Harlan Ullman’s final missive is worth a read and definitely worth an opinion.
Hour 2 Politics – A Shift Of Opinion on Trump
Disaster by presidential prerogative: Trump unraveling fabric of society
Would Trump rule by decree if he could.
Is there more or less violence in America to day than in the past? We believe not, listen why.
Latest Missive from Harlan Ullman
Hour 2 – Tariffs, North Korea, and Trump’s Roll In It All
Hour 2 – KER Politics
“Will Outside Advice during these Tumultuous Times ever Reach inside The White
Is an overall basic and coherent U.S. Foreign Policy possible?
Is government failing? Comments from Harlan Ullman
Unique Silver Positions, Financing Discrepancies, And An Update From Novo Resources
Harlan Ullman opines on the dismissal of Rex Tillerson and stresses the real problem facing our country.
Recapping The PDAC And Tariff News
The Commodities Uptrend and Economic Growth
Anatomy of Failure
Uranium and End Of Cycle Thinking
I very seldom recommend “must reads”. This is definitely one of them.
Dr. Harlan Ullman opines on one of the most important political events that occurred this year. And, it just happened this week.