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Big Al
December 27, 2013

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    Dec 27, 2013 27:39 PM

    logicalman’s picture
    A Brit, dealing with the UK tax authorities……

    A guy in UK had his tax return sent back to him.

    In answer to the question: Do you have anyone dependent on you replied:

    2.1 million illegal immigrants,
    1.1 million crack-heads
    4.4 million unemployable scroungers
    900,000 criminals in 85 prisons
    650 idiots in Parliament and the whole of the European Commission

    His response was deemed unacceptable.

    In response, he asked “Who did I miss out?”

      Dec 27, 2013 27:44 PM

      sorry folks…..just had to post this somewhere…….nearly wet my pants reading it. ha ha

        Dec 27, 2013 27:50 PM

        Good one..Tony!!

      Dec 28, 2013 28:38 AM

      Nice one Irish, except we don’t have 900,000 crims in prison – nearer to 85000 at the last count! But that’s quite bad enough when on average it costs what c £60k to keep one there for a year.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:10 PM

        Maybe I.T.’s finger slipped and he added another zero – a fat finger trade!
        As a UK ‘citizen’, or subject of the Queen as we actually are, I second Tony’s post. Absolutely.
        You could also add to that the BBC and some of its suspect child molesting presenters.

      Dec 29, 2013 29:58 PM

      like your show al and enjoyed bob for years HOWEVER I have sent some gold bashing articles as early as sept touting gold at 1000 by end of jan early feb. The responses I received from some credible people were brutal. I am the one laughing now. Bob is still touting this market and all I want to add, is “that there is a good and bad time to own gold” so at least direct your readers to other markets (which bob has done somewhat), gold will also crash in 2014 and a real capitualtion will occur. that is when you should be telling your readers to accumulate. All the gold pundits have simply missed how capital flows worked and got caught in the utter stupidity of hyperinflation which will never ever happen. A shame really, the very same people who pushed gold have destroyed it. Its 2 years minimum to gain any traction. Stop this nonsense

    Dec 27, 2013 27:19 PM

    Thats precisely what I posted on this site. Feels exactly like end of 2000. If your sitting on the sidelines buy now because when this thing takes off you may never get in. 20 percent up days in the shares was every other day. SALUTE TO BOB M., BIG AL AND CORY.

    Truely appreciated this wealth of information.

    Dec 27, 2013 27:41 PM

    Expect an instant rise when we see a bottom? hmm, I think I recall an instant rise once or twice when I spotted a bottom or two.

    ALWAYS appreciate Bobs Opinions, actually appreciate everyone that comes on.
    Any chance of asking Bob if he knows anything about the 170,000 tons in Hawii?

    I gotta disagree with Bob tho about having to be a contrarian to buy gold, maybe I just think a little differant, but I think 5-10% in gold is probly the right thing to do no matter what price it is, just as savings to counter a devaluing currency.
    Of course if it ever did go vertically parabolic that could be a time to sell some but other than that, I dont see selling as wise except in dire emergency.
    But thats just me, silver, thats a differant story.

    Thanks for gettin Bob on again.

    Dec 27, 2013 27:07 PM

    I invested in WITE more than a year ago .I am down. I was right about investing in platinum and palladium, but very wrong about silver. I am still holding this position. I had used PALL the paladium ETF several times before ,but it trades very lightly , and was hard to sell, in volume. So i switched to WITE metals. I do think this year should [ at some point] be a good year for Plat, and PALL. I am now thinking that the USA avoiding more involvement in Syria was smart. That dictator should be taken out and shot tho. best to all S

    Dec 27, 2013 27:24 PM

    I think Bob is maybe trying…..He is being VERY VERY VERY careful like I never seen before. Hes been wrong about the collapse hes be calling for for eons..
    Holmes, Schiff, Maloney and 100 other MAKE MONEY BY PUPPING GOLD. Schiff was pushing people into foreign stocks years ago and the DOW has gone up for 4 years!! Bobs not selling info but he has a huge strike against him as he has ADVERTISER that he makes a bundle from. BUT he has sure toned it down.
    The commodities Bull died in 2011 and my research showed a huge rally in the DOW. The USD is not dead period. Commodities got smashed big time. You have to ignore all the market people on TV they are full of S##T period. If they have advertiser THEY ARE BIASED period. The US is not going down the tubes and the DOW will continue higher for possibly some time. The decline in commodities offset the so called HYPER INFLATION the doom and gloom pumpers have been calling for years and years.YA sell the DOW and BUY GOLD TO SAVE YOURSELVES!!..Ya hyper…. its just around the corner. Its never ever occurred in a major currency or economy.. BULLSHIT. DOW earning are real and companies have trimmed the bottom line so the PEs have not skyrocket. There’s a number of reasons the Indexes will stay in a bull market. I laugh like hell when Gary looks at his squiggly lines and says the markets in a bubble hahhahahaha. You need to understand the Global financial system. US is no growth story but that makes no difference to earnings. THATS WHAT RECESSION DO FOOLS. When growth was 4-5% stocks moved up, but say hey we only have 1% growth now what the hell is going on. Its called a profit margin increase. With dead low interest rates and products on the wholesale level have dropped in price because of prior overcapacity and declined consumption there for when things pick up just a little WOW more profit for the Corp… There’s many things why the DOW is in a bull market…forget about it Gary and all the other clowns.
    YES GOLD COULD GO UP NOW just because its so dead and unloved. Is it a dead cat? Maybe…. but Ill know soon. ASSUME NOTHING…Sorry gold won’t save you its just another asset class that has a time and place…Oh ya it hasn’t made any money if ya need to buy a piece of copper or fill up you tank. Only leveraging and timing can.

      Dec 27, 2013 27:51 PM

      Your short sighted Dillion. Its right under your nose this opportunity and all you can do is rant and complain especially when the same people you are bashing will be right.


      The markets job is to have you thinking everything will continue down.


      You are falling for the con job to become negative at a market bottom.


