Another Selloff Across The Board – Is There Anywhere To Hide?

November 30, 2021

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benznga PreMarket Prep Show joins us to recap the selloff in almost every market/sector today. Bonds are up today but outside of those many markets are down over 1% and ended the month very weak.


The drop today is being blamed on Powell’s comments that inflation might not be transitory and the Fed could taper faster than the just announced plans. With so many unknowns going into next year and the Fed taking away the punch bowl it’s hard to have any easy bets moving into 2022.




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    Nov 30, 2021 30:33 AM

    Silver Tiger came out with great drill results again, the market YAWNED, and the stock dropped. Santacruz Silver also reported third quarter financials, their profit was up but so are their expenses, again the market YAWNED, and the stock dropped. QUACK, QUACK, it could get worse but I don’t really see how, unless of course The BIG Bull Market goes over the falls. LOL! DT

      Nov 30, 2021 30:38 PM

      Silver Tiger Discovers Wide Zone of High Grade Silver Mineralization in Black Shale Unit of the Benjamin Vein

      – November 30, 2021

      “Silver Tiger Metals Inc. (TSXV:SLVR)(OTCQX:SLVTF) has intersected 4,375.5 g/t silver equivalent over 2.6 meters in the Benjamin Vein in Drill Hole ET-21-272 from 119.9 meters to 122.5 meters within a broader mineralized interval of 15.1 meters grading 1,051.0 g/t silver equivalent from 110.7 meters to 125.8 meters.”

        Nov 30, 2021 30:42 PM

        The company puts out bonanza grade Silver intercepts, that any company would be eager to hit, and the market sells them off on the news… Makes no sense, even with the metals under pressure, but as has been stated a number of times on here, the only companies I see regularly putting out grades in drill hit after drill that “could be the next Silvercrest” are both Vizsla and Silver Tiger.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:07 PM

    SILJ has put in higher lows since Friday while SLV has put in lower lows. That’s a bullish divergence that’s telling us we’re due for a short term rise.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:08 PM

    GDX has tested the same two fork supports for the last three sessions and has not taken out Friday’s low despite gold doing so.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:13 PM

    Those who missed the last two lows should be buying this one. That’s my opinion and not advice.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:17 PM
    Nov 30, 2021 30:24 PM

    The low for SILJ happened to the penny on Friday at its weekly “P” pivot support.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:28 PM

    The gold miners still look fine versus the stock market.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:47 PM

      certainly hope so with positive gold miners vs stocks. The way I’m betting with calls and puts. Any wash out in gold likely to be less severe as it’s been going on for a long time.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:29 PM

    The silver miners still look fine versus the stock market.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:48 PM

      Been eating IPT instead of turkey. Now trying to get SCZ on the cheap.

        Nov 30, 2021 30:57 PM

        I may nibble on a bit more IPT and SCZ myself soon, but I’ve already chomped on both for a long time, and have a full belly of both.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:41 PM
    Nov 30, 2021 30:59 PM

    All those PM pumpers who were saying they thought a dump in the stock market would help PMs.
    They aren’t saying that now.
    Hope you all booked a lot of profits this year, because you’ll have LOTS of losses to take in December to balance things off.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:03 PM

      I’m saying it, Joe. The beginnings of these turns that bring sector rotations always come with this type of action but the pressure on stocks and commodities will be very good for the gold space and will last for many months.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:56 PM

      Joe, relax the end of civilization is yet to begin judging by the spx, let alone celebrate. As for gold, it doesn’t matter to civilization, and it’s been more like water boarding in spite of all the enthusiasm.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:59 PM

    ASA has found support and made a big bullish multi-shouldered H&S bottom in the process. Let’s see if the pattern holds and is confirmed.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:43 PM

    It’ll be a December to remember.
    You’ll remember it fondly if you sold before it began and waited to buy near the end of the month.
    If you try to ride it out you’ll remember it as “that tax loss selling event”.
    It will be a brutal month…. unless you have cash.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:43 PM

      Okay, hanging onto my cash.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:55 PM

      Joe, you need to go out in your backyard and dig a hole. You sound like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters. WHO can stand to be around you?

