Hour 2 – All About Trump vs Syria and Afghanistan
Hour 2 – A Look Into China and Afghanistan
Hour 2- Why Like Trump?
If you doubt the actions of President Trump, you have to listen to this!
Our feelings on the reasons for U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Europe vs USA
Hour 2 – KER Politics
Making Some Sense Of The Volatility In US Markets and Metals
Numerous splinters now that the fence that I used to sit in the middle of no longer exists.
Let’s get things accurate once and for all.
Thoughts on Syria from Big Al and Jim. What are your thoughts? Big Al also has some important questions for listeners.
Comments on the Spending Bill from Big Al and Jim McKinney
It is really a question of integrity.
Who will be the scapegoat?
Mac (Jim Mc Kinney) opines on the Tillerson situation.
Tariffs; Dreamers; The Second Ammendment; and, now Tillerson (opinion following shortly)
Threats come to our little town and school’s close down.
Market Volatility, PMs Recent Bounce, And A Special Novo Update
Jim McKinney and Big Al found Trump’s discourse with various levels of governmental officials to be refreshing. How about you?
Uranium One, Addendum to Segment 8 from The Epoch Tmes