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May 14, 2022
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    May 14, 2022 14:27 AM

    clif high
    12 hr ago
    What will happen next?
    Over this Summer, which is likely to be less like a Summer than an intense, brief, sauna session, there are some predictable occurrences which will be agitating to all concerned.

    One such predictable event is the linking of the WEF (Klaus Schwab’s Nazi University) with the USA election theft. It was not fraud, it was theft. It was insurrection, it was infiltration, it was treason. None of which will bother Klausie though, but it may well affect ALL of the USA resident ‘members’ of the WEF in any capacity. The linking of the WEF to the 2000 Mules pay masters will bring a decidedly RICO aroma to the hot days of sweaty Summer, ‘22.

    Not that it will be distinguishable in any way from the election theft, but the appearance of the Summer Constitutional Crisis (or is it ‘crises’?) will definitely provide the WEF affiliated election theft participants some vocal chord lubricant once the linkages within the socialsphere begin accumulating language about ‘death penalty’, and then even more emotionally intense, specific forms, such as ‘death by firing squad’, or ‘the noose’.

    Perhaps it will not be a Constitutional crisis per se, when the same linkages that bind WEF to 2000 Mules paymasters are also found to tie ‘intelligence personnel’ to the recent spate of food processing fires, but it will certainly rise to the level of a national security crisis. We can expect this to follow quite easily in line with all the other secrets to be revealed over the rest of this year.

    What is the cost of all of this, may well be asked? But the real question is how may that cost be reckoned? In the soon-to-fail Federal Reserve Note? Or some other means of weighing value? What is the cost of not continuing streams of bribery with century’s long histories? How much is spilled? And how quickly do the lips move, and the fingers type, and the pics upload, once the currency flow stops? Look back, look back, back to the USSR!

    Or look forward! Don’t be surprised to see the New Deal at the Old Same Place as the Face of Mother Russia stares back to those trailing the Future Makers! Long labeled as addled by malicious WEF dominated media

      May 14, 2022 14:48 AM

      Please define why you call The World Economic Forum a Nazi University? Please elaborate for sure!
      If the election was stolen, in fact, (and I do not agree with the fraudulent results, Some serious jail time will result for the organizers.
      I don’t agree with the drama contained in the third paragraph of your comment.
      I personally think that the fires relted to the food processing locations are the results of overzealous very misdirected quacks. I have watched the move which has resulted in the actions of the quacks and the movie gave common sense solutions to the horrible problems raised. Two examples are to definitely source the location of the fish which you purchase for consumption and cutting red met consumption to one day per week. Those two actions would go a long way to solving the problem.

    May 14, 2022 14:49 AM

    Decertification fixes everything.
    It all starts in Georgia very soon.

      May 14, 2022 14:51 AM

      You bet Chartster, decertification will solve the problem created. I personally think that decertification in Georgia cold start all of the dominoes to fall and I hope that will happen.

    May 14, 2022 14:56 AM


    The most amazing thing to me is that the majority of the population accept that increasing carbon dioxide will lead to global warming.
    This is propaganda pushed by stupid politicians/media. It will not do so to the extent being suggested by politicians. LOOK AT THE DATA. PREDICTIONS MADE ARE NOT MET IN ACTUALITY.

    Further, the GREEN AGENDA could never supply sufficient energy even at higher cost.
    We simply do not have sufficient materials (RARE EARTH MAGNET AND BATTERY MATERIALS) to replace a hydrocarbon economy.

      May 14, 2022 14:22 AM

      cfa2000 ! The same why in Europe the ( Deindustrialization of European Nations ) For the Green Agenda 21 & 30 ! Euro to Dollar 1 to 1 it”s Make the manipulation of markets redy for the RESET !

      May 14, 2022 14:14 AM
        May 14, 2022 14:01 PM

        I guess that one problem that The Green Agenday Could solve is the lack of profit for some swimming pool owners.

      May 14, 2022 14:58 AM

      There is no way that The Green Agenda can significantly solve anything that proponents of it believe. I will say that some problems could be diminished but certainly not all. As an example electirc cars can be a pain in the neck as a friend of mine whose car has a range of only 100 or so miles has found out. (Once with me in it!)

    May 14, 2022 14:23 AM

    While 2000 Mules i s important in describing part of the 2020 election theft, it only explains (PROVES) part of the theft……..the physical production of fake ballots.
    Folks here MUST also realize voting machines were manipulated (pre-programmed) to produce false results.
    Voting auditors have repeatedly claimed voting machines were never hooked up live to the internet.
    In almost every situation this has proven to be a lie by vitue of video footage, or by sworn statement of machine operatives.
    One may speculate on the margin by which Trump beat Biden (probably massive), but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the election was stolen.

