Are We All Being Tricked By The Markets?
The loved (US equities) vs the unloved (metals) markets
Investing In Hard Assets Within The Current Political Climate
Varying Opinions on What is Pushing Down Safe Haven Assets
Comments on Gold, Central Banks Policy, and Recapping Our Trip to Rye Patch Gold
Recapping a Heavy Economic and Political News Week
Key News Of The Week For Investors
Chris Martenson – Recapping the Jobs Number, Beige Book and Home Price Increases
Gold and Commodities Pullback From US and International Drivers
Chris Martenson on Central Bank Policy – Follow What They Do Not What They Say
Investors Again Favoring Risk On Assets
Gold – A breakout and future drivers from around the world
Chris Martenson: Central Banks have their mandate and it’s not to help out the average citizen
Comprehensives Gold Analysis and Gold Company Updates
The week of higher markets, a sell off in metals and rate hike odds exploding
Economic Data Points and Gold Investing Including Stocks
A Temporary Gold Breakout and Global Asset Correlation
Precious Metals Moves and Is That Inflation We Are Seeing?
Hour 2 – Politics – Trump, Optimism and Russia
Is everyone getting a little too complacent?