Tier One Silver – Recapping The 2021 Drill Program In Peru At Curibaya And The Key Targets To Be Followed Up On

February 18, 2022

Peter Dembicki, President and CEO of Tier One Silver (TSX.V:TSLV – OTCQB:TSLVF) and Christian Rios, Senior VP of Exploration joins me to recap the final drill results released from the Curibaya Project, in Peru.


I have Peter summarize the program from 2021 and where the results have the team following up this year. Christian provides an overview of his background of making discoveries in Peru. We then outline the key areas of interest for 2022 drilling and a recap of the 5 main structural corridors. See Figure 1 below for the key samples and drill results as well as the structural corridors.


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Figure 1: Illustrates structural corridors, drill holes and sections within the Curibaya project, as well as highlights of the drilling and channel sampling to date.
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    Feb 18, 2022 18:08 PM

    Have just listened to your interview with Peter and Christian and as an investor of Tier One since its inception and Auryn before that, I would have liked to have heard just ‘when’ the next drill program will start, precisely ‘where’ and how may holes and how many metres will it be. Many thanks.