can just let this whole blog expire now. No problem it’s up to you though. You know I’ll return.

      Nov 05, 2021 05:46 AM

      Ok….. 🙂
      might decide later… 🙂
      Might go for a record breaker… 801 comments… lol… 🙂
      Catch ya later… Brother..

        Nov 05, 2021 05:01 AM

        Ha Ha you’re a riot. X infinity. Okay☺️ you’re the boss bro whenever you’re ready to walk away lol.

        Give me – The Boot. lol

        I’m just a face with no name and walking in the rain. And a dollar short
        Ha Ha

    Nov 05, 2021 05:20 AM

    Can not help myself…………… read this…
    Corporate greed……. from zerohedge…. wonder when the stock market is going to collapse….
    How on earth do they pay all those fines and still be in business…. cover up…. from the top 100 corps..

    Nov 05, 2021 05:41 AM

    All the stock indices are standing at a 40-year cycle. That’s the worst possible scenario for a collapse beyond anything that anyone would ever expect. A haircut as much as 90%. In tandem with the stock indices real estate has also participated in the explosion in asset values and it’s also going to be decimated.

    I’m looking at a setup right now buying long-term leap put options. Was crossing my mind the other day however I have little interest in multiplying any more wealth. Not there yet on a setup however it’s coming due here probably in the very near future.

    The vaccines were just a tool to cause chaos and they’re also going to sabotage our food supplies with bio weapons completely toxic no longer edible. That’s also in the works their plans to destroy everything.

    Well, all I can say is to everyone good luck with the world. Gehenna it’s not too far behind.

      Nov 05, 2021 05:07 PM

      They been sabotaging our food supply for years……… Monsanto… majority of soy beans and corn in the midwest, especially, I know in Indiana… are tainted…. Old Birdman, and I had a great discussion on that one,… many years ago…

        Nov 05, 2021 05:09 PM

        and You are spot on……….

          Nov 05, 2021 05:30 PM

          Thanks and I forgot to say it’s going to be toxic so it kills you. That’s where they’re going with this. It’s been altered for years but they’re going to poison it so you can’t even eat it without dying. Funny you mention Birdman he did provide a lot of valuable information. He was an independent thinker. RIP

          BTW…Birdman was a long letter writer. Larry was complaining about that with my messages today. Ex too.
          Too funny.

            Nov 05, 2021 05:44 PM

            Low attention span…. lol………. well, when you write a good letter, there is little to be left for the imagination…. lol…. 🙂

            Nov 05, 2021 05:16 PM

            Yep, low attention span especially when you’re multitasking. Ha Ha and when you’re really busy it all gets purged real quick.

            Most of the time like with articles with zero hedge I go straight to the comments after I reviewed it really really fast. It can be much more informative and rewarding with better information. I know, I can’t possibly have the time to read everything thoroughly. I just hit the really important news articles and that’s not very many. There’s a lot of clickbait out there. This whole society is now a scam. Gimmicks everywhere.

            Like you would say, wishy-washy lol

    Nov 05, 2021 05:44 PM

    Very briefly, we were discussing we don’t know when it’s our time when we take our last breath. We’re on this old blog otherwise I wouldn’t say anything.

    No replies are necessary I’m just informing you what happened to me last night. This is just sharing and we don’t know.

    I’m not going to go into the very specifics because it’s not necessary. I thought I was taking my last breath last night for real. My jaw was hanging down in shock. I cried out to the Lord and I said not now I need more time to get right with you Lord please and then divine intervention took place in a short period of time about 10 minutes and complete miracle took place. Anywho, the Lord knows I’m not going to call 911 because I’m going naturally, I want nothing to do with a hospital. Even though I have documents do not resuscitate, not dealing with doctors and hospitals.

    I was basically gone, it was unbelievable and then it stopped miraculously the major terminal medical condition I was experiencing.
    It was terminal because that condition is known for death to follow shortly after.

    Just saying, we don’t know when it’s our time.