        Dec 27, 2013 27:56 PM

        I will reiterate…Bob Doesn’t know and that’s for sure, I thought he did. These articles predicted what would happen years ago. Not yelling into the review mirror. The bubble popped. Bob did brag that he would call THE TOP. Not to sell silver..I know a pile of his readers still hanging onto hope….I’m very saddened for them. Hey I’m stuck with some of his worthless stocks but did unload a pile way back. I wised up at gold $1650 when the pumpers were out in force. THERE IS NO BUBBLE AHEAD its behind us….Ill tell ya what look for the guys that said SELL2-3 years ago. Dead cat coming up??? GOLD SCAM is what it is!
        People hate hearing that cause thousands of gold pumping sites would dry up and blow away. Oh…that’s happening now! There’s a ton of great asset to own that make real solid money…NOT CRAPS. Mr Casey…a super size loser….THEY SELL A MILLION RESEARCH papers. 13yrs ago barely one….The little guy gets laid out again….The other lost their homes prior to this bubble…

          Dec 27, 2013 27:05 PM

          Here’s REAL FACTS FROM 2009!! below for the clowns. Anyone calling themselves HEAVYHITTER should maybe avoided…typically its the opposite.
          Sorry but BOB still has stocks to pump. Between the 6 guys I know that bought his stuff MILLIONs has evaporated, He hung them out to dry:

          READ THIS July 2009
          If you want to position yourself ahead of the curve you have to understand the intricate details within the big picture.
          The perpetual doomers have missed the important details, as always.
          And if YOU don’t understand the details, you’ll get burned just like they have.
          So then, what’s gold good for other than jewelry?
          Not much other than trading; that is UNLESS you’re REQUIRED to stay in the stock market AT ALL TIMES. But who is, besides mutual funds and managed money?
          In other words, gold does outperform during global crises (with or without inflation) as well as deflationary periods (which do not persist). All that means is that it tends to hold up relative to other asset classes during market declines.
          But if you were wise enough to get out of the market prior to these declines, you’d be in much better shape. You wouldn’t need gold as a hedge.
          So if you must stay fully invested, gold is very useful for portfolio hedging because it has an inverse correlation with the broad market indexes like the DJIA and S&P 500, typically during severe bear markets.
          Many so-called “experts” (the gold bugs and perma-bears) insist that gold “holds up during inflation.” I’ve shown this to be false. For instance, when criticized about gold’s declining price several months ago, Peter Schiff proclaimed “it’s held up better than other assets relative to the market declines.”
          But Schiff failed to mention the real reason why gold has held up relative to the stock market. After all, he didn’t want to rain on his fellow gold bugs’ parade.
          Ask Schiff why gold has held up better than other asset classes. If he tells you “because it’s a hedge against inflation,” you can look him square in the face and say “Wrong.”
          The only reason why gold has held up is because it has a negative correlation close to 100% relative to the broad market indices. In other words, when the market declines by say 5%, gold rises by about 5%.
          That also means that gold declines by 5% when the market rises by 5%.
          Therefore, best use for gold is for those who hold traditional asset classes AND MUST remain invested during bear markets.
          The next chart shows how well gold has served as a hedge against market declines over the past three years. It’s been a near-perfect inverse correlation (or a correlation coefficient of –1).
          Most investors have allowed the financial media to brainwash them with this mentality of finding assets or stocks that seem to hold up during bear markets.
          The fact is that this “holding up” approach is for MUTUAL FUND managers who MUST remain in the markets at all times REGARDLESS how low the market goes.
          But even professional money managers who are “in the know” typically only use gold for short-term hedges. The gold price chart confirms this.
          Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the best hedge against market declines is to STAY OUT OF BEAR MARKETS! That’s the only way to avoid losing money.
          Finally, I find it unfortunate for those who own gold, but have very little if anything invested in stocks, because as discussed, the best use of gold (other than capturing its price volatility) is as a hedge against market declines.
          The bottom line is that if you’re holding gold, you had better devise an exit strategy.
          And if you own gold but don’t own stocks as well, you’re missing out on gold’s true investment power; as a hedge against market declines.
          The guys who move the markets know all of this—the really big institutions and hedge funds.
          In 2005, my forecast for gold was around $1400 by around 2012-2014, and possibly $2000 to $2200 thereafter.
          But that does not mean that it will. And it certainly does not mean you should buy-and-hold gold. In my opinion, if you weren’t in gold at $600 or lower, you missed the boat.
          Because gold could very well spike up to $1500 or even $2000 over a short time period, then come crashing down. So if you’re not an active trader, you could get stuck when the gold bull fades.
          I certainly won’t touch it at current prices, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go higher from here. I understand risk and I’m not willing to take it with gold at $900/ounce.
          Once again, in my opinion, GOLD SHOULD ONLY BE TRADED, unless you want to expose yourself to significant liquidity risk. The higher gold is when you buy it, the higher the risk, since gold will eventually come back down to historical levels.
          The only exceptions to this rule are for those who:
          Must remain in the stock market and want to hedge against declines
          Bought gold during the early stages of a bull market
          If you bought gold above $600, you should consider actively managing your position. At the very least, you need to set a reasonable exit point. Otherwise you could end up like the guys who have been holding gold for 30 years, still waiting to make money. They bought Fools’ Gold, and they’ll gladly sell you theirs if you’re interested.
          After reading this multi-part series on gold, I suspect there will be a lot of gold investors who are now fuming; others will remain in denial. But hey, don’t blame me; blame the guys who spread these myths about gold and inflation. As I’ve shown, they’re absolutely wrong.
          Better yet, you might take some personal responsibility.
          Next time, use some common sense and research what you’re investing in, or else seek the guidance of an expert who has no agendas or bias; that means someone who doesn’t sell securities, greed or fear. That means someone who’s not a part of the media club. Sadly, the global market for greed, fear and dishonesty is much larger than that for common sense, rational thinking and integrity. And that is precisely why there are so many sheep and sheepherders.
          For those who doubt me, I’d say you’ve been watching too much CNBC and reading too many articles written by salesmen.
          For those who doubt me, perhaps you believe Bill Gross’s recent recommendation stating it’s a great time to buy bonds. Sure it is Bill! You’re a bond salesman after all. It doesn’t take a sophisticated investor to understand that now is one of the worst times to buy bonds. Credit risk is very high and interest rates are low. I prefer to wait at least until interest rates spike.
          Most likely, Mr. Gross will continue to insist you need to be in bonds despite the contrary. Likewise, when the gold bubble does pop, you aren’t going get any warnings from the doomers and gold bugs. They’ll insist the massive price collapse represents a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”
          But you can bet they certainly won’t be stuck holding gold when the price reverts back down to its historical mean. Then we will have another generation of suckers, stuck holding fool’s gold.

