Novo Resources – Recapping Recent Exploration And Operational Updates

May 30, 2022

Mike Spreadborough, Executive Co-Chairman of Novo Resources (TSX:NVO – OTCQX:NSRPF) joins us to recap news releases from last week providing updates on the ongoing exploration and operations in Australia. 


We start with on the exploration front discussing the new lithium-tantalum mineralization identified at the Nullagine Project. We have Mike explain the significance of this mineralization. This ties into a larger discussion on the Company’s exploration focus balanced between gold and other metals on all of the Novo Properties. We also ask for an update on the ore sorting.


We then move on to the operational update from May 24th. This update outlined an issue with the SAG mill trunnion seal at the Golden Eagle processing facility. We focus on the updated guidance for the year and any other impacts it could have on the operations.


Please keep sending us in your questions. We will be setting up another call with Mike in a couple weeks to address all the questions that have come in and get a more comprehensive update on what you all want to hear. Our email addresses are and





Click here to visit the Novo website and read over the recent news.

    May 31, 2022 31:13 AM

    The company is a joke at this point.

    Jun 01, 2022 01:16 PM

    The company is beyond a joke and everything that is wrong with the junior sector, broken promises, massively incompetent management, looks like they even paid our their CEO a golden handshake recently, shareholders sadly believe in this QH fella whom is just a theoretical Geologist with no real world mining experience, their conglo gold deposits are massively uneconomic at the current gold price so I imagine they will keep praying for a gold price boom…continuing to push the fresh rock PFS down the road waiting for a miracle….onto battery metals now heaven forbid, breaks my heart for trustworthy investors.