      Nov 05, 2021 05:29 PM

      Dang……….Now the Holy Spirit was working for you…. no doubt about it……….
      God has some other plans for you……… just sharing that is wonders….
      I would say sign,.. but, only the jews need a sign… (need some humor and rejoicing here_
      Praise the LORD, and hope he keeps you around ,… man the world is lonely, …
      when there are suppose to be Christians around here, and mums the word…
      Well,……. Thank GOD for another moment…… Must have some other plans for you….
      Thanks for sharing….. Praise be to GOD….

        Nov 05, 2021 05:33 PM

        And ditto on the hospital….. I try to stay as far away from them as possible….
        Broke my toe, a couple of years ago….. took me 7 day before I gave in,
        my daughter thought I should go, ….before gang greenie set in.. 🙂

          Nov 05, 2021 05:02 PM

          Ha Ha gang grennie. Hilarious making my day rolling over man, that’s funny.
          I almost thought it was going to be when I saw that word greenie weenies bag of tricks. lol

          Anyway brother, it was a big scare last night and it was the real deal. Thanks for the blessings and your spiritual discernment with all your words of encouragement and of course blessings is just very very spiritual. Thoughtful and yes mum’s the word no doubt about it agree a 1000%

          So you too, don’t want nothing to do with the hospitals and doctors. We could have been twin brothers. Nowadays, even if you call 911 you don’t know if they’re going to come or not everything is so crazy with shortage of labor it’s even with the ambulances and everything. So I hear.

          So, you finally gave in to go to the doctor. What I was going through last night I don’t want to be on a bed for weeks and then die just get it over with I just want to go naturally. To be honest with you I don’t even know why I have the best medical insurance money can buy because I’m not using it, it’s funny. Everything’s covered too no problem.

          If you’re hospitalized you have a big chance high risk of catching covid and all kinds of other problems.

          God be with you and bless you for your kind words and thoughts. You and your precious family.

          Probably won’t be contributing on the weekend blog or next week I’m going to take some time off. I’m feeling really good right now. So no concerns and probably need the rest I thought about that. I’ll just be checking back on these old blogs where I have messages and if there are no messages from you I’ll catch up with you sometime next week. Ha Ha I don’t even know myself what I’m doing. 🤣 Catch up with you later.

          Stay long and strong. lol J The Long 👉long and strong.☺️

            Nov 05, 2021 05:05 PM

            Best and take care…. catch ya soon…

    Nov 05, 2021 05:19 PM

    No reply necessary however….

    Personally, I am long and strong AU.

    May appear like I’m joking around and with a smiley faces even attempting to be critical the way the end of my comments were structured. Everything has been changing very rapidly the last week. We’re near a real explosive lift off.
    This year is almost history. Nonetheless, this is not my focus and forte. Just letting you know it’s not a joke.

    ☑️ Right now, it’s long and strong or be wrong.

    Just want to make certain there’s no misunderstandings.

    The last words in my comments looked a little corny.
    Also, I was heading out the door and I was in a hurry.

    Just saw your post and take very good care I’ll be checking the blogs anyway so it’s all up to you.

      Nov 06, 2021 06:49 AM

      yes long gold….. thus……… J the Long….

        Nov 06, 2021 06:45 AM

        The very first time I came on this site I believe your moniker was J the long. We we’re both long and strong. I had major major positions at that time. Not much different than today. It’s not cheerleading rah rah rah though, I’m a totally different person today. I’m not on the other site just because it’s not my interest and Ex wants comments in favor of mining companies and even charts posted, he told me. The analysis that’s provided over there has no benefit to me whatsoever I do my own analysis. I rarely even listened to the podcasts. I was in there just planting seeds. I tried planting a seed here last night on Thursday’s blog. It never stuck, it was removed.

        Jerry says, your comments above:
        man the world is lonely, …
        when there are suppose to be Christians around here, and mums the word…

        My comment, Christianity is being silenced and you have to be ready for Christian friends etc. to flip flop all the time. One day their a good Christian friend to fellowship with and the next time you see them, there’s no interest anymore. Have a Christian friend I met one time in the store parking lot and we were friends for at least 7 years and just recently he left the faith. I never said anything because I know and understand the situation so maybe he’ll come back to the faith.