      Dec 27, 2013 27:04 PM

      Dec 27 Party On! Puru Saxena 321gold
      Hi Dillon, this fellow seems to agree with you.
      I found it on Bobs site, 321 gold.

      Anyone ever hear the expression “buy low sell hi?”
      I once heard that was an error, the way it was supposed to go was “buy problem sell hi”. I dont know, just a thought.

        Dec 27, 2013 27:21 PM

        My research cost a lot of $s. See they don’t make money from advertising. Seems like the rest of the world does and that gets expensive BECAUSE there is no accountability and Tthey pump the flavor of the day…. There’s real research out there but they are not in any main stream. Puru said a while ago that he see’s nothing in gold.
        How low is low. My buddy has an email from Bob 13 months ago BUY LOW. Same a Casey idiots….

          Dec 27, 2013 27:44 PM

          Dillon, dont you think it takes maybe a little integrity on Bobs part to post articles that have viewpoints other than his own?
          Well, I do.
          And people like to say Bobs picks on stocks are horrible. Well duh, a little understanding goes a long way, he tried to explain, people invest differently.
          They think digferantly. Bobs way, is to hit 10 baggers or better, he will tell you these big ones make up for alot of misses.
          Thats Bobs way, on some of them he says “its a crap shoot”.
          Myabe some people buy a Bob “crap shoot” and miss ( I have) and they think terrible!
          OK, try Mickey Fulp then, his thinking is totally diferant, he is looking for a double in a year.
          Sure, Bob misses lots, and hits enough, Mickey hits more, and in most cases needs more hits to make what Bob does. See?

          Myself, I like action, ITS ALL A GAMBLE, no matter which way you think about it.
          Dillon, you might have the best biotech stocks, retailer stocks, how much you make if your broker pulls an MF Global? of your bank does a LEGAL “Bail in”?

          If your in these markets Dillon, your gambling big time.
          At a poker table, when I took a pot, I used to tell my opponent they played the hand well, “I would have played the same way” etc etc.

          Who do you think you win from? Dont insult the dinner. lol

          And I mean no disrespect to Bob, I think he is classic, knows more about this industry geology etc than I could ever hope to.

            Dec 27, 2013 27:58 PM

            I agree when b to some degree. Bobs a damn smart fellow and more than most but when you are shouting GET INTO RESOURCE STOCKS IT WILL BE THE LAST SAFE HAVEN.
            You see you get into the market before everyone else like 2000 and build a track record then sell to everyone the safety of resources then watch them collapse. Common man a lot of my family and friends bought into this but sorry we ain’t living in the 70s and this is no repeat. You need true analysis not just throwing darts as it’s irresponsible. The fact is that he has criticized the very people destroying the system and that’s dogma. Yes there are reoccurring economic events but Gold is nothing to hold long term. More on this later I’m having a drink with my 75 yr old father who got LAID OUT BY THIS BULLSHIT markets are going to collapse get into something real!!! Bobs in sales. His EXACT WORDS From a decade ago. People can’t say they weren’t warned!!!

            Dec 28, 2013 28:29 AM

            b: again some good comments. Check out Bobs site he makes a absolute bundle from his ads. I was counting them this am my god @ $3000 to $6000 a month probably each company and all the clowns that go there are driving that revenue. How can one give a true advice. Bob not even close to an analyst and he’s stuck in the 70s. That’s what the corrupt system is built on. Bobs may not be corrupt, he’s just reeling in the bucks. Watch the San Fran gold rush. People that made it rich were far and few but selling shovels and whores was the way to go. It’s no different on capital hill. Playoffs and rip offs. My best friend us to be in contact with him regularly and was concerned about being safe and getting out period. That’s what you have to do when a bubble forms and Bob said dozens of time that he went throught the 70s and called the top to the week.
            It goes to show you that the real sources of true analysy are unavailable to the little guy.
            That’s all I’m saying. I will call a spade a spade all day long. If I wake up one guy I will feel better. I know 20 at least 20 good folk that got the knife and held some of his stocks that are worthless now. A few here know the risk and a lot don’t I’m betting.
            If gold runs again it won’t likely be inflation pushing it and people WILL be confused and will miss out until another top forms then Schiff and all the other clowns will say SEE YOU HAVE TO BUY THE STUFF then wham!! The knife will fall again on the little guy. Not say that will happen but it could. So Bob has a couple of good articles but a pile of hacks are there now. Adam Hamilton has been buying all the way. Where the hell was the sell button mate!!?

      Dec 28, 2013 28:41 AM


      You’re right about all these guys having a bias, but you seem to believe that we still have a totally free market in stocks, commodities and every other tradeable instrument. The fundamentals (or lack thereof) in the US economy are flat-out dismal. How the hell will we pay back $17 trillion of our National Debt, and anywhere from $50 to $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, plus public and military pensions? Detroit is a microcosm and sneak preview for many other cities, states and our federal government.

      Folks knew Detroit was in bad shape for years until it got intolerable for citizens and politicians. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re looking at in the US – politicians ‘kicking the can’ down the road until the money borrowing, spending and printing doesn’t work anymore.

