Chris Temple and Rick Ackerman Round Table
Powell In Front Of Congress And Another Drop In Gold
Trump/Putin Press Conference Recap And A Drop In Oil
Chris Temple interviews Enterprise Group’s Des O’Kell
Hour 2 – Trump and US Politics
Potentially Escalating Trade Wars, Commodities Hit, and US Markets Generally Stronger
What’s With All The Wishful Thinking In The Markets Today?
Hour 2 – Politics – Supreme Court Judge and The Trump Administration
Fed Minutes and Tariffs In Place In A Few Hours
Swings In Oil, USD and Gold – What’s Going To Stick
Hour 2 – Politics – How Everyone Judges Trump
Wrapping Up The Markets For The Week, Month, and Quarter
The Overall Commodity Picture Considering Price and Stocks
The Dangerous Game Being Played For Global Trade
Market Correction – Is It Trade Fears or A Natural Correction?
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Free Trade, Tariffs, And Comments On Trump
Comments On The OPEC Meeting, The USD, and Why Trade Wars Will Result In Deflation
Looking To Uranium, Bio-Tech, Online Retailers, and US The US Oil Market
Trade War Fears, International Red Flags, All Deflation Concerns not Inflation
Decoding The Fed and ECB Statements For The Markets