Rick Ackerman commenting on today’s stock markets: “Even the rubes can smell the hoax!”

Big Al
October 27, 2015

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In spite of the predictions of analysts that the chance of recession is the highest it has been in the last two years; the decrease in consumer confidence; and, the increasing number of people living near the poverty level, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other indices continue to remain strong.

    Oct 27, 2015 27:22 AM

    Great interview from Rick discussing the smaller charts (hourly/daily) versus the longer term charts (weekly/monthly) and whether we are in short term bulls versus bears.

    Good questions Big Al & Cory.

      Oct 27, 2015 27:33 AM

      BTW – I went over to Jay Taylor’s site yesterday and listened to some of the audios, and really got a lot out of the CEO interview with David Wolfin from Avino.

      For those looking for a Silver/Gold/Coppper family owned mining company, with a large bit of upside to rising metals prices, I highly recommend listening to him unpack some of the different things they are doing with their 2 mines, their exploration targets, and their plans to boost production even further over the next 2 years. They also discuss in more detail their plans to permit & build a new tailings facility, and then use heap leaching on the old one to boost production going into 2017.

      It seems Avino Silver and Gold will survive the low price environment, but really thrive in a price turnaround. They are definitely on my top 10 list for Silver miners.

      David Wolfin, President, CEO and Director of Avino Silver and Gold Mines, talks about the company’s latest earnings report and outlook for the future.
      — Jay Taylor Media

        Oct 27, 2015 27:39 AM

        Avino Third Quarter 2015 Production Up 148 % Compared to the Third Quarter 2014
        October 13, 2015

        Consolidated Production Highlights for Third Quarter 2015 (Compared to Third Quarter 2014)

        Silver equivalent production increased by 148% to 770,004 oz*
        Silver production increased by 84% to 399,836 oz
        Gold production increased by 49% to 1,644 oz
        Copper production continued and 1,344,174 Lbs were produced

      Oct 27, 2015 27:33 AM

      Thanks Excelsior!

    Oct 27, 2015 27:24 AM

    Goodbye “Rube”-y Tuesday. 🙂

      Oct 27, 2015 27:32 AM

      Nothing like the Beatles!

        Oct 27, 2015 27:33 AM

        What are you thoughts on the Rolling Stones?

          Oct 27, 2015 27:02 PM

          both great, but The Who + Elton John is the best (and funniest) I’ve seen/heard in a while:

            Oct 27, 2015 27:09 PM

            Thanks a lot GH, I just ended up watching not only that one, but Dire Straights, The Who and Others. All absolute genius!!

            Thanks my friend!

            Oct 27, 2015 27:23 PM

            I don’t think many knew that Roy Clark was a guitar wizard. Here’s a great clip of him from the Odd Couple about 50 years ago…

            Oct 27, 2015 27:51 PM

            I actually knew that Mathew!

            Oct 27, 2015 27:41 PM

            Fantastic Matthew–I only knew him from Hee-Haw, and I was too young to appreciate anything other than the Hee Haw gals 😮

          Oct 27, 2015 27:20 PM

          My thoughts Excelsior?

          One of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time! I have about 1/2 dozen that I really like: Beatles; Stones; The Who; Eric Burdon and the original Animals; The Yardbirds; and, 13th Floor Elavator. (Ever heard of them?)

            Oct 27, 2015 27:27 PM

            Every group but the 13th Floor Elevator. I was just givin’ ya a hard time because the video on Ruby Tuesday was by the Stones the not Beatles. 🙂

    Oct 27, 2015 27:43 PM

    I like Rick’s thoughts – he just says what is. Like today, he says gold’s just treading water, and it is. And while the daily and weekly charts are bullish, the monthly is bearish. I just love it. No babble, just facts.

    Me, I’m staying out of the S&P, and Energy for now. Bonds too.

    My sights are only on GDX, as a swing trade.

    Long term, gold isn’t on a buy signal yet, so I’m not loading up on bullion. I’ll just follow the monthly $GOLD chart for this – no need to pick a bottom. The only worry I have with this is, what if the whole financial world resets, overnight, as Rick has spoken about. Then I’m sunk. So I’m trying to get the courage to buy say a 10% insurance/long term position in gold bullion, just in case, and have the kahuna’s to hold it, even if gold continues down to 1000 or even 800’s. I don’t have the courage yet though.

      Oct 27, 2015 27:51 PM

      I have often had the same thought: “what if the whole financial world resets, overnight”

      The odds simply, at least in mind, have to be approaching 50%

        Oct 27, 2015 27:01 PM

        That’s really high. Many of the alternative financial news sites talk about this, along with bail in’s, NIRP (neg int rate policy), etc. This is what keeps me up at night. So if you’re saying 50% then that tells me I need an insurance policy – so thanks for your comment.

        FYI I see the weekly $USD chart as a huge flag, and that the dollar will rise again, and thus that gold will fall. I still think that Ricks’ 800 gold call is 50% correct. Even Gary called for 1030 gold from day 1.

      Oct 27, 2015 27:30 PM

      Thanks for posting their Q3 results Matthew.

      I still hold a small position in Americas Silver Corp, because its been holding in a range, although, I would have been better off selling it with everything else a few weeks ago and buying it back today. If it drops down any lower I may even add a little over the balance of 2015.