Syria, are we getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Big Al
August 24, 2013

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    Aug 24, 2013 24:40 PM

    For those who know the medical manifestations and chemical characteristics of sarin, VX, and similar cholinesterase inhibitors used as chemical weapons, this is a manufactured event. For one, victims of such weapons off-gas the agent after exposure and would make those who assist them victims themselves. Look at the photos of the ‘event’. Note that the medical personnel are wearing no protective garments (i.e., no MOP gear); note the body positions of the ‘victims’ (especially the arms) which are the positions that non-ill, fully alive persons would assume when told to get down and look ill or ‘play dead’ (; note the paucity of respiratory secretions on ‘victims’….these are not real victims, but rather actors.

    As for Pearl Harbor, it was NOT a false flag operation. It was a genuine and brilliant Japanese attack with a clear military objective. One can argue that the Japs were corralled into the attack due to the embargoes…but not ‘false flag’….unfortunately you are correct that we may hear the “Missiles of August” just as the “Guns of August” were heard in 1914.

      Aug 24, 2013 24:54 PM

      Hi Tex. You right, pearl harbour was not a “classic” “false flag”. The Japanese were pushed into the attack, exactly as the “allies” planned. They fell into it big time.
      But no, it was not “false flag”. Our side had full advanced warning of it etc. the whole thing made the banks a butt load of cash.
      The falasey of “war good for the economy” comes from not being in a war, just supplying. Like Bush, supplying the germans fuel. But to be good for the economey you cant be in it.
      Now, the banks make money either way.

      Bob Knows exactly what he is talking about.

      Bob mentioned, the americans maybe shouldnt have gone to war with Germany.
      Im sure he knows and it slipped his mind. Germany declared war on the states. The americans had no choice in that one. Japan was a move planned by the “allies”.
      Prior to that the american companies were supplying the nazis

      “Give me control of money, I dont care who the govrnment is”

      Aug 25, 2013 25:22 AM

      Thanks Tex.

      As Bob knows I don’t always agree with him. But, you know what, discussion is what makes life interesting!

        Aug 25, 2013 25:24 PM

        My reading concurs with Tex. We are being sold another bill of goods.

          Aug 26, 2013 26:56 PM

          One can argue your and my point of view pretty easily, Lore!

    Aug 24, 2013 24:53 PM

    Yeah,lots of info out there that America knew exactly what the Japanese were doing.
    America pushed Japan into this aggression and in all likelihood had full knowledge of everything Japan was about to do.

      Aug 25, 2013 25:25 AM

      Tell you what Matt, unless there is something I don’t know WW2 involvement by the US was completely justified.

        Aug 26, 2013 26:49 PM

        Easy to say it was justified when your loved ones were not killed/trapped in a ship/sub that was sunk because that is what your criminal government wanted. None of my loved ones were killed either, but I feel for those who lost loved ones there and all that followed.

        War is hell and would be mostly avoided if not for the profits and status that flow to corps. and governments. I do not call it a false flag, but that does not change the criminal nature of the actions.

        “War is the Health of the State.” Randolph Borne

          Aug 26, 2013 26:29 PM

          “War is the Health of the State”, thanks Mike.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:02 PM

    Off topic a bit, but what the hey. SOPA Has Returned, Time to Kill it Again (Spread the word, Petition in Description) the video has a lot of 4 letter words in it, yet his intentions are noble, but his language is horrible filled with profanities of our elected class in Washington DC. also the description: Stop SOPA 2013, its about, sign the petition — `Here we are again in 2013 and again dealing with a portion of SOPA, this time the streaming of copywritten works is at the forefront of this particular law to be. If a particular stream contains any copywritten material of any sort the UPLOARDER and creator of said content can be found guilty and automatically placed in prison for years on felony charges. Created August 22, 2013. ANOTHER thing to noted remember you picked of the torch last year or was it the year before and Ron Paul was a for, its defeat. ….. This is an attempt to Put Out FREE SPEECH by the `Powers That Be`.

      Aug 25, 2013 25:27 AM

      An important issue, Dennis,off topic or not.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:35 PM

    A British officer found out about the attack from a drunken Jap Lt in SE Asia….other warnings were given too…..Admiral Richardson was fired by Roosevelt for warning of the vulnerability of the Pacific Fleet…..yes…….there were warnings that were dismissed despite the successful attack by aircraft carrier launched Swordfish at Taranto more than a year before the attack on Pearl…….but the US did not know ‘exactly what the Japanese were doing’.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:00 PM

    TeX, the article that I posted in the next segment confirms your views

    Aug 24, 2013 24:07 PM

    December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning
    Congress was specific in its finding against the 1941 White House: Kimmel and Short were cut off from the intelligence pipeline that located Japanese forces advancing on Hawaii. Then, after the successful Japanese raid, both commanders were relieved of their commands, blamed for failing to ward off the attack, and demoted in rank.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:12 PM

    Wrong on that point Tex. The allies knew exactly what the Japanese were up to.