        1 John 2:19
        They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

        I know this blog is getting very old and no replies are necessary just sharing this. Regardless, fellowship especially is to be stress-free. Unconditional fellowship. Fruit of the spirit love does not require anything from anyone else. Unless they put a check in the mail and you don’t receive it. LOL that can be very stressful.

          Nov 06, 2021 06:04 PM

          HG……….. all good thoughts……..
          I would add a few things, but, you have covered some of my same thoughts… 🙂

            Nov 06, 2021 06:06 PM

            We covered a lot of territory together bro. What’s really nice about fellowshipping with you is your well-studied and approved. This is not to sound boastful,(lol I’m still working on that too, like with a lot of things) because that’s not the fruit of the spirit however your spiritual discernment is second to none and you’re very wise with a sound mind.
            Apparently, God has given you wisdom which he gives liberally to those that ask and God has given us a sound mind. I noticed you jump right into action never fear of being offended lol and with b yesterday you knocked over all the bowling pins with just short messages.

            Just sayin ! Regarding myself, I’m still working on everything and being in faith as long as I have, I should be much more well studied and approved. Anywho, I’m just still working on it, that’s all I can do. I missed my Bible reading yesterday because of what happened health situation, short of time. However, I’m very self-conscious about keeping everything up spiritually because once you fall back it’s not easy to regain your walk that easy. Just sharing and that’s about it. Seriously backsliding that’s a whole other topic altogether. Like you would say, a ball lost in high weeds lol If I don’t talk to you, have a great and wonderful blessed weekend bro.👊

            Nov 06, 2021 06:22 PM

            Thank you….. you are much too kind ,… we are all workers in the good fight…
            God has been very good ,… as you know… , I just feel really sorry, for those who,
            do not believe… Jesus gave it ALL, .. and we are going to see the blessings, if we
            faint not… and man the world is really pushing it , .. but, that causes me to believe even more,
            Not even a question at this point…. I am glad you came and made me sharpen my skills,
            very few have that ability… God, knew I needed some more training…
            Working on it daily… still more to go.. .. Going to be a battle to the end, no slack time allowed..
            Stay on your toes… as I know you will, never give up… period… Life is just a vapor , a snow flake on a river……. as you have said Eternity …. is a Long time…
            Hey btw,… that minister on the Letter From Hell , was great,… I use to watch that Preacher… I think he was from Knoxville, Tn…. great preaching.
            And Ditto, on have a great blessed weekend…. 🙂

            Nov 06, 2021 06:51 PM

            Ha Ha I was right about you bro your spiritual discernment is second to none. Just read your comments wow you’re nail it down, right out of the ballpark, a grand slam no doubt.

            I’ll be back later maybe way later, I’m heading out the door and definitely will share some more fellowship and spiritual discernment comments regarding your reply.
            So, you saw that post with Charles Lawson. Anyway, you know what happened there and I’ll be back later have a great day. You’re a real warrior in Christ. Having the full breastplate armor of faith well studied and approved. SALUTE !👊 AAA++++ nothing higher 🏆

            Nov 06, 2021 06:37 PM

            My apologies, I wanted to complete the entire message and the clock started ticking, the hours go by twice as fast these days I don’t know why last several years. Could be many years.

            Moving forward, it’s really unusual and very seldom to find anyone with average faith. That’s difficult to calculate sometimes. Although, when you get to know someone fairly well it’s not difficult to determine.

            My comments directed to you for encouragement and praise because of all your spiritual discernment and you seem to be very well studied and with a lot of enthusiasm in the Gospel. I mean, proof is in the pudding, you wouldn’t be here. Just sayin !

            Only communicating this information because I think you were chosen not just called. I know you’re well aware of the differences. Like with me, I think I was chosen because I have a lot of enthusiasm and I want to do God’s Will and you’re the same from all your messages. Being chosen is a big big deal word’s can’t even describe and like with me I’m not going to let that opportunity go. I’m giving all the praise to God because very very few are chosen brother.

