Hour 1 – Investing and Markets – A Look Into Resource Stocks And Fed Policy
Live From The New Orleans Investment Conference
Exclusive Live Coverage From The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium
Recapping The First Half Of 2017 – Gold, Markets, and Politics
Big Al’s Panel at the Cambridge House Show – Rick Rule, Frank Holmes, Brent Cook
From the International Letter Writers Conference Big Al talks with Frank Holmes; Rick Rule and Brent Cook
Combining Economics and Finance Discussions with Politics
Gold stuck in limbo with the US economy continuing to struggle
A look ahead to investing in 2017
Rick Rule on what he will be targeting next year
Views on Gold
Rick Rule on the forces at play for gold
2016 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium
Resource Bull Markets, Golds Volatility and the Brexit Vote
Gold, The Fed minutes and the Brexit vote
Weekend show preview – Rick Rule
Gold and Mining Companies
Weekend Show Preview – Rick Rule on Resource Stocks
2015 Recap and Look Ahead to a Happy 2016
From the 2015 New Orleans Investment Conference