Hour 2 – Politics – Topics Included Kavanaugh and Socialism
As a preview here is an introduction to the ludicrous situation with Judge Kavanaugh
Elizabeth Warren provides a great example of political tactics
Feinstien’s comments today. Oh wow!
Ryan Ko and Big Al elaborate on the Maiden Resource announced today for the Mother Lode Deposit
Big Al comments on two articles release today on the Kavanaugh hearings.
Hour 2 – Remembering The Financial Crisis
Interesting missive from Grassfire regarding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Big Al wonders what our family thinks about this.
Ryan Ko discusses both Corvus and the upcoming Resource Estimate and what to look for if you are seeking an uptick in the price of gold.
Archbishop Sartain: Bishops ‘must be held accountable’ for shielding abusers
Hour 2 – Politics – A Wide Range Of US Political Topics
organization trying to make a dirrerence”
Hour 2 – Politics – Trying To Make A Difference With Less Complaining
Reverend Brad Jenson, A Member of the Lutheran Clergy, discusses the situation within the Catholic Church
My Church Must Quickly Instigate Changes
A quotes from this article to keep in mind: “McCain strongly supported former President George W. Bush’s decision to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein without giving a concrete thought as to what would replace it. The United States — especially the members of armed forces that McCain revered so highly — and the entire Middle East have amply suffered the consequences of this recklessness.
Before you totally slam John McCain, please read this as Big Al believes that it is the truth
Hour 2 – Politics – Trade and The Situation Across The Pond
Does this article in The Asia Times accurately predict the future of our Country. Thanks to you CFS
Is the President loosing His Luster?