            Just furthering this a little bit, you mentioned, we need to be doing what we should be doing. PRECISELY !

            You stated we are all workers in the good fight. PRECISELY !

            You said,God has been very good ,… as you know… , I just feel really sorry, for those who,
            do not believe… Jesus gave it ALL, .. and we are going to see the blessings, if we
            faint not… and man the world is really pushing it , .. but, that causes me to believe even more, PRECISELY !

            You said, Working on it daily still more to go. Going to be a battle to the end, no slack time allowed.. PRECISELY !

            You said, Stay on your toes… as I know you will, never give up… period… Life is just a vapor , a snow flake on a river……. as you have said Eternity …. is a Long time…PRECISELY !

            There’s been many more those are just recently and just these few it’s really hitting it right out of the ballpark BIG-TIME you couldn’t have said it any better bro. I was serious with the praise because AAA+++ nothing higher. Holy Spirit filled comments. I see it as you were chosen, just not called like I said. Many are called and few are chosen.

            This is all very briefly. The evidence is everywhere that you’ve been chosen because you have exceptional spiritual discernment and you’re well studied as well and have enthusiasm.

            Oh, as far as Lawson is concerned that was the letter in the video and you know what happened.

            What’s been said in the past by other strong believers is no one really knows because I don’t live with you or you don’t live with me as far if it’s saving faith or not.

            You do advocate being a doer. We have to be in self-examination and judge ourselves, so we don’t have to be judged.

            Then, the final authority is the Lord Jesus because He’s the only one that saves. Work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Anywho, that’s what I do when I had that scare the other night I prayed and begged the Lord Jesus to intervene because I need more time to get right with Him. That request was not asking for a new car and that request would be for His Will devine intervention and a miracle. It’s been at least 3 years or more since I’ve had any divine intervention and miracles. Major ones I’m getting favor almost daily on many things but nothing like that. That was very very rare occurrence I can’t remember something like that goes way back.

            Sorry for the long letter however I can’t convey this without finishing the entire message. That’s why I sent you that short message, if you call a short message lol. Do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all that’s my motto. That’s if I have the time and you never know. If it’s an emergency then might be Mickey Mouse. Better than nothing lol. Where quick fixes have to do. Been there, done that. 🤣

            Although, there are no shortcuts to eternity. ☑️ The Bible says we can’t climb up another way it’s like a thief and a robber.

    Nov 06, 2021 06:02 PM

    HG………. looking forward to it….
    and No, I do not know what happened to Charles Lawson… ,
    I do recall, .. he was saying some things about the other lost churches in the area…
    It has been at least two years since, I last listened to him….
    Take care… catch ya later…

      Nov 06, 2021 06:40 PM

      My message is above yours it got misfiled. Haven’t done that in a long time.

    Nov 06, 2021 06:39 PM

    This is just some afterthoughts regarding the deception taking place in this world right now. Briefly, the snare is set like the Bible says they will be caught in the snare. Saw this coming years ago most likely a crack up boom was another scenario very likely outcome. With all these billionaires getting really rich people are falling all over themselves seeking wealth and happiness through money.
    Biblically, it’s all falling in place. Pestilence and we have that, famine follows we’re getting that in spades with food prices far from over and then war. The sky gets rolled up like a scroll the Bible says. The Great tribulation and Revelations playing out the population will be breaking out with painful blisters all over their bodies. Can you imagine, it’s not far-fetched with everything they’re doing right now. Sexual desires God’s going to destroy and nothing but great human suffering and pains and sorrows man wishes he was dead and can’t die.

    True Christians, God’s people will be protected. They will not be caught in the snare and they are not destroyed for their lack of knowledge because they studied God’s Word. They had oil in their lamps, well studied and approved. Doing the first commandment and the beginning of wisdom. We need to be doing, what we should be doing. 👈 Hope that’s me. Everyone around me is deceived. Sheeple deceived on steroids. Few few exceptions. My observations and return replies are not necessary. Ha Ha anyone that disagrees must go pound sand now. Their doom is near. Man is a bastardo, liar and infidel. lol. Book of Joel. j/k Book of HG never tells the truth. God can’t lie👉 The earth reels back and forth like a drunkard And sways like a shack; Its transgression lies heavily upon it, And it will fall and not rise.