      All markets are heavily manipulated by governments, central banks and investment banks around the world. Read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article about the biggest price-fixing scandal ever:

        Dec 28, 2013 28:38 PM

        Cheers Brian, Never said they were free they never were but they worsen by the year and one a dramatic event occurs the fear mongers come out in droves.
        Matts ok by me but your getting OLD news price into the market most likely but the stock market has been bull for 4 years and all the Gold pumpers have convince the public for years that doomsday was around the corner.
        The 30s were and a bit comparable but there a lot of good things going in the US and there is no recession as a hole just very slow growth. Some business past will not work in the future. There are issues and debt. I know one of the best safest fund managers in Canada and hes says Europe is way worse and the US can continue to print for some time. If they doubled QE or more he may feel different. Hes way better than I but say no worries for now and MOST don’t understand just how much it can absorb. Yes people are getting hurt but almost everyone should stick to what they know best to survive not DIVE into silver MAX K or Martenson. There’s major deflation in a lot of asset classes in Europe and there’s no panic to own GOLD… It would be a major crises in Europe NOT the US that may turn him bullish but at present.
        Nope nothing changed in 100+ years just bear market expose that truth and Gold idiots come out of the wood work to sell!! See Vid Below…

    Dec 27, 2013 27:33 PM

    Ya Sure HH: Its a trade-able item. I just said don’t fall in love.
    My real estate worth millions from the 150K I put in the 30 years ago and has BEEN an inflation hedge AND yield 8% to its increasing value over the LONG term. Nothings safer. Your just shooting craps. Ya see real estate has never had a 20 year bear market man. Its fine to trade but that’s just gambling too.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:43 PM

      I hate Seeking Alpha. It’s crap. You read on short page and then they invite you to subscribe before they deign to show you the rest of their self-aggrandising crap pundit ‘analysis’. Thos people don’t know any more than you or me. Perhaps a lot less.
      Total waste of time site in my opinion.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:52 PM

        Having slagged off seeking alpha, I should say that I agree with a lot of Dillon’s points on the fear pundits and the pump and dumpers in gold and other areas, like Peak Oil, etc. Peak Oil has gone ‘poof’ with the shale light tight crude oil and gas boom.
        Most of those guys will probably disappear as their porfolios implode.
        Cases in point:
        When was the last podcast? Answer: 13 July. Err, a slight gap there of 5 months.
        What about the great voice over artist and resources podcaster on Frisby’s Bulls and Bears? Well no broadcasts from 15 March until 4 September. A 6 month gap. Now he is recently back, occasionally, talking about … BitCoin!!!
        Maybe the bottom will be in when King World News closes down.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:00 PM

          I just went onto KWN and it said:
          “The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap Is On Vacation
          Two weeks missed. It’s started!

            Dec 30, 2013 30:02 AM

            This threads getting old but what the hay!
            Thx Silverbug Dave. I’ve read them all made millions and lost and made it back.
            It takes time to figure it out but a guy can have it write for a while then blows up. It’s ok to take a loss but the key is really minimizing that loss. Mega sites have popped up since 2000 because of the turmoil. Their almost all rats that are conning a buck out of everyone.
            Moritarty gets points for being real and stand up. Most hide behind their websites.
            Yes down with KWN their a prime example. These guys do so much harm to markets it’s unbelievable. I emailed them once and told them exactly what I thought and their track record is crap because it’s sell sell sell. They responds like children swearing and not the little harmless puppies I use occasionally.
            Cheers keep it real man even if you have to be ugly!

            Jan 30, 2014 30:46 PM

            I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps evroybedy else experiencing problems with your blog. It appears like some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before. Thanks

            Jan 30, 2014 30:00 PM

            Hi Titus,

            I have not had that problem.

            Let me know if it persists and I will contact Sarah.


        Dec 29, 2013 29:49 AM

        Yes, I agree. They are not day traders and have no idea what’s going on !!

    Dec 27, 2013 27:46 PM

    AL good show today stay the course by STRONG ALLL BUY !!!!!!!!

      Dec 27, 2013 27:51 PM

      There’s just one thing i need to say ! The world doesn’t work laik TV media tells YOU !

        Dec 27, 2013 27:06 PM

        Dead cat franky!?? Actually listen to Peter Schiff he knows whats going on. NOT.

          Dec 27, 2013 27:16 PM

          ALL the same peter schiff max keiser and more ! the markets are manipulated day have good news and baed ! And day tray to make a dollar so by karvol ok !

          Dec 27, 2013 27:21 PM

          Dillion all a big plan to make the NEW WORLD ORDER !

            Dec 27, 2013 27:01 PM

            YOU BETER WORRY DISS ( Dillion ) !!!!!!!!

            Dec 27, 2013 27:34 PM

            NWO has been planned for 60 years, wouldn’t sweat it franky.

          Dec 27, 2013 27:58 PM

          So DILLION….your too mixed up to invest. You shouldnt be here. Speculation never was easy where do you get your beliefs that its cut and dried.

          If it was cut and dried money wouldnt be worth anything…everyone would be rich.

          You need to take a course in investing… even trading …even if you dont do anything.

          YOU WILL NEVER MAKE MONEY THIS WAY….its dangerous….you cant be mixed up
          like this and be successful……Its not suppose to be easy…MAN.

          OK ….sounds like you want to make money and have no risk….REALLY.


          Sure I want to be a lawyer and not go to school. GET REAL

            Dec 27, 2013 27:27 PM

            Don’t worry about me HH I retired at 45. I’m just warning a few people I know that read sites like this that’s you are gambling and gold isn’t going to save your from some fall out. You gamble away and I’ll warn the kids. I started pulling wire in the phone company, owned a restaurant and many business. Money’s not everything but it sucks without it. 5mil at 45yrs. I’ll go toe to toe with any of ya on market crap. SAVE THE LATE COMERS THINKING THEIR GETTING A BUY OF A LIFETIME! Not

            Dillon…….there are a lot of people who retired at 45 on this site……..and some that retired earlier than 45………..just info….

    Dec 27, 2013 27:11 PM

    Great commentary from Bob Moriarty today. Balanced and sensible.

      Dec 27, 2013 27:39 PM

      I guess we have two thumbs up from you. May not hurt….might help.

