Corvus Gold Weekly Update
At last, a completely unbiased article on our President!
With no agenda, the Regressives (calling themselves “Progressives”) have resorted to the Blame Game as negative drama is all they have left.
Weekly Corvus Gold Update
Hour 2 – Politics – Supreme Court Judge and The Trump Administration
Hour 2 – Politics – How Everyone Judges Trump
If you doubt the actions of President Trump, you have to listen to this!
Weekend Show, and it is a good one, Preview
Corvus Gold Update
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Free Trade, Tariffs, And Comments On Trump
It’s no longer news. It is now simply opinion.
Hour 2 – Tariffs, North Korea, and Trump’s Roll In It All
Remember what Nemorovski said about doing away with the two party system? Here is what The New York Times now says.
Did the President really hurt America with his comments at the G7? Listen to what we think.
Explaining the recent $4.5 million dollar private placement by Corvus Gold.
Corvus Gold: Why Big Al bought and continues to hold the stock.
Hour 2 – KER Politics
Our feelings on the reasons for U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Europe vs USA
Final story on this site from Australia regarding Hillary Clinton