Key Factors For US Markets, Europe, and The Chinese Economy
Hour 1- Just How At Risk Are The US Markets?
Central Bank Policy, Worrisome US Market Signs, and Precious Metals Thoughts
Hour 1 – Treasuries, Metals, Central Banks, A Run On The USD
Hour 1 – Key Considerations For Currencies, Markets and Metals
Market Volatility, PMs Recent Bounce, And A Special Novo Update
The Commodities Uptrend and Economic Growth
Analyzing 2017, Stock Suggestions, And Political Comments On The News This Week
Live From The New Orleans Investment Conference
If The Yield Curve Could Talk
Currencies, Gold, and Politics… What more could you want!
Infrastructure Spending, Gold Market Commentary, and a Discussion on Bitcoin
The best comment I’ve heard on the recent earning season
Comments on Gold, Central Banks Policy, and Recapping Our Trip to Rye Patch Gold
US Citi Surprise index vs S&P – A big change
Combining Economics and Finance Discussions with Politics
Investors Again Favoring Risk On Assets
PDAC Recap and Overall Gold Market and Stock Commentary
Economic Data Points and Gold Investing Including Stocks
Weekend Show Preview – Peter Boockvar on inflation data