Gold Stock Commentary and Free Trade
More positive news from Corvus Gold
Daily Market Close for Thursday
Wednesday’s Market Close with Mr. T
Are long term predictions worthy of consideration? Rick says not in his work. How about your thoughts?
Doc comments on gold and silver.
Rick feels that the equities markets are full of hot air and Big Al feels that if the optimism existing in the equities sector combines with proven infrastructure spending we will be okay.
Are the New York Times and Washington Post doing a disservice to America? What do you think?
The New Paradigm for those of us over the age of fifty five. Many thanks to you JH Pace!
Investors, Markets and Politics
Weekly Market Close with the Doctor
Doc opines on both the markets and the role of freedom in the future of our country.
Lt Colonel (Ret) Jim McKinney opines on our relationship with Russia
The Markets and President Trump
A bit of politics along with Today Market Close
Big Al and Doc discuss some gold stocks and the general tenure of the gold market.
Chris gives a succinct definition of the real problem with health care in our country.
A thought provoking morning economic discussion
This Market Close was fun to put together as it is chock full of opinions. (Along with closing figures!)
Which of the “flations” will come about?