Some Key Comments Made By Powell Today!
US Markets Falling, A Flash Crash In Currencies, and Weak ISM Numbers
Big Picture View Of Markets, Economies, and Stories To Watch Develop

Segment 1: Charlotte Cuthbertson of The Epoch Times has spent a lot of time on the Mexican Border and this…

Is This Going To Be More Than An Oversold Bounce For The Markets?
US Markets Remain Volatile, Silver Breaking Out, Gold Still Rising, and Yields Way Off Their Peaks
How Risk-Off Markets Play Out

Segment 1: We discuss the US pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan with Jim McKinney. Segment 2: We continue our…

Hour 1 – Coverage on Gold, Oil, Ecuador, and The Fed
Cutting Through The Noise To Understand What The Fed Is Saying
Gold and Gold Stocks Getting a Major Buy Today
Did The Markets Just Throw A Temper Tantrum?
The Sectors That Are Performing Well – Gold and Treasuries
The Market Continue To Selloff With All Eyes On The Fed – Here’s What’s Important

Segment 1: Harlan Ullman Opens- my Trump pro or con section. Segment 2: Dan Pisenti takes the other side of…

Wrapping Up This Week – The US Markets, VIX, and Commodities
ECB Statement Recap and Choppy Markets Leave Investors With Many Questions At Year End
A Look At The Other Side – What If All This Bearish Is Wrong?
Moving Past The Noise To Focus On The Longer Term Drivers Of The Market
The Markets Are Showing Us A Very Mixed Picture