    Herbert o Yardly went to China specifically to break the japanese codes in the early 30s. Which he did. “education of a poker player” book name.

    He was far from the only person to break the codes.
    I believe it was the Dutch ambassador that waved the Japanese fleet off.
    The american carriers were not there for a reason, and old warships were sacraficed.

    Tex, we have been going to war for the banks since Wellington and Napoleon.
    Pretty much every single one. All money for the banks.
    Ever hear it was jewish banks that backed Hitler? Thats Rothchild.
    The people of the world need to wise up, it is not akmed the baker that wants to kill Joe sixpack.
    It is the banks giving the orders to the paid for politicians. our kids their profit.
    We have been completly decieved, hook…line…and sinker.

    Check the Zeitgeist movie on u tube part 2 for false flags,part 3 for banking.
    the money masters covers it too I think. Longer watch tho.

      Aug 25, 2013 25:27 PM

      Again, this is consistent with my reading. There are the reasons we are given, and then there are the REAL reasons.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:55 PM

    Ah….watch a movie for education…..try reading.

      Aug 24, 2013 24:18 PM

      Its “CALLED” a movie Tex.
      As for reading I bet I have studied the 2nd war in books movies documentaries and oh ya, talking to the people that were there from many nations more than most people you will meet. I am likely to be one of if not the most informed person on the subject you will converse with about it.
      Not trumpeting, just sayin.
      And to be honust, had You read what I wrote you would notice I gave you the name of an excellent read, the education of a poker player. By Herbert O Yardly, the guy that broke the japanese code in the 30s.

      Watch Zeitgeist the movie part 2. You will be informewd as to many false flags.

        Aug 24, 2013 24:25 PM

        The education of a poker player is an easy interesting short read. Off hand he mentions breaking the codes. It was years and years after the war that Mr o Yardly was mentioned in documentaries and it is rare to find it. The americans knowing the Japanese were gong to attack was (as you can understand) was a very well kept secret for a very long time.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:00 PM

    To return to the important issue….here is sarin in action (GB and sarin are the same)

    Aug 24, 2013 24:05 PM

    or for a false attack….try

    If the photographer was in a real attack zone he would not be muttering ‘allah akbar’….he would be mimicking the dog…….

      Aug 25, 2013 25:42 PM

      Yah. Apparently filmed under controlled conditions.

    Aug 24, 2013 24:05 PM

    Tex,love your posts but you stink on this one.
    Maybe you should do less reading and brush up on your manners you seem to have lost.

      Aug 24, 2013 24:08 PM

      Such a paucity of eloquence….

    Aug 25, 2013 25:44 AM

    In today’s Sunday Telegraph we read ‘ (PM) ‘David Cameron was pressing last night for UN action against Syria after the gassing of thousands of civilians in a suburb of Damascus.’ The PM then spoke to Obama to ask for help in convening an emergency session of the UN Security Council. Cameron wants to put forward a ‘game-changing resolution that would give the Syrian government ‘one last chance’ to disarm.

    Cameron doubtless aided and abetted by his left wing wife is ‘sickened’ by the photographs, while he and his government along with the French have taken it upon themselves to presume that the Assad regime is to blame, not withstanding Bob’s very obvious question to ask: What possible reason could Assad have in doing so, given that his government is now so comprehensively winning against the rebels?

      Aug 25, 2013 25:18 AM

      I`m still hearing people say the “rebels“ they are `paid for hire`- terrorists. And PM puppet Cameron spokesman for the London based Rothschilds have spoken. Their French puppet spokesman of the Rothschilds of France have spoken, down with Assad, chant. We here in America, the President puppet of the FED and those loyal to the Rothschilds here have said, to hell with who really did the deed, just get on with the WAR — The OWNERS of the FED, the Rockefellers, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Goldman-Sachs, others of that Bankster class have all spoken.

    Aug 25, 2013 25:35 AM

    And of course after if there is an after, if WWIII doesn`t get us all killed, then its off to Iran, then Cuba, then North Korea and anywhere else that doesn`t have a central bank thats owned by a Rothschild in it. War is big business and the people that own those defense contractors, the Banksters all love war. Its the power they feel when a life is slipping threw their fingers that gets them off.

