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Segment 5: You want a case for Trump well here it is. Listen to Big Al and Jim McKinney give…

  This one is priceless from writer Ryan Cooper, the voice of experience.

Segment 5: We open KER Politics with Rick Ackerman and some general philosophical opinions. Segment 6: Larry Amernick and Big…

Here’s a hoot! Hillary Clinton, obviously a co-star is attempting to get back to star status by headlining the upcoming…

Hour 2 – Tariffs, North Korea, and Trump’s Roll In It All
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Europe vs USA
My current opinion on the Situation in The Middle East
San Francisco based professional analyst and trader, Larry Amernick discusses the financial markets in a macro sense.
United We Stand – Thoughts on the Economy and Culture of the U.S..
Larry Amernick, of the Amernick Letter, is a bit more optimistic than some.