Charlotte Cuthbertson reports on Sunday’s events in Tijuana where the Mexican people seem to agree with the U.S. action
Charlotte Cuthbertson, reporter and editor for The Epoch Times, talks with us live from Tijuana where she is interviewing both the Mexicans and the illegals in the Caravan.
Hour 2 – Boots On The Ground Coverage Across America
This is so sad, but so true.
The Vatican is forcing the Catholic Church out of Existence
Insight in counting votes
The Most Sensible Argument that I have heard opposing “globalism”
Chris Temple weighs in on Antifa and the various ballot problems
Hour 2 – Politics – Looking Past The Mid-Term Elections
Experience in the Trenches tells Charlotte Cuthertberson that many strident Democrats actually support President Trump
Would Trump rule by decree if he could.
A missive from a member of our Book Club which I frequently discuss in our forum. Well worth the read.
Hour 2 – Politics – Looking Ahead To The Mid-Terms and Bigger Picture Politics
Corvus Gold Results of Preliminary Economic Assessment
Should we become a nation that does not enforce its laws and, if we do, how will that affect the entire world?
Is there more or less violence in America to day than in the past? We believe not, listen why.
Hour 2 – Trade Wars and Terrorism
Hour 2 – Politics – Mid-Term Elections and the US / Canada Trade
If this story is true, the collateral damage could be huge. Big Al asks for your opinions on Mike Moore and www.truepundit. com
Introduction to our weekend radio show “Segment 8” Jeff Pontius discusses reasons for social and governmental action which could provide a positive input for an upward inpact for the price of gold.