    Aug 25, 2013 25:20 PM

    The goldbug’s lament:
    “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down”
    The Mavericks (Royal Albert Hall, 1998)
    ~8 minutes (2 dislikes have no pulse)

    Aug 25, 2013 25:03 PM

    The Truth about Fukushima – It`s Worst than Bad Its Worst unless your in an area where the Bird lives, was it in that cave or bomb shelter with all your paper gold around you to protect you from the blast.

    Aug 26, 2013 26:54 AM

    Hi!, Patrons Et Al:
    For additional accurate expose regards the Rothchilds & how Lord Myer Amshel Rothchild set up his banking districts worldwide through his 7 sons etc., readers are encouraged to read a copy of “Empire Of The City” by E. C. Knuth. He tells us that the whole world goes to work daily and thereby pay texes, in order to pay off OUR debts to the Rothchilds. The International Cartel of Bankers he says don’t care about who wins a war or revolution but they do like to fund both sides with the aim of their fudings to the fueding being “can they repay their debts to us?” Therefore a world of PEACE is their enemy, because that type of world doesn’t make them a dime. To whom do we think we owe OUR National Debt? Who is behind the TROJAN HORSE Federal Reserve System sanctioning OUR humongeous National debt etc.? It was Lord Amchel Rothchild who said: “Give me the power to issue a nations money supply and I don’t care who makes the laws, because that power when given is greater than those who rule the land itself!” Guess where we are now in his views? Strong men of great character owing such huge debts are but mere indebted slaves in servitude to the whims of the International Banks. These banks NEVER create the interest by which to eliminate total debts. They want US in debt to them. The more than $300 billion in interest debts paid every year by we the people goes to whom? Do these bankers have OUR gold tied up in the webs of their debts we owe them? Are they likely to “set Us FREE” just because of a few marches in honor of MLK? The equipment that comprises OUR military; does it all belong to them on loan due to OUR indebtedness to them? We are indebted to them for over 200 trillion $’s which they NEVER want repaid; so that they get the interest off OUR indebtedness to them annually without it ever being paid. Somebody wrote a book, WARE IS A RACKET, and that’s the business of International Bankers isn’t it? By abrogating OURSELVES from obeying OUR Constitution Of These United States Of America, we are allowing these Banksters to tell us what to do like mice in a maze aren’t we? They have gotten US to accept a fiat money system that presents US with endless expansions of recession, loss of jobs, loss of international presteige etc.; distracting US from Article 1; Section 10 of OUR Constitution which calls for gold and silver coins only. By the use of their fiat currencies the world has gone to bed with the bankers asleep on their beds of debt. We hate it but they love it!!

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money States)

      Aug 26, 2013 26:02 PM

      Thanks Russ,

      Yep, California is a great example of how well the system is working isn’t it!

    Aug 26, 2013 26:38 AM

    All of the events associated with this action are noise!
    First and formost: we dont have a preseident, we have a yes man who acts as a transducer, the banksters speak into the microphone, the signal travels through
    the wires into the usuerpers ass, and his lips demodulate the message!
    Each and every major military threat has come after an ebarassing bond market event!
    People need to know that these assholes will set the whole planet on fire to retain
    power over the global currency system! when the dollar dies, all of the cronies will
    stop obeying their master!

    “When the dollar will purchase and bribe no more, the US
    (through Israel) will bring world war… and not one penny before”.


    Aug 26, 2013 26:49 AM

    So 9-11 was our recent Pearl Harbor.
    An obvious prof’l demolition and Mts. of (suppressed) evidence. Again: “Follow the Money”. Worst case of insider-trading in history. And look who’s profited. Ur all rt-on re “It’s all about the money (Bankers)…All the time!” That’s why I absolutely believe that “the Great Whore of Babylon” in the Book of Revelations is: the Love of Money. She rides the Beast -the powers that be in this world. Yes, that Greed is ever the driving-force in everything they do. Amen. Don’t be like them guys. They gain the world – AND LOSE THEIR SOUL.

      Aug 26, 2013 26:08 PM

      Interest point about 9-11 and Pearl Harbor!

    Aug 26, 2013 26:45 AM

    First of all let me say that history is written by the victors and reality is not always what it seems to be. I am going to provide links to videos and documents and I want you readers to watch and read and consider all that was presented and dig deeper on your own. At the end of this process I want you to re evaluate your understanding of history and also your understanding of what is going on in the world today. Right now the world as you know it is shaped by propaganda put forward by politically correct special interests who are hostile to your best interests.

    .Adolf Hitler – The greatest story Never told ! The Truth about WW2 .