    Nov 07, 2021 07:53 AM

    Matthew 5:16
    King James Version
    16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
    2 Timothy 2:15
    “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
    Romans 12:3
    King James Version
    3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.
    Covers a lot of territory……… daily walking ………
    Thanks for the comments above,… I appreciate the kind words,…. Praise the LORD, .. we would be ZERO, if not for HIM……..
    What is in store for us today, we know not……. “Be Prepared” Boy Scout ministry…. lol… well, maybe not so funny…. Lord is working on me… 🙂

      Nov 07, 2021 07:21 AM

      Ha Ha Boy Scout Ministry, it’s the little things we do that count with God the acts of kindness etc etc and don’t have to be preaching to a auditorium full of people. Planting seeds, praying for others, fellowship and feeding the flock, boy scout ministry is best remaining humble because those that want to be great in The Kingdom Of God, will be the least the Bible says.
      Speaking of grace, in that scripture you provided there’s another scripture that says God gives grace to the humble.
      Shine Your light, that’s what I do staying humble and I give an account why I’m in faith the Bible says.
      Sorry, can’t provide all the scriptures it’s a lot of work but you can Google them too. As long as you have some of the words in order they come up.
      Excellent scriptures above although everything’s excellent in the Bible and yes think soberly.

      Thank you for your comments and yes Praise The Lord, God is everything. The Bible says that the Lord Jesus is precious. The Lord Jesus God is precious and wonderful beyond words the promises He has for us its going to be spectacular.
      Lastly, God is working on all of us consistently. No one can boast. You seem to be very gifted and it’s up to us what we do with that gift. Personally, I’m going to keep running the race, learning all the time and finish my course. Shining the light fighting the good fight of faith. Being persecuted along the way everywhere being exceedingly joyful the Bible says, for your rewards are great in The Kingdom Of God. I’m never offended anymore God’s plan is good because while I’m doing His Will I may be cast down by the world however certainly not destroyed the Bible says.
      On the other hand, living for the world people destroy themselves all the time, they are their own worst enemy. That could be me right now.
      Everyone, including nations reap what they sow. Eventually it all catches up with all of us in this life and the next life. If not in this life, wrath or rewards are waiting for us in the next life.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if I don’t communicate with you have a blessed week. Great fellowship and hope you take advantage of your gift.

    Nov 07, 2021 07:45 AM

    Ditto………. “keep running the race”…….. Faint Not…..
    Being Persecuted… just means you are on the right trail….
    Sinners are everywhere….. No NOT ONE is good, but, … stepping out in Faith … puts you on the right trail….. “GOD’s Plan is good”… big ditto on that one….
    God gave them up… to do the thing which are not convenient… “World people destroy themselves”… from the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE… .. it is all in the GOOD BOOK, … .. They never learn, … seeking things that are just vapor,… You bring noting in, and you will take nothing out… sick little world of want to be
    Everything is the LORDS…
    1 Corinthians 10 :26
    You also,………………. have a wonderful week……. stay strong….

      Nov 07, 2021 07:59 AM

      Great words of wisdom Jerry. Ha Ha wisdom on steroids. Every sentence in your message is spectacular that’s Holy Spirit filled knowing the truth. That’s standing on the rock. I was going to repeat everything you said however everything you said is wonderfully stated and Holy Spirit filled. I was going to copy and paste it down below but I thought it’s just repeating everything and it’s all great words of wisdom…. on steroids Ha Ha and yes, it’s a sick little world.

      I live a quiet life basically and rest in the Lord in His love and His peace. That’s what we should be doing. I’m extremely content living in the truth and taking Joy always in the Lord not the world. We are just supposed to have a light touch with the world.

      Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

      Thanks for the fellowship and the great words of wisdom keep fighting the good fight. It’s sunday, so I’m going to be gone for the rest of the day. Daylight savings didn’t work out for me I didn’t gain an hour at all. I was all excited yesterday I was going to gain an hour lol woke up late again.