        Dec 27, 2013 27:54 PM

        Here HH from way before:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Ya Sure HH: Its a trade-able item. I just said don’t fall in love.
        My real estate worth millions from the 150K I put in the 30 years ago and has BEEN an inflation hedge AND yield 8% to its increasing value over the LONG term. Nothings safer. Your just shooting craps. Ya see real estate has never had a 20 year bear market man. Its fine to trade but that’s just gambling too.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:28 AM

          Anyone who understood the implications when Nixon removed the dollar’s gold backing could’ve placed $150k into gold and today it would be worth over $5 Million.

          I don’t believe you can go “toe to toe” with anyone on this “market crap.” You still don’t understand that price has little to do with value. The price of both gold AND your commercial RE has gone up FAR more than their respective values.
          You also obviously do not understand gold, cycles, or contrarian investing. Your father could regain all of his losses very quickly if you did.

          As a group, the junior miners are some of the riskiest and most volatile investments in the world. Why did you not warn your father about this fact?

          By the way, buyers of the gold sector today have not missed the boat —not by a long shot. But most have no interest in climbing aboard. Everything is as it should be…

            Jan 29, 2014 29:52 PM

            How awesome. It’s an amainzg journey. I’ve had to learn many of those things on my own, as well. I want to save our kids in some way from that experience—and I mean all kids from the messages that tell each of us that we are not enough. Each of us is great and worthy of celebration, just because we are who we are. Please share and visit amazon because my book is only $8.50.

            Jan 30, 2014 30:38 PM

            You are so right! My boys are at such a fun age to experience the joy of treval. Travel is a great foundation for learning. < Yes!Mommyfriend recently posted..[] Reply:March 25th, 2011 at 4:51 pmMany people think boys your age should wait to go some place but look at what sponges they are and how much they learn by experience! Glad you liked: “Travel is a great foundation for learning.”[]

      Dec 27, 2013 27:33 PM

      I agree Bird. I’ve never heard him be more careful. Read every piece and interview since 2000. His track record went over a cliff along with commodities a long time ago.
      He’s trying to be honest and his horns are in. It’s a very tough game. 1 in a 1000 read advisors may have a clue these days.

        Dec 27, 2013 27:08 PM

        OK…Dillion..investing is risky business and we are adults should know that. What puzzles me is the bullish concensus is at all time lows and have no idea who or what your listening to. There is risk mind you but your hell bent on a guaranteed return. Thats what bank accounts are for and a place to park money temporarily. Gold might have one more push down but the gold shares may rally. Down initially and quick bounce up probably all in the same day. THERE IS NO USE DISCUSSING IT ANY LONGER. Im a strong long near the year lows and if people are waiting for better bsrgains on the gold shares you may never get in. Chasing a rising market can be very risky. LIKE BOB M. SAYS DUE YOUR OWN D&D. Good luck to you

          Dec 27, 2013 27:48 PM

          I agree with you HH.
          BUT many many have pumped that Gold would be the only safe haven…I can list a 100 people and Bobs in there. I remember every word he printer for 13 years. My father sent me everyone of them. Re-read what I posted above.
          Gold is the final bubble of bubbles stock marker popped 2000, then real estate, then oil then gold…..Just letting the kids know DON’T BELIEVE THAT THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFE TIME. There is a huge chance it won’t be. Find a QUALIFIED person that has got in and out of gold in a timely manner and they ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY SUBSIDIES FROM THESE GOLD OUTFITS or advertising. Good honest all around research. It ain’t FREE though…and it isn’t in the the mainstream.
          What is possible that could raise the price of gold this time is the loss of faith of Government….They are idiots after all I’m studying that now. Don’t worry, good solid blue chips and many other things would survive that.
          Good luck HH.

            Dillion…..YOU have it…………..”loss of faith of Govt.”……..

            It is all history………..a repeat…….try Roman Empire………..

            the masses are in DEBT……the coins have been clipped, and the fiat is trash, and there is no way that the govt. is going to be able to bail out the 101 million house holds that make less than $100k and are in debt “up to their eyeballs”, they have no savings or equity in anything………

          Dec 27, 2013 27:53 PM

          You are jumping in without waiting to see the consolidation period complete though. What’s the rush, HH? If you waited 27 months already then a few more don’t matter. In the meantime there is plenty of other things to put your money in that are already making headway so this strategy of yours to jump the gun is a puzzle to me. Like trying to kiss the girl when she is busy doing her nails. Maybe you think there will be a sudden spike out of the blue…..suppose its possible. I would not bank on it though. The fear trade is a non-starter right now. Inflation is dead low. Flight to safety is hardly in factor, sentiment is at extreme lows and the general public is hardly enamoured. At the minimum we will need a sentiment change or a shok of some kind to get things started again.

            Dec 27, 2013 27:04 PM

            Been through this 3 times and a few days or a week can make a huge difference.
            BIRD MAN out of all due respect
            NO WAY…..cant sell me that……good luck….sheeezzz

            Im out of here…..whoa nelly

            Dec 28, 2013 28:16 AM

            Look, I really don’t care what you do, HH. It’s your coin and your time. None of it impresses me though because every damned fool and his dog has been trying to catch the bottom since the top two years back.

            You keep talking about that big payday coming though. It’s the Holy Grail maybe.

            Do you have any idea how much others just like you lost by trying to buy before a genuine bottom was reached? The stupidity represented by the gold camp is simply unprecedented if not historically notable in my opinion. No discipline AT ALL.

            Thankfully though it has also been tremendously rewarding for those of us who kept taking the other side of the trade all the way down. I am talking about the people who learned long ago how to judge a trend change and either take evasive action or roll with it for profits.

            Obviously you are a bit of a gambler though. I can tell from your posts you are the type who needs to catch the EXACT bottom for the maximum upside to feel great about your trading skills and you seem prepared to put the load on red to prove you are the man. It is a very poor strategy in my opinion and it is full of risks. Did you catch that magic 100 dollar gold rise at 1800? ………..No?… about at 1700?… about at 1600?……maybe 1350 perchance? … its 1200 that is the new low but the trend is still down.

