Metals and Political Commentary For An Interesting January
George Gero – Updates On Options Expiration Day
Looking Ahead For Tax Reform, Central Banks, Politics, and Gold
It’s All Gold – Technical and Fundamental Outlooks Plus A Key Company Update
The loved (US equities) vs the unloved (metals) markets
Comments on Gold, Central Banks Policy, and Recapping Our Trip to Rye Patch Gold
Gold stuck in limbo with the US economy continuing to struggle
Precious Metals Moves and Is That Inflation We Are Seeing?
The open interest in gold is showing how distracted investors are
Hour 1 – Coverage on Gold, Uranium and Theralase
George Gero’s notes on commodities
Weekend Show Hour 1- Investing and Economics
A close look at the gold market domestically and internationally
Volatility in the Markets
What is going to drive the gold price the rest of the year?
The World Economy
Helicopter Money
An update on Brexit and the gold market
Gold, The Fed minutes and the Brexit vote
Macro economic issues and gold