The real stories INVESTORS should be watching
A slightly different scenario for markets, metals and inflation
Was today the day that the optimism driving the markets finally turned?
Are bond yields telling us where investor confidence is heading?
Comprehensives Gold Analysis and Gold Company Updates
Hey Trump where’s the infrastructure spending?
Doc, Chris and Cory on the moves post Fed announcement
What if the Fed changes the generally accepted script?
A focus on the continued move down in crude oil
Political and Economic factors at play in Europe
Looking ahead to elections in Europe, Fed rate hikes and other central banks
Chris and LPG talk markets and European elections
Impressive job numbers and overall global growth
Money is flowing into exploration companies
Indecision continues to creep into the markets
Has, in fact, the Left shot itself in the foot again?
Trump’s speech and the overall political complex
Contradictory moves continue in the markets
Market Close Discussion
Big Al and Mr. T talk politics