      May 14, 2022 14:59 AM

      ditto …………… NO DOUBT…….. it was stolen…………..
      Sheeple need to REVOLT…….. PERIOD…..

        May 14, 2022 14:15 PM

        The ballot box would be more effectve assuming it was fair.

      May 14, 2022 14:19 PM

      I agree that the election was stolen. Voting machine tinkering and printing tickets were the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

    May 14, 2022 14:32 AM

    Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far

    May 14, 2022 14:59 AM


    By (unintentionally) altering global cloud patterns, China will cause significantly lower corn/soybean production in the midWest and Canada.

      May 14, 2022 14:20 AM

      A California coastal panel rejected a long-standing proposal to build a $1.4 billion seawater desalination plant, even as the state grapples with ongoing water shortages.
      The state’s Coastal Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to deny a permit for Poseidon Water to build a plant that would turn sea water into drinking water and produce 50 million gallons of water a day in Huntington Beach. The country’s largest seawater desalination plant is operating in San Diego County. There are also plants in Florida.
      I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. When I was younger, after my retirement some thirty years ago, I had a house in England, but used to spend much of my summer in the Med. Sailing in the days before GPS, you could always spot the coast of Israel from 3 miles away in the Mediterranean or Red Sea……You would see desalination and nuclear power plants half a mile or so inside Israel territory.
      As an aside,it is posible that California’s dought is made worse by China’s low pressure pulling air-flow over the Pacific slightly northward, thus causing lower water pickup and less rain in California.
      (I do NOT KNOW FOR SURE, since I have not looked at satellite photos of cloud patterns.)

        May 14, 2022 14:26 PM

        What was the rationale behind the rejection of the desalinization plant. I do not understand.

          May 14, 2022 14:11 PM

          I don’t know.
          If I had to guess, I would put it down to Government workers protecting their own.

      May 14, 2022 14:18 PM

      China is real and very effective in their actions. Could you imagine what would happen if China supported Russia in Ukraine. Would be a realy disasster!

        May 14, 2022 14:36 PM

        A week or so go Stratfor had an article that said Russian submarines were using Chinese ports and going in and out underneath large Chinese ships to avoid satellite scrutiny.

        It worries me greatly that China has been buying all the grains it can and now has about 2/3 of all stored grain in the world. (? preparng for war? as it invades Taiwan, in a few months .)
        It concerns me that young Marcos supports China. The U.S. is losing bases close to China, and US ships are vulnerable to Chinese missiles.

        If you believe China has E.M.P. devices in satellites already up, and they use 3 to wipe out the American grid, before China attacks Taiwan, I wonder how the US would respond.

        Would it attack China, despite not knowing who took out its grid?
        China would lie, of course.
        Russia might even back China up, if they are allies.

        And we have Mr. Senility himself in the Whitehouse.

    May 14, 2022 14:52 AM

    Jim is in touch w life…when I was a young boy ….Every older man I would speak w or hang w on errands etc. would speak in a way that seems lacking now…They seemed clear and concise and honest…..No vague politically installed propaganda agendas….Just simple truth ideas and philosophies…Most were WWII veterans and had a calm patience that does not seem to be present en mass any longer…thanks for all the meaningful thoughts….I suppose I was witnessing aware and tested men…They commanded respect even though they did not require it….

      May 14, 2022 14:26 PM

      From what I have read, Mr. Kirsch is correct and that is a damn shame.

      May 14, 2022 14:22 PM

      They did command respect because of their actions. As I remember,they also, for the most part, spoke consicely and accurrately and definitelly from the heart. Wish that were the case today.

    May 14, 2022 14:47 PM

    The world’s biggest baby formula manufacturer has maxxed up production in Ireland and will be shipping millions of cans into the US, starting Monday.
    So baby formula shortage will be ending in about a week.

    Ireland currently has excess production of milk, cheese and other dairy products.

    May 14, 2022 14:47 PM
    May 14, 2022 14:39 PM

    17,000 doctors criticize WHO over covid:

    May 14, 2022 14:09 PM

    More Bidn crime family evidence of corruption:

    May 14, 2022 14:47 PM



    Sounds like propaganda to me.

    May 14, 2022 14:39 PM

    The more I dig,,,,,,,
    into covid…..
    into biden,,,,,
    into anything to do with US governmnt…

    The more disgusted I get.

    Lies upon lies…

    May 15, 2022 15:12 AM

    This is a really good take on the Durham investigation.