        Nov 07, 2021 07:12 PM

        Sunday…. and I was listening to Charles Lawson’s sermon from last week….
        He is a wealth of knowledge, and connects the dots….

          Nov 07, 2021 07:25 PM

          I rarely listen to pastors, sometimes not that much, I go directly to the pure uncut Word of God. That’s where I excelled in my knowledge. Went to church for years three times a week I never learned nothing, very little. Charles Lawson has a really good sermon out there and everyone agrees it’s “a Blockbuster” you can Google it under his name HELLFIRE.
          I listened to it last week again for about 10 minutes helps me realize that this is not a game it’s very serious. Good Ole Charles Lawson one of the best sermons of all time.
          There’s other ones out there however this is a in your face and hard-hitting. That’s what I need sometimes start slumbering in sleepy faith. Fast forward the video about 5 minutes maybe and then it really gets into hard core preaching. Knock your socks right off LOL

          Then there’s Benjamin Faircloth on YouTube he has a church in Georgia unpopular because he preaches the truth. That’s who I listen to unpopular not the Joel Osteen’s of the world who are sending everyone to hell Jesse Duplantis LOL LOL

          Anyway, pastor Faircloth doesn’t want his name to be known either. I agree this is not done for popularity or money.

          Not recommending any pastors because that’s how you get in trouble with people that are believers everyone has their own perspectives on everything I just stick to the Word of God pure uncut and I stay out of trouble with the believers that have been in faith for a while. That’s what I do anyway, stick to the pure uncut Word of God focusing primarily on the New testament. That’s what I recommend and that’s what I do too.
          Of course, I’m not telling you anything new I’m just reiterating these facts.

          Hope you read Paula White’s new book LOL

          Not recommending anyone however Drew Bloom on YouTube calls these false teachers out and never collects a penny. Again, not very popular and you don’t hear all the lies. Everything’s documented with the scripture so I learned there too it’s like a good place where I’ve learned some things.

          I have tuned all of them out from time to time because I don’t agree with what they’re doing and that happens.
          I have a list of people I listen to occasionally.

            Nov 07, 2021 07:41 PM

            Paula, Joel and Jessie….. Three amigos…. lol….. Well, many will come in my name….

            Nov 07, 2021 07:11 PM

            Drew bloom…………..

            I just copied and pasted,….. Drew Bloom on YouTube…. and the above came up first…

            Nov 07, 2021 07:59 PM

            The Three Amigos and their false Christians followers galloping into Gehenna. New motion picture released for the holidays.

            The motion picture was canceled and will not be released.
            God is all love and there is no hell LOL
            Stupid motion picture companies they forgot Romans 1, LOL x infinity 😂Charles Lawson, lmao😂

            Nov 07, 2021 07:32 PM

            It’s always best to go to YouTube channel directly and put it in there search bar for all YouTube videos.
            Most the time it comes up on Google but what do you do. Sorry you had that problem here’s the link to last weeks. That’s the last video he did. Haven’t tuned in to him for a long time. Several weeks.

            Nov 08, 2021 08:25 AM

            Thanks for the hint …. on utube….

            I will also, try and check out the vid. later… thanks again…

            above comments, you provided…….. spot on…. ROMANS 1

            Nov 08, 2021 08:32 AM

            I learned that in the last few years you can end up in no man’s land using Google with YouTube searches. Coping the URL link on the direct YouTube site is much better that’s what I found. Thank you for checking it out.

    Nov 07, 2021 07:46 AM

    By the way, I never tell anyone what I’m doing in the ministry that’s between me and God unless I’m trying to lead them into another part of their walk that they want to pursue. Planting seeds etc

    Those that boast, have already received their rewards here making themselves look good. Everything I do, is kept between me and God. As much as possible. There’s no boasting. I want to be the man with no name in the ministry. Giving all the glory and credit to God.

