A Look Into Europe and The US In 2019
Hour 1 – Generalist Investors You Should Be Listening To
Hour 1- Just How At Risk Are The US Markets?
Hour 1 – Central Banks, Inflation, and Insights Into A Couple Metal Stocks
Hour 1 – Signs Of US Market Weakness and How To Avoid Poorly Managed Resource Companies
Hour 1 – Treasuries, Metals, Central Banks, A Run On The USD
2 Full Hours Of Market And Resource Sector Commentary! Hour 1
Hour 1 – Market Leaders and What Actually Matters For The Markets
Chris Martenson – Market Breadth, US Deficit Outlook, and Fed Policy
Hour 1 – Oversold Markets And Central Banks Continuing To Tinker
Hour 1 – Key Considerations For The Markets and Company Updates
The Most Important Markets And Sectors To Watch
Hour 1 – The USD Impacting Emerging Markets and Metals
Hour 1 – Investing And Markets – Commodities and Stocks To Consider
Markets And Stock Commentary – Tariffs, Copper, Gold, and US Equities
Breakouts and Breakdowns Early On In 2018
The Commodities Uptrend and Economic Growth
A Look Ahead To 2018
Uranium and End Of Cycle Thinking