    The trigger for the start of WW2: Germany’s humanitarian intervention against genocide.

    Page 24 of the PDF reveals damning testimony of anti German genocide before and during the invasion of Poland.

    (1) Official investigations carried out since the publication of the first edition of this collection of
    documents concerning atrocities against the German minority in Poland have disclosed a far
    more terrible situation than was revealed by the graves discovered before November 17, 1939. The
    numbers of killed and missing as ascertained by the Central Office for the Discovery and
    Interment of Minority Germans instituted by the Head of the Civil Administration in Posen, have
    already had to be vastly increased since that date. Not only were far more Germans killed in the
    surroundings of Posen and within the radius of Bromberg on Blood Sunday, but even Silesia and
    Central Poland have disclosed such hecatombs of victims that, according to the latest figures
    available on February 1, 1940, the number of dead and missing in the German minority now
    amounts with certainty to 58,000, of whom 12,857 have so far been discovered and identified.
    Heavy frost during the winter months has almost completely interrupted the systematic
    exhumations and the possibility of identification. The list of missing, compiled from information
    given by their relatives, leaves no room for doubt that the enormous grave-yard of minority
    Germans in Poland contains far more than 58,000 victims, all of whom perished in the Polish
    reign of terror.
    The worst persecutions of Germans took place between Aug. 31 and Sept. 6, 1939. They
    reached their climax on the “Blood Sunday”, Sept. 3, in Bromberg and terminated about
    Sept. 17/18 with the liberation of the abducted victims by the arrival of German troops
    near Lowitsch. The Germans were usually herded together, driven off and massacred in
    isolated spots, in numbers ranging from 39, 48, 53 to 104 at a time (2).
    All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars
    Done with malice and fore thought.

    Aug 26, 2013 26:25 PM

    As a WWII vet, I have a major interet in WWII. My conclusion is that the Pearl Harbor attach was not specifically a false flag attach but was a trap put together by the Roosevelt administration. The Roosevely administration was wholly pro-British and wanted to get in the European war so badly that they could “taste it”. The Japanese trap was easy to set-up and the psychopaths running Japan at that time took to the set-up like rats to cheese.

      Aug 26, 2013 26:35 PM

      I kind of agree with you Mr. Wood.

      I maintain; however, that WW2 was a war that we were justified in getting involved in. Not this bulls— that is going on in the Middle East.

        Aug 26, 2013 26:48 PM

        Al: I disagree. Few wars are worth getting in. I consider that WWII was the “New Dealers'” war and we had no doq in the fight. Of course, that ignores the “fellow travelers”(Pinkos) in high levels of USA government who did have their commie dogs in the fight. My response may be similar to George Patton’s opinions – and his documented opinipons were why he was killed.

          Aug 26, 2013 26:20 PM

          I respectfully have to disagree.

          The Nazi leaders were horrible people and the Japanese were their allies.

    Aug 26, 2013 26:42 PM

    Al, You ask readers’ opinions regarding Syria. This is one more mile stone along the “Warfare/Welfare” road trod by those who control the USA government. My opinion is that Assad and the rebels are equally bad, but the way this situation is developing will be a disaster for USA citizens regardless of which group comes out on top.
    But, no; I do not think that it’s only a matter of money. The situation for the USA is who controls whom as well as who nets out the money. The hubrus of this administration is close to unbelievable.

      Aug 26, 2013 26:44 PM

      And other administrations, Mr. Wood. (Don’t you think?)

        Aug 26, 2013 26:38 PM

        Yes, but on a percentage basis, the present administration is in the high ninety percentile. Maybe other administrations were only in the eighties or low nineties. But in general, I can’t disagree. Those political people who don’t have overwhelming hurbus probably don’t stand a chance in a (upper-case “D”) Democracy.

    Aug 26, 2013 26:42 PM

    What Bob says is backed up by what Herbert Hoover stated in his magum opus entitled “Freedom Betrayed”.

    Aug 26, 2013 26:28 PM

    I whole heartiIly have to agree with BOB on this one. Sorry, I am as patriotic as the next guy,every bit of previous history points and concurs with Bobs talking.

      Aug 27, 2013 27:56 AM

      Good Morning Deborah Lee,

      I don’t personally see Bob ad being enpatriotic or anti Jew ad dome othrts do..

      It breaks my heart to have to agree with him on some issues.

    Sep 19, 2013 19:46 PM

    “The Truth about Pearl Harbor” by Rear Admiral Robert Theobald Tells the story of how much was known and who knew what was coming down.

      Sep 19, 2013 19:48 PM

      Thanks Steve!