            See where I am going with this? The chart is undeniably in a continuing bearish pattern and yet you would like me to believe NOW is the time to buy to catch that next sudden euphoric price spike. The one that gives you a 50 or 100 dollar an once boost in one or two days.

            Sorry buddy, that is gambling not investing. I would never follow that kind of a strategy anymore. Maybe is it my age and maybe it is learned from experience. I just freaking hate losing money for nothing on hormone based strategies that are almost always costly mistakes though. But you go guy. Eventually you will be right….if you still have a nut to invest with once its all said and done.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:25 AM

          At least the market is rising when you chase it…….

    Dec 27, 2013 27:59 PM

    I do concur with you and feel precisely what your saying.

    HOWEVER, THIS IS NO TIME TO BE NEGATIVE……STOP ! for your own good.

    Cant say……I have already done explaining. IM DONE….hope you can
    Seize this very rare opportunity.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:24 AM

      Glad to hear you agree with me. So what’s with the hardball sales push for a “once in a lifetime opportunity” talk all about then? Either you agree or you don’t, buddy. I think you need to exercise some restraint. Every single one of the guys I have known like you ended up losing his shirt in the end. EVERY last one. They all sound good to start. Like bullshit and bluster and feathers and fur flying as long as they are hot and then one day *POOF*…. they lose it all on a few stupid trades and end up bitter and broke and angry. Personally i don’t like your style one bit. Terrible way to invest for old age.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:17 AM

        That comment was to Dillion. Not to you BM. My opinion has not changed. You have yours and certainly have every right. CASE CLOSED. We must do what we feel comfortable with. Actually its the money that destroys peoples lives if its not used for good. Its crazy out there and greed destroys. So I must be disciplined myself and use it to help others or I will be destroyed by it. My living standards cant change much with it and if it does its all corrupt.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:22 AM

          Knock yourselve out my friend. I’ve got to much cash to be playing with falling knive. Especially with NUGT. Get it wrong and you $100k is $50k pretty fast.
          That said, I must say silver to gold ratio broke for the first time in Eons. Large indicator.
          Almost all PM indexes broke there recent downtrends. The trade may be on???

            Dec 28, 2013 28:34 AM

            if you dont sell you havent lost anything. NUGT COULD DOUBLE IN A FEW DAYS.

            Im done now. Do what you like…….sorry

      Dec 28, 2013 28:16 AM

      Bird nailed it. Sorry HH you sound like casey or Schiff or or or.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:31 AM

        Dillion….I really think that among everything…….ITS YOUR LOSS OF AN OPPORTUNITY.

        If you dont like the gold market……DONT INVEST IN IT AND WHAT YOUR DOING IS WAITING

        I dont have the words anymore. I CANT HAVE THESE CONVERSATIONS ANYMORE.


          Dec 28, 2013 28:40 AM

          HH you are a comedian right?! I wouldn’t worry about the rest of the pack…I’ll worry about the kids. Safety first unless your a youthful gambler and like destroying capital.
          Like I said you may have a trade here..Luck
          BIRD: Always top comments. You have a handle on it. maybe??

            Dec 28, 2013 28:47 AM

            Do your D&D AND DECIDE DILLION. Thats what I have had to do and that what you must do.

            THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO SAY….its not productive now.

            Dec 28, 2013 28:59 AM

            Let me guess HH no wife and no kids?
            I have already decided but I wouldn’t post it. Who cares?? Read everything I wrote. I’m just warning the kids of the risk of salesman…

    Dec 28, 2013 28:14 AM

    Funny, never saw the gold/miners getting smashed but can see them going up.

    Dec 28, 2013 28:39 AM

    This was for b: again some good comments and my last.
    Check out Bobs site he makes a absolute bundle from his ads. I was counting them this am my god @ $3000 to $6000 a month probably each company and all the clowns that go there are driving that revenue. How can one give a true UNBIASED advice. Bob not even close to an analyst and he’s stuck in the 70s. That’s what the corrupt system is built on. Bobs may not be corrupt, he’s just reeling in the bucks. Watch the San Fran gold rush. People that made it rich were far and few but selling shovels and whores was the way to go. It’s no different on capital hill. Playoffs and rip offs. My best friend us to be in contact with him regularly and was concerned about being safe and getting out period. That’s what you have to do when a bubble forms and Bob said dozens of time that he went through the 70s and called the top to the week.
    It goes to show you that the real sources of true analyst are unavailable to the little guy.
    That’s all I’m saying. I will call a spade a spade all day long. If I wake up one guy I will feel better. I know 20 at least 20 good folk that got the knife and held some of his stocks that are worthless now. A few here know the risk and a lot don’t I’m betting.
    If gold runs again it won’t likely be inflation pushing it and people WILL be confused and will miss out until another top forms then Schiff and all the other clowns will say SEE YOU HAVE TO BUY THE STUFF then wham!! The knife will fall again on the little guy. Not say that will happen but it could. So Bob has a couple of good articles but a pile of hacks are there now. Adam Hamilton has been buying all the way. Where the hell was the sell button mate!!?

    Dec 28, 2013 28:39 PM
    I have friends with pipes in hand for the next gold show. Sorry it won’t be the bankers…I wish…

      Dec 28, 2013 28:11 PM

      Classy guy. No wonder you act the way you do. Does he really not understand that it is the very people that he is so against (the “Jewish Mafia” and their Fed) that have kept stocks nominally going higher? He should be thanking them, but he obviously doesn’t understand. Does he also not understand that in real terms, the stock market is still much lower than it was in 1999/2000?

      In dollars, gold is STILL up more than 300% since 2000 while the S&P is up maybe 20%.
      What a joke.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:30 PM

        That means that gold is still high. Buy low, sell high,m then?

          Dec 28, 2013 28:46 PM

          The problem is that nothing has happened that would indicate a change for the better with respect to the conditions that have been driving gold.
          The Dow plunged from almost 45 ounces of gold in 1999 to just 5.8 ounces in 2011. That is a massive decline. Especially in hindsight, it doesn’t seem surprising that a lengthy shift from gold to stocks would take place as early gold investors take profits and rebalance.
          The Dow is now up more than 100% to over 13 ounces in just 2 years. Considering that big move, along with sentiment, fundamental, and TA readings, doesn’t it now make sense that investors would be reversing their positions once again?