    Just saw your new message and you keep posting the same time I do. I’ll be back later to comment on all your wonderful spiritual wisdom it’s all wonderfully said Holy Spirit filled. I’ll be back later

      Nov 07, 2021 07:15 PM

      I think that is wisdom…. concerning what you are doing…. “in the ministry”

        Nov 07, 2021 07:39 PM

        It’s all a ministry sharing your faith and planting seeds etc. That’s part of the Walk. It’s the body of Christ and everyone is doing what they’re chosen for. True Prayer Warriors do not participate in popularity or money making schemes. Everything in the ministry is a labor of love. At least, that’s what it should be but they have turned everything into a den of thieves for the money and then all the popularity. Anyone that’s in the ministry doing this, doesn’t even know who God is. Their souls are in great peril. The Word gets all watered down and everyone’s feeding themselves with money and or including their popularity. Enough said. That’s the Christian community today it’s loaded with tares. God already warned us.

          Nov 08, 2021 08:04 AM

          Ditto…….100% spot on…. You are hitting it out of the park…. 🙂

            Nov 08, 2021 08:22 AM

            Thanks bro, out of the ball park deserves a “”Smash On The Like Button”” 😂 if you enjoyed the lies don’t forget to click on the donate button too 🔘 Watering everything down catching as many itchy ears as we can for the one we serve.

            ☑️Satan disciples and their followers in some cases it seems like they’re all working together deceiving as many as they can.

    Nov 07, 2021 07:05 PM

    Money money money money everyone ‘””will be all in”” this bubble, before it’s over. Shock and awe price explosions cryptos stocks you name it. Everyone is selling their souls going to drag a lot more in this big attraction for wealth. FOMO, LOL Destruction will come and no one’s ready. Caught in the snare and forgot about God.

      Nov 08, 2021 08:10 AM

      I believe you are spot on with that one………..
      Debt is going to OVERWHELM a whole bunch of sheeple….. stretched out like a rubber band …
      Usofa….. for the sleeping sheep…. american go back to sleep… morons in the making…

        Nov 08, 2021 08:44 AM

        Good words of wisdom it’s all stretched like a rubber band like you said. Exceptional observations. It’s setting up to be the biggest bust in the history of the world. With it comes a lot of pain and human suffering across the board. Only very very few can see the outcome with very few exceptions. Eyes, blinded by hyper greed on steroids x ,put a number on it, I don’t know it looks really ugly when this thing goes. Great awareness, thanks for the input your comments line up with the big bubble.
        I’m definitely not in the club at all. It’s going to go nuts and I’m just a spectator. I believe the decline when it comes its going to be a waterfall event straight down and a major catastrophic event.

    Nov 07, 2021 07:10 PM

    Some of these videos are hard to find. Anywho, the Charles Lawson video I was referring to in one of my messages above the link is below. Fast forward to 4.30 minutes. Charles Lawson starts out with those that forgot about God.

    Anything after about the 4.30 minute mark. Charles Lawson does some hardcore preaching all the way to the end so you can fast forward it all the way through and check it out.

      Nov 08, 2021 08:44 AM

      Thanks for the heads up…….. I will try to catch the vid.. later.. in the day… hopefully… 🙂

        Nov 08, 2021 08:01 AM

        All these videos will still be there so don’t have to worry about that😂 Unless YouTube starts even blocking the channels and even removing the videos. Other than that, you got plenty of time bro.

    Nov 08, 2021 08:30 AM

    Another ding dong day……….. the sheeple are feeding on molded hay…

      Nov 08, 2021 08:49 AM

      Ha Ha ding dong and molded hay. Right out of the ball park. It’s a very foolish generation and like I said I’m not in the club at all. No FOMO here.

    Nov 08, 2021 08:22 AM

    Also brother you’re welcome to shut this old blog down and I’m just going to wish you a wonderful week and not sure if I’m going to be posting on the new blogs taking a short leave of absence most likely however have a have a great day. I’m just sharing some thoughts here and there’s no obligation for replies. Thanks for the great fellowship and everything it’s been a pleasure. Stay in the good fight and take very good care.

    Nov 08, 2021 08:37 AM

    I think you deserve a rest……
    thanks for sharing…. have a great week… stay safe , and take care of yourself…..