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Big Al
November 23, 2015

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Should the tragedy in Paris have affected the U.S. equity markets?


    Nov 23, 2015 23:24 AM

    Who needs casinos when you have the market?

      Nov 23, 2015 23:47 AM

      Casino are more fun because they give you free booze.

        Nov 23, 2015 23:41 PM

        only free if you are in fact gambling. while you are waiting for the free booze you are losing 20 bucks before the drink arrives. so much for “FREE”!!

    Nov 23, 2015 23:34 AM

    EU…plans on cracking down on BITCOIN………zerohedge Friday………should be interesting to see how Turk responds to this one.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:35 AM

      How much bitcoin you got?

        Nov 23, 2015 23:36 AM

        zero…… need………if, it is on the computer, it can get wiped out…….joke IMO.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:35 AM

      Makes phyz even better………no counter party risk………..hello…………….

        Nov 23, 2015 23:43 AM

        hello….was not directed to you Ebolan, I know you are awake……….

          Nov 23, 2015 23:55 AM

          I dont know, Frank, I’m still kinda groggy….gotta get that first cup of coffee…

        Nov 23, 2015 23:58 AM

        Jerry how r u happy thks giving peace!! Where’s Irish?? At the pub celebrating roses insanely low metal prices right on!!’

          Nov 23, 2015 23:22 PM

          Hello Marc……..hoping you have a wonderful thanksgiving….

      Nov 23, 2015 23:48 AM

      I did not realize that. Am going to research that right now.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:51 AM

      Do you really take this seriously?

    Nov 23, 2015 23:19 AM

    What it all looks like is people hoping if they throw commodities under the bus, that this will indemnify against any risks going forward, such as a stock market collapse. But stocks actually have been selling off all the while, with only a few carrying the index along with it. The Dow has all the appearance of having the first reaction to a parabolic blow off, which is to immediately recover and reach for the highs. The Dow was not in a parabolic rise in any sense, though margin debt rose to new, historic highs along with the so-called top last spring.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:57 AM

      Until I see one of the indexes trading 40-60% above the 200 day moving average then we don’t have a parabola yet.

        Nov 23, 2015 23:02 AM

        If margin debt had been at historic highs and not ventured to new highs, there’s no probability of a mania-like parabolic rise in stocks. In 2000, you had the NASDAQ, in 2008, you had the oil market, but the Dow didn’t see anything in a mania-like rise in these years.

        In 1929, the driver of the stock market to a parabolic rise were the ‘trusts.’

        Something similar is occurring in the background with derivatives contracts containing concatenations of trading schemes and mathematical formulae, and computers doing the trading, where you have futures options on derivatives trading which rely on trading futures in the markets. You could not carry out this kind of trading as had occurred in the roaring ’20’s, there’s no mania, it’s all very logical and appears under control. But the higher the market goes, the more irrational the extent of the rally. The very foundations of a stock market rise have rotted away, and still the market trades higher.

        Very unlike former times, where you could stand back and clearly make out the parabolic rise.

          Nov 23, 2015 23:43 AM

          Secondly, you have the discount rate, that despite best efforts over a protracted period hasn’t resulted in the required rate adjustment in the markets to call a rate hike. 3-mo bill rates have to be .25% or better. They’re at .09%.

          Rates haven’t gone anywhere and yet markets keep climbing. They had been negative until jawboning was elevated to a feverish pitch, and treasury bills were flooding into the secondary market, and still no rate rise.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:14 AM

      I agree, FranSix.

    Nov 23, 2015 23:45 AM

    Clive Maund on 321gold piece intimating a possible QE4 event by the FED, last similar meeting not called since 2002

      Nov 23, 2015 23:52 AM

      Anything is certainly possible, but our vote is for a bit higher interest rates.

        Nov 23, 2015 23:21 PM

        Al, you should get FranSix on your show if he’ll do it.

          Nov 23, 2015 23:57 PM

          +1 for the FranSix suggestion as a guest.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:47 PM

      Holter was mentioning the same thing…………….QE 4… the fed in the special meeting.

      Nov 23, 2015 23:47 PM

      Do you have a link to the Maund piece?