        Dec 30, 2013 30:06 AM

        Sorry you know nothing of the man and I mean nothing. Your facts are wrong.
        His subs are 60% Jewish. Ya know who built Vegas or runs Hollywood!?
        It’s no different in the markets. 70% of business is owned or controlled by organized crime.
        Financial world is no diff. Get the facts first bud.

          Dec 30, 2013 30:27 AM

          My facts are perfectly straight “BUD.” You must have no class yourself if you didn’t understand my assessment.

    Dec 28, 2013 28:28 PM

    “Looking for a bottom”
    “You and I have been talking about bottoms for a week or so”
    “Bottoms take a while to form”
    Yes well, Cory, the nicest bottoms take about 21 years to form in most cases!
    This would have been good phrases for Rick Rule and Jim Dines to have been discussing at the recent resource conference roundtable.
    I was taking my Uncle Christmas shopping last week and a nice girl waled past and there it was… The Bottom!
    The bottom is in, folks.
    Anyway, more seriously, Bob said “In every single gold bull market in history, there has been a correction as big as this.”
    Hasn’t there just been one other bull market in history? That from 1971-1980? When were the others? That one had about a 47% correction, so we are still short of that at about 39%. A 47% correction would take price to about $1015.
    Anyway, I think we have had a 2008 type crash in stocks, illiquid assets that no-one wants to buy. Think “mortgage backed securities” (MBSs).
    Some of these gold stocks are the MBSs of 2013! Except that unlike with the real MBSs, the Fed isn’t going to buy them or bail tem out and do QE to keep their value buoyant. Or maybe they are. Maybe it is a plan of the Establishment to bankrupt the gold and silver industries, then they can wither nationalise them or do a bail-in and take ownership of their resources. Just a suggestion. That would not be good for gold stock investors!
    I think a lot of the resource companies, particularly the gold and silver companies have acted as if they were in a bubble and have made tremendous malinvestments, for which they and their investors have been and may continue to be roundly punished. We haven’t seen the real rout in junior stocks and the clearout that has been forecast, not yet. It’s due and has not yet arrived. Do we not need to “clear this current market” before we get a new bull market?
    I would not look too hard fro a bottom until that clearout occurs.

    Dec 28, 2013 28:33 PM

    Matthew you prefer something smooth and appropriate. TELL IT LIKE IT IS grow some balls. Its shark infested water when you invest.
    Your a classic idiot…You didn’t read what I posted.
    Ya the Jewish mafia crashed the markets 2008, pumped gold then cashed gold again and pumped the DOW for 4 years. Markets go up and down and NO ONE MAN}MANIPULATES the primary trend….Its just that the sleaze bags come out and Gold is always a top topic as FEAR SELL’s the best. It’s over your head.
    Go back to bed and hold your gold…..
    BIRD actually is the only solid info here. No shit.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:57 PM

      You know Dillion…….Matthew knows more about it than you could ever hope too. He’s trying to be your friend. Listen to him……

      He’s a very valuabe poster here…..I RESENT WHAT YOUR DOING….you have your nerve.


        Dec 28, 2013 28:01 PM

        Thanks HH. You also know more about it than Dillon ever could.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:04 PM



      Dec 28, 2013 28:59 PM

      Do you know the difference between “your” and “you’re?”
      Yes, I’m the idiot, now let’s see if you are able to put your confusion and funny bravado aside and return to this site when it’s time to admit that you were wrong. I would short that prospect if I could.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:02 PM



    Dec 28, 2013 28:39 PM

    Here’s a question and maybe one which is typical for this time:
    I bought a little bit of a precious metals stock a couple of months ago at 10. Now it is at 7.5. Should I buy more?
    Now THAT would be useful information.
    Right now I feel like a twit for buying any at all.
    So, buy, seel or hold? I am going to hold.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:32 PM

      Don’t listen to these guys Silverbug I’m just telling it like it is. I’ve seen people pop up here saying that they have been spewing the same garbage month in and out.
      I’m not trying to win friends I could careless. I have friends that came to me the last 6 months asking should I buy the PMs..NO is the answer or until real technicals show. Follow BIRD Silverbug….Most of the rest are goons and I’ve hurt their feelings. Boo Hoo
      HH Like Bird said. You are a salesman. Yup Matthew knows some stuff.

      Dec 28, 2013 28:32 PM

      Silver bug… Morris Hubbert at

      Its quite clear how things are shaping up. Very well done by Morris.

      When people crawl out from under the rocks … Mr. D…….
      acting like a 3 year old……….I will let you fill in the blanks…………………………….

      Matthew the poster on here has some of the best analyst I have seen.

        Dec 28, 2013 28:51 PM

        Its just the opposite.
        Do you see me selling or pumping anything here? “You have to be in it to win it!” investment advice? DO you know what you sound like?
        I posted things that said EXACTLY how things may decline as they have, and true forecasting years ago.
        Get some REAL analysis and maybe someone here will be impressed. Not just talk.

          Dec 28, 2013 28:58 PM

          DILLION I just came on this forum less than 2 weeks ago.

          NEVER PUMPED NOTHIN……your nothin but a tossed mixed up FRUIT SALAD.


            Dec 28, 2013 28:24 PM

            Clowns abound

    Dec 28, 2013 28:34 PM

    Oh i read this to the wife and we now have pain in my gut from laughing.
    But for real, none of the press I have posted and I mean NONE has been inaccurate.

