Hour 2 – Politics – The Major Political Topics Of The Week
A much clearer picture of Trump’s Wall
Hour 2 – Politics – Conversations of Tariffs and The Mexican/US Boarder
Charlotte Cuthbertson reports on Sunday’s events in Tijuana where the Mexican people seem to agree with the U.S. action
Charlotte Cuthbertson, reporter and editor for The Epoch Times, talks with us live from Tijuana where she is interviewing both the Mexicans and the illegals in the Caravan.
Hour 2 – Boots On The Ground Coverage Across America
Hour 2 – Politics – Looking Past The Mid-Term Elections
Experience in the Trenches tells Charlotte Cuthertberson that many strident Democrats actually support President Trump
Hour 2 – KER Politics
Assessing Recent Volatility In US Markets and Commodities
Charlotte Cuthbertson of The Epic Times discusses the reasons why law enforcement across the country should help with immigration enforcement.
US Equity Markets At All Time Highs But Look Behind The Scenes
Infrastructure Spending, Gold Market Commentary, and a Discussion on Bitcoin
Varying Opinions on What is Pushing Down Safe Haven Assets