    Nov 30, 2021 30:01 PM
    Nov 30, 2021 30:04 PM

    IPT finished more than 5% off its low after perfectly hitting fork support.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:28 PM

    Silver has declined for 9 of the last 11 sessions and could easily be done unless stocks crash tomorrow. In that case, silver will probably fall to at least below 22.20.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:37 PM
    Nov 30, 2021 30:41 PM

    Orogen royalties looks like it wants to break out of its’ monthly trading range—it certainly broke out of its’ daily and weekly trading ranges.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:52 PM

      Hey Doc – Yeah, I saw that move higher of 28.6% today in (OGN) and it was one of the bright green spots in my portfolio today. Nice to see that action, and some folks at mentioned it was based on the Casey research piece hitting today
      @BottomLine – “I know what happened… International Speculator (A Casey Research Publication) issued a “Buy Alert” on OGN — period FULL STOP …essentially it is an upgrade from a hold to a buy… and the read is very compelling”

        Nov 30, 2021 30:55 PM

        We actually just had OGN Orogen Royalties on the KE Report a month ago.

        Here’s that interview for those that missed it:
        Orogen Royalties – An Introduction To This New Hybrid Royalty and Prospect Generator Company
        Korelin Economics Report – Oct 26, 2021
        “Paddy Nicol, President and CEO, and Marco LoCasio, VP of Corporate Development, at Orogen Royalties (TSX.V: OGN – OTCQX: OGNRF) join us to introduce this hybrid royalty and prospect generator company formed in August of 2020, from the merger of Evrim Resources and Renaissance Gold.”

        “We start off discussing their 2% royalty on the Ermitaño West project held by First Majestic and how the near-term production will impact the company with incoming revenues. Next we review the 1% royalty on the Silicon deposit, and the Merlin Zone, which is being explored and developed by Anglogold Ashanti in Nevada.”

        “We highlight a few other partner exploration and development projects out of their portfolio of 11 royalties, at Kodiak Copper’s Axe Project and Heliostar’s Cumaro Project, in addition to reviewing the spin out of the Ball Creek Project in the Golden Triangle.”

    Nov 30, 2021 30:01 PM

    (LIO) (LOMLF) Lion One Reports Additional High-Grade Intercepts from Infill Drilling at Tuvatu Gold Project, Fiji

    – 30 Nov 2021

    > Highlights from near-surface infill drilling and re-sampling include:

    – 20.61 g/t Au over 7.50m inc. 89.03 g/t Au over 1.50m, and 227.3 g/t Au over 0.30m from TUDDH545
    – 21.34 g/t Au over 2.50m inc. 38.25 g/t Au over 1.30m, and 52.27 g/t Au over 0.30m from TUDDH548
    – 33.52 g/t Au over 2.40m inc. 185.60 g/t Au over 0.40m from TUDDH553
    – 9.13 g/t Au over 2.59m inc. 74.58 g/t Au over 0.30m from resampling of historic hole TUDDH362

    Nov 30, 2021 30:05 PM

    Here was some more M&A news from today, sending AGC up 80% on the day.

    Eric Sprott Announces Voting Support Agreement for Hochschild Mining PLC’s Proposed Acquisition of Amarillo Gold Corporation
    – 30 Nov 2021

      Nov 30, 2021 30:06 PM

      Ex, there are more and more “bargains” coming up—-I’ve been purchasing OGN for months at these nice low levels and hope this thing will have some legs to move higher. I’m looking at Wallbridge right now and if we get a little more sell off, will purchase. I like Lion one at these levels and will nibble some.

        Nov 30, 2021 30:44 PM

        Agreed Doc. There are really a number of great opportunities to seize on out there and yeah, I picked up some Orogen Royalties last month, and it was nice to see it surge up today, as it is well in the money for me now, but let’s see how much of this Casey Research surge sticks. Yes, I’ve been nibbling a bit on both Wallbridge and Lion One recently as well. I’m going to be adding to more companies later this week and early next week if the miners stay under pressure.