    Dec 29, 2013 29:02 AM

    […] […]

    Dec 29, 2013 29:21 AM

    I have Eric Sprott beaten in portfolio declines. I’m probably down 85% from a one day portfolio peak that I saw in Feb 2011. I have been “all in” the gold sector for 13 years and have found this decline to be as traumatizing as 2008-2009.
    My mistake: underestimating the level of treason at the top for allowing the export of the ENTIRE hoard of the West’s gold and other wealth. Just calling it what it is. This is NOT mismanagement. The sad thing: after the dollar crashes, this gold will be used to back a super-strong currency and will buy up the West for pennies on the dollar. This would have never happened with free markets in precious metals.
    I am very optimistic about metals, but we have a very ugly future coming. America becoming Argentina is too optimistic.

      Dec 29, 2013 29:11 PM

      With energy independence and new manufactures opening up in a big way in the US I wouldn’t be so quick to kill the dollar. People are the commodity the goverment owns and the taxes are what give currency it’s strength primarily. Not to mention a massive military that gives a country back bone. The dollar is not going away so easily.

      Dec 29, 2013 29:13 PM

      Beaver Bob: This is WAY worse than 08-09. That was a flash crash. This is a full hearted sell off…this has gone on what seems like forever… Many juniors will be dead due to cash burn.. Every rally was was sold into and every gold bug has been sucked into false bottoms then killed again and again.
      That said all you can do is look at charts. Many downtrends were broken Friday?

        Dec 29, 2013 29:27 PM

        The long slow decline would normally have me believe this will be a long, slow recovery for the miners, BUT I believe the price of gold could easily double in a 3 month period when the no gold becomes available, so who knows.
        Energy independence? Maybe for now, but these new techniques(fracking etc) are relatively short term fixes for current production levels. Compare America’s energy industries to Newfoundlands fishing industry: from plenty to busted virtually overnight. Improved resource extraction techniques can mask resource decline and shortage.

          Dec 29, 2013 29:13 PM

          You can keep believing that Bob, the market doesn’t care. Your other more critical mistake: Listening to too many others that told you what you wanted to hear, in the face of gold not responding to a whole slew of great things that should have made it go up such as Europe, Obama reelection, budget shutdown, you name it.

      Dec 29, 2013 29:19 PM

      First gold and silver explode….THEN THE COMPLETE COLLAPSE.

      Im exchanging paper profits next year for physical.


        Dec 29, 2013 29:11 PM

        Any research to support this outlandish call??
        You will need food in a complete collapse!! Your gold won’t buy food because the shelves are empty overnight.

        Dec 29, 2013 29:14 PM

        HH quit clowning around..

          Dec 29, 2013 29:52 PM

          Its my opinion…..Mr. Dillion.

          Thats why you see this IMVHO…….unless I forget…..

          Still…….most people know its an opinion……anyway.

          I read and do my D&D and make my decisions acting accordingly
          To Invest Or Not To Invest……


    Dec 29, 2013 29:06 PM

    I wouldn’t worry about the Chinese as they have been buying up everything in site anyway. They Own Vancouver BC now and half the resource company’s in Canada.
    They bought a massive pork producer in the US for 4.7Bil CASH now that’s scary. Not the US dollar guess/collapse.
    IF the dollar were to go down the shoot…The stock market and housing would certainly be a hedge. There are sooooooo many things in the mix that are unpredictable its dam near a waist of time guessing. Productive assets LIKE MAYBE A PORK PRODUCER would be good? People got to eat!? Gold it will have its moves but don’t go to bed with it.

      Dec 29, 2013 29:25 PM

      Read …Gonzala Lira ……ON 321GOLD.COM

      New material…….I DO AGREE WITH HIM……..IMVHO

      I see huge inflation coming…….

        Dec 29, 2013 29:41 PM

        Most of USA currency circulates outside its borders. Since outward flow of dollars is over, they are now coming home buying up assets. This is inflationary in itself. Say hello to your new boss, Chung Phat, and he will expect you to work for Chinese wages or he will move operations to China, or better yet, as Canada has found out in the mining industry, import Chinese workers to do the job.

          Dec 29, 2013 29:02 PM


          Dec 29, 2013 29:08 PM

          Hey…Beaver Bob…..excellent analysis.

          STEVE SAVILLE did a article who I highly respect saying that deflation is losing the argument
          and under the FED new rules inflation will win over deflation. This was several months ago.


          Gold and silver prices are going to explode. IMVHO

            Dec 29, 2013 29:15 PM

            Sounds great, except the rules for inflation have been so far changed out of whack by not just the U.S. that most actually believe the numbers, and will when they go “way up” to say 3% CPI.

        Dec 29, 2013 29:20 PM

        He’s not that accurate….

          Dec 29, 2013 29:39 PM

          Steve Saville did not recommend buying metals last 3 years.

          HEY DILLION….no ones perfect……NO ONE !

          I have followed Steve for more than 6 years……he never hypes nothin. …OK

          Besides everyone has an opinion and you degrade everyone anyway ….you
          want a guarantee in investing. LOOK IN THE MIRROR….you make the final
          Decision risking your wealth….END……

            Dec 29, 2013 29:16 PM

            Really? Does he or has he provided a track record, annual and multi year, a record of his buys and sells? If not why not? Calandra had to, and when he didn’t, he got shut down.

            Dec 30, 2013 30:14 AM

            Calandra lost his shirt. I know only a couple managers that were bullish gold then actually knew when to sell out. Most everyone hung themselves.

    Dec 29, 2013 29:12 PM

    The Chinese are buying up Irvine California right now.


    Dec 29, 2013 29:53 PM

    MR. SAVILLE is right….deflation is losing…prices have risen for just about everything
    last 5 years since the crisis in 08. Its been inflation not deflation.


      Dec 29, 2013 29:57 PM

      Steve IS good…No one is perfect for sure.

        Dec 29, 2013 29:05 PM

        YOU BET….at the end of the day I compile all this information from lots of different sources
        and make my decision. Rick Rule said long time sgo to stay away from the miners until they
        get real cheap. Then several months ago wait till tax loss selling is over.


        Rick Rule is in my opinion the best and most honest in the business.


    Dec 29, 2013 29:17 PM

    GOOD HONEST EFFORT BOB. I owe you an apology…There’s lots of gold pumpers…actually tons and they are no good for anyone. You are not one….